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02:58<tmc>anyone awake
02:58<fatgeekuk>Hello, is there anyone from support online?
02:58<tmc>im having trouble upgrading httpd
02:59<fatgeekuk>ok, obviously not. it is early I suppose.
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03:16<@linbot>New news from forums: Brute SSH attacks / Root Attacks in General Discussion <>
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09:16<tmc>i hope someone is awake
09:16<tmc>cause this sorta sucks....
09:16<tmc>-bash: child setpgid (653 to 653): No such process
09:16<tmc>what the hell is that
09:17<tmc>i thought i was rooted and had a rootkit or someshit, so i did a reinstall...and i am getting the same error
09:17<tmc>im thinking i got rerooted like within an hour
09:17<tmc>whats going
09:18<tmc>well i feel dumb
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09:54<tvakah>hey, how do I find out what my 2nd ip address?
09:55<tvakah>that only shows the one
09:55<kvandivo>have you rebooted?
09:55<tvakah>I've had 2 ever since I got teh package
09:56<tvakah>I just now have a use for it ;)
09:56<tvakah>it wasn't an extra addon package...
09:57<bendy24>sounds like you only have 1
09:57<tvakah>direct paste from the extras page: Number of IPs / Max 1 / 2
09:58<kvandivo>which is exactly what mine says, and i have 1
09:58<bendy24>Number of IPs / Max 2 / 2
09:58<bendy24>and i have 2
09:58<kvandivo>file a ticket
09:58<tvakah>okay, wanted to see if I was missing something obvious before I did that
09:59<kvandivo>doesn't look like it
09:59<tvakah>I got 2 as part of my package way back when when I signed up...*shrug*
09:59<bendy24>were you being charged for it?
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09:59<tvakah>it's part of the base package...192 I think, thatI signed up fol
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10:00<tvakah>I forget exactly which package I bought, lol it's been a long damn time :-P
10:00<bendy24>the base packages only include 1 ip
10:01<tvakah>hey, if my package really doen't have 2, I'll gladly pay $12/yr for no. biggie, but I coulda sworn I got 2 with the package
10:02<tvakah>wow....yeah you guys have changed your packages big time since I signed up
10:02<tvakah>the little bastard works, so I never go to your website, and never noticed :P
10:02<tvakah>I guess what you call my plan now, is the 300 plan
10:02<heidi>the packages never did include 2 IP's
10:02<heidi>just one
10:03<tvakah>altho it looks like I need to reboot to get that 300 memory /cry
10:03<bendy24>heidi == broken record
10:03<heidi>I know
10:03[~]bendy24 runs
10:03<tvakah>yeah I've got 300 mem on the package, but:
10:03<tvakah>~% uptime 11:03:44 up 251 days, 22:08, 3 users, load average: 0.13, 0.11, 0.09
10:03<tvakah>~% head -n1 /proc/meminfo
10:03<tvakah>MemTotal: 236188 kB
10:04<tvakah>damnit....there goes my uptime...
10:04<tvakah> /emo /wristst /livejournal
10:05<tvakah>is there a way to cancel that ticket I just opened saying "heh, oops, i r teh smrt"?
10:07<heidi>just update it saying never mind
10:07<heidi>they will close it
10:10<tvakah>done and to reboot, and start the mourning process over my loss of uptime -_-
10:11<tvakah>which will also include where this irc client's running from, so cheers to one and all *tips hat*
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11:55<Dreameer3>mikegrb: ping
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12:42<ximbiot>is there a good, simple CSS, cookbook out there? something that offers code like: "split a page into three rows horizontally", "Fill middle row with three vertical columns", and stuff like that?
12:43<ximbiot>for that matter, a wysiwyg editor that wrote the css for rows/columns would be good too.
12:47<TheFirst>not all that difficult to do by hand...
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12:56<ximbiot>maybe for you. :) i've got three columns, but I have a relatively complex layout in mind, and nothing is working like i thought it did. either i'm misunderstanding something or i'm dealing with bugs in my browser (more likely the former). i don't want to take the time to completely grok the CSS 2.1 spec, so i was thinking a good cookbook-style cheat-sheet might help...
12:57<TheFirst>paste it somewhere and i'll take a look
12:57<ximbiot>once i try to insert a header and footer, for instance, the third column drops to the below the second. and the footer is splashed across the middle of all three columns. obviously i'm missing some subtleties.
12:57<afv-13>with the www, the lowest common denominator is the safe bet and not the standards, unfortunately
12:58<ximbiot>yeah, i know. thus, i would like to find a cookbook with recipies that already work around browser differences.
12:59<TheFirst>assume you're using divs and absolute positioning?
13:00<ximbiot>TheFirst, yes, that's where i started.
13:00<TheFirst>hrm yah...dunno without seeing the code
13:03<ximbiot>was trying for an effect like this:
13:03<ximbiot>| | |
13:03<ximbiot>| |__________________|
13:03<ximbiot>| | | |
13:03<ximbiot>| | | |
13:03<ximbiot>| | |___|
13:03<ximbiot>| | |
13:03<ximbiot>| | |
13:03<ximbiot>| | |
13:03<ximbiot>| |
13:04<ximbiot>but the divs keep turning up in the wrong places.
13:04<TheFirst>i dont think you can specify a height for divs
13:04<JasonF>Yes you can.
13:04<TheFirst>(i'm not expert)
13:04<TheFirst>see () ;)
13:05<taupehat>TheFirst: a few more parens and a couple more sems and that smiley becomes a forkbomb
13:05<JasonF>float the thing on the right
13:05<ximbiot>JasonF, I tried that and it fell off the bottom. :(
13:05<TheFirst>taupehat: bah
13:05<taupehat>:(){ :|:& };:
13:05<taupehat>don't try that on a linode
13:06[~]TheFirst goes and tries on his linode ;P
13:08<ximbiot>taupehat, what happens?
13:09<taupehat>ximbiot: it's a fork-bomb
13:09<ximbiot>(i don't feel like bringing my linode down just now)
13:09<taupehat>will probably crash your node, probably thrash the hell out of the host
13:09<taupehat>there was an explanation for that I saw a while back (/me googles)
13:09<taupehat>ok, heh
13:10<ximbiot>the linode just stops? uses up all its resoow.rces forking infinite #s of processes?
13:10<ximbiot>er, you answered that already.
13:11<taupehat>you can do it to any linux box
13:11<ximbiot>read your explanation.
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14:09<@linbot>New news from forums: authenticating users and encrypting transmissions in Linux Networking <>
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17:51<schwardo>anyone from linode around to discuss a ticket?
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17:56<Battousai>mikegrb: talk fool
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18:46<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:46<ximbiot>Battousai, offer him cake.
18:54<sonorous>no, pie.
18:54<sonorous>aww, no trigger for pie :(
18:55[~]Beirdo throws a pie at sonorous
18:55[~]Eman throws a 64meg linode at Beirdo
18:55<sonorous>mmm pie
18:56<Beirdo>anyone else here hate fire ants? :)
18:56<Beirdo>they seem to like to nibble on my toes when I sit out on the patio.
18:56<weasel>excuse my ignorance, but how does one do kernel upgrades on ones linode?
18:57<Beirdo>I think you choose one from the web interface, then reboot it
18:58<weasel>ah, there it is
18:58<Beirdo>not a problem :)
18:58<weasel>no slackers! :)
18:59<Beirdo>heh, I think I'm running a 2.4 still
18:59<sonorous>weasel: ah, you have a linode? ;)
18:59<weasel>OFTC has
18:59<sonorous>ah yes, indeed
18:59<weasel>that was the wrong window
19:00<sonorous>haha :p
19:01<sonorous>dare I ask what that translates to? ;)
19:01<weasel>it's good for one ride, and one ride only :)
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19:01<weasel>opiekey (1) - Programs for computing responses to OTP challenges.
19:01<weasel>[one time password stuff]
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19:01<Beirdo>my cable provider blows
19:01<Beirdo>I missed everything there
19:04<weasel>does 'reboot' do a 'power off'?
19:04<weasel>or does reboot really reboot?
19:04<sonorous>really reboots
19:04<weasel>the web thing says 'Your Linode is currently Powered Off'
19:05[~]sonorous cannot remember the web interface and is on terminal so cannot do much
19:06<sonorous>is there not a power on option, and if so, does it not do anything?
19:06<sonorous>sorry for the obvious question ;)
19:07<weasel>clicking boot helped
19:07<weasel>it appears to be back now
19:07<sonorous>\o/ cool.
19:08<weasel>partially at least.
19:09<weasel>and ipsec's up too. yay.
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20:54<taupehat> /topic Is Ubuntu the new Gentoo? Let me think about it while I buy these taillight inserts...
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21:22<Kurt>GOOD ADVICE: When first setting up a nameserver, set the TTL for all your zones to something like a minute so you don't have to wait 24 hours to see if your typo fix worked...
21:23<Battousai>nothing will be the new gentoo
21:23<Battousai>we set the rice bar too high for any other distro to reach
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21:44<JasonF>GOOD ADVICE: Check your zonefile for typos\
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21:44<Kurt>JasonF: if I how something is SUPPOSED to read, then I often don't notice subtle differences between that and how it ACTUALLY DOES read
21:45<Kurt>because my mind just sort of subconsciously brushes over them
21:45<Kurt>I was like that in my high school English classes, too--they'd give us a sentence that supposedly had multiple errors in it, and they'd ask us to point them out
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21:46<Kurt>I sucked at that because I knew how things were supposed to be, and if the errors were subtle enough then I'd see it as it was supposed to be rather than as it actually was
21:47<Battousai>man you just made my head explode
21:53<Kurt>my evil plan is succeeding...
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22:02<@mikegrb>it's okay. Battousai is always evil
22:03<Battousai>i haven't been recbled yet mikegrb
22:03<Battousai>super happy funtime... so far
22:04<Kurt>ok, bzflag time
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