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00:29<lightern>modx seems nice
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07:24<warewolf>yaay I get to play with a velociraptor again
07:24<warewolf>now I just have to remember the braindead process this box uses for a nfs install
07:25<warewolf>a velociraptor is a symantec firewall, which is actually a cobalt raq 4 in disguise
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08:06<linbot>New news from forums: HE Issues on the morning of July 4th in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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10:35<NotRoot>caker and mikegrb, do you guys still use any Windows PC (e.g., at home?)
10:53<@mikegrb>I think caker does
10:53<@mikegrb>I haven't in at least a couple of years
10:54<@mikegrb>even then it was just on occasion
10:57<bendy24>format c: /y
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12:39<NotRoot>thanks mike
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17:12<wirehead>host26 down?
17:14<kvandivo>ssh is admittedly not very responsive
17:14<wirehead>yeah, I'm seeing heavy packet loss
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17:18<wirehead>oh well. :/
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17:30<neale>I should write a #linode bot
17:30<neale>it could ask about whether machines are down at random intervals
17:31<neale>it could probably answer those questions
17:31<neale>^is (host[0-9]+) down\??$
17:31<neale>then ping it
17:31<@mikegrb>should be multithreaded
17:32<neale>just for fun, or to handle the volume?
17:32<@mikegrb>when the answerbot goes to answer the questionbot should leave
17:33<@mikegrb>anyway, for the curious, host26 is indeed up
17:33<@mikegrb>someone on the host is being targeted by a dos
17:33<@mikegrb>which should be handled momentarily
17:34<neale>someday, someone is going to use their linode to DOS another linode
17:35<@mikegrb>and then caker or I will press the special button
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17:36<neale>stupid client can't handle non-UTF8
17:36<neale>son of a...
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17:37<@mikegrb>I had to look to make sure I hadn't missed a question from you ;)
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17:39<neale>so I have a new office mate
17:39<neale>oops misfire
17:40<@mikegrb>don't take his red stapler
17:40<neale>although I'm happy to talk about it to anyone in here who's interested
17:40<neale>yeah, he's got that gleam in his eye
17:40<@mikegrb>just a little hint I learned that I will leave with you
17:40<neale>thanks man
17:40<neale>I'll take any tips I can get
17:40<@mikegrb>I stole caker's red stapler
17:40<@mikegrb>he burned down linode hq
17:40<@mikegrb>so now we telecommute from home
17:40<neale>wait, do you guys even *have* an HQ?
17:41<neale>I ask because I need to know where to send the summons.
17:41<neale>I mean, is it just you and caker doing this?
17:41<neale>because that would be amazing
17:41<@mikegrb>35th street
17:41<neale>I would be amazed.
17:41<@mikegrb>in a little town in nv
17:42<neale>okay, I'm amazed now.
17:42<@mikegrb>every once in a while the dc racks a server for us ;)
17:42<neale>well I'll be dipped
17:43<neale>great joerb
17:43<@mikegrb>In chocolate, I hope.
17:43<neale>probably honey
17:43<neale>and then fed to the ants
17:47<neale>or at least filled
17:50<@mikegrb>a nurse just came to the door :O
17:51<neale>did you take the opportunity to say "Hello Nurse"?
17:52<@mikegrb>she came in
17:52<@mikegrb>but she looks like your mom so oh well :/
17:53<@mikegrb>here to take samples from my wife
17:53<@mikegrb>new life insurance policy you see
17:53<neale>oh man you just made a joke about my mom I am all agitated now!
17:53<neale>those asshats
17:53<neale>i did that
17:53<neale>they didn't give me the good health discount but wouldn't tell me why
17:54<neale>actually that reminds me, I need to schedule an appointment with the doctor to find out what the results were of the physical I took with him to find out why the crap the insurance company thought I wasn't in good health.
17:54<neale>thanks, mikegrb
17:55<neale>I think it was because I biked to the appointment and my blood pressure was high.
17:55<neale>jerks wouldn't let me rest.
17:55<neale>I'm insured now.
17:55<neale>okay, gotta go buy a deadbolt.
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19:34<hotnikks>caker you around?
19:35<hotnikks>what do i need to do to get bumped from 64MB RAM to 100MB RAM? im in the vzw equivalent of an "old plan" heh
19:37<hotnikks>hmm lively chan
19:41<warewolf>all you need to do is reboot
19:41<warewolf>that should give you the extra ram
19:41<hotnikks>there goes my uptime
19:42<hotnikks> 20:42:05 up 481 days, 5:24, 2 users, load average: 0.10, 0.16, 0.10
19:42<hotnikks>cant i cat /home/public/ram >> /myram? :/
19:43<eFUDd>I love converted japachinesinglish. The instruction sheet for this lipo cell balancer says "If beeping continue, you need professional help."
19:44<hotnikks>next question
19:44<hotnikks>any way to temporarily use more disk space than you have?
19:44<hotnikks>what i want to do is do a fresh install
19:45<hotnikks>but not have to transfer stuff from my host offsite then back
19:45<warewolf>unless you buy the space and ask them to return it
19:45<hotnikks>scratch space would be nice
19:45<warewolf>you'd end up chewing IO tokens
19:45<hotnikks>heh prorated for 1hr
19:46<warewolf>are you a linode customer?
19:46<hotnikks>that uptime i just pasted is from my linode
19:46<warewolf>you've had a linode for over a year and you're not familiar with the io rate limiter?
19:46<hotnikks>i keep a screen'ed naim window
19:47<hotnikks>and use mutt for email
19:47<hotnikks>thats it
19:47<warewolf>apparently you've never thrashed swap or anything
19:47<hotnikks>well ill prob start running a boinc client
19:47<warewolf>what the io rate limiter is, is it stops you from using up too much diso IO
19:47<warewolf>disk IO
19:48<hotnikks>good thing boinc is not very expensive in terms of disk io
19:48<hotnikks>just proc
19:48<warewolf>lets say you're running too many memory hungry applications on your linode -- you'll start swapping, and end up doing a lot of disk input/output operations.
19:48<warewolf>if you do it excessivly, it can hurt other linode's performance
19:48<hotnikks>yeah i understand swapping ;)
19:48<warewolf>so caker has the UML kernel modified so that he can limit how much IO you can do over time
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19:49<hotnikks>got it
19:49<warewolf>if you hit your limit, your linode will start to bog down, and act as if the disk is having problems
19:49<npmr>481 days, wow
19:49<npmr>you've missed *two* memory upgrades
19:49<npmr>also, which host are you on?
19:49<warewolf>no npmr you can't move :P
19:50<npmr>i'm not, i'm just curious
19:50<hotnikks>why would you want to move
19:50<npmr>my linode wouldn't fit in there anyway
19:50<npmr>it's a 150
19:50<hotnikks>is my excess ram availablt to others?
19:51<hotnikks>so why would he want to know which host im on / move to it?
19:51<hotnikks>low cpu usage?
19:52<warewolf>some linode hosts have "issues"
19:52<npmr>i'm not moving to it, i have a linode 150 and your host is a linode 100 host
19:52<warewolf>while extremely rate, sometimes the host OS crashes
19:52<warewolf>many peolle
19:52<npmr>i am just curious which host has such spectacular uptime that you, with your linode, have an uptime of 481 days
19:52<warewolf>many people somtimes don't get the luxory of having a 400 day uptime
19:52<warewolf>almost 500 day uptime
19:53<hotnikks>mine is stable apparently
19:53<warewolf>quite :)
19:53<hotnikks>481 is nothing tho
19:53<hotnikks>ive had BSD boxes with 2x that
19:53<warewolf>and that would be a box with some kind of unpatched vulnerablity :P
19:54<hotnikks>this is not winxp
19:54<hotnikks>where you have to reboot for every minor vuln
19:54<hotnikks>it was running minimal services
19:54<warewolf>right, and how often are updates to the kernel released? I'd say more often than every thousand or so days.
19:54[~]hotnikks <'s fbsd
19:54[~]hotnikks <3's fbsd
19:59<hotnikks>wow some of this stuff in my homedir is old
19:59<hotnikks>study notes for the CCDA
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20:01<hotnikks>so you can resize a disk image down if theres free space?
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