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00:54<e1>have a question
00:58<e1>is linode going to add updated distributions for mandrake/mandriva?
01:06<e1>is anyone hee
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10:16<cout>load avg of 13... that can't be good...
10:37<npmr>on a linode, probably
10:37<npmr>i've seen loadavgs in the hundreds on systems before
10:37<npmr>are they all making busy with the i/o?
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10:40<bondovy>what is the best OS?
10:41<npmr>for what?
10:42<bondovy>for what as in?
10:42<npmr>ok, here
10:42<npmr>let's make a deal
10:42<npmr>i'll tell you what the best os is, if you'll tell me what the best pasta is
10:42<bondovy>as long as its fair
10:43<bondovy>vxworks huh?
10:43<bondovy>never seen it
10:43<npmr>yes, i have determined this from your choice of pasta
10:44<bondovy>i just hope you like roman of im fucked huh
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12:14<cout>penne rigata
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12:25<M-guy>hello mikegrb, long time no see
12:30<M-guy>anyadmin here?
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18:06<@caker>efudd: crazy
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20:06<StarteR2>Hello anyone here?
20:06<internat>i am..
20:06<StarteR2>Well i have a quick question
20:07<StarteR2>can i get 20 IP for my linode for 20$ a month?
20:07<internat>more then likely not
20:07<internat>anything more then 2 ips u need a very good reason for
20:07<StarteR2>who do i talk to
20:07<StarteR2>to justify
20:07<internat>what do u need them for?
20:08<StarteR2>well il answer your question with a question
20:08<StarteR2>is irc allowed?
20:08<internat>irc is
20:08<internat>but if u want 20 ips so ucan have different vhosts thats not
20:09<StarteR2>i am starting a botlending service to help users on undernet&quacknet
20:09<StarteR2>and undernet is strickt about clone policies
20:09<StarteR2>the demand on bots is high but they cant join loads of chans
20:09<internat>yeah.. that more then likely wont be a good enough reason
20:10<StarteR2>i already had one 10 ips here
20:10<StarteR2>and i did what i was doing
20:10<StarteR2>i had to cancle my account due to some pers probs
20:11<internat>im not saying they wont, but im pretty sure theyve said before that there is not really any good reason to need more then 2ips.. apart from for ssl but thats it
20:11<StarteR2>man everything is messed up in this world
20:11<StarteR2>i found that allow u 100 ips but not irc
20:11<encode>StarteR2: you can get one extra ip. it costs $2 / month extra if i remember rightly
20:12<StarteR2>encode its a dolar per month
20:12<StarteR2>prob is i need 10-20
20:12<encode>you won't get more than one extra if you want it for irc
20:12<StarteR2>great i hate my life
20:13<StarteR2>do i write an email?
20:13<encode>StarteR2: i would confirm with caker or mikegrb just to make sure
20:13<encode>yeah, send them an email
20:13<encode>or ask on the forum
20:14<StarteR2>cant find it
20:15<StarteR2>got it
20:16<@caker>rdns won't cut it for IP justification, sorry
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20:16<encode>maybe StarteR2 needs to purchase an IP address block, then find some company to host it for him/her
20:17<internat>most irc networks that ive been on, allow u to contact there admin or something and request that ur ip's be excluded from the clone detection
20:17<StarteR2>whats rdns?
20:17<internat>if ur running bots etc
20:17<StarteR2>Undernet.... is messed up
20:18<internat> allowed me to do it
20:18<encode>internat: some of them are pretty anal about those sorts of things
20:18<StarteR2>too many ppl abusing bots there
20:18<StarteR2>caker i sent an email
20:18<internat>just to make sur ei have this correct, u want the extra ip's to get arround undernets clone limitations?
20:18<StarteR2>im not suew whats rdns but i guess ure answer will be no,,,
20:19<StarteR2>one bot pre IP
20:19<StarteR2>so there is no abuse
20:19<StarteR2>if i put more they might gline
20:19<StarteR2>even is its a irc client
20:19<StarteR2>dsnt matter
20:19<StarteR2>its a popular irc network many ppl abuse things
20:19<StarteR2>and last time i used linode they allowed me 10 ips
20:19<StarteR2>and the uptime was awsome
20:20<StarteR2>i didntg have any probs thats why i came back here
20:21<@caker>we've put the limit in place since then, due to pressure from our providers...
20:21<StarteR2>so what do i do next?
20:21<internat>i would have assumed there was always an ip limitation. well there has been as long as ive been here
20:21<internat>ah.. that would explain it then :)
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20:21<StarteR2>caker so that final?
20:21<encode>StarteR2: buy an ip block. start a company. ??? profit
20:21<StarteR2>encode jesus christ im 16
20:21<StarteR2>in a month i gotta start school
20:22<StarteR2>i gotta have everything ready by than
20:22<internat>yeah.. have fun with that :)
20:22<encode>i think you mistake me for someone who cares
20:23<StarteR2>i think i care
20:26<StarteR2>k i guess no more help here
20:26<StarteR2>cya guys
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20:29<internat>oh god.. peace and protection.. im scared
20:29<encode>aww, poor starteR2
20:31<encode>i cant imagine why a 16 year old would be interested in hosting 20+ bots on irc
20:31<encode>he must have a lot of spare cash
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20:32<npmr>linbot, roulette
20:32<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
20:32[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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20:33<encode>npmr: do it again
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21:54<Beirdo>hmmm, my linode rebooted while I was out. fun
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23:25<taupehat>took this one on my way to disneyland the other day...
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23:54<encode>i'd take a look
23:54<encode>but the zealots that control our proxy at work have blocked flickr
23:54<encode>amongst other things
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