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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-07-30

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02:58<warewolf> <-- for those of you who have sprint pcs cell phones
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13:21<xinu>my node looks good but host53 seems sluggish, like it sometimes does before kernel panic, could someone check it?
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14:03<Xel>caker, mikegrb: Either of you around?
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14:05<npmr>linbot, roulette
14:05<@linbot>npmr: *click*
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15:51<hotnikks_>anyone familiar with oom killer?
15:59<JasonF>that means you're out of memory, my friend
16:00<JasonF>oom = out of memory
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16:01<square|>anyone around ?
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16:07<square|>how often does linode send the ptr records to theplanet?
16:12<lucca>on my linode, sleep() syscalls are returning instantly
16:13<lucca>i.e. sleep 10 from the shell returns after no delay
16:13<lucca>vmstat 1 scrolls at blazing speed
16:13<lucca>and things doing select() in a timeout spin in their select loop consuming cpu
16:13<@mikegrb>lucca: select latest 2.6 on the website and reboot
16:13<lucca>okay, willdo
16:13<@mikegrb>square|: click the rdns manager link on the member's overview page
16:14<square|>Reverse DNS Configuration -new-
16:14<square|>this link?
16:14<JasonF>HAX! HAX!
16:14<JasonF>OH NOES, HAX!
16:14<warewolf>that's not what I'm OH EHM GEE about
16:15<square|>i've already submited it, hence why im asking how often the requests are submited to tp
16:15<JasonF>omghax are the best kind of hax to omg about
16:15<warewolf>in preparation for going to vegas, I shaved my beard into a goatee
16:15<warewolf>I am now my own evil twin.
16:15[~]JasonF always goes goatee
16:15<Eman>JasonF always sends goatse
16:15<JasonF>I'm 21, and a professional SA
16:15<JasonF>so basically, I can go beard, and look like a 21 year old trying to wear a beard
16:16<JasonF>go no beard, and look 18
16:16<JasonF>or go goatee, and people think I'm like 26 :)
16:16<warewolf>I'm 26, people think I'm 35 with the beard.
16:16<warewolf>so now people are probally going to think I'm 26.
16:18<JasonF>26 is a good age.
16:18<JasonF>like the 21-29 age range is the sweet spot, methinks
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16:20<lucca>mikegrb: it's still doing that...
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16:24<lucca>hm, the cpu graphs page is handy, thanks. could we get similar for i/o graphs?
16:24[~]square| pokes mikegrb
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19:29<pat7>hi all
19:30<pat7>who can i ask here about the linode service?
19:31<TheFirst>what about it
19:32<pat7>cost of control panel
19:32<pat7>how many domains can i add
19:32<pat7>can i run java
19:32<TheFirst>it's a can do whatever you want with it...
19:32<TheFirst>cpanel, etc is all your responsibility
19:33<pat7>but sometimes stuff like java dont like the memory limitations
19:33<TheFirst>imagine that's a matter of configuring it properly...
19:34<pat7>other providers make u pay for cpanel
19:35<TheFirst>yeah that's all on you...they give you the vds, anything you put on it that costs you have to buy
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20:05<fo0bar>appearantly he didn't like that answer
20:10<@mikegrb>boat in trouble shooting up flares
20:11<@mikegrb>in the water?
20:11<@mikegrb>outside my place
20:11<JasonF>i mean like on the news, outside your p.... yeah
20:11<JasonF>heh, go save them
20:11<JasonF>or call the coast guard or somethign
20:11<@mikegrb>I'm off today
20:11<@mikegrb>45 minute eta for coast gaurd
20:12<JasonF>lol drowned lol
20:12<@mikegrb>not really
20:12<@mikegrb>station 13 should make contact shortly
20:12<JasonF>where do you live?
20:12<@mikegrb>lifeflight 3, with a rescue rig, and a sheriff's chopper are in route as well
20:12<@mikegrb>last night was awesome though
20:13<JasonF>aah, that's kinda a cool place. Some friends of our family used to live there.
20:13<@mikegrb>got called to an mva, car vs pole
20:13<@mikegrb>2006 camero
20:13<@mikegrb>well, likely stolen
20:13<JasonF>are you a cop or something?
20:13<@mikegrb>we had to go to a vehicle fire before highway patrol confirmed
20:13<@mikegrb>volunteer ff
20:15<@mikegrb>driver of the camero had a broken nose and probably other stuff but they took off long before we were there
20:16<JasonF>they "took off"?
20:18<@mikegrb>ran away
20:23<@linbot>New news from forums: Fedora Core 4 Support? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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20:30<@linbot>javafueled: *click*
20:30<@linbot>javafueled: Linode100 - 1, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
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