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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-18

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06:16<naif>anyone from the support?
06:17<naif>there's a easy procedure to get more than one linode VPS?
06:28<encode>naif: yes, sign up again
06:28<encode>you cant have two linodes with one username
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08:13<linbot>dand: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 1, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
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13:36<warewolf>holy crap
13:36<warewolf>NIST pulled OpenSSL's FIPS certification
13:36<warewolf>double plus ungood
13:38<warewolf>if you don't know the acronym I doubt it is of much importance to you
13:38<afv-13>i take it it's an american thing
13:40<JasonF>holy crap batmna, why?
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13:58<warewolf>yeah, it'd be an american thing.
14:24<Dreameer3>is host 22 having problems?
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14:27<npmr>it was only just granted in january
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15:35[~]cm|mobile grumbles a bit and wonders if anyone knows what might cause syslog to randomly start dying.
15:36<cm|mobile>I've been having this problem, so I made a cron job that checks if it's running, and if not, starts it.
15:36<cm|mobile>but sometimes it doesn't.
15:36<cm|mobile>it just doesn't start again
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17:57<kathy>hi, anyone else having issues?
17:58<guinea-pog>through HE? yeah
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18:00<TheFirst_>hmmm there some funky routing problems or something to he?
18:01<kathy>dunno, but it's playing merry hob with the irc netoiwrk I'm on ^_^
18:01<taupehat_>I saw my irc client lose routing to somewhere
18:01<taupehat_>now I can't reach it at all
18:01<TheFirst_>yah best i can tell my node is up (even if i cant reach it)
18:01<taupehat_>TheFirst_: where are you geographically?
18:01<TheFirst_>yah ... looks like telia problems again >:/
18:01<taupehat_>if it isn't telia, it's level3
18:01<TheFirst_> 8 ( 42.591 ms 43.411 ms 42.082 ms
18:01<TheFirst_> 9 ( 209.678 ms * *
18:02<taupehat_>between the two of those "providers" I see more network burping and outages
18:02<TheFirst_>hah wasnt l3 and cogent blocking each others routing of something like a year ago?
18:03<taupehat_>the other day they lost their pipe to iceland
18:03<taupehat_>which was entertaining as 20,000 EVE Online players suddenly found themselves offline
18:03<taupehat_>heard of it?
18:04[~]TheFirst_ doesn't pc game anymore
18:04<taupehat_>I didn't anymore
18:04<taupehat_>dammit =]
18:04<taupehat_>it's a spaceship mmog
18:04<taupehat_>with one server (cluster) containing between 15k and 20k players at any given time
18:04<TheFirst_>ah now if they made tw2002 for the net i'd be all over that....but bah to the rest
18:05<TheFirst_>trade wars
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18:06<TheFirst_>best multiplayer game ever!
18:06<james>telia problems?
18:06<taupehat_>hi james, yes
18:06<taupehat_>they "rule"
18:06<james>and by sweet, I mean "crap"
18:06<TheFirst_>sweet in that i'm gonna beat someones ass sort of way ;P
18:07<TheFirst_>odd ... can't maintain an ssh connection or anything but my websites are still accesible
18:07<james>I'm getting steady pings now
18:07<james>it may have corrected
18:08<taupehat_>looks that way
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18:09<TheFirst_>i'd say not quite...11 ( 90.378 ms 158.550 ms 297.865 ms
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18:09<TheFirst_>it's just not broken completely
18:09<taupehat>but I can get a tunnel through, which is something
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18:11<raman>taupehat: I guess you guys are discussing the network issue?
18:12<raman>becoming a regular occurrence :-(
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18:12<TheFirst>yes, me thinks there needs to be some head bashing
18:13<TheFirst>(not of the caker variety)
18:13<taupehat>of the telia variety
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18:13<TheFirst>well mikegrb i'm still on the ropes about....he does have that annoying script :P
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18:13<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:14<raman>I can get a tunnel through as well...
18:15<raman>Looks like the outbound routing (from HE) isn't showing latencies that are too bad
18:15<raman>Just the inbound
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18:20<kathy>heys meshe
18:20<meshe>hiya kathy
18:21<meshe>funny, i was idling in here for over a week til this morning...
18:31<taupehat>here goes again
18:32<taupehat>testing... can you read me?
18:32<spr>anyone seeing issues with host 15?
18:32<kathy>oh no, not again ^^;
18:32<taupehat>lag is indicated
18:32<taupehat>spr: it's the telia connection to henet
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21:01<Zach>Hey guys.
21:03<Zach>My linode won't boot :(. It says "Profile has no root partition".
21:03<Zach>Have you guys ever had this happen?
21:25<@caker>Zach: booting the correct config profile?
21:26<@caker>Zach: more than likely, you've got duplicate profiles, and one doesn't have and disks attached
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