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08:17<npmr>hey, so
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17:06<I-m-Weasel>anybody there from the linode team
17:08<anderiv>I-m-Weasel: haven't seen 'em today. What's your question?
17:08<I-m-Weasel>i just want to ask the service linode team about the status of my Order
17:09<I-m-Weasel>i ordered Linode 100
17:10<I-m-Weasel>if they have activated my account
17:10<I-m-Weasel>its been more than 24 hours
17:11<kvandivo>they might be experiencing one of their uncharacteristic slow periods
17:11<anderiv>I-m-Weasel: they'll activate after verifying your billing information. Most are verifiect quickly, but under some circumstances, it can take longer.
17:11<kvandivo>or, your spam filter might have caught their welcome email..
17:11<anderiv>...that too
17:11<kvandivo>or the ether might have eaten it.. who knows..
17:12<npmr>yeah, definitely have to keep that thing on a leash
17:12<kvandivo>at any rate.. rest assured it is worth the wait
17:12<weasel>can't you get a nice nickname?
17:12<weasel>one that doesn't infringe on my namespace?
17:12<kvandivo>can't we all just get along?
17:13|-|npmr changed nick to kvanderv
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17:18<I-m-Weasel>sry for that weasel
17:18<I-m-Weasel>but its a nick, i have been using for ages
17:18<anderiv>mmmm hmmmm - sure.
17:19<I-m-Weasel>happy with that weasel
17:25<@linbot>kvandivo: Linode100 - 1, Linode150 - 1, Linode200 - 2, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
17:37<@caker>I-m-Weasel: all accounts for the past few days have been activated -- you should have received an email
17:38<I-m-Weasel>not yet
17:38<@caker>I-m-Weasel: what was the username?
17:38<I-m-Weasel>can we talk in pvt
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17:49<Simjazz>I-m-Weasel u there?
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17:51<weasel> /help ignore
17:51<weasel>*sigh* sorry
17:52<I-m-Weasel>talk to caker
17:52<I-m-Weasel>linode owner
17:52<weasel>Tue 00:52:37 Ignoring ALL from #linode [-full -pattern I-m-Weasel]
17:52<weasel>there :)
17:53<weasel>hopefully that puts an end to those abusive hilights
17:54<TheFirst>sounds like a poorly configured hilight filter ;)
17:54<sonorous>what about /hilight -full weasel? ;)
17:54<weasel>I disagree :)
17:55<TheFirst>then you are wrong
17:55<weasel>sonorous: that's not what I want. that won't match things like weaselchen, the german diminutive of weasel
17:55<sonorous>then add that too ;p
17:56<weasel>there are lots of other weasel combinations I want to get hilighted
17:56[~]weasel should reserve *weasel* in ircd.conf
17:56<sonorous>oh dear
17:57<sonorous>i'm glad I have a reasonably unique nick, then ;)
17:57<weasel>so am I, so am I
17:57<sonorous>and people who know how to highlight me properly :)
17:57[~]caker is now known as weaselsonorous
17:57<sonorous>except for retarded clients that automatically complete on a line starting with "so," ;-)
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17:58<weasel>caker: bad caker. no cookie for you.
17:58<Battousai>what'd i miss?
17:58<TheFirst>caker: good caker
17:59<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:00<sonorous>aww :(
18:07[~]caker sends out nastygrams
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18:09<@caker>jungleg: the host itself looks fine
18:11<jungleg>that is so weird
18:11<jungleg>I just did a traceroute
18:11<jungleg>traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
18:11<jungleg>only * * *
18:11<@caker>and your traceroute points to it being somewhere on your end .. shrug
18:12<@caker>jungleg: your http server connects, but never responds with anything. I'd try restarting apache
18:12<jungleg>ok, lemme try that
18:13<jungleg>it's up again, apparently
18:14<jungleg>does Apache just fart and die once in a while? cause I haven't done anything in the site for days
18:15<@caker># /etc/init.d/httpd status | grep uptime
18:15<@caker> Server uptime: 158 days 4 hours 11 minutes 40 seconds
18:15<@caker>I'd say No. there's likely something else at work in your case
18:16<jungleg>thanks anyways -- by any chance, do you know of any program that will ping my site every so often and if there's something wrong, shoot me an email?
18:17<jungleg>and that it's free :)
18:28<jungleg>is that a tool?
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18:32[~]caker checks out these newfangled Apple Xserves with Xeons
18:34<iggy>osxnodes for everyone
18:34<iggy>quick, go register it
18:34<@caker>hmm :)
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18:39<encode>so, os x leopard sounds interesting
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18:51<internat>when does it release?
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19:05<encode>spring 07 :S
19:05<encode>so far away
19:06<encode>error, does not compute
19:06<encode>i dont know what that emotion is supposed to be
19:06<internat>yeah that * wasnt meant to be there
19:06<encode>now it makes sense
19:07<encode>i might sign up for the beta of vmware on os x
19:07<internat>could be useful
19:07<encode>Thank you for your interest in VMware.
19:07<encode>We have received your contact information and will notify you once the Mac beta is publicly available for download.
19:08<internat>kewll stuff :
19:08<encode>i dont know how Parallels will compare to vmware
19:09<internat>it will be interesting.. on the intel macs parallel is awsome
19:09<encode>i havent tried it out yet
19:10<encode>i installed bootcamp though
19:10<internat>my next laptop will be a intel mac
19:10<encode>i have a mac mini
19:10<encode>i love it
19:10<encode>its my first mac
19:10<encode>i use it as my primary desktop at home now
19:11<internat>i have a 12" powerbook
19:12<encode>im thinking i might get a 12" ibook second hand, since theres plenty around that are cheap
19:12<encode>but im sure its going to be pretty slow compared to my mac mini
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19:20<internat>i got mine xdemo
19:20<internat>but i havnt had any problems with it, its fast, it does everything i want
19:21<encode>ahh, sorry
19:21<encode>didnt mean to right click
19:22<encode>yeah, im sure the 12" pb is fast, i just dont think it would be as fast as a core duo 1.6 with 2GB of ram
19:23<internat>yeah i have a 1.5 with 1.25gig ram
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19:40<internat>god i hate html
19:45<encode>but why?
19:46<encode>its so easy for everyone to learn
19:46<internat>cause i cant for the life of me figure out how to get these divs to do what i want
19:46<encode>o rly
19:46<internat>yes rly
19:46<encode>maybe its css thats the problem
19:47<internat>cause as a temp measiure im using the style tag inside the div
19:52<encode>i cant really help
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21:41<chris>mmm, who ate host4
21:42<@linbot>I-m-Weasel: Linode100 - 5, Linode150 - 6, Linode200 - 7, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
21:43<JasonF>i did
21:43<JasonF>with some ketchup
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21:47<Simjazz>wc luzer
21:48<Simjazz>caker u around? need a little help here
21:48<Simjazz>Select Disk Image Size: if we put all the size allocated to us, is there any harm in that?
21:48<Simjazz>while installing the os
21:49<I-m-Weasel>i think he is asleep
21:49<Simjazz>haha didnt know ur here I-m-Weasel
21:49<Simjazz>anyone around here
21:49<npmr>you may want to set aside a little bit to use as swap
21:49<Simjazz>who can help us
21:49<Simjazz>say we have 4 gb
21:49|-|luzer changed nick to phlak
21:49<Simjazz>how much we'll put aside
21:49<npmr>but not as much as you would for a regular pc
21:49<npmr>how much memory do you have
21:49<I-m-Weasel>hi phlak
21:50<Simjazz>3072 mb
21:50<npmr>no, not storage
21:50<Simjazz>so how much do you think we should set aside for that
21:50<Simjazz>yes 3072 MiB
21:50<npmr>linode does not offer a plan with that much memory
21:50<phlak>cant forget swap space
21:50<Simjazz>and 100 mb ram
21:50<npmr>ok, 100
21:51<phlak>the linode 100 server i think
21:51<Simjazz>yes that's the linode 100
21:51<npmr>60-80 MiB swap should do you fine
21:51<Simjazz>ok thanks
21:51<phlak>what about the initial install disk size?
21:52<phlak>and the rest for swap if/when it asks?
21:52<npmr>unless you have some specific constraint that you need to meet, just use everything that's left after making swap
21:52<phlak>so swap is the first disk made?
21:52<phlak>heh i flunked math
21:52<Simjazz>so they put aside 255 MiB as swap memory
21:52<npmr>well, i'd make swap second so that's ubdb and / is ubda
21:53<npmr>but i'm pretty sure it doesn't really matter
21:53<Simjazz>what do you suggest for the os?
21:53<npmr>that's a contentious question
21:53<npmr>i use debian
21:54<Simjazz>which one the small one?
21:54<npmr>most linoders use debian
21:54<npmr>it doesn't really matter
21:54<phlak>yeha deabians easy to take care of remotely
21:54<Simjazz>then we'll go for debain too
21:54<npmr>anything that's not preinstalled in the small image you can just apt-get anyway
21:59<@mikegrb>[michael@orion(~)] sudo apt-get install npmr
21:59<@mikegrb>Reading package lists... Done
21:59<@mikegrb>Building dependency tree... Done
21:59<@mikegrb>E: Couldn't find package npmr
21:59<@mikegrb>npmr is not an apt-get away
22:00<phlak>heh i was gonna say i never herd of that pkgz before
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22:04<phlak>is malarky banned in this room?
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22:16<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host1 and host4 in System and Network Status <>
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22:28<@linbot>New news from forums: Problem hosting a forum in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:32<Battousai>"Hi, I am trying to host phpBB forum on godaddy Deluxe account."
22:33<phlak>yeah i just posted that last... well post
22:34<phlak>figure id lend out some help
22:34<Battousai>godaddy probably doesnt offer mysql
22:34<phlak>well it does if u install it to your node
22:34<Battousai>oh yes they do
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22:35<phlak>mysql/apache/ssh all programs u can install
22:35<Battousai>yes but i dont think he's using a linode
22:35<Battousai>i think he's on godaddy's shared hosting
22:38<phlak>then wtf is he doing posting in linodes forum?
22:38<taupehat>because we're all so 0226
22:39<taupehat>(add 1)
23:24<phlak>we were given 2 ip's
23:25<phlak>but the 2nd doesnt seem implemented
23:25<Battousai>you need to add the interface alias manually
23:25<phlak>ifconfig ip up?
23:25<Battousai>something like "ifconfig eth0:1 a.b.c.d"
23:26<phlak>ifconfig eth1 ip up?
23:26<phlak>gimmie some credit though i was damn close
23:27<Battousai>there's a section there, when you log in, that says "Additional IP Addresses"
23:27<Battousai>shows you what you need to do
23:27<phlak>im just helpin my bro out
23:27<phlak>he bought the node and doesnt realy now how to use it
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