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00:00<Battousai>are you kidding? i'm sending them money already
00:13<majbour>so how longs it take to activate a linode account
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00:39<@caker>majbour: all set, thanks
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00:44<linbot>New news from forums: Brute SSH attacks / Root Attacks in General Discussion <>
00:55<majbour>thanks caker
00:55<majbour>happy to join the team
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08:31<kvandivo>Beirdo: i am now
08:32<bendy24>kvandivo: thats good
08:36<kvandivo>yes, it is
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09:23<Beirdo>sorry, was at breakfast
09:28<Beirdo>just wonderin if you knew a guy at UIUC whose research I am interested in
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11:42<murrayfoss>i have a sales question
11:42<murrayfoss>do you accept money orders?
11:43<iggy>you'll want to talk to caker or mikegrb
11:44<iggy>(I basically said that so it would highlight their names and maybe beep at them)
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12:24<heidi>murrayfoss: no
12:24<heidi>only credit/debit
12:27<bendy24>no cash?
12:27<bendy24>what about sexual favors?
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14:02<linbot>warewolf: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
14:09<bendy24>snap up those 400s!
14:10<afv-13>if only
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14:25<jimcooncat>I was hoping to get another small linode for this weekend, but no new ones until August 15?
14:27<jimcooncat>hmm, I'll email this in, thanks
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15:40<blake>Hello, everyone!
15:41<blake>Does anybody know if I could do reselling with my linode using cpanel with one one machine? Do I need a second machine for a second nameserver?
15:41<blake>Would an extra IP suffice? Possibly even have both and both point to the same IP?
15:41<majbour>good question
15:41<linbot>New news from forums: Rsync Server Possibility Questions... in General Discussion <>
15:42<majbour>i 2 would like to know the answer to this
15:42<blake>thanks majbour :)
15:43<blake>you interested in doing cpanel hosting?
15:43<blake>or something similar/
15:43<iggy>I have both of my name servers pointed at one IP
15:43<iggy>but it's not suggested
15:43<blake>only for redundancy reasons, right?
15:43<blake>but the webserver is on that machine anyways
15:43<majbour>cpanel is expensive :P
15:43<blake>so who needs the ns when the webserver is down?
15:44<iggy>depends what all you are hosting I suppose
15:44<blake>just cheap reseller hosting with cpanel
15:44<blake>to get some of the money back i pay for linode
15:45<majbour>i actauly intend to do the same
15:46<majbour>but cant find out how much a cpanel licence is
15:46<blake>its like $450 a year
15:47<blake>"ne year licenses are currently priced at USD $425.00 This license includes one year of standard support and updates. Unlike the one time license, which never expires, this license is only good for one year."
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17:22<warewolf>time to buy a new phone.
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18:40[~]eFUDd updates gentoo
18:41<Battousai>see you next year!
18:41<eFUDd>considering how infrequently I update. yah.
18:42<eFUDd>I should also reboot sometime.. i still don't have that extra 80MB of memory from caker's increase.
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18:46[~]eFUDd ponders
18:49[~]Eman blames dew on the telephone lines
18:51<Battousai>tisn't me
18:51[~]Battousai rcn, eastern pa
18:51<Battousai>not rr nyc
18:52<Beirdo>hmm, yeah a reboot sometime would be a good plan
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21:25<javafueled>Off topic, but anybody here familiar with serial console management of linux boxes?
21:28<javafueled>i have a single box I would like ditch the keyboard and monitor on... have read the HOWTOs, but I'm not sure about the part where I need to manage the box via my PowerBook (w/ the standard USB, Firewire, modem, ethernet ports) Is it as simple as buying a cable for serial (DB9) to USB||modem||ethernet?
21:31<JasonF>usb to serial adapters are notoriously bad
21:31<JasonF>you're better off managing using ssh than a serial console
21:31<javafueled>do that now... lose boot and shutdown messages.
21:32<JasonF>hrm, well, you would never get bios messages unless the bios supports a console, which is highly unlikely unless you paid an assload for it
21:33<javafueled>just the linux messages. something more robust than just ssh.
21:34<javafueled>and USB is just one of the options.
21:50<javafueled>just putting this out there for comments. (already read the standard HOWTOs at TLDP and this one: over and out.
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23:51<Dreamr3>is host22 ok?
23:51<Dreamr3>my linoe feels IO limited terrible
23:52<Dreamr3>my io_status is GREAT
23:52<Dreamr3>so it's not me
23:56<Dreamr3>is no one ever here anymore?
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