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10:43<Zalamander>been reading at ... it mentions CentOS "4.0". Any chance a base install comes with 4.3 pre-installed by now?
10:47<kvandivo>Arch Linux, cent 3.1, 4.0, Fed Core 1,2, Gentoo 2005-03-30, Mand 9.1 rh 8.0, 9.0, slack 9, 10, ubun 4.1, 5.1, 6.06
10:47<Zalamander>ok, I suppose I can adjust my yum.conf and upgrade it then, if I understand how the hosting works
10:47<Spads>just upgrade
10:48<Zalamander>cool, thanks
10:48<Spads>if your distribution doesn't have facilities for an upgrade between versions, such as SuSE, then you can't
10:48<Zalamander><nod> upgrade from 4.x -> 4.3 on CentOS is seamless, in my experience.
10:49<Spads> <-- "Updating from
10:49<Spads>one version to another is unsupported and may result in system inconsistencies.
10:49<Spads>Performing distribution upgrades in the running system increases the risk of causing damage."
10:49<Zalamander>I've broken SuSE before just adding security patches with YAST :-(
10:50<Zalamander>once YAST upgraded itself, and immediately stopped working. Heh
10:50<Spads>working at SuSE was what made me discover and switch to Debian
10:50<Zalamander>Spads I'd be doing the dist-upgrade *before* running any critical systems ther
10:51<Zalamander>Spads heh
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22:18<@caker>"The suid_dumpable support in Linux kernel 2.6.13 up to versions before, and 2.6.16 before, allows a local user ..." blah blah
22:18<@caker>Vulnerable software and versions
22:18<@caker>Linux, Linux kernel,
22:18<@caker>Linux, Linux kernel,
22:18<@caker>Linux, Linux kernel,
22:19[~]caker scratches head
22:19<@caker> <-- fixed in .4, so ...
22:19[~]caker compiles
22:19<eFUDd>I should reboot sometime..
22:19<eFUDd> 23:19:36 up 44 days, 19:19, 5 users, load average: 1.65, 1.65, 1.58
22:19<eFUDd>the timing issue with my kernel causes fake load averages :)
22:20<eFUDd>just found 11.1volt 2100mah batteries for $68
22:20<eFUDd>i thought i got a deal with $75 at the LHS.
22:21<@caker>I checked out the new Hondas today :)
22:21<eFUDd>cool :)
22:22<@caker>Yamaha has a new bike this year to compete with the hayabusa
22:22<@caker>1400cc inline-4, crazy
22:22<eFUDd>coworker has a busa.
22:22<eFUDd>it skeers me when its standing still.
22:23<@caker>yeah .. 200+ on a production bike
22:23<@caker>like 180hp at the rear wheel or something silly
22:23<eFUDd>so helicopters have this thing called the "Jesus Bolt".
22:24<eFUDd>It's the bolt that holds the head onto the main drive shaft.
22:24<eFUDd>It's called Jesus bolt because if you are in a real helicopter and it goes byby, the next thing you see is Jesus.
22:24<eFUDd>went over my r/c heli tonight after it's second flight and damnit if I didn't forget to loctite the jesus bolt....
22:25<@caker>I'm impressed that loctite is required even on that scale
22:26<eFUDd>sometimes (often) very high frequency
22:26<@caker>what main rotor RPMs are seen on rc helis?
22:26<eFUDd>varies by size.. but mine is currently doing ~2200rpm in hover.
22:26<eFUDd>when i go idle1, it'll hit 3020
22:27<eFUDd>My bonus check should go through tonight.. i'm pondering ordering a Draganflyer V Ti Pro from
22:27<@caker>dunno what that is .. ok, what about under load/lift? (iow, max rpm is around ..?)
22:27<@caker>eFUDd: do it
22:27<eFUDd>idel1 means "pitch curve from ~-11 to +11" with throtle "a curve from 100 to 100"
22:27<eFUDd>it's where one flies aggresviely at.
22:28<@caker>Airwolf fan at all? :)
22:28<eFUDd>so with 0 pitch (below hover) in idle1 with ~95% throttle, it'll be spinning around 3020
22:28<eFUDd>they make an airwolf enclosure for the trex :)
22:28<@caker>I'm sure :)
22:28<eFUDd>the draganflyer would be spiff.
22:28[~]caker would be glued to the tv back then when it was on
22:28<eFUDd>I bought an X-ufo from thinkgeek a while back, but it's kinda a piece of shit. i mean, it's /really/ a toy.
22:29<eFUDd>(same concept as the draganflyer with a mechanical gyro in a $200 package.)
22:45<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: (Latest 2.6) (CVE-2006-2451 fix) in Announcements <>
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23:51<somazx>any update on when linode 100s will be available - sorta past june 30th now
23:56<somazx>or if you go with a linode 150 can you downgrade it without much trouble as soon as a 100 becomes available?
23:58<warewolf>a downgrade liek that would cause you to need to move to a new linode host
23:58<warewolf>because they don't mix 100s with 150s
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