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00:00<kavonr>no linbot on channel either
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00:02<kavonr>I'm browsing the archived logs to see if there's an obvious answer
00:07[~]kavonr misreads "pingflooding" as "pigflooding" and waits for head to stop spinning.
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00:15<linbot>kavonr: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
00:16<kavonr>oh well, I'll check back later in the month.
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00:21<linbot>New news from forums: Linode Three Year Anniversary and 25% additional RAM in Announcements <>
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02:34<rainkid>anyone else getting this: kernel: line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDSIGACCEPT called
02:34<rainkid>kernel: line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl TIOCLINUX called
02:34<rainkid>kernel: line_ioctl: tty1: unknown ioctl: 0x4b50
02:35<rainkid>see quite a few of these in my syslog
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03:32<rainkid>anyone awake?
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03:45<rainkid>anyone else seeing linode51 being slow?
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03:53<Dreamer3>10.4.7 installed :-)
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10:52<afv-13>what are the possible reasons for apt to ignore an entry in the sources.list?
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13:37<kavonr>darn, snooze ya lose.
13:43<linbot>kavonr: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
13:43<kavonr>there was one linode100 before my shower. :)
13:43<kavonr>guess I shoulda jumped on it
13:44<warewolf>linode must be rolling in the dough, if they're at their maximum
13:44<warewolf>I'm happy for them :)
13:44<kavonr>heh. either that, or machines are keeling over. :)
13:45<warewolf>for how much their servers vary, I think they're doing quite well.
13:45<kavonr>I tried godaddy, but the silent "web-crap-only" in their "virtual web-crap-only dedicated servers" offering bit me
13:45<warewolf>all their boxes aren't cookie-cutter, they're close, but each has their own quirks
13:45<warewolf>atleast caker identified a few common things between the quirky machines, so he knows what not to do next time
13:46<afv-13>very well, the % of issues per server would be interesting
13:46<kavonr>yeah, I'm not ragging on them. Just noting that it might not be a flush of cash that's causing the outage :)
13:46<kavonr>not outage, sorry. shortage
13:46<warewolf>I know what you're saying
13:46<warewolf>but I don't think that's the cause of the unavailablity of linodes for sale
13:47<kavonr>I saw caker was looking for some custom boxes, so I assume it is more growth than shrinkage
13:47<warewolf>monach is a good company
13:47<warewolf>I've bought stuff from them many times
13:47<kavonr>I have xp and centos running under parallels on my mac mini right now, maybe he should stock up on mac minis
13:47<warewolf>they'd melt :)
13:47<kavonr>core duos are pretty sweet.
13:48<warewolf>I think intel went the wrong way, and that AMD went the correct way
13:48<warewolf>hyperthreading was over hyped (hah) and hurts performance in many cases
13:48<kavonr>pack 2gb in there and you've got 12 hosts on a box easily
13:48<warewolf>I remember when 'Xeon' days all Xeon meant was a whopping large on-chip l1 or l2 cache.
13:49<kavonr>I think the core duo stuff is an intel recovery of sorts. Probably their best chip since Pentium Pro
13:49<warewolf>it's suprising when you compare sparc CPUs to intel CPUs. 512k cache, v.s. 16 megs of cache. Just wow.
13:49<warewolf>kavonr: *nod*
13:49<kavonr>I have the mini and a core duo inspiron. they're both pretty good for the $800 price tag.
13:50<kavonr>yeah, niagara chips are pretty sweet, but not likely to find their way into home systems soon.
13:50<warewolf>er wait
13:50<warewolf>is that the new sparc chip?
13:50<warewolf>the one without the FPU?
13:50<kavonr>it's coolthreads, the multiple core chip
13:50<warewolf>ok yeah
13:50<warewolf>that's the one w/o the FPU.
13:50<kavonr>it's the new sparcv9 type
13:51<warewolf>I saw an article on it
13:51<warewolf>how best to use it, threading wise
13:51<kavonr>I have 2mb of l2 on this laptop
13:51<kavonr>and 2gb of real memory
13:51<warewolf>2mb of l2 per core or total?
13:51<warewolf>probally total
13:52<warewolf>I'm really quite upset at
13:52<warewolf>they're charging an absurd amount for single tracks (mp3s)
13:52<warewolf>like $2.75 or more
13:53<warewolf>I /want/ to buy music from them but I'd much rather find the whole album (which ends up being a CRAPLOAD cheaper) instead.
13:54<kavonr>never tried them
13:55<warewolf>if you listen to tranceish music, they have a lot of stuff that is difficult to find
13:55<warewolf>I listen to all day at work
13:55<kavonr>I get close enough to trance with emusic
13:55<warewolf>I bought music from emusic before they sold out to the RIAA
13:55<warewolf>now I can't stand them
13:56<afv-13>how did they sell out?
13:56<kavonr>I didn't know they sold out
13:56<kavonr>still no DRM crap
13:56<warewolf>are your songs crippled with dRM?
13:56<warewolf>on they took that back?
13:56<kavonr>never have been.
13:56<kavonr>I've been a member for a loooong time.
13:56<warewolf>it wasn't that they sold out -- it was their VERY limited selection that bugged me
13:56<kavonr>they've never done DRM that I know of
13:56<warewolf>I couldn't find *any* of the stuff I was looking for on emusic
13:56<warewolf>only the popular top-40 stuff was there
13:57<warewolf>(this was 3+ years ago atleast)
13:57<kavonr>you're thinking of the wrong service
13:57<warewolf>no, I'm sure it was emusic.
13:57<kavonr>emusic has never been good for top40
13:57<warewolf>the problem was they didn't have any music I wanted
13:57<kavonr>I think I joined in 2000. Maybe before that, but since, no way
13:57<warewolf>I did their trial, got an album or two for free, then gave up.
13:58<kavonr>they're great for r&b, blues, some alternative, classical/baroque, comedy, etc
13:58<warewolf>I still check back every once in a while to see if they have an album I'm trying to buy but now they've made it VERY difficult to search their store if you're not a member
13:58<warewolf>they used to let you search and sample songs as much as you wanted
13:58<warewolf>now it's all SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP
13:59<kavonr>the new Peaches album is up there. "Impeach My Bush"
14:00<kavonr>and someone on the reviews complaining that she sings about sex. Uh, it's Peaches. What do you expect, Anne Murray covers?
14:00<warewolf>hold on, I need to find a song
14:00<warewolf>-rw-rw-r-- 1 44 44 3931034 Dec 31 2001 Lords_Of_Acid-Pussy.mp3
14:00<warewolf>there we go
14:01[~]warewolf queues that up
14:01<kavonr>sounds like it would burn
14:01<warewolf>it's also about sex.
14:02<kavonr>I may have to go to a coffee shop, the home dsl is sucking today
14:02<kavonr>like an intern
14:02<linbot>kavonr: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
14:02<kavonr>I wonder, if I sign up does it queue me for the next available one?
14:02<warewolf>I doubt they'd charge you until one is available
14:03<warewolf>.. or I doubt they'd let you sign up if none or available.
14:03<kavonr>I sent an email friday asking about availability, but it's probably one in a million in their inbox
14:05<warewolf>I just found a galaga tapistry online
14:05<warewolf>that's so wrong
14:05<warewolf>now I want to play galaga
14:09<kavonr>crocheted domo-kun is up there
14:09<kavonr>but I should go do laundry
14:09<warewolf>I still have the rom.
14:18<warewolf>I think there's something "wrong" with this nes rom
14:18<warewolf>I seem to recall the arcade galaga letting you have as many shots on screen at once -- this nes rom is only allowing me two
14:22<Eman>that would be the fast shot hack, it was incredibly common
14:24<warewolf>if that was a dip switch option on the arcade consoles, then yeah
14:24<Eman>it was replacement roms
14:28<Eman>(ive got a galaga board inside my galaxian machine)
14:28<warewolf>galaga (or one of it's knockoffs) would probally be the one arcade machine I'd ever own
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18:11<encode>hello esteemed fellow #linode people
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20:53<kavonr>sure, you say that now
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21:08<warewolf>People keep saying that Linux has a difficult time getting into the corporate environment -- and they're wrong.
21:08<warewolf>They're wrong, because *lots* of masked-linux boxes are entering the corporate (and government) environment as APPLIANCES.
21:09<warewolf>and the vendors charge an arm and a leg for them too.
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21:41<warewolf>anyone have any sort of idea how long a CD would take to get from france to the US?
21:41<warewolf>it's been two weeks and this CD I bought still hasn't arrived.
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22:08<kavonr>if it's shipped ground, 4-6 weeks
22:08<kavonr>airmail should be under a week
22:08<JasonF>what cd?
22:29<fo0bar>ground is expensive. do you know how much it costs to hire a diver to walk across the bottom of the atlantic ocean?
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22:56<kavonr>they have to drive.
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