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00:29<Eman>three words of torture: empire carpet commercials
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09:17<npmr>caker, mikegrb: routing problem between tp and sbc in chicago
09:18<npmr>caker, mikegrb: is this something the datacenter can address?
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09:19<Quizzer>on ubuntu 6.06 .. i am getting this error on random .. line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x5603
09:19<Quizzer>is it normal . its a fresh install no updates or anything
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09:22<npmr>caker, mikegrb: seems to have passed
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11:26<lll>Is it possible to get the headers for linode kernels?
11:26<lll>MCPAN is complaining about sys/types.h
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11:46[~]lonnyll finds a clue
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14:48<Sakkath>hey does the kernel have iptables support
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14:55<bendy24>of course
14:56<Battousai>easy tiger
14:56<bendy24>go leafs go
14:56<Battousai>yeah have fun with that
14:56<Battousai>go first overall go!
14:56<bendy24>theres always a next year
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15:03<hotnikks>any way to route all traffic through a linode if you are running pptpd?
15:04<hotnikks>can connect from windows client fine, ping the rfc1918 addresses from either end, but not out to inet through server
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15:06<hotnikks>hey caker
15:07<hotnikks>any ideas on my q?
15:07<hotnikks>defaulte gw on windows client is the pptp tunnel, packet traverses tunnel fine but doesnt seem to make it back
15:08<hotnikks>installing tcpdump now to see if pptpd server is even sending out to inet
15:10<Quizzer>yum update
15:10<hotnikks>hmm, looks like icmp echo request is coming in on ppp0 and then getting sent out eth0 without it being nat'ed
15:11<hotnikks>obviously google cant route back to a rfc1918 address.. argh
15:11[~]hotnikks needs "ip nat inside" on ppp0 and "ip nat outside" on eth0, if only this debian box ran IOS :/
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15:12<marc_in_lux>good evening
15:14<marc_in_lux>what is linode's privacy policy? under what conditions will linode share owner information on a server/iP address?
15:14<marc_in_lux>this is not about doing illegal things, of course
15:14<marc_in_lux>just the kind of situation where an employer wants to stop an employee blogging...
15:16<afv-13>lol, you sound as paranoid as i pretend not to be
15:18[~]Sakkath shoots mikegrb
15:19<hotnikks>ok so looks like i just needed ipmasq
15:20<hotnikks>now the question is, how can i get mppe support into the kernel?
15:20<@mikegrb>marc_in_lux: they would need a court order
15:20<marc_in_lux>mikegrb, sounds good. Especially if the court is half a world away ;-)
15:21<marc_in_lux>sonorous, an anonymized domain name and an exclusive IP address would protect enough in these cases.
15:21<hotnikks>mike; any way for me to get mppe support in the kernel on my linode?
15:22<marc_in_lux>sorry, this wasn't for sonorous - sorry. Autocompletion...
15:22<@mikegrb>hotnikks: uh, it's already there
15:23<hotnikks>pptpd doesnt think so
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15:24<hotnikks>hmm well i cant modprobe can i?
15:24<hotnikks>but youre saying its there for sure?
15:25<@mikegrb>it's compiled in statically
15:25<hotnikks>Jul 24 15:53:30 li3-173 pppd[19446]: MPPE required, but kernel has no support.
15:25<@mikegrb>what keren are you using?
15:25<hotnikks>thats what i thought i installed, uname -a is giving me 2.4.29 .. ugh
15:26<hotnikks>christ i swear i selected 2.6
15:26<hotnikks>i just changed it on the configuration profiles page
15:27<hotnikks>can i simply reboot now and itll boot 2.6?
15:29<hotnikks>uh 'reboot' powered it off?
15:30<warewolf>hmm. I need to figure out ipsec AH
15:32<warewolf>anyone here ever used the native linux ipsec stuff?
15:32<hotnikks>cool thanks caker
15:32<hotnikks>warewolf; no sorry just cisco stuff
15:33<hotnikks>make sure you match ike proposals!
15:33<warewolf>SA proposals :)
15:33<warewolf>and yes :)
15:33<hotnikks>isa parameters
15:33<hotnikks>security association proposals
15:33<hotnikks>but yeah
15:33<hotnikks>ive actually seen cisco ipsec devices with different dh groups connect
15:33<hotnikks>like 1/100 times itll work if one is dh1 and the other dh2
15:34<hotnikks>filed a bug w/tac, they were absolutely baffled
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15:34<warewolf>right now I'm just trying to figure out AH, so that I can wrap my openvpn tunnel inside AH
15:34<warewolf>just one more thing to prevent MITM
15:36[~]warewolf checks if that's the lastest 2.4 uml
15:36<warewolf>looks lik eit
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15:42<TarballX>I emailed support asking to buy 4 extra ips
15:42<TarballX>they told me "ARIN does not approve the use of multiple IPs on one server except in very limited circumstances."
15:42<warewolf>that's correct
15:42<TarballX>But.. there are many servers that have more than 2 ips
15:43<warewolf>ARIN is being very stingy about the abuse of IPs except in very extreme cases
15:43<TarballX>this linode is shared between me and my friend, and we would each like to run 2-3 ircds
15:43<warewolf>if Linode freely gave out IPs (say, for irc vhost ptr records) ARIN could revoke what IPs they think Linode is abusing.
15:43<@mikegrb>or all of them
15:43<TarballX>Its not for that
15:43<TarballX>the rDNS would be the name of the server
15:44<Sakkath>we wouldn't haev abusive users trust me we dont want to loose this vps..
15:45<@caker>run the ircds on different ports
15:45<Sakkath>then it's not easily accesible to public
15:45<Sakkath>nevermind rdns would be restricted
15:45<TarballX>yeah, and not many networks would let you link with a server not on 6667
15:45<Sakkath>what's the point of having an option to buy extra ips when you can only buy one extra?
15:46<TarballX>well.. dns servers
15:46<TarballX>but its not enough when the vps is shared between 2 people :\
15:46<TarballX>if they both want to run ircds
15:46<Sakkath>because we want at least two to be dedi for nameservers
15:47<Sakkath>w/rdns ns1.domain.tld ns2.domain.tld
15:50<Sakkath>and the other rdns to the ircd hostname
15:52<hotnikks>go colo a box and theyll give you at least /25 without questions asked if you really need lots of ips
15:52<Sakkath>might as well get that 38 dollar dedi
15:52<hotnikks>or get a full cab rather :)
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15:52<Sakkath>TarballX: ;\
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15:52<Sakkath>Is there _any_ way we can get extra IPs
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15:55<npmr>most applications support name-based virtual servers
15:55<Lukine|TombRaiderLegend>yay netsplits
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15:55<npmr>boo-hoo, irc isn't one of them
15:55<Sakkath>npmr: not proftpd, not ircd
15:55<npmr>get over it
15:55<Sakkath>it's more than that
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15:55<Eman>rdns, big deal
15:56|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 51 sekundy
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15:56<hotnikks>[msg(sakkath)] stop crying
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15:56<hotnikks>[Sakkath(] fuck off
15:56<npmr>multiple ip addresses for different rdns names and no other purpose is for wankers
15:56<Eman>my rdns is set to something rather insulting anyway
15:56<TarballX>hotnikks, you told him to 'stop crying'
15:56<TarballX>fucking loser
15:56<Battousai>can we keep this civil please?
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15:57<npmr>Battousai, but there are imbeciles about!
15:57<Eman>hilarity ensues...
15:57<TarballX>Well, not many people want to :\
15:57<TarballX>btw, could you maybe think about upgrading your gentoo install to 2006.0?
15:57<Battousai>this channel is that of a business
15:57<npmr>TarballX, can't you just emerge it?
15:58<npmr>but.. but.. but..
15:58<npmr>just emerge it already
15:58<TarballX>Why not support the latest version of a distro?
15:58<Lukine|TombRaiderLegend>latest distro versions can be requested
15:58<Lukine|TombRaiderLegend>as per stated on that page :)
15:58<Eman>because caker has better things to do then sit around recompiling distros all day
15:59<Battousai>someone's not a gentoo fan ;)
15:59[~]Eman believes a vps is not the place for gentoo, thats all :p
15:59<TarballX>So far, ive not been having a good experience with this company :(
15:59[~]Battousai does too
16:00<npmr>TarballX, how unfortunate, i suspect it's the choices you've made
16:00<Lukine|TombRaiderLegend>if I want gentoo, I'll look at my laptop
16:00<Battousai>and i'm a gentoo developer heh
16:00<Lukine|TombRaiderLegend>which has remained off for a long while
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16:00<Griswald>there we go
16:01<TarballX>so is there any way we can get the ips, so we can leave and let you guys bother someone else?
16:01<Battousai>the arin thing is unfortunate, but it's a result of the widespread abuse resulting from things like ircds
16:01<npmr>yes, you can get more ips
16:01<npmr>but only for purposes that comply with ARIN rules
16:01<TarballX>And what would those be?
16:01<npmr>which are *not* set by linode
16:01<npmr>i don't know off the top of my head
16:01<Battousai>if the IPs were for something like commercial ssl certificates for ip-based virtual servers, you might have more support
16:01<npmr>why don't you follow that fine link someone pasted a minute ago
16:02<Battousai>but ircds aren't really a good reason anymore since a lot of cases end up turning into warez networks or just all out zombie wars
16:03<Griswald>if I wanted an ircd, I'd pay $5/mo just for a basic ircd so I wouldn't trouble linode =p
16:03<Eman>like you did before :p
16:03<Eman>i remember paradox well :p
16:04<Griswald>may paradox rest in piece
16:04<TarballX>What we would use them for is to sell IRCd shells to a few people we know, which would help pay for the linode so we can maybe get some upgrades
16:04<Griswald>ircd's are extremely questionable
16:05<Griswald>you never know which users are going to follow to linodes rules
16:05<Battousai>right, as i said, they often lead to abuse
16:05<Griswald>as well as which users in said IRCD would follow the rules
16:05<Griswald>back when I helped run foreverchat, there were too many botnets each day
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16:05<Griswald>and that was a really really small network to begin with
16:05<Griswald>then theres the DDoS floods
16:05<Battousai>never heard of it
16:06<Eman>haha, i remember that crap, at least 3 idiot botnet owners would try to load them up every day
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16:07<TarballX>we can get ddosed with 2 ips running ircds :\
16:07<Griswald>and you can get ddosed with only 1 ip =p
16:07<Griswald>is it really so bad to be limited to just two ip's?
16:07<Griswald>how many are you planning on buying? =p
16:08<TarballX>2 for our ircds, 2 dedicated to nameservers, and 2 to sell ircds to friends we have
16:08<Eman>you can run nameservers on the same ips as ircds...
16:08<Griswald>with that setup, you'd really only need 2 ips
16:08<TarballX>what if we bought 2 extra ips?
16:08<Eman>its the same box, so it doesnt matter if they're on the same ip or not
16:09<Griswald>and ircd's aren't limited to specific ports they were ran on :P
16:09<TarballX>yes but
16:09<Eman>and since you only have one box, there is no need for more then one nameserver
16:09<TarballX>you cant link to networks unless you run on port 6667
16:09<TarballX>wrong :p
16:09<Griswald>you must have an extremely wacky config file if thats what you think
16:09<Griswald>every ircd I've ever configured can be linked from any port
16:09<Griswald>provided you setup configs properly
16:09<TarballX>you CAN
16:10<TarballX>networks wont let you link.
16:10<Griswald>you're lazy, eh?
16:10<warewolf>and infact -- many IRC networks link on ports OTHER than 6667, because that's the public user port.
16:10<TarballX>we can listen on port 6667
16:10<TarballX>so they wouldnt let us link.
16:10<Griswald>most use 6665 or 7000 that I've noticed
16:10<TarballX>but for USERS
16:10<warewolf>you didn't say but
16:10<TarballX>we need to listen on port 6667
16:10<warewolf>bah, I didn't wait long enough
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16:11<Griswald>if it's that big a deal for 2 ip's, just get a seperate node setup and voila :)
16:11<warewolf>we have a winner!
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16:11<Griswald>then you'd have your nameservers and your own ircd's seperated from your users stuff =p
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16:12<TarballX>its just us 2, we're splitting the cost :\
16:12<TarballX>We cant get another
16:12[~]warewolf hands TarballX a slice of cheese.
16:13[~]Eman hasnt had a job in 3 years and can still manage to pay for a linode 100
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16:14<TarballX>The way you're all talking, it sounds like you want to get rid of us as customers :\
16:14<Griswald>not really
16:14<Eman>not at all
16:14<kvandivo> none of the people talking work here
16:14<kvandivo>or there
16:14<Griswald>we just fail to see the ethical reasoning behind it :P
16:14<Eman>you just have to figure out how to consolidate your stuff into as few ips as possible
16:14<Griswald>everyone here speaking is just another customer
16:15<TarballX>we cant really run 4 ircds on port 6667 with 2 ips, can we.
16:15<warewolf>you're not listening.
16:15<warewolf>run. them. on. a. different. port.
16:15<TarballX>No network will let you link.
16:16<Eman>most networks wont let you link without users anyway :p
16:16<warewolf>If you were running an e-commerce store, which did payments, over SSL -- which is a BROKEN PROTOCOL that is IP based, then you might be able to get other IPs.
16:16<warewolf>I think you need more cheese for your whine.
16:16<warewolf>how mission critical is an IRCD?
16:16[~]TarballX sighs
16:17<TarballX>I think we'll be looking at other companys for our server.
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16:17<Eman>$10 says hes like 14
16:18<warewolf>me! me! ME! I WANT! I NEED!
16:18<afv-13>what odds?
16:19<npmr>yes, i remember those days of roughly $60 semi-monthly paychecks
16:19<warewolf>when I worked at an ISP when I Was 14, I got $500 every two weeks or so.
16:20<warewolf>I was rolling in the dough.
16:20<npmr>ok, well, when i was 14 there were no isps hiring 14 year olds
16:20<npmr>i was a rental clerk at a ski resort
16:20<warewolf>it helps to know the son of the owner :)
16:20<warewolf>also, it helps to receive a phone call "I want you to come work for me."
16:21<npmr>yeah, that's how i got the job i have now
16:24<kvandivo>when i was 14 there were no ISPs
16:25<warewolf>when I was 14 I had to carry packets between the switch and the router!
16:25<warewolf>walking up hill both ways!
16:25<afv-13>no snow?
16:25<Eman>when you were 14, you switched circuits, not packets :p
16:26<warewolf>snow was corrected by using ANSI.SYS.
16:26<kvandivo>and that's snow lie
16:27[~]warewolf sticks his finger up his nose
16:27<warewolf>you'd think it's wet, but it's not.
16:27<warewolf>it' snot
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18:44<guinea-pig>it worries me when i get segfaults on my linode
18:47<Griswald>what were you expirementing with :o
18:47<guinea-pig>)] /usr/sbin/rndc stop
18:47<guinea-pig>Segmentation fault
18:47<guinea-pig>turns out my bind is dead for some reason.
18:48<Griswald>I've had bind mysteriously shutdown a few times to
18:48<Griswald>logs didn't show anything either :X
18:48<guinea-pig>yes, but it's repeatable
18:48<guinea-pig>i'm wondering if it's memory corruption within the linode, or within the host. i forget how memory works exactly
18:49<guinea-pig>and i'm wondering if it's worth sacrificing my 300-day uptime :P
18:49<guinea-pig>(of course it it. corruption is bad, mmkay)
18:50<guinea-pig>i mean
18:50<guinea-pig>i'm 4 hours short of 300 days
18:50[~]meshe pops onto her database server for uptime...
18:51<meshe> 4:51pm up 1002 days, 33 min, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
18:51<guinea-pig>the only reason i rebooted last time was a host reboot
18:51<guinea-pig>out of my hands
18:51<Griswald>19:51:46 up 26 days, 9:09, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.07, 0.05
18:51<meshe>that's a colo'd box
18:52<guinea-pig>only problem... ircing from my linode. bbiab
18:52<meshe>hiya Griswald
18:52<Eman>heya meshe
18:52<Griswald>hiya meshe
18:52<sonorous>meshe: who's that colo'd with, out of interest?
18:52|-|guinea-pog [] has joined #linode
18:52<meshe>bellingham location
18:52|-|guinea-pig [] has quit [Quit: bye...]
18:53<meshe>4 hours battery backup for the whole site plus diesel plus redundant power systems
18:53<Eman>im suprised you havent had any hardware failures
18:54<meshe>so am i ;)
18:54<Eman>my box in toronto has blown up 2 motherboards >:
18:54<meshe>model name : Pentium III (Coppermine)
18:54<meshe>stepping : 3
18:54<meshe>cpu MHz : 846.305
18:54<Griswald>knock on wood!
18:55<meshe>that box is being decommissioned in a few months
18:57<Griswald>it'll break down tomorrow :D
18:57<Eman>[ ~]$ uptime
18:57<Eman> 19:57:16 up 207 days, 11:20, 1 user, load average: 2.87, 3.51, 4.26
18:57<meshe>not my responsibility anymore ;)
18:58<Griswald>Operating System: (WinXP Professional 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build #2600)) ¤ Uptime: (3d 4h 12m 34s) ¤ Record Uptime: (1w 1d 10h 29m 29s set on Fri Jul 21 05:19:30 2006)
18:58<meshe>this is Griswald from FC right?
18:58<Griswald>indeed it is
18:58<Eman>this is erik from fc too :p
18:58<meshe>oh, lol
18:58<meshe>hi erik
18:58<Griswald>so how do you know me, meshe? :o
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18:59[~]meshe points to that chan --->
18:59<guinea-pig>well, all seems well
18:59<meshe>who, moi?
18:59[~]meshe looks innocently
18:59<Griswald>psh. All women look innocent
18:59<Griswald>until you go at it, and they scream "NO NO NO!"
19:00<Eman>so.. i hear there have been problems with bopm :p
19:00<meshe>there were a couple of kinks
19:00<meshe>seems to be working ok now tho
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19:14[~]warewolf -c home &
19:15<meshe>chmod u+sleep meshe
19:16[~]Eman goes and yanks out the power cords
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23:52<ashtaroth>any admins around?
23:55<TheFirst>not in a while...ask and maybe someone else can help, though ... assuming it's not billing/account related
23:56<ashtaroth>nah.. lets say my linode is getting dos'd.. if i just shutdown it will that be enuff?
23:56<ashtaroth>btw, its not getting dos'd
23:57<TheFirst>what do you mean be enough?
23:57<Eman>it'll get null routed before you find out about a ddos
23:57<TheFirst>yah what he said
23:57<ashtaroth>so i dont have to action it?
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23:58<TheFirst>and i'm sure you will have a 'nice' conversation with caker...he's said in the past that he has no desire to have customers that attract ddos attacks...
23:58<ashtaroth>i have done nothing.. just getting threats from some dood on efnet
23:59<Eman>/quit will end those
23:59<eFUDd>Please do not screw up the internet ashtaroth. Thanks.
23:59<eFUDd>Do what Eman said. :)
23:59<eFUDd>No really.
23:59<TheFirst>it's true...generally a shady crowd that attracts those types of threats
23:59<eFUDd>I'm not laughing.
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