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00:00<eFUDd>now that i've built this heli.. got it all programmed.. bought all the 'best' stuff for it, I'm tempted to sell the whole shebang.
00:00<eFUDd>(read: afraid to kill it.)
00:01<warewolf>oh dear lord.
00:01<warewolf>(er, not you 'fudd, sorry)
00:01<warewolf>just read today's megatokyo.
00:01<warewolf>bewbies! *groan*
00:01<warewolf>I sure hope that's a part of the plotline.
00:02<warewolf>it's just not right that a playstation .. uh, four? accessory robot girl hits "puberty" and goes up a cup size.
00:03[~]eFUDd blinks
00:03<warewolf>yes, it's officially off the wall.
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09:34<Spads>good afternoon
09:34<Spads>neale: I finally have internut
09:35<neale>how's that treatin' you?
09:36<Spads>It's great
09:36<Spads>Actual Internet
09:36<Spads>although the DSL modem my ISP sent still hasn't arrived
09:36<Spads>the bastards
09:37<Spads>I should call them and tell them that they shouldn't charge me for the past week and a half
09:37<Spads>but I was pleasantly surprised tof ind that the DSL bridge I bought is *also* a mipsel linux box
09:37<neale>who's your ISP now?
09:38<Spads>which is Cable&Wireless
09:38<Spads>they're out of the retail ISP business now, preferring to resell wholesale
09:38<neale>I dealt with those guys a lot at FreeI
09:38<Spads>but they don't cap
09:38<Spads>and they don't filter
09:38<Spads>and they don't meter
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09:38<Spads>I'm fiddling with QoS scripts on my WRT box now
09:39<neale>We're using Comcast because that's our only option.
09:39<neale>It's actually sucked a whole lot less than I thought it would.
09:39<Spads>that will come in as a comfort when you balloon to 500lbs from not walking or doing anything outside of a motorcar
09:40<Spads>I said, it will help you get over your guilty conscience for helping Hitler.
09:40<Spads>bendy24: whatever you do, don't mention the war
09:40<Spads>bendy24: I did, but I think I got away with it
09:40<bendy24>Spads: use shorewall for qos goodness on wrt
09:40<neale>You know I'm a big utility cycling advocate in this county, right?
09:40<neale>the WHOLE COUNTY
09:40<bendy24>which country?
09:41<neale>Local politicians even recognize me.
09:41<bendy24>thats like a 10 minute ride
09:41<neale>no, US
09:41<Spads>bendy24: eh, I could, but these qos scripts are so simple
09:41<neale>The county's about the size of a county in Texas
09:42<Spads>I wonder how Richard is doing these days
09:42<Spads>I should head over to avebury and see him
09:45<neale>you so should
09:45<neale>I was talking with Avebury yesterday
09:45<neale>it was all "I sure miss Spads"
09:45<Spads>I mean richard morell dude
09:45<Spads>the shorewall guy
09:46<neale>yeah, and
09:46<neale>I mean Avebury
09:46<Spads>he was an old linuxcare remote dude
09:46<Spads>lived out by stonehenge
09:46<Spads>I wonder if he's still tehre
09:46<neale>Where the demons dwell!
09:46<neale>Where the banshees live, and they do live well!
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09:47<Spads>it's just a big hoax
09:48<Spads>every few years they find parts of the steamshovel the guy used to put them on top of each other
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10:21[~]eFUDd stabs gentoo
10:21<Spads>ha ha
10:23<Spads> has address
10:23<eFUDd>that's wrong.
10:23<Spads>is it?
10:26<neale>no, it's right
10:26<neale> A
10:31<Spads>I actually held it yesterday
10:43<eFUDd>... you missed the point.
10:43<eFUDd>it's "wrong" on principle.
10:44<neale>no my friend, it was *you* who missed the point!
10:53<Spads>boy have you ever
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12:27<eFUDd> grub-install /dev/sda
12:27<eFUDd>Probing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time.
12:27<eFUDd>/dev/md/1 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.
12:27[~]eFUDd ponders
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12:52<Spads>eFUDd: welcome to RAID hell
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13:38<eFUDd>oh, got it working long ago.
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16:08<@mikegrb>eFUDd: whack
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16:28<warewolf>know what's cool?
16:29<warewolf>completely hands-off install of linux on a brand new HP server, over integrated lights out (hardware remote console card) via nfsinstall.
16:29[~]warewolf cackles manicly
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18:02<warewolf>holy crap
18:02<warewolf>this product should be an appliance instead of a linux application
18:02<warewolf>"slocate causes XYZ to crash"
18:02<warewolf>"tripwire causes XYZ to crash"
18:03<warewolf>this does not bode well.
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18:45<linbot>New news from forums: slow in Xen Public Beta <>
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19:14<@caker> <-- har
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20:43<Eman>does "erase flash" work here? ;)
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23:04<@caker> <-- want
23:19<linbot>New news from forums: test post in /dev/random <>
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