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00:01<tompuppy1>anyone here also on host 56?
00:01<tompuppy1>!seen caker
00:01<@linbot>tompuppy1: caker was last seen in #linode 3 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <caker> eFUDd: how many hops away from your IP are those?
00:02<tompuppy1>!seen mikegrb
00:02<@linbot>tompuppy1: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 2 days, 3 hours, 43 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <mikegrb> ran away
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00:16<@linbot>New news from forums: 56 panic'ing again? in Xen Public Beta <>
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04:45<jimcooncat>can I reserve a small linode, please?
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12:14<X-Ception>can u create multipal accounts on linode?
12:14<X-Ception>for webhosting etc.
12:14<anderiv>X-Ception: yes
12:14<X-Ception>ok thats all i needed thanks :)
12:15<anderiv>glad I could help.
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14:49<W6RK>caker/mikegrb, did you do some magic to host53 lately? my load averages have dropped a lot and I didn't change anything major. Good thing :-)
14:50<W6RK>like... found someone else loading it up bad
15:06<@mikegrb>don't remember 53 specifically but probably so
15:06<@mikegrb>we keep a pretty close eye on load across all of the hosts and tune things when it starts to get high
15:06<Battousai>yeah yeah
15:06<Battousai>so he says
15:07<Battousai>he just likes getting credit for it
15:07[~]mikegrb looses Battousai's disk images
15:08<TheFirst>what was up with 56 yesterday? been no wordon what happened...
15:09<Battousai>they sacrificed it for host53
15:12<Eman>some emo got an account on it and the server committed suicide
15:12<Spads>npmr: what's up?
15:14<Spads>mikegrb: I just killed some longrunning D-state processes
15:15<Spads>mikegrb: any chance I could be removed from the penalty refresh_rate?
15:15<@mikegrb>Spads: which host?
15:15<Spads>I think I'm 28. lemme check
15:16<lucca>mikegrb: even after rebooting to that new kernel, i'm still seeing sleep return instantly... I have workarounds so I'm okay but... anything else I should try?
15:16<W6RK>mike... thanks :-) My system is much more responsive since yesterday (or Monday, not sure)
15:16<@mikegrb>it should be fixed in latest, what does uname -a say?
15:19<Spads>mikegrb: definitely host28
15:28<lucca>mikegrb: Linux kuu #1 Thu Jul 13 23:24:40 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
15:40<Spads>mikegrb: when you have time, I'd like to have my refresh restored.
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16:49<Simjazz>hello is there any one to help me
16:49<Simjazz>wanna purchase this linode thing
16:50<Simjazz>any users at least online
16:51<brocktice>Simjazz: you just fill out the order page
16:53<Simjazz>another thing do we have to run linux to use this?
16:53<Simjazz>if you dont mind?
16:53<brocktice>Well... the Linode has to run Linux.
16:53<Simjazz>i use windows and im quite scared
16:53<brocktice>You don't have to at home.
16:53<Simjazz>i mean from my system
16:53<Simjazz>ok thanks
16:53<Simjazz>is it difficult setting up stuffs
16:54<brocktice>Do you have any experience with Linux?
16:54<Simjazz>sort of
16:54<brocktice>You might be better off getting some old hardware and messing around with Linux on it first, if you can.
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16:54<brocktice>Administering your own server is a tall order if you're not really familiar with Linux.
16:56<sonorous>Simjazz: what sort of stuff are you wanting to run on your linode? as in, what are your intentions for having one?
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17:04<Simjazz>and stuff
17:08<guinea-pig>pitagora suicchi!
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17:43<Spads>caker: mikegrb: ping
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18:03<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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18:19<@mikegrb>Spads: pong
18:24<Majbour>hey anyone alive
18:24<Majbour>need a little help
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18:59<majbour>anyone alive
19:02<internat>im alive
19:02<internat>dunno if i can help u though. whats the problem?
19:02<majbour>worth a shot
19:02<majbour>i just got a vps
19:02<majbour>and i wanna know how to access it remotly
19:02<majbour>i looked on the site
19:03<majbour>and it said u can use vnc for x and windows platforms but i dont see any distros for them (unless x is linux)
19:03<majbour>im a huge n00b at this
19:04<internat>so iu have a linode vps?
19:04<internat>x is a windows manager, that runs inside a linux distro
19:05<internat>not sure if running x on a linode would be super fast.. probably the oposite but its doable
19:10<majbour>is there a linux equivilent to vnc where i can login and move stuff around besides the command propt
19:12<internat>err.. vnc is just a viewing client. basicly you need to run X on ur linux server, and have a display manager such as kde or gnome. and then have vncserver running and u can connect to it
19:13<iggy>what plan do you have?
19:20<majbour>id like to do 2 things with it
19:21<majbour>one setup a irc bot using eggdrop
19:21<majbour>and two run my site
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22:37<lucca>Majbour: most any of the distributions should be able to run X windows
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22:49<dkz>Is there someone from on line now ?
22:50<TheFirst>if ya need someone asap submit a ticket...they get paged for those
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