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00:39<warewolf>why do I have to keep stumbling across vendor products at work that are linux kernel GPL violations
00:40<warewolf>staticly linked shit into the kernel
00:41<warewolf>the first vendor wasn't that bad
00:41<warewolf>this is blatant
00:44<warewolf>bah fuck, my usb hd is in the car
00:44<warewolf>(which is my mp3 player)
00:48<warewolf>hah HAHHAHAHAHAA
00:48<warewolf>Version 2, June 1991
00:48<warewolf>what in the fuck
00:48<warewolf>they break the GPL and then hold you to it
01:08<@mikegrb>warewolf: watch your language, last warning
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01:50<linbot>New news from forums: Howto for Simple Mail Server on Debian Would be Appreciated in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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04:03[~]encode watches warewolf's language too
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07:04<fapestniegd>Is something up with the routing on I'm getting really intermittant icmp replies from my linode, and all the services hosted thereon, are unavailable.
07:04<sweh>Hi there; are there networking issues? I can't see host21 or host22
07:04<Reddragon>Help with registrants please
07:05<fapestniegd>sweh: looks like we're seeing the same thing...
07:05<sweh>Looking that way fapestniegd :-)
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07:06<Reddragon>With linode we are going to run a webhosting control panel. We are trying to decide if DynDns or GoDaddy or does anyone else have a better solution.
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07:07<sweh> 7 ( 22.100 ms chi-bb1-pos6-0-0-0.t
07:07<sweh> ( 28.484 ms (
07:07<sweh>) 25.119 ms
07:07<sweh> 8 ( 41.329 ms 43.996 ms 43.024 ms
07:07<sweh> 9 ( 85.616 ms 84.993 ms
07:07<sweh>85.331 ms
07:07<sweh>10 ( 84.747 ms 83.183 ms 82.029 ms
07:07<sweh>11 ( 82.203 ms 84.447 ms 85.728 ms
07:07<sweh>12 ( 113.355 ms 83.539 ms 84.163 m
07:07<sweh>13 ( 90.819 ms 84.324 ms 85.427 ms
07:07<sweh>14 * * *
07:07<sweh>15 * ( 262.201 ms *
07:07<KE3VIN>is host 23 down (HE)?
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07:07<fapestniegd>while [ 1 ]; do ping -c1 -i1 $1 > /dev/null 2>&1 && /bin/echo -n "#" || /bin/echo -n "_";sleep 3;done
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07:09<lightern>hello, im experiencing packet loss to host18, any probs at the moment?
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07:09<fapestniegd>lightern, I'm hosted on host18 and am seeing the same thing.
07:09<lightern>ah thankyou
07:10<sweh>lightern; looks like there are isssues to all the hosts at that datacenter. We've seen reports for 18,21,22,23 so far.
07:10<fapestniegd>It looks like host22 and host23 are seeing it too.
07:10<Nihil>i'm hosting at host57, no data transfer at all
07:10<fapestniegd>that's why I thought it might be a routing issue with their uplink
07:10<sweh>Spads: Yup
07:11<Spads>so I just have a load of 9 is all I'm dealing with
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07:12<fapestniegd>Tracerouting from comcast and a unixshell account, the last hop that returns icmp ident is:
07:12<fapestniegd>on both routes
07:12<sweh>Doesn't _appear_ to be a routing issue; when traffic does get there it's very slow (80ms previous hop; 260ms to host), so it looks like congestion.
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07:12<sweh>13 ( 84.708 ms 92.810 ms 91.710 ms
07:12<sweh>14 * * *
07:12<sweh>15 ( 260.851 ms * *
07:13<sweh>(That's from Panix in New York)
07:14<sweh>From Cablevision in New Jersey:
07:14<sweh>11 ( 88.204 ms 83.380 ms 86.110 ms
07:14<sweh>12 * * ( 264.678 ms
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07:15<KE3VIN>I am getting good traceroute. I think host 23 is actually down in some way. console timing out.
07:17<sweh>No, host23 is showing the same symptons... heavy packet loss:
07:17<sweh>11 ( 85.565 ms 85.108 ms 84.590 ms
07:17<sweh>12 * * *
07:17<sweh>13 * * ( 264.441 ms
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07:19<guigouz>any issues at HE ?
07:19<sweh>It looks that way, yes.
07:19<KE3VIN>But my point is it does NOT look like a bad route just congestion
07:19<sweh>Correct, Ke3vin. That's what I said :-)
07:20<sweh>host23 isn't down, though.
07:20<guigouz>I can ping my server, but many packets dropped
07:20<sweh>Just not reachable.
07:20<KE3VIN>Oh I saw sombody say something about a mofo'ed route. sorry
07:20<sweh>guigouz: We're seeing a lot of packet loss to all hosts at HE.
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07:20<internat>oh dammit i think im at HE
07:21[~]Spads is TP
07:21<sweh>I dont' know if anyone has raised a problem ticket, to wake caker or mikegrb up though.
07:21<Spads>worth filing now
07:21<sweh>Not a nice way to start their holiday!
07:21<KE3VIN>I put one in 10 mins ago
07:21<Spads>oh yeah
07:21<emcnabb>what's going on?
07:21<tseng>you guys will live
07:21<emcnabb>I'm not able to get to host11
07:21<Spads>we have these USAF guys in a big cammo land rover across the way from us
07:21<internat>nope wait, im on tp. im good :D
07:21<Spads>they were lighting off lots of fireworks last night
07:21<Spads>I guess they couldn't wait
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07:21<tseng>caker can't perform a magic incantation on someone elses data center either
07:21<sweh>emcnabb: lots of packet losses to HE datacenter
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07:22<emcnabb>sweh, gocha
07:22<emcnabb>mtr is showing 99.5% packet loss
07:22<sweh>Joy :-(
07:23<emcnabb>I thought it was my linode shutting off randomly (it does it at least 2x a week)
07:23<emcnabb>it's nice to know it's not that for a change
07:23<KE3VIN>Anybody wanna call HE? ;-)
07:23<EtherMage>Hmm, I just lost all my SSH connections to my Linode on host14, and can't seem to get back to them. Even the lish console is inaccessible. However, a webserver running on the Linode seems to be responding, veeeery slowly. What is happening?
07:23<Nihil>i've seen my linode stopped responding about 30 minutes earlier (host57)
07:24<sweh>EtherMage: large packet loss to HE; all hosts there seem to be affected.
07:24<linbot>New news from forums: Host56 down again? in Xen Public Beta <>
07:24<KE3VIN>Ok my web server is coming bacl to life... slowly...
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07:24<DarthClue>I can't get to host59 either.
07:24<EtherMage>sweh: Ugh. Any idea of cause or ETA for fix?
07:24[~]sweh shrugs... just another customer
07:25<EtherMage>Okay, thanks anyway.
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07:26<KE3VIN>emcnabb - I had that problem last year, made em move me to a new host. Been fins since. :-)
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07:27<guigouz>it's not the first time this happens at HE
07:27<guigouz>but it's been a long time since it happened
07:27<Spads>Certainly not.
07:27<hell>Anyone know what is wrong with Host9? I seems to be unreachable.
07:27<sweh>HE aren't the most reliable datacenter in the world, that's for sure
07:27<hell>has been down for 1/2 an hour
07:27<internat>hell, network issues at HE
07:27<sweh>hell: HE packet congestion issues affecting all hosts there
07:27<internat>nice to see someone else from australia on here tho :)
07:27<emcnabb>KE3VIN, good to know, I'll talk to them about that
07:27<hell>hehe :)
07:28<lightern>hey blokes
07:29<guigouz>sweh: I had problems with TP also on the past
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07:29<guigouz>no datacenter's perfect
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07:29<hell>perfect, no. But HE are definitely nbelow par for a tier 1 provider, and it is always the same problem, over and over.
07:30<guigouz>can anyone from the us call HE to check what's happening
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07:31<sweh>It's probably inappropriate; we're not HE customers, we're linode customers. caker or mikegrb are the appropriate people.
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07:32<perrin>HE issues this morning?
07:32<sweh>perrin: Yah
07:32<guigouz>can anyone from the us call caker or mikegrb ?
07:32<KE3VIN>yeah but a call to the NOC couldn't hurt
07:32<epic>Oh dear God again?
07:32<epic>this is getting effin ridiculous
07:32<KE3VIN>of course the NOC should already know... :-P
07:32<sweh>I understand a ticket has been raised so they should have been paged.
07:33<guigouz>KE3VIN: i hope then do.
07:33<guigouz>actually *they
07:34<KE3VIN>ticket #20663 is mine.
07:34<guigouz>i got one of those too.
07:34<KE3VIN>can't you page caker from this? I saw someone do that once.
07:34<EtherMage>Linode needs a network status thing so they can broadcast known network-wide issues to customers and avoid lots of redundant trouble tickets
07:35<hell>Linode a better provider.
07:35<internat>when u log a ticket , it automaticly pages them
07:35<hell>err... +need
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07:36<KE3VIN>maybe if he gets enuff tix he will wake up. ;-)
07:36<sweh>EtherMage: when linode staff see a large problem that's widespread then they sometimes post a message to the forums. That assumes the staff is awake, though :-)
07:36<internat>i dont think it works that way
07:36<guinea-pog>how long's HE been porked? i just woke up
07:36<KE3VIN>Mine dropped about 07:55 ET
07:36<guinea-pog>and i need to talk to my girl, damnit
07:37<KE3VIN>damn and Igot up early to work on da host too. ;-)
07:37<sweh>Good morning mikegrb. Great way to start your holiday morning....!
07:38<EtherMage>check your net graph in the account. Bandwidth usage goes *poof*
07:38<guigouz>mikegrb: welcome, glad to see someone of the staff here
07:38<warewolf>he isn't here
07:39<warewolf>that was a triggered response
07:39<sweh>I hate auto-reply scripts like that
07:39<warewolf>as do I.
07:39<guigouz>is there any phone number to get in touch with the staff ?
07:39<fapestniegd>It's a holiday, will they even be at work today?
07:39<Spads>you know what I hate worse than auto-reply scripts?
07:40<Spads>people who say "lol"
07:40[~]sweh gigles at Spads
07:40<warewolf>for once, spads and I agree on something.
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07:40<warewolf>opening a support ticket pages the linode staff
07:40<linbot>New news from forums: host9 down? in General Discussion <>
07:40<warewolf>although, according to mikegrb, opening a ticket for a host-down issue is not necessary, they get paged in that situation automagicly.
07:41<fapestniegd>but the hosts aren't down, just unreachable
07:41<guigouz>i need something to tell my clients, ETA or something
07:41<guinea-pog>fapestniegd: exactly
07:41<DC>yeah, but it's not the host that is down, it's HE that is down.
07:41<fapestniegd>I guess it would depend on where the polling host is...
07:41<guigouz>i already opened a support ticket.
07:42<guinea-pog>fapestniegd: i believe it's *not* at HE
07:42<guigouz>it's not a holiday here, people are mad at me.
07:42<guinea-pog>anyway, i just posted a "yes, users know HE is b0rked. waiting for relevant people to wake up. go enjoy the weather if you can."
07:42<fapestniegd>someone has opened a ticket for "multiple he hosts unreachable" though, right?
07:42<guinea-pog>to the forum
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07:43<guinea-pog>so that should quell some random users whining in here
07:43<LazyGun>heh...was about to become a random whiner?
07:43[~]EtherMage *whine* *whine*
07:43|-|zibeli changed nick to random_user
07:43<fapestniegd>I guess the question is, "is it a holiday where caker and mikegrb work?"
07:43<guinea-pog>LazyGun: host at HE?
07:43<guinea-pog>fapestniegd: yes.
07:43<guinea-pog>every day is a holiday for them
07:44<guinea-pog>oh nevermind
07:44<LazyGun>i assume it's an HE issue then
07:44<guinea-pog>i didn't know they changed the names of the hosts from to
07:44<guinea-pog>that's nice
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07:45<guinea-pog>rDNS i mean
07:45<guinea-pog>sneakums: HE is having issues. nobody's awake
07:45<DC>caker and mikegrb will fix it when they can. if it's on the HE side, HE will say that it's a holiday and fix it next week
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07:45<epic>heheeh DC
07:45<LazyGun>*grin* next week will be just fine
07:45<linbot>New news from forums: HE Issues on the morning of July 4th in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
07:45<tseng>caker and mikegrb cant even do anything to help you.
07:45<tseng>please find something else to do than prod your poor linodes
07:46<epic>I seem to be connected again
07:46<guigouz>they can call HE and curse them.
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07:46<guinea-pog>epic: yeah. it's not 100% loss
07:46<guinea-pog>more like 60-80%
07:46<KE3VIN>"prod your poor linodes".. ewww! ;-)
07:46<LazyGun>heh I was connected for about 15 second..woo..
07:46<fapestniegd>tseng: they can get on the horn and yell at their uplink
07:46<LazyGun> long as I know what it is..thanks for the info :)
07:46<DC>having worked with HE in another life, I know how lazy they can be on a holiday.
07:47<guinea-pog>and it's the very last hop before the host itself, so that makes me think it's linode's issue
07:47<tseng>its the 4th of July
07:47<guigouz>tseng: i'm not in the us, neither my clients are.
07:47<guinea-pog>i need my email
07:47<guinea-pog>it's very important that i get my email
07:47<KE3VIN>It's prolly some poor sod who made a change on a holiday and then promptly...left
07:47<guigouz>tseng: it's a 24/7 service.
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07:47<tseng>guigouz: do you have an SLA with linode?
07:47<warewolf>everyone has an SLA
07:47<warewolf>you can get a partial refund
07:48<ttyp0>hi there... what's happening? i can't boot my linode server
07:48<guigouz>tseng: yes.
07:48<warewolf>but only if you ask for it, and I think it is related to down-time only
07:48<sweh>ttyp0: HE networking issues
07:48<jricher>Is there an issue with host 15 in fremont?
07:48<ttyp0>how many time are you considering this issues are going for?
07:48<KE3VIN>SLA? That would be this:
07:48<guigouz>jricher: there's an issue in fremont
07:48[~]sweh shrugs... just another customer
07:49<fapestniegd>jricher: looks like all of fremont
07:49<jricher>OK. I'll buzz off and let you guys bang on it.
07:49[~]tseng makes a funny face and leaves
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07:49<Dreameer3>is host 22 up?
07:49<Dreameer3>i can't get in
07:50<guinea-pog>Dreameer3: HE is having issues. nobody's awake
07:50<Dreameer3>itckets files?
07:50<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot host19 in Linux Networking <>
07:51<Dreameer3>i'll file another
07:51<Dreameer3>console things it's still running
07:51<guinea-pog>won't wake them up any sooner
07:51<EtherMage>Wait, you can get at the console?
07:51<warewolf>08:50 < linbot> New news from forums: Reboot host19 in Linux Networking <>
07:51<Dreameer3>no, i mean the website console
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07:52<warewolf>usually that sort of post is sign of linode admins fixing things
07:52<EtherMage>Oh, yeah.
07:52<warewolf>so they're aware
07:52<warewolf>everyone chill :)
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07:53<guinea-pog>a host reboot... to fix a network issue?
07:53<guinea-pog>must be a lamer
07:53<DC>Looks like HE has been having issues since last week (06/28). Maybe HE decided the 4th would be a good day to change out the switch and figured nobody would notice.
07:54<guinea-pog>uhhhm, who is Damir?
07:54<Dreameer3>that is a newbie with 3 posts to his name
07:54<Dreameer3>and i'm on host 22
07:54<guigouz>not and admin, i guess
07:54<Dreameer3>anyone ran traceroute?
07:54<Spads>zillions of people
07:54<sweh>Lots. Check the channel logs at
07:54<Spads>HE is in teh pain
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07:55<guinea-pog>very last hop before the hosts, which makes me think it's linode hardware, not HE's
07:55<warewolf>"excuse me, does anyone here speak l33t?"
07:55<guinea-pog>oh there I go again
07:55<guinea-pog>warewolf: no. we're smart.
07:55<guigouz>is it possible to call caker ? or mikegrb ?
07:55<Dreameer3>guigouz: yeah, don't you wish you could do that sometime?
07:55<guigouz>just today
07:55<epic>there is a phone number on the website
07:55<warewolf>guinea-pog: that was a reference
07:55<guigouz>i can't call it
07:55<epic>it probably has an answering machine or similar though
07:55<guigouz>tried, but the line's mute
07:56<Dreameer3>i'm in
07:56<Dreameer3>host 22
07:56<guigouz>at least from here (international call)
07:56<Dreameer3>took FOREVER
07:56<Dreameer3>my traceroute doesn't work at all
07:56<guinea-pog>Dreameer3: yeah, you're still seeing 60-80% loss
07:57<Dreameer3>i can't tupe at the console
07:57<Dreameer3>guigouz: oh, so the equip is up but we have psycho packet loss
07:57<guigouz>can anyone in the us call HE ?
07:57|-|sneakums [] has joined #linode
07:58<Dreameer3>ok i'm in to console now
07:58<Dreameer3>man this is sad
07:58<guinea-pog>guigouz: mute?
07:58<guigouz>i dial, but nothing happens
07:58<guigouz>maybe something with my phone line
07:58<guinea-pog>i get a verizon voicemail
07:58<fapestniegd>They're using voip? :)
07:59|-|MrX [~urk@] has joined #linode
07:59<guinea-pog>no, cell
07:59<Dreameer3>yeah, this is terribly lagged
07:59<Dreameer3>can't do anything
07:59<fapestniegd>I was trying to be funny...
08:00<guinea-pog>ah well
08:00[~]guinea-pog goes back to sleep
08:00<guigouz>if i could just sleep
08:00<Dreameer3>i'm in on a box
08:00<Dreameer3>well i got "uptime" typed and got results, but now nothing
08:01|-|GeorgeGSMserver [] has joined #linode
08:01<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:01<warewolf>mmm.. cake.
08:01|-|ttyp0 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:01<fapestniegd>Hrm. Apparently I live 14 miles from Chris Aker (whois wierd
08:02<guigouz>fapestniegd: can you go there and ring the bell ? ;)
08:02<Dreameer3>my pings hmmm
08:02<Dreameer3>what is our SLA exactly?
08:02<fapestniegd>I might need to :)
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08:03<GeorgeGSMserver>hello everybody, our company is gsmserver, we are having problems with linode server... we have tried to restart server, but the task is in queu for 15 minutes
08:03|-|David [] has joined #linode
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08:03<fapestniegd>I'm pretty sure our SLA allows for a couple hours.
08:03<guigouz>fapestniegd: it's been an hour already
08:03<guinea-pog>i'm only 22 hours away from caker. do you think it'll be fixed by then?
08:03<warewolf>GeorgeGSMserver: don't try to stop/start/stop/start your server multiple times through lish or the web console, it'll just cause you more downtime as it plays catch up
08:03<fapestniegd>Should I go bang on Chris' door?
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08:04<Dreameer3>it's been an hour?
08:04<warewolf>hit the limit on irc
08:04<warewolf>someone needs to tell the oftc staff to raise the limit on that IP
08:04<guinea-pog>yeah i was thinking
08:04<warewolf>I used to be staff. I know that's the problem :)
08:04<guinea-pog>well duh
08:05|-|EtherMage [] has joined #linode
08:05<guinea-pog>i'm used to the limit being 3 on another network
08:05|-|epic [] has joined #linode
08:05|-|DarthClue [] has joined #linode
08:05<guinea-pog>so i'm thinking they already raised the limit
08:05<warewolf>quite possibly
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08:05<epic>session limit?
08:05|-|zibeli [] has joined #linode
08:05<guinea-pog>max connections from the same IP
08:05<warewolf>epic- too many concurrent connections from the same IP
08:05<perrin>too many cgiirc users i suppose
08:05|-|jricher [] has joined #linode
08:05<guinea-pog>since they're all connecting through the java applet on the website
08:05<KE3VIN>BWAHAHAHAHA! rigght...
08:06|-|fapestngd [] has joined #linode
08:06<guinea-pog>KE3VIN: that's HE's uptime, not linode's
08:06|-|Darthclue1 [] has joined #linode
08:06|-|fapestniegd [] has quit [Quit: ]
08:06|-|damir [] has joined #linode
08:06|-|GeorgeGSMserver [] has joined #linode
08:06<KE3VIN>well they obviously are NOT testing the systems at HE.
08:06|-|DarthClue [] has quit [Quit: ]
08:06<guinea-pog>HE makes a guarantee to linode, not to us
08:06|-|fapestngd changed nick to fapestniegd
08:06<KE3VIN>yes yes I know
08:07<guinea-pog>KE3VIN: you don't know if the issue is within HE or linode's equipment
08:07<KE3VIN>point is they are NOT monitoring the connectivity to linode's.
08:07|-|Darthclue1 changed nick to DarthClue
08:07<jricher>At this point, I'd guess HE
08:07<KE3VIN>I doubt it's linode unless they have their own rtrs
08:07|-|perrin [] has quit [Quit: ]
08:07<KE3VIN>multiple hosts
08:08<GeorgeGSMserver>hello all... we tried to restart and to shutdown the server... but the queue is not in process, it is freezed... what have we do in this situation? any suggestions?
08:08<Dreameer3>GeorgeGSMserver: linode is having problems
08:08<guinea-pog>GeorgeGSMserver: nothing you can do. go have some tea
08:08<KE3VIN>at this point I would NOT try to restart
08:08<Dreameer3>where does www run from?
08:08<GeorgeGSMserver>what are the problems with linode?
08:08<guinea-pog>Dreameer3: used to be theshore... is it in Dallas now?
08:08<epic>probably the planet
08:08<warewolf>Dreameer3: www is a linode and it is at TP if memory servces
08:08<warewolf>serves even
08:08<guinea-pog>yeah, dallas
08:09<Dreameer3>what a day
08:09<jricher>My linode in Texas is OK. My node at HE is down hard.
08:09<DarthClue>GeorgeGSMserver, HE (the data provider) is having problems which are impacting linode. There is nothing that you can do but wait while it is being fixed.
08:10|-|guinea-pig [] has joined #linode
08:10<DarthClue>I have a node in TX that is fine, the one at HE is down. It is an HE issue. They have been slammed with network traffic and weren't prepared for it.
08:10<Dreameer3>do we have any ETA?
08:10|-|londonguy [] has joined #linode
08:10<DarthClue>None that I can find.
08:10<Dreameer3>DarthClue: you've talked to HE?
08:11|-|migas [] has joined #linode
08:11<londonguy>is my linode server on host24 down?
08:11<Spads>you know that it's not upstream of HE?
08:11<londonguy>I can't get to it from the UK
08:11<DarthClue>No. Just looking thru the forums and running some tracert and mtr stuff.
08:11<Spads>londonguy: hello from shepherd's bush. HE is having major network problems, it seems.
08:11<migas>does anyone has probs with host9 ?
08:11<londonguy>seems so, thanks Spads
08:11<Spads>londonguy: fortunately for me, my node is in texas
08:11<Dreameer3>*starts an outgoing ping from his linode*
08:11<londonguy>oh that's a good thing
08:11<Dreameer3>yeah, traffic is no better out
08:11<londonguy>I don't know where node24 is physically located
08:12<warewolf>I'd say HE.
08:12<londonguy>i've got a virt server on
08:12<KE3VIN> 6 ( 14.064 ms 10.917 ms 9.159 ms
08:12<guinea-pog>hosts 9-26 are HE
08:12<warewolf> 9 ( 49.365 ms 49.429 ms 49.484 ms
08:12<warewolf>10 * ( 228.336 ms 225.026 ms
08:12<migas>HE ?
08:12<Spads>that's my guess, but I'm still waiting on rdns for my traceroute
08:12<migas>what is HE ?
08:12<warewolf>Hurricane Electric
08:12<KE3VIN>18 ( 273.151 ms * *
08:12<Spads>migas: Hurricane Electric, a colo facility in Fremont, California
08:12<guinea-pog>datacenter in freemont
08:13<londonguy>the name of the service provider is Hurricane Electric
08:13<guinea-pog>where the issues are
08:13<Spads>londonguy: I'm seeing 2/3 packet loss to host24, and 0 to the hop right before it. looks like an overloaded router or something
08:13<Dreameer3>surely HE knows?
08:13<Spads>10. 0.0% 79 171.5 189.8 171.1 629.8 65.7
08:13<Spads>11. 65.8% 79 351.4 361.6 344.8 571.7 42.7
08:13<Dreameer3>anyone called them?
08:13<londonguy>hmm I can traceroute, but not ssh
08:13<hell>someone could email HE support maybe?
08:14<Dreameer3>they have a phone #
08:14|-|olekvi [] has joined #linode
08:14<londonguy>I'm sure mikegrb is on it
08:14<DarthClue>, been an issue since last week.
08:14<Spads>well, they don't give out their NOC # to just anyone
08:14<hell>I'm not aclling from here heheh
08:14<fapestniegd>londonguy: traceroute is icmp, ssh is tcp/ip
08:14<Dreameer3>Spads: oh yeah? planets isn't hard to get
08:14<olekvi>Anyone else having problems with host20 at the momet?
08:14<londonguy>I think you're right spads - it must be high packet loss
08:14<EtherMage>DarthClue: no, this is new
08:14<Spads>fapestniegd: traceroute is actually udp out, icmp back
08:14<DarthClue>They either decided to replace it today or lost something else in the process.
08:14<londonguy>olekvi my problems aer with host24
08:14<fapestniegd>Spads: thanks
08:14<Spads>fapestniegd: I forget if mtr keeps that pattern
08:15<warewolf>spads- or icmp out, icmp back, but you probally knew that already
08:15<londonguy>spads you're correct: tcp/ip functions horribly in packet loss environments, being almost useless.
08:15<olekvi>londonguy: they seems to be located at the same place.
08:15<Spads>warewolf: can it?
08:15|-|GeorgeGSMserver [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
08:15|-|Fabio [] has joined #linode
08:15<warewolf>spads- on unix, traceroute -I == icmp, otherwise udp
08:15|-|guigouz [] has quit [Quit: bbl]
08:15<warewolf>spads- on windows, traceroute == always ICMP
08:15<Spads>that's good to know
08:16|-|guigouz [] has joined #linode
08:16<Spads>I forget the reasoning why they did the UDP thing
08:16<KE3VIN>"give out NOC number to anyone..." well they do.. :-)
08:16<Spads>it can be very confusing when you're tracerouting and doing manual pings of particular hops
08:17|-|emcnabb [] has left #linode [Leaving]
08:17|-|jricher [] has left #linode []
08:17<Dreameer3>there is nothing in this thread since jun 29
08:17|-|prane [~refused@] has quit [Quit: ]
08:17<guigouz>I want to move to the planet
08:18<Spads>get onto the bus
08:18<guigouz>otherwise i'll move to rimuhosting
08:19<Dreameer3>you have problems once in a blue moon and everyone is jumping ship :-) i tell ya
08:19<guigouz>Dreameer3: it's not the first time.
08:19|-|alvin [] has joined #linode
08:20<Dreameer3>guigouz: this is the second outage that's got my attention... the last was last year, TP fault... 1-2 hours outage
08:20<alvin>what happened
08:20<Dreameer3>i don't recall
08:20<guigouz>Dreameer3: HE had this things 3 or 4 times
08:20<Dreameer3>i think a ups failed, and the backup failed to routing equipment
08:20<Dreameer3>guigouz: hmmm
08:20<alvin>I was damn!
08:20<alvin>I was wondering what was up with my node
08:21<guigouz>Dreameer3: one of them they had a power problem, the generators failed, and it was about 5 hours till everything gone back.
08:21<Dreameer3>guigouz: when?
08:21<Dreameer3>guigouz: i don't remember that
08:21|-|jricher [] has joined #linode
08:21<guigouz>Dreameer3: 2 or 3 network outages (exactly as it's happening today) in the last 2 years.
08:21<guigouz>Dreameer3: 2 years ago, i guess.
08:21<Dreameer3>i allow one a year
08:22<alvin>how long this time
08:22<Dreameer3> ( 224.136 ms 217.461 ms 224.271 ms
08:22<Dreameer3>that is my last hop
08:23<alvin>same with me
08:23<guigouz>anyone called HE ?
08:23|-|kako [k4k0@] has joined #linode
08:23<alvin>I can ping host20..
08:23<alvin>but no ssh
08:23<kako>me too..
08:23<Fabio>kako ;*
08:23<kako>i cant connect on host20
08:23<kako>Fabio :)
08:24<jricher>There's an HE problem. It's connectivity. No ETA.
08:24<alvin>same I cant conncet but I can ping
08:24<guigouz>I wonder if caker and mikegrb are aware
08:24<jricher>I know MokeGRB is aware.
08:24<guigouz>jricher: how ?
08:25<jricher>Saw him on about 15 mins ago. He couldn't have missed _this_ discussion.
08:25<olekvi>This is the first time I've seen anything wrong in like two years - see no reason to cry, but information is always useful :-)
08:25<guigouz>did he say anything besinds lol ?
08:25<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:25<guigouz>hmm... cake.
08:26<alvin>at least its on a holiday, with less traffic for everyone.. hahhaa
08:26<fapestniegd>yeah, it would be nice to know if they're even aware of it.
08:26<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:26<jricher>hmm.. Cake.
08:26<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:26<guigouz>alvin: it's not a holyday here.
08:26<Dreameer3>alvin: i'm connecting :-)
08:26<internat>4th july isnt it?
08:26<Dreameer3>alvin: and pinging to the outside
08:26<fapestniegd>They're supposed to have been paged. But with today off, they could be passed out and unable to hear their beepers.
08:26<Dreameer3>we host all tourism customers
08:27<Dreameer3>this is their big day
08:27<alvin>still no connect for me
08:27<fapestniegd>Dreamer3: ouch.
08:27<guigouz>internat: i'm not in the us.
08:27<fapestniegd>you might need a distributed setup if it's that important.
08:27<internat>the servers are tho ;)
08:27<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: i'd do that if they wanted to pay for it
08:28<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: that makes logging harder though
08:28<internat>hows ur hosting thing going Dreameer3 ?
08:28<fapestniegd>you can't trick them in to paying $30/month for another vm somewhere.
08:28<guigouz>fapestniegd: do you know how to setup that ?
08:28<jricher>This is why critical stuff is replicated in geographically diverse data-centers.
08:28<fapestniegd>apt-get install openvpn syslog-ng
08:28<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: they wouldn't see the need
08:28<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: once a year is not bad downtime
08:28<fapestniegd>that fixes logging...
08:28<Dreameer3>internat: it's going
08:28<guigouz>fapestniegd: you to change the dns so people connect to the right server ?
08:29<fapestniegd>they might see the need now :)
08:29<internat>kewl :) much in the way of clientel?
08:29<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: we'll see
08:29<guigouz>*how to
08:29<jricher>How do you spell round-robin DNS
08:29<lightern>they might now ;)
08:29<Dreameer3>internat: 20 sites?
08:29<Dreameer3>internat: i don't keep track honestly
08:29<guigouz>jricher: round robin can point you to a dead server
08:29<guigouz>jricher: like HE
08:29<internat>fair enuff :) was just corious
08:29<fapestniegd>yeah round robin isn't a good way to manage HA
08:30<kako>I've already made it reboot from panel but it's still in queue for 40 minutes...
08:30<fapestniegd>but if you run your own DNS, and keep the TTL low enough, you can redirect in a pinch.
08:30<guigouz>I hope someone's aware
08:30<olekvi>round robin is for 'cheap load ballancing', not HA.
08:30<guigouz>fapestniegd: 10 min TTL ?
08:30<fapestniegd>it won't eliminate, but will minimize
08:31<fapestniegd>That should be plenty low enough.
08:31|-|DarthClue [] has quit [Quit: Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-]
08:31<fapestniegd>Keep it on the order of which you can react to the problem.
08:32<Dreameer3>i've used 120 second TTLS when moving stuff over a few days before
08:32<Dreameer3>it works just fine
08:32<jricher>In that case - for this stuff I'll call in a week. Low Availability is OK.
08:32<guigouz>when I move stuff I usually redirect the packets on the old server to the new one
08:33<Dreameer3>guigouz: there is one way to do it
08:33|-|Sandman [] has joined #linode
08:33<Dreameer3>guigouz: i just set the TTL low, one down ,other up, push new DNS
08:33<Dreameer3>all in a few minutes
08:33<Dreameer3>that's acceptible for me
08:33<guigouz>Dreameer3: and how do you keep files in sync ?
08:33|-|kako [k4k0@] has quit [Quit: ]
08:33<fapestniegd>I'm just saying if you're losing money or customers because of this HE issue, then a second site and some dns tweaks are for you...
08:33<internat>i would imagine its a low volume no changy type thing
08:33<Dreameer3>guigouz: i'm takling transfers
08:33<Dreameer3>guigouz: i don't run redundant nodes
08:34<olekvi>But if you're running a 'high traffic site' you do not want 1-2 min TTL for long... (but then again; you should'nt run such sites on a linode, I thing)
08:34<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: indeed
08:34<Dreameer3>olekvi: i have 3 DNS servers
08:34<Dreameer3>olekvi: i think i can handle a few thousand hits no sweat
08:34<olekvi>Dreameer3: your DNS servers isn't the problem, but all recursing servers around?
08:34<Sandman>What is the difference between a registrar and DNS simple things confuse me. "Embarrassing question"
08:35<jricher>I'm dropping out and getting some sleep. I'll check back in a few hours.....
08:35<fapestniegd>You can also run 2 independent dns servers, each local to the systems for which they host zones, then if you lose a site, the dns will fail over with the request.
08:35<fapestniegd>but cached entries will have to time out...
08:35<Dreameer3>olekvi: no, the DNS doesn't help when the box goes down, but i have resources scattered on diff boxes, so decentrazied DNS is important
08:35<fapestniegd>hence the small ttl.
08:35<alvin>I'm out too... I guess, I'll check back to see if there are any changes.
08:35<olekvi>Dreameer3: not what I'm saying :-)
08:35|-|alvin [] has left #linode []
08:35|-|jricher [] has left #linode []
08:35<londonguy>i wrote an article in the community forums on how to do DNS using twisted4life and
08:35<Dreameer3>i'm lost then
08:35|-|Fabio [] has left #linode []
08:36<Dreameer3>man what a crummy way to spedn the 4th
08:36<Dreameer3>waiting for connectivity
08:36<Sandman>Londonguy, what is the addy please
08:36<internat>it will be nice when dns service is setup
08:36<fapestniegd>Sandman: a registrar will point to the SOA (source of authority) host for your domain
08:37<olekvi>Dreameer3: since your DNS entries is only cached for a few minutes, all servers on the net have to ask again and again for you DNS-records - that make thoos servers busy (if we all do it 'your way' :-)
08:37<internat>olekvi, ud only set it to 120 seconds for a few days
08:37<Dreameer3>olekvi: i only do that when i'm moving resources in the very near future
08:37<fapestniegd>Sandman: do a whois on your domain and you will see your DNS servers listed
08:37<internat>just whilst ur moving them
08:37<Dreameer3>olekvi: day or two tops
08:37<Dreameer3>olekvi: gives me some flexibility
08:37<Dreameer3>olekvi: i don't run that way
08:37<Dreameer3>olekvi: though i should go back and check since i've recently moved a bunch of stuff :-)
08:37<linbot>New news from forums: Fedora Core 4 Support? in Feature Request/Bug Report <> || DNS/Registrar in Linux Networking <>
08:37<olekvi>Dreameer3: then we totally agree, but then it's not a solution for 'failover', is it? :)
08:38<Dreameer3>olekvi: no, i was never takling like it was :-)
08:38<Dreameer3>olekvi: a 10 minute TLL woul be fine for that i think
08:38<Dreameer3>olekvi: or round robin, i dunno
08:38<Dreameer3>i don't worry about that... it's more trouble to put the logs back together to provide stats or i'd already be doing it
08:39<Sandman>my confusion comes from why use dyndns or GoDaddy my latest if linode is running a beta test on thier own authoritative nameservers? Hope this does not sound stupid, but so many different opinons is confusing.
08:39<Dreameer3>running a simple php box or static site is no sweat
08:39<fapestniegd>Dreamer3: see my dns-local-to-site post above
08:39<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: yeah
08:39<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: i saw it
08:39<internat>last i looked linodes prebeta site doesnt actually do anything apart from check user entry
08:39<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: i like the names resolving though
08:40<internat>in the mean time ur going ot need a dns server, such as dyndns
08:40<Dreameer3>a name that doesn't resolve might be trated diff by some spiders/crawlers than a down site, etc
08:40<fapestniegd>It will resolve if a site is down
08:40<Dreameer3>i like taht
08:40<londonguy>i like the best
08:40<Dreameer3>oh yeah
08:40<Dreameer3>taht's what i meant
08:40<fapestniegd>that's why you have nore than one NS record in the first place
08:41<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: indeed
08:41<Dreameer3>i run my own DNS though - wouldn't do it any other way
08:43|-|FCGuest2016187 [] has joined #linode
08:43<guigouz>it seems to be getting better
08:43|-|fabbris [] has joined #linode
08:44<Dreameer3>talking to HE
08:44<Dreameer3>they are not aware of a problem
08:44<Dreameer3>though i'm giving them more data
08:44|-|valen2 [] has joined #linode
08:44[~]FCGuest2016187 waves and hands round biccies
08:44|-|FCGuest2016187 changed nick to D|AFK
08:44<fabbris>Ugh, problems with host*-fremont?
08:45<Dreameer3>does no one else think of just picking up the phone and calling them?
08:45<D|AFK>That host20?
08:45<guigouz>i'm not in the us
08:45<D|AFK>Well...tis a public holiday Stateside
08:45<fabbris>host19 seems to be a zombie.
08:46<fabbris>No ssh inbound on either a host node or on the console.
08:46|-|hisashim [] has joined #linode
08:46|-|damir [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
08:47|-|zibeli [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
08:47<D|AFK>It's July 4th today as well, so I guess there's going to be skeleton cover at HE
08:47<Dreameer3>HE sees the problem
08:47|-|gldnspud [] has joined #linode
08:47<Dreameer3>but the guy i'm speaking with is trying to figure out which side it's on HE or Linode
08:47|-|damir [~damir@] has joined #linode
08:48<valen2>Anyone having issues with Xen Beta.
08:48<guigouz>hope it's on HE, 'cause noone from the linode staff is reachable
08:48|-|jricher [] has joined #linode
08:49<fabbris>They do any Cisco-fu recently? Or tick off any tier-1s? :-)
08:49<Dreameer3>guigouz: well if so they were not aware of it and working on it
08:49<jricher><I sense a disturbance in the BGP>
08:50<valen2>" 10. 0.0% 10 62.5 63.7 62.0 70.2 2.5
08:50<valen2> 11. 60.0% 10 238.1 235.0 230.3 239.1 4.3"
08:51|-|hisashim [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
08:51<guigouz>Dreameer3: thanks a lot.
08:51<fapestniegd>mmmmm irony (Ping timeout)
08:52|-|epic [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
08:52<Dreameer3>guigouz: he asked me to send a traceroute to them and said he would contact one of the network staff
08:52<Dreameer3>he said to call back in an hour if i was still seeing problems
08:52<fapestniegd>give us his email addy, we'll send hime some traceroutes :)
08:52<Dreameer3>though he still wasn't sure of the problem
08:52|-|fred2 [] has joined #linode
08:53<Dreameer3>fapestniegd: call them if you want
08:53<Dreameer3>but i don't know what purpose that would serve at this point
08:53<fabbris>Yeah, I think they're aware of the problem by now.
08:54<fapestniegd>yeah, they're aware of it, so now we wait...
08:54|-|hell [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:55<Dreameer3>did no one else ehre think to just call HE? :-)
08:55<Dreameer3>*shakes his head sadly* :-)
08:55<fapestniegd>I didn't think it was appropriate, since I don't give them money.
08:55<Dreameer3>we do
08:55<Dreameer3>it's just indirectly
08:56<Dreameer3>it's to their benefit that they know of a potential outage
08:56<fapestniegd>very true.
08:56<Dreameer3>we are their customers
08:56<fapestniegd>(by proxy)
08:56<fapestniegd>It would be nice if we could get ahold of the linode crew...
08:57<Dreameer3>keep praying
08:57|-|Dreameer3 changed nick to Dreamer3
08:58|-|fred2 [] has quit [Quit: fred2]
08:59|-|fabbris [] has quit [Quit: fabbris]
08:59|-|zibeli [] has joined #linode
09:10<guinea-pog>whatever's going on... seems to have gotten a little better. packet loss has dropped 10% :D
09:13<fapestniegd>I can actually ssh in now, but oh the lag...
09:16<Dreamer3>i'm still pinging, oh so sad
09:16|-|Darthclue [] has joined #linode
09:17<EtherMage>Still no SSH love for me.
09:19<Dreamer3>i still seem to be losing as many packets as before
09:19<fapestniegd>I'm using rsa keys, it might be too laggy for keyboard-interactive logins
09:19<Dreamer3>yeah, go keys :-)
09:20[~]EtherMage uses key auth as well. Still no dice.
09:20<fapestniegd>and I'm seeing 10-20second delays on keystrokes, so you wouldn't like it if you did get in
09:20<EtherMage>At least I could tell my screen-irssi-session to stop trying to reconnect
09:20<Darthclue>Any ETA yet? I'm getting thru but it is taking at least 10 seconds for any response
09:20<EtherMage>it's still periodically spamming several channels on other servers
09:21<Dreamer3>Darthclue: i talked to HE and they said they would look into it
09:21<Dreamer3>but if it's not their problem that won't help
09:21<Spads>EtherMage: well, honestly, if reconnects are causing "spam" then the channels aren't very active to begin with
09:21|-|damir [~damir@] has quit [Quit: damir]
09:21|-|maladmin [] has joined #linode
09:21|-|KE3VIN [] has quit [Quit: KE3VIN]
09:22|-|Undisclosedpower [] has joined #linode
09:22<maladmin>morning all
09:23<maladmin>can someone help me test if my current problems with my server are due to my work internet connection being crap or if its my actuall server that has problems?\
09:23<sweh>There are HE networking issues.
09:23<maladmin>ahh thx
09:23<Undisclosedpower>HE is buggered again?
09:23<Undisclosedpower>that explains why host11 is lagging then... :(
09:24<Dreamer3>Undisclosedpower: you have other problems with HE recently?
09:24<EtherMage>Spads: true, which is why I'm not terribly worried about it
09:24<sweh>Hurricane Electric; where some of the linodes are hosted
09:24<Dreamer3>i should have called them sooner
09:24|-|Karnaugh__ [] has joined #linode
09:24<Undisclosedpower>Dreamer3, HE seems to crap out with routing problems every 2/3 weeks
09:25<Dreamer3>screw the "someone else is already on it" mindset
09:25<Karnaugh__>ok someone is already bitching
09:25<Dreamer3>Undisclosedpower: i've never gotten involved with a problem, 0
09:25<Karnaugh__>Hi, HE is fucked
09:25<maladmin>hmm maybe a holiday for those guys, not for me
09:25<Karnaugh__>(but you already knew that)
09:25<Dreamer3>Karnaugh__: dude, it's working FINE for all of us
09:25<Dreamer3>Karnaugh__: ;-)
09:25<valen2>HE is taking a holiday today.
09:25<Undisclosedpower>i dont call 4 minutes to load a page... fine
09:26<Dreamer3>Undisclosedpower: i was joking
09:26<Karnaugh__>--- ping statistics ---
09:26<Karnaugh__>20 packets transmitted, 7 received, 65% packet loss, time 18998ms
09:26<Karnaugh__>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 223.642/226.602/229.325/2.073 ms
09:26<Karnaugh__>yeah, its working hundreds
09:26<Karnaugh__>thanks for your time
09:26<valen2>The hamsters powering the servers had a bit too much to drink last night
09:26<linbot>New news from forums: DNS Services from a Linode User in Linux Networking <>
09:26<Dreamer3>even if i moved some sites, i'td still have faulty DNS coming from the linode
09:26<valen2>It's not the pings that disturb me.
09:26<valen2>It's the packet loss
09:28<Dreamer3>yeah ping time is no big deal
09:28<Dreamer3>30 more minutes till it's been an hour since i called HE
09:28<valen2> 11. 70.0% 10 233.7 243.1 233.7 256.2 11.7 <-- Not good, nearly 3 out of 4 packets drops before reaching the host.
09:28<valen2>So you called 30 minutes ago
09:28<Dreamer3>valen2: i did
09:29<Dreamer3>no fun
09:29<Dreamer3>not worth these headaches
09:30<guinea-pog>did whats-his-name go knock down caker's door?
09:30<Dreamer3>sometimes i wish we could call them
09:31<EtherMage>hehe, I got kicked off of CGI:IRC right when he suggested it or I would have voted that he do so
09:31<guinea-pog>i need food. wonder if any grocers are open today
09:31<Dreamer3>oh man
09:31<Dreamer3>are placed not open today?
09:31<Dreamer3>that sucks
09:31<lightern>good luck everyone
09:32<Dreamer3>do we have a SLA with linode?
09:33<Dreamer3>though if it's HE i don't guess that would count
09:33[~]Undisclosedpower thinks he should have taken cakers offer to migrate to TP a while back
09:33<guigouz>our contract is with linode.
09:33<Dreamer3>Undisclosedpower: is that the solution?
09:34<Dreamer3>i bet IPs would change if i did that
09:34<Dreamer3>that would kinda suck
09:34<Undisclosedpower>yeah, thats why i didn't migrate
09:34<Dreamer3>not the end of the world
09:34<Dreamer3>just a lot of DNS changes mostly
09:34<Darthclue>According to the wiki...Linode has a SLA with TP but not with HE. I'm not thrilled with having everything in one place but not having an SLA makes me even more nervous
09:34<Dreamer3>but those are all text files :-) i can sed em
09:35|-|jungleg [] has joined #linode
09:35<guinea-pog>i've lost weight. my shorts don't stay on anymore
09:36<guinea-pog>although, my girl likes both of those things
09:36<Dreamer3>guigouz: that's good
09:36<jungleg>hey mike, happy 4th! -- is down right now again, if you're around go check if you can access it.
09:36<Dreamer3>jungleg: HE routing issue
09:36<Dreamer3>jungleg: most likely
09:37<Karnaugh__>you shouldn't have so much reliance on a UML solution anyway
09:37<jungleg>oh really, Dreamer?
09:37<Dreamer3>Karnaugh__: many people do
09:37<Darthclue>Dreamer3, when you spoke to HE...did you tell them to go look at pos8-0?
09:37|-|Nahuel [] has joined #linode
09:37<Karnaugh__>fortunately my node is just a failover for mail and DNS
09:37<guinea-pog>Darthclue: why?
09:37<Dreamer3>UML is usually quite reliable... mine definately have been... this is anetwork outage, not really UML related
09:38<guinea-pog>i'm seeing it between pos10-0 and the host.
09:38<fapestniegd>pos10-0 too
09:38<Darthclue>what host?
09:38<fapestniegd>beat me to it.
09:38<Dreamer3>Darthclue: i just told them which IP my traceroute was stopping at... and mailed them a traceroute and gave them my host IPs
09:38<Karnaugh__>Dreamer3: network outages happen, not much need to start raving about SLA's :)
09:38<Karnaugh__>Dreamer3: besides, I require my linode to *not* be at TP
09:38<Dreamer3>Karnaugh__: just wondering if i can get a credit for this :-)
09:38<Dreamer3>Karnaugh__: i moved from TP long ago :-) already had a ded there
09:38<guinea-pog>actually, i think i'll always see pos10-0, from where i'm coming
09:39<Karnaugh__>Dreamer3: were you born in Israel by any chance?
09:39<Dreamer3>Karnaugh__: no :-)
09:39<Karnaugh__>right ;-)
09:39<Dreamer3>i wonder how hard it is to setup redundant co-located hosting with reliable web stats
09:40<Dreamer3>round robin dns doesn't help if a box goes out
09:40<Dreamer3>does it?
09:40<Dreamer3>just some people would get the bad box and some would not, no?
09:40<Karnaugh__>not *really*
09:40<guigouz>anyone know of other options ?
09:40<Karnaugh__>RR DNS is only really good for a small amount of load balancing
09:40|-|James5 [] has joined #linode
09:41<Nahuel>Is anyone hosting on Host22?
09:41<Dreamer3>Nahuel: yes, HE is having routing issues
09:41<Karnaugh__>I'm close to Host22
09:41<jungleg>I'm host17
09:41<Karnaugh__>I'm Host 19
09:41<Dreamer3>i'm calling the DC back soon
09:41<Nahuel>Dreamer3: Thanks! Do you have an idea of when it will be fixed?
09:42<Dreamer3>Nahuel: no one knows
09:42<guinea-pog>Dreamer3: could they even see anything when you spoke to them?
09:42<Nahuel>Thank you very much
09:42<internat>hmms i need to get arround to fixing my network moniotoring stuff
09:42<Dreamer3>guinea-pig: he said he was the problem
09:42<guinea-pog>he or HE?
09:42<Dreamer3>guinea-pig: he said he SAW* the problem
09:43<Nahuel>Thanks everyone. Bye bye
09:43|-|Nahuel [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
09:43[~]D|AFK sticks guinea-pig into HE's servers to replace the hamster
09:43<guinea-pog>well, good on you, mate
09:43[~]guinea-pog bites D|AFK
09:43<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:43<Dreamer3>i need some cake
09:43[~]guinea-pog humps the hamster
09:43<Darthclue>yeah, he saw the router on the floor with all the wires cut.
09:44<guinea-pog>oh man
09:44[~]Karnaugh__ cuts off a piece of caker
09:44<guinea-pog>it's been a long time
09:44<guinea-pog>i don't mean today
09:44|-|epic [] has joined #linode
09:45<guinea-pog>i mean. i've been with linode for ages
09:45<guinea-pog>3 years now!
09:46<Darthclue>Dreamer3, one solution would be short TTLs and then just update the ips to only serve up the backup when the primary goes down. I'm working on a distributed hosting system at the moment that will do just that.
09:46|-|TheFirst [] has joined #linode
09:46<Darthclue>guinea-pig, same here, off and on for about 3 years.
09:47<guinea-pog>i had to move, july 1 due to roommate issue. couldn't host from home anymore.
09:47<guigouz>Darthclue: how do you keep files synced ?
09:47|-|Spads [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:47<guinea-pog>then i took a roadtrip all of august. it was most excellent to have a place to upload photos to :D
09:47<Darthclue>guigouz,, still working on that. mostly rsync.
09:48<guigouz>I guess I'll rsync every hour or so
09:48<guigouz>It's hard for an email server.
09:48<guigouz>and resync when the main server goes back up
09:48<Darthclue>looks like HE might be back up.
09:49|-|alvin [] has joined #linode
09:49<alvin>looks like host 20 is back
09:49<guigouz>it's back up!
09:49<EtherMage>seems that way
09:49<fapestniegd>yeah, I'm getting solid icmp replies
09:49<Darthclue>and just in time for me to have to leave :(
09:50<Darthclue>And the spam still got thru to the mail server.
09:50<Darthclue>Have a good holiday guys.
09:50|-|EtherMage [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
09:50|-|Darthclue [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC]
09:51<guigouz>Dreamer3: which phone did you call to ?
09:51<jungleg>ok, so my site's still down -- mike, can you see it?
09:52<linbot>New news from forums: Very restrictive access? in Linux Networking <>
09:54|-|shakr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:55|-|James5 [] has quit [Quit: James5]
09:55<Dreamer3>guigouz: tech support
09:56<Dreamer3>guigouz: if you're calling i'll hold off? are you?
09:56<Dreamer3>things look better
09:56<Dreamer3>i got sporadic pings, but improved
09:57<Dreamer3>ok, missing again
09:57<Dreamer3>now, it's definitely better
09:57<Dreamer3>guigouz: are you calling?
09:58<guinea-pog>i can't get to the grocer anyway
09:58<guinea-pog>there's a parade going down my street. can't drive out
09:58<guigouz>Dreamer3: no no
09:58<guigouz>Dreamer3: i'm not even in the us.
09:59<guinea-pog>and all the sirens
10:00<Dreamer3>anyone here still keeping track of packet loss
10:01<guigouz>it's losing packets
10:01<guinea-pog>average has dropped below 50%
10:01<guigouz>it was below 50%
10:01<fapestniegd>It's getting worse
10:01<guigouz>it's getting worse now
10:01<alvin>oh yeah
10:01<alvin>its slow
10:02<guinea-pog>currently around 35-40% loss
10:02<guinea-pog>which isn't good, but it's much better than the unusable 60-80%
10:02<fapestniegd>It's still degrading...
10:03<guigouz>ping times are better
10:04<guigouz>from 420ms to 250ms
10:04<guigouz>but still losing packets
10:04<guinea-pig>i'm back!
10:04<guigouz>~300ms now
10:04|-|LazyGun [] has quit [Quit: Hi, I'm a quit message virus. Please replace your old line with this line and help me take over the world of IRC]
10:05<alvin>yeah I'm losing a who bunch of pings
10:06<alvin>but its hovering around 180 to 280ms
10:07<alvin>much better pings now 90's to low 10's
10:08<guinea-pig>nothing gets me in a patriotic mood more than some old lady who sounds pissed screaming "happy 4th of july" in a megaphone
10:09<alvin>which part of the country are you?
10:09<guinea-pig>in a boston accent
10:09<alvin>nice nice
10:09<Karnaugh__>it's 4th of july?
10:09<Karnaugh__>oh, so it is
10:09<alvin>yep it is!
10:09<Karnaugh__>which means nothing here
10:10<Karnaugh__>perhaps HE got a firework in their connection?
10:10<guinea-pig>mikegrb's on it.
10:10<alvin>yea working
10:10<guinea-pig>he's responded tyo my ticket
10:10<alvin>but its up
10:10<Dreamer3>i see no problems now except ping times up/down
10:10<Karnaugh__>20 packets transmitted, 20 received, 0% packet loss, time 19017ms
10:11<Dreamer3>will w get a better idea of the problem cause when mike gets here?
10:12<alvin>I'm sure he'll let us know
10:12<guinea-pog>i need tall shoews
10:12|-|guinea-pog [] has quit [Quit: bye...]
10:13<alvin>I'm getting 70's to 100's ms now outbound..
10:14<guinea-pig>it seems like we've resumed normality
10:14<guigouz>3:15h later
10:14<guinea-pig>oh brb. cheerleads going by
10:15<alvin>dam! nothing like that here in NYC yet...
10:15<Dreamer3>alvin: still having problems?
10:15<guinea-pig>amazing how hot some small-town farm girls are
10:15<guigouz>i guess he's talking about the cheerleads
10:16<Dreamer3>guinea-pig: farm girls are the cutest
10:16|-|londonguy [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
10:17<guigouz>Dreamer3: can you give me the phone number you dialed ?
10:17<Dreamer3>guigouz: no, but it's on their website
10:17<guigouz> ?
10:17<Dreamer3>i dunno, i googled them
10:17<Dreamer3>tech support #
10:17<Dreamer3>510 580-4100
10:17<Dreamer3>still had it open
10:18<guigouz>i'll write it down
10:18<guigouz>in case i need to make an international call :D
10:18<Dreamer3>i'm getting hungry
10:18<guinea-pig>wonder why mike hasn't popped by yet.
10:18<guinea-pig>oh. now it's the polka band.
10:18<alvin>Dreamer3: nah its looks ok now
10:19<Dreamer3>i still have crazy pings
10:19<Dreamer3>but mostly 80ms
10:19<linbot>New news from forums: What Distro is best for J2EE? in General Discussion <>
10:20<alvin>hung over maybe?
10:20|-|sneakums [] has joined #linode
10:20<Dreamer3>running J2EE on a linode
10:20<Dreamer3>*shakes his head*
10:21<heidi>guinea-pig: he is on the phone with HE now
10:21<Dreamer3>heidi: how do you know?
10:21<guinea-pig>Dreamer3: she knos things
10:21<heidi>Dreamer3: cause he is in my living room
10:21<heidi>he is my husband
10:21<Dreamer3>heidi: oh :-)
10:21<Dreamer3>heidi: so you're the reason he wasn't here a few hours ago ;-)
10:21<guinea-pig>heidi: yeah. i know. he responded to my ticket 15 minutes ago
10:21<heidi>no, we didn't get the pages
10:21<Dreamer3>problem with the pager?
10:22<heidi>sprint, they are off sometimes
10:22<heidi>sometimes they go through late
10:22<guinea-pig>so is HE.
10:22<Dreamer3>heidi: hmmm
10:22<guinea-pig>maybe one owns the other?
10:22<Dreamer3>maybe new pagers? :-)
10:22<Dreamer3>3 hours for a page is a long time
10:22<Dreamer3>i wouldn't be pleased
10:22<alvin>external machine for monitoring
10:23<heidi>Dreamer3: they aren't pagers, it is his cell phone, and it is sprint not the phone itself
10:23<Dreamer3>heidi: text messages?
10:23<Dreamer3>my verizon ships those puppies thru FAST
10:23<guinea-pig>heidi: whose phone number is listed on the linode site?
10:23<heidi>he got a could of non-important pages a few hours ago, but nothing else
10:23<heidi>Dreamer3: yes
10:23<heidi>guinea-pig: cakers
10:24<guinea-pig>i debated leaving a message
10:24<guinea-pig>voicemail sounded like verizon not sprint, though
10:24<Dreamer3>heidi: are you a geek too?
10:25<heidi>guinea-pig: ours is sprint
10:25<fapestniegd>the sed gives it away
10:25<heidi>and he used to be with sprint, I don't know if he switched to verizon or not
10:25<Dreamer3>fapestniegd: i was just checking :-)
10:25<heidi>Dreamer3: not really
10:25<guinea-pig>heidi: does caker get pages too? or is that what he pays mike for? hehe
10:25<guinea-pig>OH BTW
10:25<heidi>I use irc, thats about it
10:25<Dreamer3>heidi: what do you do?
10:25[~]guinea-pig hugs heidi
10:25<guinea-pig>happy 4th!
10:25<Dreamer3>heidi: when you aren't using irc
10:26<guinea-pig>enough pestering her :)
10:26<heidi>guinea-pig: he gets pages too, I think, he used to anyway
10:26<heidi>and thanks
10:26<Dreamer3>[omg to,es are wau bacl i[
10:26<Dreamer3>bit sto;; gpomg tjri
10:26<heidi>Dreamer3: I am an independent consultant for passion parties
10:26<Dreamer3>heidi: what is a passion party?
10:26<guinea-pig>passion, eh?
10:26<guinea-pig>ah, fifes and drums
10:26<heidi>Dreamer3: I sell romance enhancers and adult novelties
10:27<Dreamer3>heidi: is that like mary kay, but for the impotent or something?
10:27<heidi>we do in home parties like mary kay
10:27<guinea-pig>heidi: my romance has enhanced infinitely over the past week.
10:27<heidi>not for the imptent
10:27<heidi>guinea-pig: good deal
10:27|-|dc0e [] has quit [Quit: ↻ or ↓]
10:27<Dreamer3>heidi: for those who want "more"?
10:27<guinea-pig>more! more! more!
10:27<heidi>something like that
10:27<fapestniegd>pings have been solid for a while now.
10:27<heidi>my job is to help women and educate
10:28<Dreamer3>fapestniegd: my pings are still weird
10:28<guinea-pig>only help women?!
10:28<heidi>well the parties are for women only
10:28<heidi>but we sell a few male items as well
10:28<guinea-pig>wouldn't helping the men be for the woman's benefit?
10:28<Dreamer3>fapestniegd: dunno
10:28<guinea-pig>since we're dumb as fsck
10:29<heidi>guinea-pig: but it isn't just to help women in the bedroom, it is about self confidence and if we get them to join as well, financially
10:29<guinea-pig>now the parade is going backwards
10:29<guinea-pig>oh yeah
10:29<alvin>twice the cheerleaders
10:29<guinea-pig>oh YEAH!
10:29<heidi>but for in home parties, men are horrible, so they aren't allowed
10:30<guinea-pig>what about transvestites?
10:30<heidi>well, I haven't run across that yet
10:30<guinea-pig>come to boston on a saturday night
10:30<heidi>but I did have a gay man at one of my parties
10:30<alvin>I think you are stretching your imagination a bit Guinea
10:31<Dreamer3>mikegrb: good job
10:31<guinea-pig>why is it so many women don't realise the power they have over men
10:31<Dreamer3>mikegrb: keep up the good work
10:31<warewolf>heidi: I'd like to buy a Silver Bullet please, how much would that set me back?
10:31<Dreamer3>now my ping times are really dragging
10:31<heidi>warewolf: $12
10:31<warewolf>wow that's cheap
10:31|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
10:32<alvin>guinea-pig: they know.. and they aren't telling us..
10:32<heidi>we give them for free when someone spends over $100
10:32<warewolf>I had no idea they were that cheap
10:32<alvin>so they make us begg
10:32<Dreamer3>oh wow
10:32<Dreamer3>it's my vvps
10:32<warewolf>virtual virtual private server?
10:32<warewolf>heidi: what's the most expensive item in your catalog?
10:33<heidi>escalating elephant-$153
10:33[~]warewolf googles
10:34<guinea-pig>it's really gonna happen
10:34<Dreamer3>only the routing to my rails machine is borked
10:34<guinea-pig>> Hey Aaron. You auditon for Riff is Before the audience lets in on July 29th.
10:34[~]warewolf blinks at heidi
10:34<warewolf>$153 for 10"
10:35<heidi>thats not even the biggest, it is just the most expensive because of the features
10:35<warewolf>I hope it works well for everyone
10:35<warewolf>I don't want to know what your biggest item is. It'll only make me selfconsious.
10:36<heidi>well that one is the longest
10:36<Dreamer3>mikegrb: still having weird long pings to some of my hosts
10:36<heidi>no one have one 10 1/2
10:36[~]warewolf laughs at the "just for him" section
10:37<Dreamer3>heidi: you're a passion consultant
10:37<Dreamer3>what a cool title
10:38<Dreamer3>heidi: how long you been doing that?
10:38<warewolf>heidi: I mean this respectfully: Your husband must be proud.
10:39<heidi>Dreamer3: since last october
10:39<heidi>warewolf: yes he is
10:39<Dreamer3>heidi: you doing well/liking it?
10:39<heidi>he is a great encouragement
10:40<heidi>I have been in the top ten of my local team for sales for two months
10:40<heidi>this month shouldn't be any different
10:40<Dreamer3>heidi: awesome
10:41<heidi>and that is out of 52 women
10:41<guinea-pig>speaking of the stuff on the men's page... i tried a performax the other night. that was a fun night.
10:42<Dreamer3>heidi: rofl
10:42<Dreamer3>website looks kinda weird in Safari
10:42<Dreamer3>hey that girl on the left in the media center is cute
10:42<Dreamer3>can i get her #?
10:43<Dreamer3>she's on an Apple too!
10:45|-|fapestniegd [] has quit [Quit: this conversation is just getting a little weird]
10:45<Dreamer3>i think i'm in love
10:45<Dreamer3>heidi: you gotta help me
10:46<heidi>you cant even see her face
10:46<Dreamer3>i see it from the side!
10:46<Dreamer3>and she's using an Apple
10:47<Dreamer3>heidi: i can tell she is a cutie pie
10:47<heidi>she is probably married
10:47<alvin>I'm out guys...
10:47<Dreamer3>well, i can't see her ring finger
10:47|-|alvin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:47|-|gldnspud [] has quit [Quit: Quitting!]
10:47<Dreamer3>you guys need larger images :-)
10:48<guinea-pig>oh yeah, she's cute
10:48<Dreamer3>told ya
10:48<Dreamer3>and that is an apple, no?
10:48<guinea-pig>most likely. it's whiter than she is.
10:48|-|zibeli [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
10:48<Dreamer3>if i was really obsessed i'd go to a few stock art places and find the photo and zoom in ;-)
10:52|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
10:52<Dreamer3>heidi: ping
10:52<Dreamer3>heidi: are we going to get an official response from mike before you guys get back to life?
10:55|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has joined #linode
11:08<heidi>Dreamer3: well, I know he responded to the tickets
11:08<heidi>from what I understand, there was a dos
11:10<Dreamer3>against a linode?
11:17|-|jekil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:18<heidi>yeah, i guess
11:18<heidi>and they normally only give "official" updates in the forum if there is a reboot
11:23|-|jungleg [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
11:28|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
11:28<Dreamer3>i'm asking for one here :-)
11:28<Dreamer3>not in the forum
11:28<heidi>well I gave my unofficial update
11:29<heidi>he is looking into some other stuff now, so I wouldn't expect one right now
11:30|-|shrap [] has joined #linode
11:30<D|AFK>Can you ask him nicely if he can update the System and Network Status forum when he's ready please, then? :)
11:30<shrap>Is there a problem with host15, i cannot connect to my linode
11:30<guinea-pig>oh no, not again.
11:30<guinea-pig>host pings fine
11:31<@mikegrb>shrap: please open a ticket with a traceroute
11:32[~]D|AFK trundles off for a nice cup of tea
11:32|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
11:33<guinea-pig>heya mikey
11:33<guinea-pig>happy holidays
11:33<guinea-pig>no way
11:33<guinea-pig>richard o'brien is only 5'8"?!
11:33<taupehat>ergh, rocky geeks
11:34<guinea-pig>i'm auditioning for riff raff on the 29th
11:35<guinea-pig>and i'm only 5'8" ... thought i'd have to get me some big shoes. but maybe not
11:35<guinea-pig>need to lose 10 lbs, though... not that hard a thing to do
11:36<guinea-pig>changed my diet a couple months ago.. it's just starting to show, physically.
11:38|-|guigouz [] has quit [Quit: mais um dia.]
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13:05|-|alexixor [] has joined #linode
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13:06|-|alexixor [] has joined #linode
13:06<alexixor>hi to all :)
13:07<alexixor>i already have a linode and i would like to ask if i can have 2 linodes under one username?
13:09<@caker>alexixor: hello -- you'll need to go through the signup again
13:09<alexixor>thnx :)
13:11|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
13:12|-|alexixor [] has quit [Quit: alexixor]
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13:28|-|kokoko [] has joined #linode
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13:36<guinea-pig>aloha caker. happy 4th :)
13:48|-|Sandman [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
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14:10<@caker>go shuttle discovery!
14:11<eFUDd>Sweet. This company I ordered parts from ships from the future.
14:11<eFUDd>The comments for your order are: A package was shipped to you on 07/05/2006 via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail to the following address:
14:11<bendy24>caker: it launched?
14:11<taupehat>caker: did it fly?
14:11[~]bendy24 checks
14:11[~]taupehat got no teevee
14:12<bendy24>almost 30 minutes into flight
14:13<taupehat>no vids of the launch tho =[
14:14<bendy24>taupehat: can you play windows media streams?
14:14<bendy24>one sec
14:15<taupehat>just link me to the portal page =]
14:15<bendy24>stupid os x media player
14:16<taupehat>nvm I've got it
14:16<bendy24>nasatv is replaying the launch atm
14:16<taupehat>the stream's a bit saturated
14:16<taupehat>even for akamai
14:17<bendy24>im watching a yahoo link
14:17<bendy24>very nice
14:19|-|netjackal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:22<bendy24>i gotta visit mikegrb someday and watch one of those...
14:25<taupehat>I'll hold off until the next rev
14:25<taupehat>the stacked unit
14:25<taupehat>I anticipate fewer delays as the whole machine is a lot simpler
14:26<taupehat>no foam to worry about, either =]
14:26<bendy24>but nothing will match the launch of the shuttles
14:26<taupehat>it'll be the same engines
14:26<taupehat>what they're doing is stacking the cargo on top of the fuel tank
14:26<bendy24>i thought they werent going to use those engines?
14:27<bendy24>or are you refering to the solid boosters?
14:27<taupehat>it's going to use essentially the same engines
14:27|-|Karnaugh__ [] has left #linode []
14:27<taupehat>the only difference is that the wings will be gone, and the whole thing will be stacked on top of the fuel tank
14:27<taupehat>SRB engines will be strapped to the sides of the cargo version as we have now
14:27<taupehat>SRB engines, ugh
14:28<taupehat>that's like saying NIC card
14:28<bendy24>i swear i read they were going with another liquid motor..
14:28[~]bendy24 searches
14:32<taupehat>argh, I'll be glad when this "holiday" is over
14:33<@caker>taupehat: ?
14:33<taupehat>sad that a celebration of our independence has become such an exercise in flag-wrapping
14:33<taupehat>I just think we've moved away from what it's about
14:34<taupehat>but then again, I subscribe to the Mark Twain school of thought about such things - "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."
14:34<taupehat>Right now, my country needs collectively to work harder to earn my allegiance - it isn't granted blindly.
14:35<bendy24>the crew will launch on a single srb!
14:35<taupehat>yep, they seperated the crew and cargo launchers
14:36<bendy24>the ares 5 will use saturn v engines
14:36<taupehat>look at the V
14:36<taupehat>THAT will be something to watch!
14:36<taupehat>7 nozzles blasting a zillion horsepower
14:36<bendy24>makes you want to ride on top!
14:37<taupehat>I'm reminded of Slim Pickins in Dr. Strangelove... Yihaw!!!
14:37<Dreamer3>everything working fine again now?
14:41<taupehat>interesting that they're throwing away the SSME
14:41<taupehat>guess it was overengineered =]
14:41<bendy24>no need to reuse them
14:42<bendy24>130 tons!
14:42<taupehat>not throwing away - doing away with - as in, using a different engine alltogether
14:42<bendy24>just modernize the saturn rockets
14:43<taupehat>65 tons to the moon
14:43<taupehat>that's actually useful payload
14:43<bendy24>thats alot of beer
14:44<bendy24>yeah, enough to put sections on the moon for a base
14:45|-|epic [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
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15:25|-|netjackal [] has joined #linode
15:27|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has joined #linode
15:50<linbot>New news from forums: Web Radio in Sales Questions and Answers <>
15:54|-|Carlos [] has joined #linode
15:54<Carlos>hello! Do you have any plan for Web radio?
15:55|-|shakr [] has joined #linode
15:56<@caker>Carlos: hello -- not sure what you mean by that. Won't the existing plans work?
15:56<Carlos>I need a plan to broadcast a radio via web.
15:57<Carlos>It must be configured for it
15:57<@caker>Carlos: Linodes are unmanaged. You'll need to install and configure the software you want to run
15:58<Carlos>ok. And please tell me, is the plan of 19,90 dollars a real server?
15:58<@caker>Carlos: they're virtual servers, from the kernel on up (root access, etc)
16:00<Carlos>Ah, ok. Thanks! I have to go now.
16:00<Carlos>How do I logout from this chat?
16:01<@caker>Carlos: /exit
16:01<@caker>Carlos: or /quit
16:01<guinea-pig>ooh let me try
16:01|-|Carlos [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)]
16:01<afv-13>doesn't need a plan, he needs a clue
16:02|-|shrap [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
16:02[~]caker looks into Google Checkout
16:03|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
16:05<afv-13>they don't have many supported stores, and what they do have is pretty much usa only
16:05<afv-13>they've built up quite a decent profile of me over the years
16:06<@caker>my concern is if their process works with recurring charges (subscriptions)... not that Google has a recurring option, but that I can process stuff every month without the user being required to log in and approve or whatever
16:06<afv-13>from what i search for, what mail i send/rec, what i want to buy, credit history
16:06<@caker>afv-13: credit history?
16:06<afv-13>if they have your cc details
16:07<afv-13>that's step 1 in signing up for checkout
16:08<@caker>looks like google checkout looks for their google cookie, so that would mean the user needs to be present
16:08|-|D|AFK [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:25<olekvi>caker: sorry to bother, but I've been away the last 8 hours - could you please give a short summary of the problems on ie host20 earlier today?
16:31<@caker>olekvi: DDoS attack caused the latency
16:31|-|Zymurgy [] has joined #linode
16:33<olekvi>caker: ok; thanks. (just what I thougt)
16:39|-|valen2 [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
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18:12<taupehat>some friends and I are discussing mass-producing stickers that say that and stick really well to leather
18:12<taupehat>as an anti-gideon movement =]
18:28|-|Dreameer3 [] has joined #linode
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21:28[~]caker is lame; watches fireworks on TV rather than deal with downtown
21:29<Eman>heh, ours were last week
21:29<@caker>g/f is pissed
21:32<@caker>le finale
21:33|-|spr [] has joined #linode
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21:35<cow>fireworks arent anything special...
21:44|-|Netsplit <-> quits: Redgore, schultmc, jams, flatronf700B, AndyHat, syntaxman
21:45|-|Netsplit over, joins: Redgore
21:45|-|Netsplit over, joins: syntaxman
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21:45|-|Netsplit over, joins: AndyHat
21:50<@caker>what do you call cheese that's not yours?
21:50<@caker>nacho cheese!
21:52[~]caker waits for props
21:54[~]eFUDd sets up an array of propellers spinning towards caker at 40k rpm
21:59<linbot>New news from forums: Cancelled yearly account early, still no evidence of refund in Sales Questions and Answers <>
22:05<@mikegrb>caker: what do you call a beach where richard stallman skinny dips?
22:05<@caker>mikegrb: GNU beach?
22:05<@mikegrb>caker: close
22:05<@mikegrb>gnu'd beach
22:05<@caker>GNUde beach?
22:05<@mikegrb>too slow old man
22:06<@caker>mikegrb: your presence intimidates me
22:06<@mikegrb>I know
22:06<@mikegrb>caker: what do you call free or open source software used in a dentist's office?
22:07<@mikegrb>Dental F.O.S.S.
22:16<@caker>mental floss
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:00|-|cpt [] has joined #linode
23:00<cpt>Why would my linode be showing 14678 days uptime ?
23:01<cpt> 14:00:27 up 14678 days, 23:04, 2 users, load average: 0.77, 0.27, 0.12
23:01<npmr>there was a bug in that particular kernel version
23:01<npmr>it doesn't really affect anything else
23:03<@caker>cpt: 2.6.17-linode20?
23:03|-|thoth39 [~hm@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:03<cpt>caker: yes
23:03<@caker>also, I've been trying to find the kernel that's been causing inittab and fstab to get messed up, I'm curious if that's the one
23:04<@caker>cpt: yeah, there's a new revision of that kernel which has a fix for the uptime funkiness
23:04<cpt>caker: ok thanks
23:04<@caker>cpt: please let me know if it eats your inttab or fstab
23:06|-|asdfasdf [~asdfasdf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:23|-|cpt [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:24<JasonF> 00:24:13 up 2 days, 6:20, 4 users, load average: 1.93, 1.20, 0.66
23:24<JasonF>woo, 2 days uptime!
23:24<JasonF>kudos to caker, my host stayed up long enough that I had to reboot it ;)
23:25<Eman>and it'll reboot automagically in about 3 days
23:25|-|netjackal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:50<encode> 14:50:58 up 141 days, 8:58, 8 users, load average: 0.12, 0.10, 0.09
23:51<encode>clearly my linode is more significant than yours :P
23:51<encode>(nb: the previous statement was intended to be humerous - please do not be offended by ut)
23:52<JasonF>it'd have been okay if you meant it humorously
23:52<JasonF>but I don't know about that humer crap
23:52<Eman>539 days on mine, therfor i am 269.5x more important then JasonF :p
23:53<encode>JasonF: ahh, you have a point
23:53<encode>my bad
23:53<JasonF>Eman: and you still have less ram than me
23:53<JasonF>therefore you suck
23:53<Eman>but mine doesnt reboot every week :p
23:53<JasonF>Hostname: cialis - OS: Linux 2.6.17-linode21/i686 - CPU: UML ( MHz) - Processes: 65 - Uptime: 2d 6h 49m - Load Average: 0.28 - Memory Usage: 62.16MB/190.72MB (32.59%) - Disk Usage: 5.18GB/5.85GB (88.51%)
---Logclosed Wed Jul 05 00:00:56 2006