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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-28

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12:29<npmr>linbot, roulette
12:29<linbot>npmr: *click*
12:36<linbot>afv-13: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
12:45<bendy24>afv-13: that 400 has your name on it
12:47<afv-13>i'm sure it has
12:48<afv-13>only problem is my car finance has my name on it as well
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13:31<rainkid>my VPS is ot as 'snappy' as I would like. sometimes it takes about 5 seconds from successful ssh login before i see a prompt. bandwidth is not the issue. it doesn't appear to be a cpu issue as well. it could be a disk IO issue. any advice on how I can look into this a bit more?
13:31<linbot>JasonF: *click*
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13:37<linbot>warewolf: *click*
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14:06<AndyHat>Anyone else on host28 noticing terrible IO performance?
14:07<Eman>5 seconds from logon to prompt? i thought that was normal...
14:08<AndyHat>No, that wouldn't be normal.
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14:32<@mikegrb>AndyHat: all better now?
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15:52<knehcsa>currently i have a linode 100, if i need to upgrade to a linode 200 (for memory, cpu, and bandwidth reasons) for say two months, and then downgrade back to 100, is that possible?
15:53<kvandivo>assuming availability, yes
15:54<linbot>kvandivo: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
15:55<knehcsa>ahhh i gotcha
15:55<knehcsa>so i could be stuck with a 200 if there aren't any 100's open
15:56<bendy24>kvandivo: you rock
15:58<kvandivo>not lately
15:59<bendy24>because of your love life?
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16:41<linbot>New news from forums: PHP Slow, initially.. in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
16:50<warewolf>you can upgrade to the equivlant of the next-up box by purchasing more disk space and memory
16:50<warewolf>you'll still be on the same host that way
16:51<warewolf>but if you want to do a real upgrade you will be moved off the host you were on previously, and moved to a host that is designed for that "class" of linode
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