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01:14<Sandman>New linode user as of an hour ago... does my default setup allow me web page access?
01:16<Sandman>Can I use my as an addy till new domain is registered?
01:18<@caker>Sandman: yup
01:19<@caker>Sandman: you'll possibly need to install and start a webserver depending on distro
01:21<@caker>Sandman: you'd use the same address for MX
01:22<@caker>(replying in private message isn't necessary)
01:22<Sandman>Okay so far so good thanks a bunch. I am comming from this is new to me.
01:22<Sandman>sorry new to this layout as well.
01:22<@caker>no sweat -- welcome to Linode, and thank you
01:23<@caker>ask away
01:23<Sandman>you are welcome
01:26<Sandman>grumbles, seems the install went off without a hitch... but web page shows parent directory .... may have to reconfigure.
01:26<Sandman>this is gonna be fun... excited here since my ISP was bought out by comcast. No servers allowed but they have open DNS.
01:27<Eman>is it comcastic?
01:28<Sandman>LOL, yuppers/suscom and God knows what else.
01:29<Sandman>My hands are tied it was either which have been with for 7 years or rackspace or linode and I am still learning so linode wins hands down.
01:40<Sandman>is it okay to post a link in here for you skilled ones to look at to tell me what you think of an open source control panel?
01:48<Sandman>if anyone could give me feedback on this I would appreciate it.
01:56<Sandman>tapping fingers. *chuckle*
02:11<warewolf>last time I tried to run a teamspeak server on my linode it would randomly knock people off
02:11<warewolf>for like 5m straight
02:12<warewolf>like it was some very strange firewall issue, or that the UDP traffic was being dropped because it was out-of-state on a stateful firewall
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07:25<aljashani>Hello Evryone
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11:37<FireSlash>I log in to my screen session.
11:38<FireSlash>And suddenly I'm in a different folder than usual
11:38<FireSlash>and I don't think I left root logged in
11:39<kvandivo>did you eat anything after midnight?
11:39<FireSlash>Yeah... a cookie and some yogurt
11:39<kvandivo>that's your problem.
11:39<kvandivo>hold the laptop screen up in the sunlight and that should kill the little buggers off
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12:34<Reddragon>Help please. I have setup debian small installed all apropriate packages for web hosting and a control panel. When type my I can see the page but can not get access to my admin control panel says page cannot be displayed.
12:35<Reddragon>sorry for the long post. New here.
12:35<Xel> Which control panel?
12:36<Reddragon>GPLHost a new one. I can give you the address.
12:38<Reddragon>wondering if in this case I can only use a cname to access the panel
12:40<Xel>I don't know the admin page URL.
12:40<Xel>Did you read the INSTALL doc?
12:40<Reddragon>Yes I did.
12:41<Xel>Does it say what URL to go to to admin the site?
12:41<Xel>ie. what subdirectory?
12:45<Reddragon>ah that answers my question.
12:45<Reddragon>one more question if you don't mind?
12:46<Reddragon>who would you use for a dns or registration?
12:48<Reddragon>Many thanks Xel. I am comming from but they will not allow root access. So I found you guys, I hope this all works out.
12:48<Xel>I don't work for Linode.
12:49<Reddragon>Xel, I mean just linode in generl. Your help is appreciated.
12:50<Reddragon>do I need to do anything other than point godaddy to my linode IP address?
12:51<Reddragon>sorry for silly questions have tried so many things am doubting myself and mind is kind of swimming
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12:58<Reddragon>okay how do I exit this channel
12:58<afv-13> /part
12:58<Reddragon>thanks afv-13
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12:59<warewolf>I'm just shocked. Wow.
13:01<warewolf>and now I go home.
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15:06<warewolf>I must find a way to prevent all the linodes from DoSing me at once in RateMyLinode
15:06[~]warewolf ponders
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15:07<eFUDd>random start timers, same offset.
15:08<warewolf>that would be an excellent solution, but it would require everyone to download a new client
15:08<eFUDd>Yup. You put in a method to deprecate their clients, right? :)
15:08<eFUDd>if not, go ahead and add a method for forcing the client to sleep, perhaps permanently. :)
15:08<warewolf>it isn't a daemon, it's a cron job
15:09<warewolf>so uh
15:09<eFUDd>it's still soemthing that connects.
15:09<eFUDd>have it grab a status
15:09<eFUDd>and read a /tmp file or sompn :)
15:09<warewolf>first thought,
15:09<warewolf>I was thinking I could do -extremely little- processing when the client submits data back
15:10<warewolf>then later process it when I wanted to
15:10<warewolf>just like, dump the data to disk
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15:34<warewolf>I hate it when I outsmart myself
15:35[~]warewolf will sleep on this different issue in the hopes that a solution will come to him later.
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16:51<jungleg>Hi mike, caker -- can you take a peek at if you have a chance?
16:51<jungleg>it's been down going down hill from a reboot I did on friday
16:52<jungleg>and today I've served 30pageviews all day
16:52<jungleg>when I normally serve 10-15k
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19:58<lucca>okay, so I shut down ntpd last night based on advise here, hoping that the parent server would keep time correctly without needing any time sync stuff running inside the linode
19:59<lucca>19 hours later...
19:59<lucca>it was off by 8.2 seconds
20:01<lucca>is host60.freemont's ntpd working correctly, or is the freemont datacenter traveling near the speed of light and experiencing relativistic effects?
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20:51<Erez>Hi, does Linode policy (and firewall) allow running http client programs?
20:52<encode>provided they're not illegal
20:52<encode>basically the only restriction is that you must run legal stuff
20:52<Erez>is there a separate quota on "outbound" traffic?
20:53<encode>nope, inbound and outbound both counts to your bandwidth limit
20:54<Erez>do you include following the terms of use of any website a spider might visit in "legal"?
20:55<encode>considering i dont work at linode, my opinion doesnt matter
20:55<encode>you should speak to caker or mikegrb
20:55<Erez>I'll try to catch them. what do you think anyway?
20:56<encode>i dont think
20:56<encode>i dont get paid enough to think
20:57<Erez>thanks for your help
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21:05<thoth39>Why would there be special restrictions on whatever network activity you do?
21:06<tseng>there isnt a restriction that I am aware of
21:06<JasonF>Erez: the likelyhood of anyone caring is low as long as you aren't being particularly nefarious
21:06<tseng>but there is an overage fee on outbound traffic
21:11<tseng>when I say outbound
21:12<tseng>I mean in and out of the data center
21:12<tseng>actually on the switch port, I think
21:14<Erez>I do not intend to do anything illegal. it's just unrealistic to locate and analyze all T&Cs of all websites that a [well-behaved] spider might visit, and some providers do not even allow running spiders of any kind
21:14<tseng>so use robots.txt
21:14<Erez>of course. but it's not there so often...
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21:25<guinea-pig>robots is widely recognised
21:26<guinea-pig>if a site doesn't wish to spidered, then they put it up. it's there because spiders can't read TOS'
21:30<@caker>lucca: off from what? host60's time is right in line with the rest of our hosts
21:30<@caker>...or is by the time I looked..
21:31<lucca>caker: hmmmm... any idea why my linode might drift that much?
21:32<guinea-pig>i thought the UML only sync'd with the host on init/boot. you'd still need to run ntpd within the UML?
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21:47<@caker>guinea-pig: it gets an offset from the host at init time
21:47<@caker>after that, it tracks host time + offset
21:48<@caker>lucca: what were you comparing against?
21:49<lucca>caker: a colo server and several local machines, all ntp sync'd
21:50<lucca>is there a reasonable way to set the offset to zero?
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22:09<@caker>ok, mikegrb just said he had (re)started ntpd on host60 today
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22:26<lucca>hmmm, okay
22:26<lucca>well I'll leave ntpd off and keep an eye on it
22:26<lucca>thanks for checking
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23:54<vpstesting>Could someone show me their site they are hosting on linode?
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23:55<vpstest>Does anyone host a game server on linode?
23:56[~]eFUDd shrugs
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