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02:10<fo0bar>caker: ouch. are you ok?
02:10<@caker>fo0bar: fair. Going to get some xrays of my shoulder tomorrow. Pretty sure it's a torn rotator cuff
02:11<@caker>which could mean months of rehab/phys therapy, or some ortho surgery
02:13<fo0bar>is that the area by where we had brunch that saturday?
02:14<@caker>Yes, in fact I was headed to Fido's. YOu can see it in the cell-pics down the street about a block
02:14<fo0bar>was the other party insured?
02:17<fo0bar>reading through the description, that happened to me before, except 1) I was the "other car", 2) it was my 16th birthday, 3) I was trying to turn left instead of right into another lane, 4) I hit another car instead of a motorcycle, and 5) the car I hit happened to be my boss
02:17<fo0bar>it makes for a good story, looking back :)
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08:55<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host51 in System and Network Status <>
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09:47<JasonF>can't the host die just once during a non-production time?
09:49<npmr>that wouldn't be very sporting, now would it?
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11:24<neale>good morning party people
11:34<npmr>neale of woozle?
11:34<neale>npmr of movealong?
11:34<npmr>that's inkblot to you
11:34<neale>I didn't know if you wanted your secret identity revealed in here.
11:34<npmr>it's not a secret
11:35<npmr>it just isn't much talked about
11:35<npmr>los alamos, eh?
11:35<npmr>that's a change
11:35<neale>been here two years :)
11:35<neale>but, yeah, it's a lot different from Seattle
11:37<npmr>i think everyone from #tron circa 2001 ex-pedro have gradually congregated here
11:37<neale>that channel does appear dead.
11:37<npmr>is it?
11:38<npmr>it looked full when i took a peek a few weeks ago
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11:39<npmr>i guess with everyone changing time zones the core crowd probably thinned out
11:39<neale>well full
11:40<neale>but quiet
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11:53<neale>like here
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13:00<fo0bar> 10:53:09 up 14666 days, 14:55, 1 user, load average: 2.00, 2.29, 2.66
13:01<fo0bar>I seem to remember somebody mentioning that
13:01<fo0bar>(this is not a linode system)
13:03<neale>jesus man, have you never heard of a kernel security update?
13:04<fo0bar>sorry man, I keep meaning to, but 40.1 years go by so quickly
13:06<fo0bar>(a side effect of this little bug is that rwhod goes CRAZY)
13:07<fo0bar>I had 2 instances with this kernel spewing out rwhod broadcasts as fast as they could
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16:28<@mikegrb>yeah, it is the goodness
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17:30<@mikegrb>eFUDd: for your cube,
17:31<@mikegrb>eFUDd: set it for 10 minutes ahead
17:34<fo0bar>the second hand kinda gives away the subtlety
17:35<internat>that would be easy to take off tho
17:51[~]caker sends out nastygrams
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17:58<anderiv>caker: to whom?
18:02<@mikegrb>to your mom!
18:04<anderiv>mikegrb: you know my mom?
18:04<@mikegrb>no but caker does
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20:25<taupehat>touch '-rf /'
20:25[~]eFUDd snickers.
20:25<taupehat>it won't work, but it's amusing
20:25<eFUDd>rm -- -rf\ /
20:25<eFUDd>mike, yah, saw that... tempting it is.
20:26<warewolf> -- usually works for most apps
20:26<warewolf>even stuff like ls and cat
20:29<taupehat>look right below the irc
20:30<warewolf># warewolf@xell:~$ display
20:31[~]warewolf loves how that works just fine
20:34<taupehat>if you look at the file in a shell, it's named -rf %2f
20:34<taupehat>kde let me name the file that, but did escaping in the background
20:34<warewolf>that's wrong, imho
20:34<taupehat>so I couldn't have a completely evil file
20:34<taupehat>just an evil-looking file
20:34[~]warewolf nods
20:37<taupehat>did you notice the ebbil blue E on my desktop?
20:37<eFUDd> display
20:37<eFUDd>display: X Window library is not available `'.
20:37<warewolf>no I didn't
20:38<eFUDd> <- the heli i've -almost- got finished building is like the one on the right there.
20:38<eFUDd>the one on the left is what I intend to get next.
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20:49<@caker> <-- for those that missed it (yes, I will milk this for all it's worth)
20:51<eFUDd>damn dudde. glad you guys are ok. mostly.
20:51<@caker>feeling a little better today .. still going to get the shoulder/rotator cuff checked out, hopefully tomorrow
20:52<taupehat>jeez, man
20:52<eFUDd>bike doesn't look too bad either.
20:52<eFUDd>unless i'm missing something.
20:52<@caker>hopefully it's totaled
20:52<@caker>most likely it is
20:52<taupehat>looks total
20:52<taupehat>from behind, it's all caddywumpus
20:52<eFUDd>I see a lot of little things..
20:53<@caker>plastics are expensive, tank is mega expensive
20:53<eFUDd>oh. keeps looking worse the more i scroll ;)
20:53<taupehat>lots of bent and broken metal
20:53<taupehat>it'd never ride right
20:53<@caker>taupehat: yeah, only because the cans are pushed in -- frames aren't bent from my long inspection yesterday
20:53<taupehat>what's damaged on you?
20:54<@caker>my left foot was crushed, but it's OK, and prety sure I have a torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder, from body slamming onto that side
20:54<taupehat>and your wife?
20:54<@caker>bruises keep appearing, sore muscles, etc
20:55<@caker>g/f's left foot was also hit -- it's swollen, but she's been on it today, so that's healing .. and she bruised her ribs on her right side
20:55<taupehat>man, scary
20:55<JasonF>likely story, caker, likely story
20:55<taupehat>I had an accident just like that once, but I was in a volvo
20:55<taupehat>someone opened a hole, some lady pulled out, right in front of me
20:56<JasonF>you're just trying not to face the music about host51
20:56<taupehat>nothing I could do
20:56<@caker>We would have hit this person even if we were in a cage (car, for those lacking moto-speak)
20:56<taupehat>funny thing is - I _tapped_ the honda with my volvo, and the honda was totalled
20:56<taupehat>yeah, you had no options
20:56<taupehat>it's stupid to open holes like that where people can't see
20:57<taupehat>glad you're allright
20:58<taupehat>how'd the other driver respond?
20:58<taupehat>flip out?
20:58<@caker>didn't even say sorry
20:58<taupehat>probably calling his lawyer
20:58<@caker>was complaining about her headache to the convenience store attendee
20:58<taupehat>oh poor lady
20:58<@caker>cops were freaking awesome
20:59<taupehat>yeah, they're good at that sort of thing
20:59<@caker>Vanderbilt coppers
20:59<taupehat>you were something to do =]
20:59<@caker>and the guys in scrubs were awesome, too
20:59<@caker>there before I was even on my feet ...
20:59<warewolf>caker- so where are the pics of the rash on you and the wife/girlfriend?
20:59<@caker>it was lunchtime, so everyone one was out
20:59<@caker>warewolf: none -- gear
20:59<taupehat>I guess if you have to get hit on a motorbike, it might as well be in front of the big motorcyhcle
20:59<warewolf>ok, then pics of how torn up the gear is :P
21:00<taupehat>in front of a big hospital =]
21:00<@caker>heh - it's not .. we were only doing like 35
21:00<warewolf>how it saved your life and stuff
21:00<warewolf>(not that I disbelieve you)
21:00<@caker>if that
21:00<taupehat>warewolf: crash helmets dissolve inside
21:00<taupehat>but you can't neccessarily tell
21:00<warewolf>oh yeah
21:00<warewolf>that I know
21:00<@caker>yeah, I won't be using that helmet again, even though it looks fine on the outside
21:00<warewolf>they just like .. shrink
21:00<@caker>it's a POS anyway
21:01<taupehat>never buy a used helmet
21:01<warewolf>or hardhat :) same deal
21:12<@mikegrb>caker: most manufacturers will accept the helmet for free testing, many will even give you a new helmet
21:12<@mikegrb>caker: some for bicycle helmets
21:13<@mikegrb>they like the opportunity to test a helmet after being in a collision
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21:17<warewolf>not only test but to see how well it stood up and to have a registered customer who used it and was better because of it :)
21:18<warewolf>anywhoo my work here is done (11.5 hours into an 8 hour day) I'm going home.
21:18[~]warewolf &
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23:37<warewolf>what I wore to work today:
23:37<warewolf>they didn't liek my tie :/
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23:38<eFUDd>a tie. at work. blaspheme.
23:38<warewolf>for me, it is :)
23:38<eFUDd>oh... ok. It was a joke I see.
23:39<warewolf>I usually wear some geeky IT related t-shirt and bluejeans.
23:39<eFUDd>It's a very-dressed-up-day when I have cloths without holes in them on.
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23:47<@mikegrb>it's a very dressed up day when I have clothes on
23:47[~]mikegrb runs
23:47<warewolf>see that's what rocks about having a two-employee company
23:47<taupehat>eve offline
23:47<eFUDd>mikegrb is eve, offline?
23:48<eFUDd>That explains some things.
23:48<@mikegrb>not that I'm aware of
23:48<eFUDd>look mike, stay out of this mike-bashing.
23:49[~]mikegrb goes back to ordering eFUDd helicopter parts
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23:53<eFUDd> <- Hrm. Apparently I'm not using enough of VIM.
23:54<warewolf>oh yeah
23:54<warewolf>old coworker showed me the vertical split in vim
23:54<warewolf>that was slick
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23:57<warewolf>I totally forgot to read my webcomics today.
23:58<warewolf>I was that hard into the "must work" zone
23:58<eFUDd>ewf. I'm sorry.
23:58<warewolf>sinfest got a facelift
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