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01:15<vngheem>Hi, I'm a little new at setting up web servers but am using a linode to help me learn and I think I have a simple question... How come when I type "hostname" I get "none" in return when I enter the correct info in the /etc/hosts file?
01:23<TheFirst>because that's not what hostname displays or what /etc/hosts is for
01:23<TheFirst>check /etc/hostname
01:25<vngheem>I'm pretty sure I edited the hosts file correctly
01:25<Eman>your hostname doesnt belong in /etc/hosts
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02:32<Spads>caker: mikegrb: reping
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03:01<KHAMSA>Hi... any of the LINODE support out there?!?
03:01<Spads>KHAMSA: I think they've all gone to bed
03:03<KHAMSA>my cc has been blocked for a while and the account has been disabled... any of you experienced same problem? my boss is on vacation... the only thing i know is that the cc has been reactivated right now. Do you think i gotta do all the registration or simply can be reactivated?
03:06<Spads>not sure
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04:31<Spads>caker: mikegrb: any chance I could have my token_refresh restored? I can't upgrade TeX because of child process timeouts trying to get I/O
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05:05<@linbot>New news from forums: UK Linode (Virtual Linux Hosting) in General Discussion <>
05:11<@linbot>New news from forums: Rsync Server Possibility Questions... in General Discussion <>
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07:55<internat>so as a stupid question does anyone here run more then one linode? for load balancing or anything like that?
07:59<npmr>some people run more than one
07:59<npmr>i don't know who off hand
08:03<internat>cause im just thinking of getting another one for redundancy and that
08:03<internat>i know how to set up backup mx which is easy. but for apache/mysql im not sure, ie how to make it pick up that server a has died and that it needs to take over.. i could imagine having something that changes the dns but anything with the old ip in the cache would still be going to the old serve
08:06<npmr>normally, that would be done by having the backup application server hijack the down server's ip address
08:06<npmr>but you can't do that with linodes
08:06<npmr>and it would also interfere with dns and mail systems' built in redundancy
08:07<npmr>probably the best you'd be able to do is round robin dns
08:09<internat>yeah but then the chances of getting a broken server are 50/50
08:09<internat>how hard are msyql clusters? ie what happens if one node in the cluster goes down, when it coems back up does it get updates on the information or..?
08:13<npmr>i have no idea how mysql does replication
08:14<bendy24>the only problem with mysql replication is only one can be a master
08:14<bendy24>the slaves are only mirror copies and cannot be changed
08:15<bendy24>postgresql can do it though
08:18<internat>hmms so what happens if the master goes dwon? everything goes into read only mode?
08:19<internat>thats a bit gay
08:19<brocktice>what master is this?
08:19<brocktice>pardon my wading into the middle of the conversation
08:20<bendy24>read up
08:20<brocktice>eh I know it shows that I've been logged in... I'll just check the log
08:21<brocktice>at the moment I'm using IRSSI proxy
08:21<brocktice>so I don't have the history
08:21<brocktice>but I can get it
08:21<bendy24>just talking about mysql replication
08:21<brocktice>oh okay :)
08:21<brocktice>far far out of my area of expertise
08:22<bendy24>its only real benefit is for live backups
08:22<brocktice>as I'm reading the history...
08:22<brocktice>internat, you might want to check out
08:22<brocktice>I'm using one machine there and one here
08:22<brocktice>totally separate locations / services
08:22<brocktice>so if one goes down I'm still good on the other
08:22<brocktice>or you could ask for a linode in ThePlanet and a linode in HE
08:22<internat>yeah well i like linode so iwas thinking of getting another node in a different datacentre
08:23<internat>yeah.. but my problem is how to do the redundancy thing
08:23<brocktice>right hence the mysql stuff
08:23<internat>cause the main examples ive found are with ip take overs and that is going to happen
08:23<brocktice>the only thing I'm using the backup for is MX
08:23<brocktice>which as you said is easy
08:24<internat>well the other option is to run dns on both servers
08:25<internat>and have ns1 and ns2 and have ns2 point to the backup server, so that bascily if ns1 isnt responding we basicly start giving out our own details
08:25<bendy24>or run a third master dns server that can change the dns records on the fly in the event of trouble
08:26<internat>i thought of that, but since the ttl value is liek 24hrs..
08:26<bendy24>set the domain to 60 seconds or something
08:26<internat>especially since linode is running a beta for a dns serveice
08:26<internat>yeah but i remember reading that that was a bad idea somewhere
08:26<bendy24>oh well, you cant please everyone :)
08:27<internat>i know :)
08:27<internat>hmms this is probably going to be harder then i wanted
08:29<internat>im just thinking practicall.. event ho im hosting only a few small sites. id like the reduncancy of if server a drops dead.. file coruption hacked. whatever, i can just fall straight over to server 2 with minimul down time
08:30<internat>the data syncing i can do.. well i think i could probably do
08:30<internat>just rsync hourly
08:30<internat>probably having mysql go into read only mode if the master goes down probably wouldnt kill me
08:31<internat>i wouldnt mind learning how to set up a mail pool but i think that is going to be beyond my current capabilities
08:32<internat>and the other slight problem is that i dont have access to teh dns records of all the domains i host.. which would mean id have to get them updated so thats a tad of an annoyance as well
08:44<bendy24>you could change your slave db into a master fairly quick if you had to
08:52[~]npmr has implemented upside-down-ternet
08:53<npmr>it is teh awesome
08:53<Spads>I'd do it if anyone in my neighborhood used wireless
08:54<npmr>i put the proxy on the linode and the firewall rules are going to go into three wrt54gses
08:54<Spads>Mine's a GL
08:54<npmr>yes, in three separate locations
08:54<bendy24>damn, hes one up on me!
08:55<npmr>although i'm not doing it using separate dhcp spaces
08:55<npmr>i'm doing iptables-based mac filtering
08:55<npmr>should work just as well
08:55<bendy24>bad npmr
08:55<bendy24>mac's are easily spoofed
08:56<npmr>how's that not also a problem with multiple dhcp subnets?
08:56<bendy24>its not
08:56<npmr>then stfu
08:57<brocktice>I've got a GL
08:57<bendy24>you need some ispec tunnels, sir
08:57<brocktice>I should do that... but I'm moving shortly so that router's packed at the moment
08:58<brocktice>The GSes have more memory
08:58<brocktice>wish I'd bought one of those
08:58<bendy24>yeah, its a little tricky fitting stuff on a G
08:59<npmr>actually the one i set up last night was a G
08:59<npmr>i had to leave out nmap :<
09:00<npmr>i wish i could still get a v4 GS
09:00<npmr>they're all v5 and up now
09:00<brocktice>I think they got it working with v5 now
09:00<npmr>oh yeah?
09:00<brocktice>you have to load some other firmware first
09:00<npmr>i heard there was a major change in the platform and they had no plans to go there?
09:01<brocktice>I'm double-checking the site now
09:01<brocktice>I really want one with a USB port though
09:01<brocktice>I think ASUS makes/made them
09:02<npmr>v5, 5.1, and 6 GSes are unsupported
09:02<npmr>v7 Gs are unsupported
09:02<brocktice>oh it's the WRT54G v.5s
09:02<brocktice>no no
09:02<npmr>the v5 and v6 Gs have even *less* flash
09:02<brocktice>oh :(
09:03<brocktice>Hey folks. There is now a way to flash a WRT54G/GSv5 without any big modification or opening the unit. db90h from our forum found a way to generate a flash image which overwrites the original bootloader of the unit which turns the unit effectivily in a linux compatible unit. after applying this image you can flash this unit with the micro edition without any big troubles. The VxWorks killer can be downloaded Here
09:03<brocktice>For more detailed instructions, look into our WRT54Gv5 Wiki
09:03<brocktice>but it is small
09:04<npmr>i probably should have used the micro image last night
09:04<npmr>oh well
09:05<brocktice>ah yes the ASUS WL500G deluxe
09:05<npmr>see also linksys wrtsl54gs
09:06<npmr>more flash, faster cpu
09:07<brocktice>that ain't cheap
09:08<brocktice>the specs and usb port are very tempting though
09:09<brocktice>wtf is 802.3?
09:10<brocktice>oh, haha
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10:24<brocktice>ordered a wrtsl54gs
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10:37<jimcooncat>just signed up for my second linode. very happy with your service!
10:37<@linbot>npmr: Linode100 - 2, Linode150 - 4, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
10:38<jimcooncat>going fast
10:38<npmr>how many were there earlier?
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10:47<jimcooncat>4 Linode100's last night, three this morning, then I just nabbed one
10:48<jimcooncat>and they weren't to be available until Aug. 15
10:48<npmr>the best time to get one is at about midnight on billing day
10:49<jimcooncat>hopefully I won't need TOO many more
10:49<npmr>there are always two or three people (read: teenagers) who want to cancel theirs before they get socked another $20
10:52<jimcooncat>I'm wondering how bad a webcam relay would bump my usage for 15 or so viewers
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19:05<steffan>hi guys, do you allow the running of shoutcast on your servers?
19:09<Battousai>everything is allowed except what's filtered
19:09<Battousai>and that small list is on the website somewhere
19:10<Battousai>there ya go
19:10<Battousai>basically just security-inept services are blocked
19:10<Battousai>and some backdoor ports
19:11<Battousai>i should say trojan rather
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19:18<Battousai>i'm absolutely disgusted
19:18<Battousai>so much for net neutrality
19:18[~]guinea-pig calls in the EFF police on mikegrb
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20:14<Majbour>anyone alive
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22:53<cconlin>Hey, anyone know the best way to chroot bind on Ubuntu 6?
22:53<cconlin>I've been looking around, but the closest howtos I get are for Debian.. Will that suffice?
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