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02:59<warewolf>anyone know off the top of their head what that hardware based virtualization cpu flag is called?
02:59<warewolf>vx? vmx?
03:02<fo0bar>vmx I believe
03:02<fo0bar>flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe nx lm pni monitor ds_cpl vmx cid cx16 xtpr lahf_lm
03:04<warewolf>k, thanks
03:04<warewolf>was just making sure I didn't have an interesting suprise at home
03:04<warewolf>is the vmx flag intel only or do amd chips do it too?
03:05<fo0bar>AMD has their Pacifica stuff which I believe is compatible, but it was just released and I haven't seen one yet
03:09<warewolf>that's the stuff, right.
03:09<warewolf>my memory is failing me at these early hours of the morning
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07:56<linbot`>New news from forums: Dns - Customdns in Linux Networking <>
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12:43<warewolf>food is on its way.
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15:46<EmbeddedLinux>Hello? Any admins?
15:58<encode>i admin the toaster, kettle and bbq - will that help?
15:59<EmbeddedLinux>maybe if node 59 is a bbq
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17:01<warewolf>it looks like I am capable of hosting my own DNS, dotster allows you to 'register' a nameserver with them.
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17:10<JasonF> total used free shared buffers cached
17:10<JasonF>Mem: 190 75 115 0 15 23
17:10<JasonF>i so didn't need more ram
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18:05<blake>hey guys
18:05<blake>sorry i didnt put the new cc in, been away
18:06<blake>im heading to the store right now
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19:03<blake>alright, i think i have to wait like an hour before it will allow it. it's telling me declined.
19:13[~]eFUDd finishes helicopter and puts it on the shelf to await electronics ><
19:14<blake>you know what i need? i need a good domain.
19:14<blake>im extremely uncreative when it comes to that kind of stuff
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19:50<blake>eFUDd: whats
19:53<eFUDd>pictures from sompn that was on TV at one point.
19:53<eFUDd>someone figured out how to hack the on-screen shite
19:55<blake>i wanna deface the school closings
19:57<FireSlash>Your Mom: PM Session Canceled
20:00<taupehat>eFUDd: that story is hilarious
20:00[~]taupehat uses "gloin" as his normal irc handle
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20:03<blake>PM Session
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20:09<taupehat>it's one of those days
20:10<blake>caker: the payment has gone through, thanks for not cancelling it on me
20:10<taupehat>hehe caker
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21:01<Linuxer>Where do I download the linode kernels?
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21:02<FireSlash_>Anyone know if theres a stable reiserFS IFS driver for XP
21:06<Linuxer>Thank you. Do you know where I can find documentation on installing my new kernel?
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21:09<Linuxer>I guess I just change my profile in the web configs page and reboot.
21:13<JasonF>I'm not even using most of my new ram, caker :) You taught me how to linux in a box then gave me a bigger box :P
21:13<JasonF> total used free shared buffers cached
21:13<JasonF>Mem: 190 167 23 0 35 77
21:13<JasonF>-/+ buffers/cache: 54 136
21:13<JasonF>Swap: 128 0 128
21:13<fo0bar>linux is a verb now? ;)
21:13<JasonF>anything is a verb
21:13<JasonF>ever be like "mommmmm, I'm getting a cookie"
21:14<JasonF>and you hear back
21:14<JasonF>"I'LL COOKIE YOU!!!!"!
21:15<Linuxer>It's also an adjective: "Stay Linuxy"
21:27[~]taupehat verbs JasonF upside da head
21:31<jams>caker- problems with host49? Just lost network connection with it.
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21:32<jams>just came back
21:32<taupehat>network burp probably
21:33<Jay-dargo>did my server just bite one?
21:34<Jay-dargo>there we go
21:35<Jay-dargo>while I'm thinking of it, I should copy over my irssi config
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21:41<lucca>hm, on my uml linode I get continous frequency errors from ntpd
21:41<lucca>e.g. frequency error 512 PPM exceeds tolerance 500 PPM
21:41<lucca>the ntp.drift seems to initialize it to the max of 500 already
21:41<lucca>most but not all of the errors are for 512 PPM...
21:42<lucca>are the server hosts running ntpd or equivalent already?
21:43<lucca>well, good...
21:43<lucca>I assumed before that this was the case and that I'd not need ntpd
21:43<lucca>But the time was way off a while back, and people here recommended that I deploy ntpd.
21:44<JasonF>my time stays right
21:44<JasonF>and I don't run any ntpds
21:44<lucca>well I didn't notice any problem until after migration, so it is conceivable that only one of the server hosts was off
21:45<lucca>mikegrb: 512PPM is pretty big, but seems reasonable if they are fighting each other. Should I remove ntpd and rely on the parent server to keep time right?
21:59<@caker>lucca: I would
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22:35<blake_>testing 123
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