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05:58<blake>Your Linode has averaged 2%
05:58<blake>of one Host CPU for this month
05:58<blake>is that normal?
05:58<blake>its only been running a few hours, am i allowed to do that?
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06:11<internat>ah.. i see ur back
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06:16<Spads>internat: i see your front
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06:57<blake>internat: should that be a problem?
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14:50<rainkid>what happens if you go over your transfer quota?
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14:50<rainkid>(theoretical question as I've only used 10% of my allotted bandwidth last month)
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14:51<Battousai>they meter you and charge for the difference
14:51<Battousai>according to the rates advertised
14:53<rainkid>hmm, the only thing i can find is rates for additional bandwidth to add to your account
14:53<rainkid>is this is the same as the overage charges?
14:55<rainkid>okay. simple enough
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16:53<WonderClown>The I/O rate on my linode has gone to hell, apparently because my taken_max was reduced to 2000 and token_refill to 50.
16:53<WonderClown>I don't remember what they were before, but they were a lot higher.
16:53<WonderClown>Is it just me, or did they do this across the board?
16:53<WonderClown>I'm on host28
16:53<Battousai>just you
16:54<Battousai>token_refill=512 token_max=400000
16:54<WonderClown>Huh. So, what did I do to piss them off?
16:54<Battousai>they have an automatic limiter in case your linode starts thrashing
16:54<Battousai>so your linode was probably thrashing swap
16:54<WonderClown>I don't think so.
16:55<afv-13_>that's what they all say
16:55<WonderClown>Anyway, the normal values of token_refill/token_max are sufficient to keep a linode from thrashing swap.
16:55<WonderClown>Seems to me that reducing those limits would require human intervention.
16:55<Battousai>not if there's a runaway process
16:56<afv-13_>WonderClown: are you registered on ratemylinode? that'll give you an idea as to when it started
16:56<WonderClown>I've got 23M free RAM, or 83M free if you subtract what the kernel is using as an I/O cache.
16:56<WonderClown>It started today.
16:56<WonderClown>Using 92M swap, but that's a normal amount for me -- that's all stuff that isn't being actively used.
16:56<afv-13_>WonderClown: how much swap used?
16:57<npmr>what was your normal io_rate?
16:57<WonderClown>That I'm not sure of.
16:57<WonderClown>But it's more than 50, probably.
16:58<WonderClown>Actually, right now it's down to 0, because I killed a bunch of stuff.
16:58<WonderClown>Lots of stuff had gotten backed up because of the reduced token_refill and token_max, which only made things worse.
16:59<WonderClown>Now I'm hardly doing any I/O, but token_refill and token_max are still 50 and 2000, respectively.
17:00<Battousai>yes you need to file a ticket to get it restored, after you fix your thrasher
17:00<npmr>they will have to be manually set back to the defaults
17:01<WonderClown>So, did they manually reduce it, or was that automated?
17:03<npmr>when io_tokens drops below some low threshold for an extended period, your token_refill and max_tokens are automatically reduced to 50 and 2000
17:03<WonderClown>Ah, that I did not know.
17:03<npmr>i don't know what the threshold or the period are
17:04<npmr>they really need to document that penalty mechanism better
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18:40<@linbot>New news from forums: Odd RPM "corruption" problem in CentOS 4 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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18:54<apoc>erhm, is there an admin in here? o.o
18:59<apoc>cool, nice customer support
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21:23[~]xptek yawns.
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