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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-25

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00:00<ashtaroth>its just threats.. i see no action.. just wanted to know my options.. thanks
00:00<eFUDd> /quit is definately viable.
00:00<Eman>99% of people that threaten are no threat. if someone is gonna ddos, they do it and dont say a word
00:01<TheFirst>i'd argue that one depends on the type of people you're associating with
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00:02<Eman>hehehe, i guess ive been around 15 year old morons too long
00:03<TheFirst>boy am i glad i only was when i was 15 :P
00:04<Eman>nice engrish
00:04<TheFirst>never said i was an english major ;)
00:54[~]warewolf blinks in surprise
00:54<warewolf>I have 3x 1280x768, and 1x 1680x1050 .. and I don't know what to do with this massivly wide desktop now.
01:19<encode>warewolf: donate it to me
01:39<warewolf>I refuse!
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01:57<TheFirst>then quit complaining
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03:30<encode>yeah, if you cant figure out to do with that enormous desktop, donate it to someone who does
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08:43[~]warewolf -c work &
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09:13<lonnyll>Anyone here that can change my account to yearly billing? :)
09:14<npmr>caker or mikegrb can do it
09:15<npmr>you may get faster results by submitting a support ticket through the web site, though
09:15<npmr>when you do that they get paged
09:16<lonnyll>k, thanks!
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10:32<majbour>hey , any chance of getting a linode 100 before the 15th of next month ?
10:59<npmr>someone may cancel
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14:09<weasel>does linode have and provide ipv6?
14:09<npmr>but you can get that from 3rd parties
14:10<weasel>those tend to suck more, so I think I'll pass :)
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16:04<Sakkath>TarballX: sory i took long ;x
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16:13<TarballX>i canceled my Linode yesterday and asked for a refund. I havnt gotten any confirmination of the cancellation, or the refund
16:15<lucca>billing cannot be addressed over irc...
16:16<lucca>try email for inquiries maybe?
16:19<Sakkath>did just haven't responded yet
16:20<Sakkath>no confirmation except that we can't access it anymore :P
16:21<@caker>TarballX: I credited your account earlier today
16:21<@caker>s/account/credit card/
16:22<TarballX>Ok, thank you
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18:07[~]encode wonders why tarballx cancelled
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19:04<Griswald>encode: TarballX was demanding extra ip's to host ircd shell services
19:05<Griswald>he could have easily ran the multiple ircds on various ports rather then many ips
19:05<Griswald>but what he was wanting to do wasn't necessarily for good intentions, as per ARIN and Linode
19:06<Griswald>so he failed to provide a decent enough reason for more then 2 ip's :)
19:06<encode>sounds like not the sort of customer wanted anyways
19:06<Griswald>shit happens though. No biggy. :)
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19:45[~]linbot dispenses Animal Crackers
19:46[~]ximbiot bites the head off a giraffe
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21:28<Eman>Services is currently down. <-- if so, why is nickserv bitching at me to identify...
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22:49<warewolf> /win bal
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