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01:59<Thadius>hey guys, was wondering (and i hope this hasn't been asked a million times before) if due to the recent changes in minimal system configuration (linode80 is now replaced by linode100) wether the linode80 plans would have the extra 20mb ram added?
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10:23<_square>caker? mikegrb?
10:24<_square>trying to signup, and i get this:
10:24<_square>no plan was found that could match your request. Please narrow your selection, and try again.
10:24<_square>oh.. nvm, its selected the wrong plan :/
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10:28<_square>signed up.. again yey
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14:04<bettsp>How do I fix the Udev problems on Gentoo after upgrading the kernel? I can't edit /etc/fstab for some reason
14:13<afv-13>why not?
14:14<bettsp>afv-13: Because it was mounting the ext2 partition in recovery mode so it was read-only, remounting it fixed it though
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15:19<Sakkath>Is there any reason why my linode gentoo 2005.0 won't boot into the 2.6 kernel?
15:19<Sakkath>it says booted but sshd never comes up
15:20<Sakkath>no i didn't screw anything up i just got this >_.
15:29<Sakkath>console gives me lots of errors
15:30<afv-13>it's your fstab
15:31<Sakkath>how can i fix?
15:31<Sakkath>well i know how
15:31<Sakkath>what do i fix
15:32<afv-13>have a look at your config for how the paratitions are labeled
15:32<Sakkath>i see
15:32<Sakkath>thanks much
15:32<afv-13>config on linode i mean
15:32<Sakkath>i see
15:33<Sakkath>fs is mounted read only
15:34<afv-13>remount it read write
15:34<Sakkath>normal startup vs maintenence mode?
15:34<afv-13>mount -o remount,rw or something if i remember correctly
15:36<afv-13>getting there ir need another hint?
15:36<Sakkath>it's rebooting
15:36<Sakkath>via the cp
15:37<Sakkath>then i'm gonna relogin to console and try to fix
15:37<Sakkath>meh rebooting this way is slow but i had no choice
15:37<afv-13>no access to lish?
15:37<Sakkath>nah i was in lish
15:37<Sakkath>i did 'reboot'
15:38<Sakkath>and it didn't shut down right
15:38<Sakkath>so i had to reboot via the cp
15:38<Sakkath>ok, gona remount it rw
15:38<Sakkath>meh that was bad syntax
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15:39<Sakkath>bash-2.05b# mount
15:39<Sakkath> /dev/ubd/0 on / type ext3 (rw)
15:40<afv-13>is your root /dev/ubda?
15:41<Sakkath>should i edit /etc/fstab via the 2.4 kernel first?
15:41<afv-13>via the 2.4 kernel?
15:42<afv-13>as long as you edit the fstab that lies on whatever partition /etc is on
15:42<Sakkath>i don't know how else i can edit it
15:42<Sakkath>i can't get to /dev/udba, i dont know how
15:43<afv-13>create a new directory under /mnt , mount /dev/ubda rw there, edit the fstab, reboot
15:44<Sakkath>meh i can't make dir the current is read only
15:44<afv-13>oic, try `mount -o remount,rw /'
15:44<Sakkath>oh ok
15:44<Sakkath>last one didn't have the trailing / i think
15:45<Sakkath>udba is not in /dev
15:46<afv-13>well is your fstab under the current /etc?
15:48<Sakkath>i have no clue dude..
15:48<afv-13>ls /etc/fstab
15:48<Sakkath>yeah it's there but
15:48<Sakkath>it is like /dev/udb/0 for root
15:48<Sakkath>and /dev/udb/1 for swap
15:48<Sakkath>when it *should* be /dev/udba and /dev/ubdb
15:49<afv-13>yes, that's what you'll be changing
15:49<afv-13>that is the problem
15:49<Sakkath>yeah i thought so but i didn't know how to get it rw before so
15:50<Sakkath>in lish
15:50<Sakkath>how can i get back to the screen
15:51<Sakkath>[tarball@host59 lish] There is no screen to be resumed matching tarball.
15:51<Sakkath>didn't boot
15:52<Sakkath>ok booting
15:52<Sakkath>all right nice
15:52<Sakkath>thanks much
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16:31<eFUDd> OMG.
16:31<eFUDd>Watch first. Make fun later.
16:32<Battousai>flash, nope
16:32<eFUDd>It's a music video in swedish about an IRC bot.
16:32<Battousai>can't flash
16:33<eFUDd>no 32bit?
16:33<Battousai>64-bit firefox
16:33<eFUDd>I thought someone made a method to ru n 32bit extensions/plugins in 64bit fox.
16:33[~]Battousai shrugs
16:33<eFUDd>haven't tried tho. haven't had enough time to finish setting up my amd64 system
16:33<Battousai>don't care enough to investigate
16:33<afv-13>some wrapper
16:33<Battousai>i know there was one for konqueror
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18:05<Sakkath>meh what should i set my cflags for the cpu
18:08<Sakkath>sednet wrote: Although you most likely want -march=athlon-xp instead of -march=pentium3 on your linode.
18:08<Sakkath>from forums
18:09<Sakkath>meh ill use -mcpu=i686
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