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05:19<jimcooncat>small linodes are not available now? Later today I was hoping to get another one.
05:23<jimcooncat>I guess I'll just expand the one I have, is there some easy way in Ubuntu to see max memory usage over time?
05:24<womble>jimcooncat: I'm sure that sar would show you what you need
05:25<jimcooncat>thanks womble
05:25<womble>I think sar is in the sysstat package
05:27<jimcooncat>top is showing 1752k free, and I want to add lighttpd, sqlite
05:28<jimcooncat>it's using a quarter of my swap too
05:29<jimcooncat>any idea how much more I'd need? It's running postgres, clamav, and spamassassin now
05:31<jimcooncat>excuse me, I meant postfix, not postgres
05:31<jimcooncat>got db's on my mind
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12:46<chris>mikegrb / chris, ping?
12:46<chris>err caker
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13:02<npmr>linbot, roulette
13:02<linbot>npmr: *click*
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13:54<@caker>chris: pong
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15:51<warewolf>oh that's great.
15:51<warewolf>we pull the appropriate strings to get a phishing site taken down -- by null routing the IP address.
15:51<warewolf>(not exactly something I enjoy having to do)
15:51<warewolf>in the process, all the other website vhosts on that IP were unavailable for 3+ hours.
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16:00<Spads> I've been null-routed before
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16:05<lucca>heh, some entertaining mail there
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17:02<warewolf>caker/mikegrb- ping?
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17:02<linbot>warewolf: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 3, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
17:06<majbour>:( i want a linode100
17:07<warewolf>as do I, but only for about a week.
17:07<majbour>haha im more permanent
17:07<Quizzer>loving my linode .. just have to figure out how to set up mail for it
17:08<majbour>haha what plan u on
17:08<Quizzer>Linode 100
17:08<majbour>haha bastard , give me ur account
17:08<Quizzer>when i signed up thier was only one left
17:08<Quizzer>using mine for a learning experience
17:10<majbour>thats what i want mine for
17:13<majbour>wat sorta learning u doing
17:17<Quizzer>just linux commands in general ..
17:17<Quizzer>setting things up etc
17:18<majbour>wat country u from
17:20<Quizzer>this was cheaper than finding or buying a computer itself to install etc
17:24<majbour>wish u had build a computer :P
17:34<Quizzer>using centos right now
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17:42<linbot>New news from forums: question about DNS .. etc .. on Linodes in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
17:43<majbour>bah we want more linodes
18:10<encode>we do?
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18:13<majbour>well i do
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19:18<linbot>New news from forums: question about DNS .. etc .. on Linodes in Linux Networking <>
19:26<@caker> <-- !
19:26[~]caker is a Honda fanboy
19:28<TheFirst>honda dirtbikes are nice...that's about it
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19:35<ThE__CroW_>hey caker, you about?
19:35<@caker>yes, hello
19:35<ThE__CroW_>can i pm u?
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20:06<majbour>hey caker can i pm u ?
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20:21<@caker>majbour: ok
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21:21<Beirdo>kvandivo, you around?
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23:00<majbour>im now one of u
23:05<Battousai>you have about 37 court cases to go before you're one of me
23:05<Battousai>i mean... what?
23:05<majbour>lol oh i dont know ive had my fair share of court cases
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23:19<encode>majbour: you're not one of us till you've been around for at least a year
23:20<majbour>so let me get this right
23:20<majbour>i gotta be here for a yr
23:20<majbour>and get 33 court cases
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23:24[~]warewolf -c home &
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23:29<encode>and introduce at least 10 new people to linode
23:29<encode>then we vote on it
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23:52<linbot>New news from forums: Hack Crack YAHOO HOTMAIL AOL MSN GMAIL Passwords in /dev/random <>
23:55<fo0bar>we hack stuff so you don't have to!
23:56<Battousai>forum spam
23:58<majbour>anyone believe thats real ?
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