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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-29

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02:19<linbot>Majbour: Linode100 - 3, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
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09:23<hirstp>anyone awake? is host 59 down at the moment?
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09:25<npmr>linbot, roulette
09:25<linbot>npmr: *click*
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09:28<D|AFK>Good moaning - is there any known issues with HE right now?
09:28<Griswald>HE is currently down, entirely
09:28<Griswald>website isn't even accessible
09:28<D|AFK>Is that teh Grissy?
09:29<D|AFK>How';s it going bud? Long time no see :)
09:29<Griswald>so-so :)
09:29<D|AFK>How's the bub?
09:30<Griswald>erm.... lets not get into any of that please :X
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09:31<D|AFK>Don't tell me one of those 2 is HE too ^^
09:32<hirstp>is that why I can't geit into my linode 59?
09:33<D|AFK>No idea mate - I'm just here handing out ze chocolate cookies
09:33<claire{H-0}|away>chocolate o.O
09:33<hirstp>but others are having problems this morning?
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09:34<D|AFK>Aye - all the servers we have on HE are up and down like whores knickers
09:34[~]D|AFK is tactful!
09:34<claire{H-0}|away>D i'm not arguing with you... you bite!
09:34<hirstp>this is the first time I've noticed this happening - is it a regular occurence?
09:35<D|AFK>Not from my POV, it's not - tends to be HE with the issues rather than Linode though
09:35<hirstp>how long does it usually take for them to get back up?
09:36<D|AFK>Couldn't tell you tbh
09:37[~]D|AFK bites claire{H-0}|away
09:37<hirstp>well it's a hell of a relief anyway that it looks like the problem is outside my linode rather than inside it!
09:37[~]D|AFK pounces on teh Grissy bear too
09:37[~]claire{H-0}|away headbuts D on the chin
09:39<hirstp>caker - are you reading?
09:40<Griswald>claire, it's not very common
09:40<Griswald>at all
09:40<Griswald>last time this happened was a year ago ;p
09:40<D|AFK>They're normally either lurking or working, so yep, they'll see what's in here
09:41<claire{H-0}|away>Griswald ?
09:41[~]D|AFK holds her chin and gurns thoughtfully
09:41<Griswald>last year, HE had some faulty hardware if I'm not mistaken
09:42<Griswald>and it caused a small network outtage :P
09:42<Griswald>just gotta wait for mike or chris to get back and get ahold of HE
09:42<hirstp>ok well I'm happy that I hopefully will not have to rebuild my whole linode .... and hopeful they'll get it up soon. Just wondering whether I should update my DNS to point to a backup server but what with propagation etc I would only do that if its a day or more outage
09:43<Griswald>you won't have to rebuild your node :)
09:43<Griswald>and I don't think outtage will be more then a day
09:43<D|AFK>Probably not even a day
09:44<hirstp>Thanks for the reassurance guys
09:44<Griswald>it's only been an hour
09:44<Griswald>if that
09:44<Griswald>since this started
09:45<Griswald>mines back up now
09:45<Griswald>anyone else?
09:45<D|AFK>It's sporadic Gris
09:45<D|AFK>Had servers splitting since early hours of this morning according to logs
09:46<Griswald>dieing switch?
09:46<hirstp>when this started mine was rebooting very quickly ... too quickly in fact
09:46<Griswald>well, Saints Row demo is calling me.
09:46<D|AFK>Saint what?
09:46|-|Griswald changed nick to Griz|360|SaintsRow
09:46<Griz|360|SaintsRow>the XBOX 360 version of GTA:SA
09:46<Griz|360|SaintsRow>100x better
09:47<D|AFK>Get geometry wars - that's the mutt's nuts :)
09:47<Griz|360|SaintsRow>you can actually rob stores, etc :o
09:47<Griz|360|SaintsRow>I have that!
09:47<Griz|360|SaintsRow>it's addictive.
09:47<Griz|360|SaintsRow>so is UNO :o
09:47[~]D|AFK ponders some WoW
09:47<Griz|360|SaintsRow>We can play WoW together :P
09:47<Griz|360|SaintsRow>me and buggie are on Thunderhorn
09:48<D|AFK>Got a Euro account, so can't use US servers :(
09:48<Griz|360|SaintsRow>just come to the thunderhorn server and message Griswald ;)
09:49<D|AFK>That a PvP server??
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09:50<Griz|360|SaintsRow>horde side
09:51<D|AFK>Oh good - don't really want to be ganked by people wanting to prove their e-peenery
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09:54<Griz|360|SaintsRow>I'm currently in too, so send me a message whenever
09:54<D|AFK>Wilco - got to go sort some washing etc out so might hop on in a bit
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10:23<hirstp>so I 've had my breakfast - any news on server status?
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10:29<hirstp>anyone here?
10:35<Griz|360|SaintsRow>no news yet
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10:40<hirstp>anyone in/
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11:24<noob>Does anyone know if you have to fax your credit card details we dont have fax
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11:58<jungleg>hey caker, is host17 down?
11:58<jungleg>can't lish to it, and it's craaaawling
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13:36<linbot>New news from forums: host9 -- terrible net performance, high packet loss (ping) in General Discussion <>
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13:40<Eman>host9 seems normal here...
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14:35<Majbour>wtf ?
14:35<Eman>its the most evil commercial ever
14:36<Majbour>i think ur on drugs
14:41<warewolf>eight hundred, five eight eight two eight hundred EMPIRE!
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18:42<linbot>Majbour: Linode100 - 2, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
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21:45<linbot>Majbour: Linode100 - 2, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
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22:35<linbot>warewolf: Linode100 - 2, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
22:35<warewolf>hmm. Do I have enough time.
22:36<warewolf>caker- where are the available linodes, TP or HE or where?
22:36<warewolf>linode100s, specificially
22:38<@caker>lemme check
22:39<@caker>2 100s in Dallas
22:39<eFUDd>I ahve problems.
22:39<warewolf>so that's TP
22:39<eFUDd>I just ordered another-fucking-helicopter.
22:40<eFUDd>I've also got 5 airplanes en-route. :/
22:40<@caker>eFUDd: sick
22:40<warewolf>fudd- skycutter.
22:40<@caker>warewolf: yeah, one 200 in Dallas, and the 400 is in Fremont
22:40<eFUDd>oh. fuck the skycutter. :)
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22:46<linbot>tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty
22:47<fo0bar>greetings, humans
22:49[~]eFUDd kicks
22:49<eFUDd>it's dropping packets
22:53<JasonF>i dropped a packet on your mom last night
22:53<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
22:53[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
22:54<JasonF>awesome when you play rr with non-opped linbot
22:55|-|mode/#linode [+oo linbot mikegrb] by caker
22:56<@linbot>eFUDd: *click*
22:56<@caker>Fetching new mail: 867 of 18371
22:56<@caker>pain over cell modem ...
22:57[~]caker reconsiders
22:57<eFUDd>ah, so and are cell modems?
22:57<eFUDd>that explains it.
22:58<@caker>eFUDd: how many hops away from your IP are those?
22:58<eFUDd>caker, i'm 13 hops from my lappy -> forever.
22:58<eFUDd>vl21 is hop 11
22:58<eFUDd>vl1 is hop 12
23:00<eFUDd>it seems to ahve stopped losing packets now.
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23:03<Kurt>if I use "Create an empty disk image" out of part of my allocated space that's already included in an existing disk image, will that destroy the data on my existing disk image?
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23:06<fo0bar>Kurt: it won't let you creat images larger than your total unallocated (available) space
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