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00:07<@caker>yeah, odd that hosts that had freezing issues have been behaving since we did the RAM upgrade
00:08<@caker>I'm thinking not a coincidence; but interesting nonetheless
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05:59<jimcooncat>is there a need to set up firewall / iptables on a linode if I'm careful what ports are open for listening?
05:59<jimcooncat>it's not like I have other computers behind it to protect
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06:31<jimcooncat>it's a good morning jcm
06:32[~]jcm just ordered service :-)
06:33<jcm>I need a couple of Xen/UML virtual hosts so I've ordered one service with Bytemark in London and the other with Linode.
06:34[~]jcm is relocating from London to Boston soon and I need to move stuff that's on my home [A]DSL onto virtual services.
06:35<jimcooncat>jcm, I'm about 200 miles north of Boston
06:35<jcm>NH somewhere?
06:35<jcm>oh, right.
06:35<jcm>Not been to Maine yet. I've been to 13 states now though.
06:35<jimcooncat>moving for work?
06:35<jcm>Another 37 left to go over the next 5 years :-)
06:36<jcm>Yep, I work for a certain North American Enterprise Linux vendor :P
06:36<jimcooncat>are you new with linode?
06:36<jcm>Though I've been planning to leave the UK for a year or so now. I was going to move to Canada until I got offered a job :-)
06:37<jcm>jimcooncat: literally just opened an account.
06:37<jimcooncat>I just opened my second one, I've been running a postfix setup for some time here, now for a web host
06:38<jcm>This is all still under UML though, right?
06:38<jcm>They haven't deployed a production Xen system yet?
06:38<jimcooncat>yep, roll your own
06:38<jimcooncat>they have it in beta
06:38<jcm>I'd like to try that out if that's possible :-)
06:38<jcm>(perhaps not right away - I know how unstable some of that stuff is!)
06:39<jimcooncat>submit a support ticket and see if they'll let you
06:39<jimcooncat>I'd get some experience with a UML one first though, to see how managing it works
06:39<jcm>I've got a couple of colo'd machines in London that I'm going to switch over to Xen before I move to Boston. But then I'll be reliant on my friends to support me :-) So I decided to get some virtual servers for email.
06:40<jcm>I have a silly email setup where mail is duplicated onto two different machines when it comes in (it's done at the exim level) so that if either server dies, I can get my mail.
06:40<jimcooncat>I do like linode, it's very simple to work with
06:41<jcm>I'm planning to migrate that so mail is distributed between London/Linode(TX/CA wherever).
06:41<jcm>I assume they force you to use whatever kernel you're given?
06:41<jimcooncat>yes, but you have some choices
06:42<jimcooncat>but you have to ask for support if you want your own modules
06:42<jcm>Since my box isn't setup (yet), would it be possible to get a copy of /proc/config.gz or similar somewhere on their website?
06:42<jcm>Specifically, I want to know if they build with FUSE.
06:43<jcm>My mail needs to be stored on an encrypted volume.
06:43<jimcooncat>I believe they do, I saw it somewhere on the forums
06:43<jimcooncat>maybe do a search for FUSE or encfs
06:43<jcm>jimcooncat: so what do you do?
06:43<jcm>("Jim" isn't very descriptive)
06:43<jimcooncat>bookkeeper and tech for ten companies
06:44<jcm>oh, just a couple then!
06:44<jimcooncat>no, work in a very small company
06:44<jcm>oh, cool.
06:44<jimcooncat>I like it except for the 90 mile commute
06:44<jcm>I was self employed until recently. It's taking some used to working in a big corp, but RH is a great place to work.
06:45<jcm>s/It's taking some/It's taking some getting time getting/
06:45<jimcooncat>I worked with US army for 9 years, so I know what a big org is like
06:45<jcm>That's gotta be an interesting place to work!
06:46<jimcooncat>It was, but I'm glad that part of my life's over
06:46[~]jcm could never work for the Army, but I know lots of folks who have. I've done some UK defense contracting though.
06:46[~]jcm is too much of a tree hugger :-)
06:47<jimcooncat>I don't think I'd like the brit army, I was with an international unit with them
06:47<jcm>Lots of very arrogant people in there.
06:48<jimcooncat>yeah, but sometimes you need them in an army :-)
06:48<jcm>Oh yeah, I'm sure they're well placed :P
06:48<jcm>Random question. How cold does it get in Maine in winter compared to New England or Ontario?
06:49<jimcooncat>hope you'll like Boston, I can't handle driving in that city
06:49<jimcooncat>I go round and round about three times before I realize I'm back where I started
06:49<jimcooncat>Cold's about the same, but little snow in past few years, so feels colder
06:50<jcm>I don't own a car now. I'll end up with one, but mostly for getting out to Westford. I'm not planning to drive in town - the T is just too useful compared to that traffic (especially with the Big Dig how it is right now - I was there recently).
06:51<jimcooncat>what distro are you going to use on your linode?
06:51<jcm>Undecided. I might just go with CentOS.
06:51<jcm>But otherwise a $generic_Debian.
06:52[~]jcm is a Debian/Fedora user these days.
06:52<jimcooncat>I have a hard time understanding Fedora/RH/CentOS
06:53<jcm>I used to be a Debianite, then when I joined RH I started using Rawhide. I have to say that I dislike yum, but otherwise am very keen on Fedora again now.
06:53<jcm>I can cheat in that if I don't like something in Fedora, I can fix it!
06:53<jimcooncat>Had a "consultant" come in to set one up, but he really didn't have a handle on it, so I couldn't learn much from him
06:54[~]jcm is a Kernel Tools Engineer, so I work on the Red Hat kernel.
06:54<jimcooncat>I don't care for yum, but then again I'm more interested in using than setting up
06:55<jcm>I really like apt and Debian in many ways, though I've never used a Debian kernel! :-)
06:55<jimcooncat>I used to run gentoo but switched to ubuntu
06:55<jimcooncat>linode uses same kernel for all distros, far as I can tell
06:55<jcm>One of these laptops still has Dapper on it, though I'm mostly running Rawhide. I'll check out Eft in due course.
06:56<jcm>Though they let you build your own kernel modules? That's nice.
06:56<jimcooncat>I'm waiting on Eft to get more stable
06:57<jimcooncat>jcm no, I don't think you can just build a module and plunk it on your linode
06:57[~]jcm is procrastinating. I'm on the weirdest time these days - I drift in and out of EDT/BST.
06:57<jimcooncat>I think you'd have to talk to caker or mikegrb for that
06:57<jcm>Oh I expected I'd have to ask nicely :-)
06:57<jimcooncat>but they have a good handle on the tech
06:57<jcm>sounds like it.
06:58<jcm>There are really two companies I think "get" UML. Bytemark in London, and Linode in the States.
06:58<jimcooncat>gotta go on my dump run, something we do every Saturday in Maine lol
06:58<jcm>Which is why I've just opened accounts with both.
06:58<Spads>12:58 <jimcooncat> gotta go on my dump run, something we do every Saturday in Maine *drooling noise*
06:58<jimcooncat>glad you enjoyed it. I'll pick up something nice for you there Spads
06:58<Spads>12:58 <jcm> *drooling noise*
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06:59[~]encode pnders what a dump run is
07:00<jcm>Hmmm. Need to go to Maine. Bumped up todo list.
07:00<jcm>encode: I assume it's something to do with trash.
07:00<jcm>(or as we would say: rubbish, litter, <insert Britishism>
07:01[~]jcm is getting much better at atomically switching between US/UK. Though I still always want to open the wrong side door of a car for a few days when switching.
07:02<encode>i think that would take a fair amount of travelling between the too
07:02<jcm>I've done 4 transatlantic trips so far this year, including one weekend.
07:03<jcm>It'll be 8 by the time the year is out.
07:03<encode>so often when im driving i do so more by instinct rather than conscious thought, so i'd probably end up driving on the wrong side of the road
07:03<encode>business trips?
07:03<jcm>mixture. The weekend was for a friend's house party in Ottawa. I had fun explaining /that/ to immigration.
07:03<jcm>"Duration of stay?" "1 day".
07:03<encode>thats a fair way to go for a party
07:04<jcm>"Ok Sir, you're going to need to go into that room over there..."
07:04<encode>must've been a pretty good friend
07:04<jcm>Yeah. Though the furthest I've gone for coffee is 5000 miles.
07:04<jcm>45 flight last year, including 5 trips to the US.
07:05[~]jcm likes travel. I usually do short/cheap trips for a few hundred dollars by staying with friends.
07:05<encode>dont you get sick of it?
07:05<jcm>nope. Last year, I went to 12 States, 6 Provinces, a half dozen European countries and India.
07:06<jcm>Next year, I want to go to LCA in Oz.
07:06<encode>bah. thats probably more countries than ive been to in my life
07:06<jcm>Once I move, I'm going to visit the remaining 37 States in the next 5 years.
07:06<encode>ooh, have you been down under many times?
07:06<jcm>not been. /really/ want to.
07:06[~]encode assumes lca is linux conference australia
07:06<jcm>yup :-)
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07:07<encode>i should go to that
07:07<encode>next year is at UNSW, not far away
07:07<encode>but its expensive, and in january - i already have plans for january
07:08<jcm>I go to Ottawa a /lot/ too, for obvious reasons. I started going for the obvious, but then liked the place - so I was camping last February. It was -26 degrees C outside our tent.
07:08<jcm>That's -15F IIRC.
07:08<encode>obvious reasons?
07:09<encode>Ottawa Linux Symposium?
07:09<jcm>Yup. That convinced me to move to Canada. I was going to move /now/ if it weren't for getting a job in Boston.
07:10<encode>ive only been to canada once, when i was 4
07:10<jcm>I probably still will move to Canada in the end.
07:10<encode>i dont remember a real lot :S
07:11<jcm>Where are you (roughly?)
07:11<encode>in my bedroom
07:12<jcm>encode: really? cool! I'm really hoping I make LCA next year...
07:12<jcm>I think it's in SYD this time.
07:12<jcm>I wanted to go to .nz last year but had to cancel out.
07:12<jcm>I'm thinking I should submit a paper...
07:13<encode>any particular topic?
07:13[~]jcm is giving a master session on kernel porting at LinuxWorld London, I could rebase that as a tutorial.
07:13<jcm>So you're in SLUG?
07:13<encode>im too lazy
07:13[~]jcm is on the list, but not been following it much lately.
07:13<encode>but i know a number of ppl that are
07:14<jcm>I know Jeff. He's, um, changing direction soon from what I hear.
07:14<encode>im not so active in the linux community
07:14<Spads>you mean Jeff Weff?
07:14<encode>changing direction?
07:14<Spads>Jeff Weff
07:15<jcm>There are some pretty interesting rumors is probably all I can say :-)
07:15<Spads>he's publicly announced
07:15<jcm>oh, he has?
07:16[~]jcm checks his blog - I've been out of touch with my blog reading.
07:16<Spads>huh, maybe not
07:16[~]encode doesnt understand
07:17<jcm>Spads: nothing on the blog. There was talk all over OLS, but that's not entirely public :-)
07:17<jcm>Like, I discovered that akpm is now working for Google. I don't /think/ that's been on /. yet.
07:17<Spads>oh, is slashdot still around?
07:17<Spads>how quaint.
07:18<jcm>*exactly*. Nobody cares about it any more.
07:18<encode>its not that great these days
07:18<encode>bit of a shame
07:18<jcm>I met Malda recently. He's as arrogant as I expected.
07:18<Spads>the real death knell is when the people running it stopped reading it
07:18<Spads>and you had so many duplicate articles
07:18<Spads>but that was what, 2000?
07:18<encode>im sure cowboyNeal will die of a heart attack soon
07:18<jcm>"Hey dudz! I learned perl! I can write websites! Now listen to everything I have to say..."
07:18<Spads>hemos is the only worthwhile one in the whole lot
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07:19<jcm>yep, always was.
07:19<Spads>but the worst of them is roblimo
07:19<encode>i only found out about /. in 2000 :S
07:19<jcm>He's negatively useful.
07:19[~]Spads used to read "chips&dip"
07:19<encode>the internet was kind of slow to take off in .au
07:19[~]jcm found /. sometime last millennium or maybe 2000.
07:20[~]Spads remembers when malda switched from the tacky spiral notebook on lined paper look over to the "well it looks fine at 1280x1024!" cyan look
07:20<jcm>I've read stories about connectivity in Oz. I think these days there are a lot better trans-pacific cables.
07:20<Spads>I also remember when jwz posted "it's completely fucking bogus that I should now have to make an account to post this"
07:20<Spads>when they added accounts
07:20<encode>jcm: yeah
07:21<encode>i didnt know anything of the internet till high school
07:21[~]Spads shudders at thinking of paying per byte
07:21<encode>and then it was a couple of years before we got connected at home
07:21<Spads>I made sure when I moved to London that I got an uncapped and unmetered ISP
07:21<encode>i wish there was such a thing in .au
07:21<jcm>We (in the UK) have TAT cables but I was pointing out to my parents and my grandmother recently that my grandmother was born 23 years before the invention of the transistor and my parents a year before the first transatlantic telephone cable service.
07:22<jcm>In 1955 it cost Â3GBP/min to call the US from the UK and it was radio based.
07:23<jcm>When I first started using the Internet in the UK, we'd still feel it when the US woke up in the mornings.
07:23<Spads>telstar, baby
07:24<Spads>okay, I should go shopping
07:24<jcm>Spads: you're in London?
07:24[~]jcm is in Reading...
07:24<jcm>Do you go to Lonix/UKUUG?
07:24<Spads>Nope, just moved here in June
07:24<encode>i was about to ask why go shopping now, before i realised its around midday on a saturday
07:24<Spads>where do they meet?
07:24<jcm>I don't go very often. But it'd be cool to grab a beer sometime!
07:25<jcm>Spads: Lonix is sporadic, GLLUG (I meant that not UKUUG!) is per their website, regularly monthly Sat. meetings.
07:25<encode>i wonder how many people in #linode go to LCA
07:26<Spads>man, I love the Dr. WHo reference in the greenwich excursion
07:26[~]jcm is listening to Canadian music about Captain By...
07:26<Spads>Mrs. Spads and I went there and had lots of fun booming about SPAAAACE AND TIIIIIME
07:26<jcm>Spads: Mail me! and we'll grab a coffee/beer sometime.
07:27<Spads>sure thing
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07:27<jcm>Where sometime is before I leave the country on October 1! :P
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07:27<encode>jcm: umm, you're going to get a lot of spam at that address now
07:27<jcm>encode: I deleted 17,000 spams last night from the last couple of weeks.
07:28<jcm>encode: even worse is <my initials> That gets spam too now...
07:28<encode>you dont have any spam filtering?
07:28<jcm>of course!
07:28<Spads>spam filtering where I work is pretty bad
07:28<encode>and 17000 get through?
07:29<jcm>But I also occasionally actually read through my spam so I can check I didn't miss stuff. It's not thorough reading though.
07:29<jcm>I'm temporarily using gmail for mail reading until I have time to fix SA at home so it's more sane.
07:29<Spads>I enjoy spampd
07:29<encode>i take a slightly different approach, but it wouldnt work with a work email adress
07:29<encode>i use different aliases for mailing lists
07:29<Spads>I just wish mailman knew to use it instead of spamd
07:29<encode>and if i get too much spam
07:30<encode>i remove the alias
07:30<jcm>My work email is different, I can't forward that anywhere!
07:30<encode>and resubscribe
07:30<Spads>I should forward my work e-mail to my server
07:30<jcm>company conf. and all that, so I don't forward work mail.
07:31<jcm>And I only read it on "secure" machines.
07:31<jcm>(ones I installed and have physical access to)
07:32<jcm>I /should/ be writing at the moment. I've got 2 chapters to go on this book.
07:32<jcm>But I've been working all week, so I'm slacking!
07:32<encode>what are you writign?
07:32<jcm>"Professional Linux Programming"
07:33<jcm>It's a vanity thing, photo on the cover. Picks up hot chicks (not really!)
07:33<encode>need a proof reader?
07:33<jcm>encode: possibly, yes. Mail me...
07:33<Spads>I'm off to St. James to buy fru-fru tea
07:34<jcm>I like writing. I'm finishing that book and then I'm taking over the update of Building Embedded Linux Systems.
07:34<jcm>After that, I've got a couple of other writing projects planned.
07:36<jcm>Cool. Linode just took payment so hopefully my vhost is coming...
07:37<jcm>Time for some coffee!
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13:11<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:11<rafa>cake ?
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13:23<linbot>New news from forums: Order 2 Linodes on different hosts? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
13:28<rafa>anyone from support here?
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20:05<jcm>I assume that means my box is physically in freemont.
20:09<jcm>The traceroute through to the IP I've been given shows me going through HE.
20:10<TheFirst>well if the endpoint is in he then yah ... you're in fremont
20:12[~]jcm is still figuring the Linode setup out. At some point, I'll find where I can put the reverse DNS entries in the web thing.
20:16<jcm>Ah, yes, it's fremont.
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20:37<jcm>A little annoying that they don't pass reboot through via mcontrol and have it handled right.
20:38<jcm>but otherwise, I'm so far impressed.
20:38<jcm>These guys seem to dig UML :-)
20:41<jcm>Though it might make sense for linode to have its own Debian mirror
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23:20<@caker>jcm: thanks .. if I knew of a way around the reboot issue we'd have done it by now :)
23:20<@caker>Mostly it's because if someone reboots from inside UML and they've made config changes on our end (disks, IPs, etc) UML wouldn't pick them up
23:21<@caker>and I figured disabling UML's reboot is better than the confusion caused by the above scenario
23:22<efudd> <- current plane i'm building
23:23<jcm>caker: you know what? You're right. It probably is better.
23:24<efudd>caker is always right.
23:24<jcm>But perhaps it's an FAQ item?
23:24<efudd>(cept when he's wrong.)
23:25<efudd>to give you an idea of how durable the plane is: :)
23:25<efudd>should be right up my alley
23:26<@caker>our FAQ lacks, but it's documented on the wiki, though perhaps not easy to find
23:27<jcm>Not a biggie :-)
23:28<jcm>Well, linode won the <no real prize defined> for registering my host. I ordered from Bytemark before I ordered from linode and theirs won't be ready until Wednesday.
23:29<efudd>ewf. I've now been with linode 3yrs.
23:29[~]efudd stabs self in face
23:30<jcm>It'll be fun when there's also a Xen offering.
23:30<jcm>Eventually (with the right hardware), they'll be able to have Windows!
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