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15:08<@caker>ok .. getting hit by a car on your motorcycle with your g/f on the back can really suck
15:08<@caker>we're both OK .. I think she sprained her ankle, and my shoulder is messed
15:08<@caker>the bike is totaled
15:08<@caker>pics/report to follow when I get around to it
15:10<guinea-pig>yay for ok
15:10[~]guinea-pig hugs kacer
15:12<@caker>"The most common type of motorcycle accident is caused by inattentive drivers making a turn directly in front of a motorcycle.
15:12<@caker>I can confirm that.
15:12<warewolf>they turned into your path?
15:12<@caker>I've never caused an accident; only been rear-ended once; front-ended once (a guy backing up); and then this
15:13<warewolf>you probally drive a motorcycle safely
15:13<@caker>Yeah, there was a stop light way in front of us with cars backed up (two lanes each way) -- the lane to the left of us the people made a hole for this car to pull into the gas station
15:13<warewolf>I can't stand the people who drive crotch rockets at 100+ mph on the beltway around me
15:13<@caker>I didn't see the hole, otherwise I would have known what wsa about to happen
15:14<@caker>so she goes for it, the very moment we're coming through in our lane (right lane)
15:14<@caker>warewolf: yeah, I'm sure in tshirts, too, right?
15:14<@caker>warewolf: yeah, I'm nuts about wearing full gear (including passengers)
15:14<guinea-pig>there's this woman
15:15<@caker>gloves, jacket, helmet, boots
15:15<guinea-pig>drives a blue bike in a blue suit. omg so hot. but i only see her on the road...
15:15<warewolf>I rather prefer to have a protective metal cage as a shield around me when driving.
15:15<@caker>My leg/foot was *between* the bike and the car bumper
15:15<warewolf>eg, I like a car.
15:15<guinea-pig>warewolf: yeah, shields are good for trapping you. i love that.
15:16<Eman>thats why you need to drive a hummer and get 0.005miles per gallon
15:16<warewolf>guinea-pig: not usually
15:17<guinea-pig>warewolf: i'm joking
15:17<warewolf>guinea-pig: if your "passanger compartment" in a car collapses, then the manufacturer is at fault and will get sued into next year
15:17<warewolf>it's suprising how much engineering and thought goes into automobiles today
15:17<guinea-pig>if something were to cause that in a car... you'd be worse off on a bike
15:18<warewolf>there was some video I Saw on youtube of some guy on a bike (like, a vespa or something) get hit by a SmartCar
15:19<warewolf>(if you're not eurpoean, or havn't seen a SmartCar; think about a Geo and a golf car having a child)
15:19<warewolf>a very, very small car.
15:19<warewolf>the guy completely survived with neigh a scratch on him -- he stood up, and started cursing out the driver
15:20<Eman>i saw a smartcar owned by a semi once... the people were able to walk away from it
15:21<warewolf>yeah, I've read that the SmartCar is one of the safest vehicles on the road today
15:27<warewolf>I'm suprised how many cobalt raq's are still available through eBay
15:27<warewolf>I think that there's a finite number of them, and that they keep getting recycled
15:30<warewolf>a cobalt raq4 and this are effectivly the same
15:31<warewolf>except the symanec box costs a bajillion dollars more than it should.
15:33<warewolf>I wish my office hadn't thrown out 14 of those velociraptor boxes
15:33<warewolf>I really could have re-used them.
15:33<warewolf>they would have been the perfect 1U linux nagios boxes for everwhere in my network :(
15:34<linbot>New news from forums: What Distro is best for J2EE? in General Discussion <>
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20:00<JonR>I occasionally get messages like this when I restart Apache:
20:00<JonR>*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x402eea8c ***
20:00<JonR>*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x08148bd8 ***
20:00<JonR>should I be worried?
20:43<@caker>JonR: odd.. which kernel?
20:44<JonR>Latest 2.4 Series (2.4.29-linode39-1um)
20:44<JonR>distro is Debian.
20:44<JonR>Debian testing.
20:44<@caker>JonR: also, distro and apache version (and if you compiled it, or if it's the distributions version)
20:44<@caker>ok ... updated lately?
20:45<JonR>and I'm using apache 1.3, the latest version of that in Debian testing
20:45<JonR>yeah, I do "apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade" several times a week
20:45<@caker>dist-upgrade? will that do the same as a normal "apt-get upgrade"?
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20:47<JonR>sure, except that when an upgraded package adds dependencies (like, they split a package into multiple packages, so dependencies change to keep the actual real dependencies the same), apt-get upgrade won't upgrade those packages. dist-upgrade downloads the new packages and upgrades the one with the changed dependency.
20:47<JonR>I hope I explained that well.
20:48<JonR>so I've got the package "apache", version 1.3.34-2 installed.
20:49<JonR>oh, and those glibc messages repeat.
20:49<JonR>I got four to eight of each of them.
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21:43<yahn>i'm sorry to bother you but i really need help i was using kwrite and a message came up and now i have to hold a key in for a second for it to display on any program does anyone know how to fix it I would really appreciate help
21:43<Kurt>/join #kde
21:43<Kurt>or whatever the KDE channel here is
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22:40<Dreameer3>caker: ping
22:40<Dreameer3>caker: what was up with HE network the other day?
22:52<warewolf>the last thing I remember was a DoS
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23:43<@mikegrb>Dreameer3: down cross country link
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