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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-15

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00:08<warewolf> is not a gif, nor is it friendly.
00:08<warewolf>again, I'm rather glad that I chroot my php apache.
00:09<eFUDd>cha0s connect back!
00:09<warewolf>along with two local kernel exploits for linux
00:09<warewolf>in Apache
00:10<warewolf>if you don't have a "default" webserver, you're probally open to poorly written worms/exploits.
00:10<warewolf> ServerName
00:10<warewolf>that's pretty much all it takes
00:10<warewolf>a vhost that is your dotted decimal IP address
00:10<warewolf>it takes all the HTTP requests that don't have a Host: header in them.
00:10<warewolf>all of today's browsers pass along a Host: header
00:11<eFUDd>oh. all o fmy vhosts are defined that way.
00:11<eFUDd>well, I have a * then specifics per IP
00:11<warewolf>it took me a while to figure the ordering out correctly
00:11<warewolf>apache 1.3 is picky about 'default' vhosts
00:12<eFUDd> - - [12/Jul/2006:10:58:00 -0400] "GET HTTP/1.0" 404 311 ""
00:12<warewolf>QUIT PASTING MY LOGS!
00:12<eFUDd>seems to be that same host.
00:12<warewolf>1) no wget under my php-enabled apache
00:12<warewolf>2) no GCC under my php-enabled apache
00:13<eFUDd>well, that GET wouldn't work anyway.
00:13<warewolf>mod_security is the shhizzle
00:13<warewolf>it's for mambo
00:13[~]eFUDd points out 404 in error response
00:13<warewolf>right right
00:13<warewolf>but if you had a vulnerable mambo there you'd be toast
00:13<eFUDd>which is why i don't use any of that shite.
00:14[~]warewolf patpats fudd
00:14<eFUDd>altho there were 6 302... but still :)
00:14<warewolf>that's cause your apache was smarter than the 'sploit
00:14<eFUDd>i spent a bit of time getting my vhosts stuff done rite.
00:15<eFUDd>it migiht even /still/ be right. :)
00:15[~]warewolf nods
00:18<eFUDd>what bugs me more is that someone took the time to write some pretty good code for that CMD.gif and it's 'sploits.
00:18<eFUDd>I mean... put that skill to good use?
00:18<warewolf>know what you remind me of?
00:18<warewolf>a TV commercial.
00:18<warewolf>it went something like this
00:18[~]eFUDd blink
00:19<warewolf>"We develop new technology every day -- our engineers are some of the best. We have chip fab manufacturing plants stationed in four countries. We put billions of dollars into research..."
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00:19<warewolf>blah blah blah about how good the company is
00:20<warewolf>"But instead of curing cancer, or world hunger, we make computer graphics chips. We're 3dfx."
00:20<warewolf>(note who got swallowed up by nVidia)
00:21<eFUDd>think i'm gonna go upstairs and read+sleep.
00:21<eFUDd>argument with wife tonight gave me a headache.
00:21<warewolf>I have manga to read.
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01:26<warewolf>I wonder if 'Speaks POP3, IMAP, SMTP, FTP and HTTP.' is good to be on a resume.
01:37<womble>warewolf: Perhaps only if it's a resume for a Linux box...
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07:28<heidi>Neurosis: no, it will cancel immediately
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07:54<Neurosis>ok well what if i just say dont bill me again on the 1st
07:54<Neurosis>cuz im paid for this month already
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09:09<afv-13>thanks for the quick kernel update caker
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14:40<Waldo>Is there an easy way to see what software is installed in the linode for example using yum ?
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17:39<blorpy>npmr_: hi
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18:25<warewolf>vermellion hells, is it ever hot.,
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18:34<internat>stupid question, is there a way to disable in ssh root logins via passwords only allow key entry?
18:35<warewolf>AllowRootLogin without-password # sets public-key auth only
18:35<warewolf>AllowRootLogin none # disable all
18:35<warewolf>man sshd
18:35<warewolf>and sshd_config
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18:35<internat>oh sweet
18:36<internat>forcedcommands.. thats the one i want
18:37<internat>and that will fix all of my problems :D
18:42<afv-13>is it possible to chrrot and keep some commands from the real system available on the chrooted system without installing them?
18:45<internat>cant you bind them in or something? i cant remember how but im sure i remember reading something about being able to bind stuff in a chroot or something close
18:46<afv-13>would be easier compiling it statically
18:47<afv-13>i'm trying to run unison in a chroot jail
18:47<afv-13>it's probably going to need some inetd config as well
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18:53<internat>if u dont mind my stupidity, whats unison?
18:54<afv-13>file synchronizer
18:56<internat>ah ok :)
19:03<warewolf>unisom is a sleeping aid drug.
19:03<afv-13>i wouldn't mind some other that right about now
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19:54<Xel>What are the advantages of switching to the Xen servers? I don't know a whole lot about the advantages of Xen over UML.
19:59<TheFirst>they're zippier
20:07<Xel>Ohh see that answers my question exactluy
20:08<lucca>and less stable
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21:02<TheFirst>that's true
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22:54<FireSlash>Hey guys. I love you. Just incase I hadn't mentioned that recenetly. :)
22:54<FireSlash>Changed credit cards, forgot to update...
22:55<FireSlash>Instead of "HAY. WE CAN'T GET YUOR MONEYS. NO WEB FOR YOU. LOL."
22:58<@caker>FireSlash: in a few more days, it would have been the latter :)
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22:59<FireSlash>caker, True, but the warning was hawtr
22:59<eFUDd>caker, (not that you care. but... i do!)
23:00<@caker>eFUDd: yeah, saw them earlier, nice stuff .. anodized parts and whatnot
23:00<eFUDd>ah. nod.
23:00[~]caker looks again
23:00<eFUDd>bout to order another kit to have spares on hand.
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23:55<kavonr>hi folks
23:59<kavonr>Is the "out of linodes" stuff on the website out of date?
23:59<eFUDd>linbot, avail?
23:59[~]eFUDd whatevers
23:59<kavonr>ah, none available yet. le sigh. :)
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