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03:52<linbot>New news from forums: Sticky: Offsite Backups HOW-TO in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
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07:36<jblack>Hello. I'm considering moving from a business dsl account to a couple linnode virtual servers.
07:37<jblack>Will I still be able to run my mailserver?
07:54<jblack>Provided that's a yes, I'm willing to sign up for a pair of linode 100s and wait for them to become available
08:13<kvandivo>you can do essentially anything on a linode that you can do on a home machine, as long as it doesn't involve kernel mods or freaky hardware
08:14<kvandivo>main consideration with a linode is RAM. Make sure you get a 'node large enough to hold a specially tuned system for what you want to use it for in RAM
08:22<jblack>I'm pretty good on ram. I'm using xen here; most of my virtual machines are cut back to 32 or 64 megs of ram
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10:29<majbour>hello hello
10:30<majbour>just wondering if u guys charge to reprovison the server if i make a mistake
10:36<JasonF>dude, you cna do it yourself
10:36<JasonF>in the linode panel
10:36<JasonF>just delete all disk images
10:37<JasonF>and go thru the distro wizard again
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10:46<majbour>haha sweet
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11:48<Kurt>a free, open-content wiki-based encyclopedia:
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12:21<ksmith>hi there, is it possible to transfer ownership of linode?
12:30<ksmith>a linode?
12:32<Dreamr_3>mikegrb: they day your wife was in here... that was the cross-country link issue?
12:33<Dreamr_3>ksmith: now why would you want to do that? :-)
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13:02<ksmith>sorry, my daugher jumped on the keyboard while I was on a phone call
13:04<ksmith>dreamer_3: a condition of my new job is that I drop all side business :)
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14:22<jekil>i have a problem with the an invoice
14:22<jekil>the 10 of month is tomorrow but today is sunday and the bank office is closed..
14:22<jekil>how i can do?
14:28<Kurt>you know, if Italy wins today, then the US should be named co-champion
14:34<heidi>jekil: open a ticket explaining what the problem is and they will keep your linode up longer, giving you time to fix it
14:34<jekil>heidi: thanks
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14:55<warewolf>my cablemodem is dropping packets like mad
14:56<warewolf>this to renew the dhcp lease methinks
14:57<warewolf>gragh didn't help any
15:05<warewolf>what the heck
15:06<warewolf>either cox totally ahs their network fubar'd, or someone is saturating my local docsis segment saturated
15:06<warewolf>it looks like someone is pingflooding because I keep seeing lots of arp requests
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15:48<Kurt>take that, Jewfrench!
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16:39<ZacharyE>Hey Guys!
16:39<ZacharyE>Any offical Linode guys here?
16:40<ZacharyE>Have seen ?
16:46<xinu>one may or may not get what one pays for...
16:47<eFUDd>.... assumption is the mother of all fuckups.
16:47<Battousai>one doesn't pay a whole lot for uml/xen either ;)
16:48<eFUDd>... damn you folk are full of assumption.
16:48<eFUDd> is a "free VPS Management framework"
16:48[~]xinu pays $124.95/mo for linode
16:49<@mikegrb>same kernel shared by all virtual servers
16:49<eFUDd>friend of mine did a lot of the vserver implementation for a private company....
16:49<xinu>pls check my ticket
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16:51<@mikegrb>xinu: don't worry about the money bit, I can issue you a credit for the time not used
16:51<@mikegrb>xinu: will have to check with caker re progress
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17:10[~]xinu thanks mikegrb
17:18<Kurt>holy buttfuck, Batman
17:18<Kurt>"The Philadelphia Eagles have relocated to Mexico City and become the Mexico City Rhinos"
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17:39<@mikegrb>Kurt: watch your language
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17:49<Godko>what's the turnaround time on support tickets?
17:51<@mikegrb>Godko: do you have a ticket open?
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17:56<Godko>yes i do
17:57<Godko>wanting to upgrade my plan
17:57<@mikegrb>which username or ticket number?
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17:58<Godko>ticket #
18:00<@mikegrb>Godko: did you want to keep the extra 25 mb ram?
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18:02<Godko>this give more storage space or will i be keeping the ~8GB i have already got?
18:03<@mikegrb>that was my next question
18:03<@mikegrb>there is more base space but not as much total as you had in extras
18:03<@mikegrb>do you want to keep the same amount of space you have and it just be cheaper or do you want to have the base plus same amount of extras
18:04<eFUDd>mikegrb, gimme 100gb for warez so can use this bandwidth i don't use!
18:05<Godko>i'll keep my extras
18:05<Godko>i keep running out of space when i go to install stuff :-\
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18:06<@mikegrb>all set
18:06<Godko>went to go install gnome along side w/ kde i and i ran out of space
18:06<@mikegrb>you had a 4gb and 1 gb line item for the extras
18:06<@mikegrb>I went ahead and combined them into one 5gb line
18:07<guinea-pig>gnome and kde on a linode.. hmm
18:07<guinea-pig>not my place to judge!
18:08<Godko>gotta have toyz :)
18:08<guinea-pig>whatever man
18:12<JasonF>mikegrb: I really do wish you guys made disk space cheaper :/
18:13<JasonF>I could use another couple of gig, but at 1G/mo for $5, it's kinda steep
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18:17<Kurt>mikegrb: get the corncob out of your ass
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18:18<brocktice>I've spent all day screwing around with Amazon S3 because I want more space...
18:18<brocktice>While it seems neat, the lack of the ability to use kernel modules on linode is somewhat hampering my efforts
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19:23<JasonF>brocktice: if you need a module, you can probably get it compiled in
19:29[~]xinu notices a moist corncob on the floor and slowly backs away...
20:00<brocktice>JasonF: I've considered asking about it, but on the other hand I'm also still having trouble with it on my workstation. There aren't very many production-grade solutions for S3 at this point...
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