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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-14

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00:00<somazx2>warewolf: ok thanks
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00:28<somazx>the setup is automated right?
00:29<somazx>as in... I just paid, and registered ... the membership processing is automatic right - I wont have to wait until the next business day
00:35<@caker>somazx: you're all set, thanks!
00:36<somazx>oh. well thank you =)
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02:39<Xel>Any word on a kernel patch for the latest big local root sploit?
02:41<Xel>Ohh it is posted
02:41<Xel>Wait or not...
02:41<Xel>Ohh hmm... it is! Yay
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04:13<Neurosis>im having a problem running my steam server.... "Unable to Determine CPU frequency" .. anyone know of this?
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05:47<linbot>New news from forums: FS: SONY ERICSSON P910i JUST $200, MOTOROLA A1010 JUST $320 in /dev/random <>
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10:11<linbot>New news from forums: test post in /dev/random <>
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11:20<npmr_>linbot, roulette
11:20<linbot>npmr_: *click*
11:21<kvandivo>linbot: rr
11:21<linbot>kvandivo: *click*
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11:25<SunSmile>hi everyone! ;)
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14:02<kvandivo> shows several of them
14:07<taupehat>that one was my favorite of the lotg
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19:00<hotnikks>which 2.6 kernel would you guys recommend for a debian 3.1 install?
19:00<hotnikks>i just shut down my linode after an uptime of 489 days :/
19:00<hotnikks>yay to more than 64MB of ram now
19:04<hotnikks>why cant i delete old configuration profiles?
19:21<@caker>hotnikks: you can
19:21<@caker>hotnikks: also, "Latest 2.6" should work just fine
19:32<hotnikks>caker; hmm didnt see that option members->configurations
19:32<hotnikks>yeah i did latest 2.6 thanks
19:37<@caker>hotnikks: you've got to click on the config profile first, then there will be a delete button
19:42[~]caker is tired of building servers ...
19:42<@caker>I need to find a place that'll build these boxes with my specs
19:42<@caker>so far, only looks doable
19:42<@caker>any other suggestions?
19:42<@caker>Boxes from Dell are about 2x+ what I pay now
19:43<hotnikks>the colo provider im looking at now partners with someone
19:43<@caker>same with HP, others
19:43<hotnikks>im getting their info soon
19:43<hotnikks>does all sorts of custom boxen
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19:45<hotnikks>word to fios
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23:35<warewolf>I have very strange roommates.
23:41<TheFirst>caker: for a small fee i'll build you servers ;)
23:48<guinea-pig>for a larger fee, i'll supervise TheFirst's server building
23:51<Neurosis>hey if i cancel my subscription to linode.... my server will still stay online until the 1st of the month yes?
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