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05:53<ashtaroth>hi, if i have 2 ip's.. is there any way to make outgoing connections via the second ip? atm bitchx always uses the first IP but i cant force it to use the second one
05:54<the_hydra>not tested idea, how about making the 2nd IP the IP of your "localhost"?
05:55<ashtaroth>well i want to be able to use both if i want.. can localhost be set as 2 ip's?
05:55<the_hydra>sounds you need something like multi homing router
05:55<the_hydra>BGP and friends...
05:59<warewolf>there's a config option in bx to set your default "source" IP
05:59<warewolf>read the docs, I don't recall what it is, I use irssi now
05:59<warewolf>it may be something like an environment variable, IRCHOST or something.
05:59<ashtaroth>theres a -H command paramater that sets a host
05:59<warewolf>there you go
05:59<ashtaroth>ive tried that one.. ill search for what your talking about though
05:59<warewolf>that's it
06:09<ashtaroth>it doesnt seem like any data goes through my second ip
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06:41<garyg>are there any linide tech support people here?
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06:46<ggreer>keen to talk to linode support - need email address changed
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07:00<ggreer>anyone here who can help?
07:01<Spads>60 people, usually
07:01<ggreer>anyone from linode support?
07:02<Spads>if you actually need linode support staff, file a ticket
07:02<Spads>but for most problems, folks in here know the answers
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07:02<Spads>I joined after you asked your question, so I don't know what you're after
07:03<ggreer>trouble is - to file a ticket i need my login - but my VS is down, and so I can;t get any mail ;-)
07:03<Spads>well it's still early morning in the US
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07:04<ggreer>i suppose that patience is a virtue - I'll chill and wait
07:06<Spads>if you ping caker and mikegrb, one of them may wake up before the other and have time to answer you
07:06<Spads>I think they usually spend the beginning of their shifts processing the ticket queue and doing other scheduled stuff
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07:50<Spads>crap, I'm thrashing
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08:10<npmr>Spads, your io_rate has a small spike every hour on the 15
08:10<Spads>that's planet
08:13<Spads> 1317 nick 15 0 64584 5540 2564 S 0.0 1.8 9:16.65 irssi
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08:14[~]Spads kills it
08:14<npmr>i use hardly any scripts anymore
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08:16<bendy24>SupaZubon: bsg!
08:16<Spads>bendy24: is it back?
08:16<bendy24>should be any day now...
08:16[~]bendy24 checks
08:17<Spads>Mrs. Spads and I are still finishing 24
08:17<Spads>we're just a couple hours fom the end of season 4
08:17<bendy24>good timing!
08:19<bendy24>must be airing in the uk again
08:19<Spads>is it?
08:21<Redgore>it is on sky
08:21<bendy24>Redgore: date?
08:21<Redgore>no terrestial channel has picked it up after season 2
08:21<Redgore>bendy24: been on sky 1 for a while, dont know when it started as I dont have sky
08:22<bendy24>im trying the find the day that season 3 starts
08:23<Redgore> might tell you if your lucky and can be bothered with the mass of random crap on their site
08:28<bendy24>09:27 <@aaron> sg starts 14 July
08:28<bendy24>09:27 <@aaron> bsg starts in oct
08:34<npmr>Spads, you know about the memory increase, right?
08:37<Spads>npmr: is this within the past 67 days?
08:37<Spads>I see no notice of it on my member page
08:39<Spads>npmr: the last memory increase I remember was 9 months ago or so
08:39<Redgore>Linode 100 < lowest priced plan
08:39<Spads>Current Plan
08:39<Spads>Total RAM 400 MB
08:39<Spads>MemTotal: 316304 kB
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08:44<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ uptime
08:44<npmr> 09:44:16 up 16 days, 16:14, 3 users, load average: 0.76, 0.91, 1.12
08:44<npmr>^-- that one
08:44<npmr>so, um.... yeah
08:44[~]Spads rebooted
08:44<Spads>should be back in a bit
08:44[~]npmr nods
08:44<npmr>right on
08:45<npmr>you could swim a whole nother irssi in that!
08:46<npmr>i went on nwall about it
08:46<npmr>must be no one uses that anymore?
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08:47<Spads>that's not good
08:48<Spads>npmr: I was detached
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08:49<Spads>Mem: 396704k total, 258848k used, 137856k free, 18532k buffers
08:50<npmr>huh... tor
08:50<npmr>is it quick and easy now?
08:51<Spads>it always has been
08:51<Spads>privoxy hooks right in
08:51<Spads>and you can always just do like "torify program blahblah"
08:51<Spads>same as always
08:52<npmr>ok, i must just lack discipline
08:52<Spads>install tor and privoxy should just find it
08:52<Spads>or maybe you need to tell it the ports
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10:01<robertj>heya all. Did anyone here have problems apt-get installing mysql-server under the stock Ubuntu 6.10 install?
10:10<bendy24>what problem did you have?
10:11<robertj>bendy: hold a sec, I think the tls directory might be back from the dead
10:12<bendy24>which kernel are you using?
10:12<bendy24>just use the latest 2.6
10:13<robertj>ok, nuking & starting from scratch
10:19<robertj>running latest 2.6, do I still need to move that directory?
10:19<bendy24>latest 2.6 has tls now
10:30<JasonF>but afaik, you're still better off to disable tls
10:30<JasonF>it just runs slower with tls until of going "omgexplode"
10:40<npmr>do you run gentoo?
10:40<kvandivo>In Soviet Russia, Gentoo runs you
10:41<Eman>in soviet russia, host51 has more then a week of uptime
10:41<kvandivo>always interesting how some hosts are rock solid and others.. well.. aren't
10:52<npmr>it's like that song
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11:31<neale>hey look I'm still here!
11:35<neale>I'm amazed
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12:27<anderiv>!seen blake
12:27<linbot>anderiv: blake was last seen in #linode 2 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <blake> caker: the payment has gone through, thanks for not cancelling it on me
12:28<anderiv>hadn't seen him around for a while...was hoping for some afternoon comedic IRC chat.
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13:14<zoovy>Q: How quick is linode on verification and setup after an order is placed?
13:16<afv-13>it was 2 hours for me
13:18<npmr>i had mine in 15 minutes
13:18<npmr>some people have had theirs after a couple of days
13:19<npmr>it all depends on the verifiability of your information and whether there is a staff member handy to look at it
13:19<afv-13>npmr: you're probably not from a country that hardly anyone knows about :p
13:19<npmr>afv-13, what are you from nauru or something?
13:20<npmr>new zealand?
13:20<afv-13>south africa
13:20<npmr>yeah, i was about to say, you signed in from .za not an hour ago
13:21<npmr>also, nauru is not close to zuid afrika
13:22<zoovy>thanks - hoping to start one today [clicks submit]
13:23<afv-13>ya, well i had to google nauru so it's about as well known
13:23<fo0bar>I remember reading about nauru at one point years ago... sounded like a perfect country to escape to, if the economy wasn't near collapse that is
13:24<npmr>yeah, damn guano miners
13:24<fo0bar>oh, and half the island is uninhabitable because of phosphate mining
13:26<npmr>more than half, actually
13:27<npmr>,166.934509&spn=0.077244,0.117073&t=h&om=1 <-- d00d, updated photography
13:27<npmr>did google launch their imaging satellite yet?
13:30<Eman>bloody php
13:31<Eman>on the windows box, it can set cookies after the headers have been sent, but it cant do it on my linode?
13:33<Redgore>Eman: thats the way its meant to be
13:34<Eman>its just... confusingly stupid
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13:36<fo0bar>ok, NAURU has hi-res imagery, but much of the US does not
13:36<fo0bar>(via google that is)
13:37<fo0bar>terraserver has at least medium-ish-res everywhere, but most of it is in b/w
13:44<npmr>well, you know... those pacific islands are pretty much point and shoot for an imaging satellite
13:44<npmr>photographing a continent takes time and planning
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16:32<garyg>anyone from linode support here?
16:33<anderiv>haven't seen 'em much today.
16:33<anderiv>what's your question?
16:35<garyg>I'm just trying to get the email address of my account moved so I can reboot the server - it's stopped working
16:35<garyg>and it runs my email ...
16:35<anderiv>you can reboot your node via LISH.
16:36<garyg>I could do that if I had the password - that's why I need the email changed
16:36<anderiv>looks like someone needs to get themselves a gmail account.
16:38<garyg>I've got one now - that's why I'm trying to chase them down
16:38<garyg>it's a dumb system that stops you logging a support ticket if you can't give your password
16:40<anderiv>no offense, but you 1) forgot your password and 2) used an email hosted on your linode for your main contact info.
16:40<anderiv>did you try emailing
16:44<garyg>yeah - takes a long time to get a response - support tickets are much better
16:46<@mikegrb>garyg: the emaill address on your account is not an address that goes to your Linode, I replied to your email about 6 hours ago
16:46<garyg>hi mike - where does it go?
16:47<@mikegrb>I dunno, would have to look it up again, I told you in the email
16:47<garyg>all it said was 'goes to a cox address' - doesn't make any sense to me
16:48<@mikegrb>that would be or then
16:48<@mikegrb>whatever cox uses
16:48<garyg>not me - must be someone else
16:49<garyg>mine goes to zz. nu
16:49<@mikegrb>you gave me the wrong username
16:50<@mikegrb>the username you gave is not for your account
16:51<@mikegrb>I've changed your password to the last six digits of your credit card number
16:53<garyg>could you change it to the email address - I don't have that card here
16:53<@mikegrb>I'm sorry but I can't do that. You might ask caker
16:54<garyg>struth. can you change the email address so i can get the email myself?
16:55<garyg>or just reboot the VS?
17:01<neale>mister greb
17:06<neale>mikegrb: if I pestered you nicely, would you scoot me over to a 100?
17:08<@mikegrb>garyg: your Linode is running
17:08<@mikegrb>I can' ping it
17:08<@mikegrb>neale: lemme take a look
17:08<kvandivo>see what happens when you show up, mg? people start coming out of the woodwork wanting you to do things for them. :)
17:09<@mikegrb>neale: sure can, do you have a ticket yet? I know I spoke to you via irc before
17:09<@mikegrb>ahh here it is
17:10<neale>business is still brisk, I take it
17:10<@mikegrb>your a bit over on disk space
17:10<neale>wah wah wah
17:10<@mikegrb>but I've gone ahead and setup the migration while the slot is available
17:10<neale>okay, I can scale back more
17:11<neale>what should I aim for
17:11<@mikegrb>3972 is the amount for a L100
17:11<@mikegrb>you are at 3789 so not much to go
17:11<neale>okay, so can I get on the yearly payment plan?
17:11<neale>or was that at signup-time only
17:12<@mikegrb>oh, right, that was in your ticket ;)
17:12<@mikegrb>that will take care of the space
17:12<@mikegrb>all set
17:12<neale>you the man
17:13<garyg>mike - the server is pingable - but it's running very slow to the point of being unusable. please reboot it, and it'll run at normal speed again.
17:14<@mikegrb>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 197112 -1
17:14<@mikegrb>rebooting it isn't going to fix the problem
17:14<garyg>what will
17:14<@mikegrb>fixing the problem
17:15<@mikegrb>apache, mysql, etc, they all assume you've got loads of ram
17:15<garyg>what's the problem
17:15<@mikegrb>you need to adjust the config for running on a linode with less ram available then they expect
17:16<garyg>ok - but i can't even get into it to make the changes. it comes back ok after a reboot, so i guess the problems take a while to come to light
17:16<@mikegrb>I issued a reboot a few minutes ago
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17:18<garyg>fantastic thanks.
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17:23<nealie>where's the Migrate button? On the overview page?
17:24<nealie>didn't shut down from the web page
17:25<nealie>no, I just don't see it.
17:26<@mikegrb>you need to log out and then back in, sweetie pie
17:27<nealie>lookit that nice big box saying "Migration"
17:27<nealie>and hey, you even told me to do that in the ticket.
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17:44<nealie>you guys should have, like, a referral plan
17:45<@mikegrb>for that, I refer you to mr caker
17:45<nealie>like, 10 referrals and you get a $20 gift certificate to thinkgeek
17:45<nealie>that didn't sound flippant enough
17:45<nealie>I need to go home
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19:01<linbot>New news from forums: Stupid question time: kernel upgrade in General Discussion <>
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19:13<Demonicpagan>having some slight problems w/ my linode. i just added somemore drive space and have expanded my partition and when i go to boot it back up, it hangs at Starting MySQL database server: mysqld - any ideas of why?
19:15<encode>Demonicpagan: if you connect via lish, do you see any error mesasges?
19:16<Demonicpagan>no, none.. i'm connected to it now to see what goin on and it's just stuck
19:16<encode>can you boot to single user mode and run a fsck?
19:16<Demonicpagan>i'll try
19:17<encode>im just guessing here, i dont have a great deal of experience with restoring broken linux systems
19:17<encode>so you might want to wait for someone else's advice
19:17<encode>given that fsck's can really fsck things up
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19:35<Demonicpagan>this is puzzling
19:41<Demonicpagan>i did fsck -F /etc/fstab and i get this
19:42<Demonicpagan>fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /etc/fstab
19:42<Demonicpagan>Could this be a zero-length partition?
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19:48<@caker>Demonicpagan: what's -F do? (not in my manpage)
19:48<@caker>Demonicpagan: anyhow, I highly doubt fsck'ing /etc/fstab is what you really wanted to do
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19:49<@caker>Demonicpagan: fsck doesn't work on files -- it works on partitions
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19:54<Eman>a ups is only effective when you hook things up to its battery backed outlets... not the surge protector
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20:01<encode>Eman: did you find that out the hard way?
20:06<Eman>when i had hooked it up, i wasnt looking at it, so i plugged things into the wrong spots
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20:10|-|ThE__CroW_ changed nick to Demonicpagan
20:13<Demonicpagan>dman i still can't figure it out
20:57<lightern>type mount
20:57<lightern>that'll show you your partitions
20:57<lightern>fsck those
20:57<lightern>eg /dev/hda1 would be a partition
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23:05<Demonicpagan>i fsck'd the /corrected the errors and it still hangs
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23:11<@caker>Demonicpagan: kernel?
23:17<Demonicpagan>version 2.6
23:18<Demonicpagan>linode was booting fine untile i resized the drive to add the additional hdd space i ordered
23:20<Demonicpagan>once i did that, now it just hangs at Starting MySQL database server: mysqld
23:30<Demonicpagan>i'm lost on why it just hangs there
23:41<Battousai>nsd takes up very little ram
23:41<Battousai>i might stick with it
23:45<taupehat>lycos is using qmail
23:45<taupehat>and they're idiots
23:46<taupehat>I just got spammed to hell and back by someone using their qmail as an open relay
23:46<taupehat>old, OLD spam trick
23:46<taupehat>Received: from ( []) by (Postfix) with SMTP id 9F7EE9CA67 for <>; Wed, 5 Jul 2006 21:29:43 -0700 (PDT)
23:46<taupehat>and here's the punchlien
23:47<taupehat>Received: from localhost (HELO (
23:47<taupehat>so for the time being, anyone wanting to send spam can do so by the good graces of lycos
23:53<npmr>ha ha
23:55<taupehat>I did submit a support ticket, with the email attached. The text of the ticket chided them somewhat gently for using qmail in the first place, but really unloaded (using polite language) for the config error. The text ended thus: "Words cannot express..."
23:55<taupehat>it's not so much that there's a config error to my mind though as that they didn't even bother testing it
23:55<taupehat>anytime I put up a mailserver or do major reconfig to it, I test it for relay
23:56<taupehat>and I'm just a shmo compared to lycos
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