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03:56<encode>lucky im not on host 50 then
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04:36<blake>mIRC 6.2 is so cool
04:36<blake>i like the tree menu
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05:01<phlak>ack wtf
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05:02<phlak>apache2 has this "apache2-default" in the servers name
05:02<phlak>root dir
05:03<phlak>when i want it not
05:03<phlak>flipped through the conf and see nothing that refers to that dir
05:03<phlak>its disturbing
05:03<phlak>like i have to relearn apache
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05:09<phlak>ok i think i found it
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05:33<shanshams>hello caker u there?
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06:04<distrquery>does anyone know if there are plans to include SuSE distributions any time soon for linodes?
06:05<phlak>why u want suse so badly?
06:05<phlak>isnt suse a sect of slackware?
06:06<distrquery>just because i am using it now and do not want to spent too much time moving things across
06:06<phlak>? what things
06:06<phlak>most distro's dont differ that mutch
06:07<phlak>pkg manegment is about it and maybe startup scripts
06:07<phlak>config files still are in /etc logs,apache in /var
06:08<Spads>SuSE is not free software
06:08<phlak>u sure?
06:08<Spads>so no, it's unlikely to appear for everyone to install
06:08<distrquery>yes, but even witin the same distro you get different versions of packages, do not want to spend time finding why my postfix confs break on newer/older software version
06:08<distrquery>for example
06:08<Spads>SuSE is full of unredistributable proprietary software. The whole distro is unredistributable
06:09<Spads>And nobody likes SuSE enough to make a whitebox version
06:09<phlak>i was under the assumption Suse was free
06:09<Spads>SuSE is great if you're German, like proprietary software, and want to re-live the mid-90s
06:11<distrquery>well, i am not german, but i do have very good memory of redhat having more broken dependencies in rpms and startup scripts than suse
06:13<phlak>debian works great for servers
06:13<Spads>ha ha redhat
06:13<phlak>dependency grabing
06:13<Spads>ubuntu is great too
06:13<phlak>ive never farted with it
06:14<distrquery>well, i did think of debian, may be the time to give it a try again, did not touch it for quite a while though
06:14<Spads>distrquery: ubuntuuuuu
06:15<distrquery>what's great about ubuntu? (not sarcastic, really?)
06:15<phlak>i herd its "easier then debian" so it must be pretty idiot proof
06:15<Spads>it's got a lot of advantages on the desktop
06:15<phlak>pluss its the choice of my realy cool hacker friend
06:16<Spads>but teh win for the server is that 1) it uses sudo right at install time
06:16<Spads>2) updates every 6 months, instead of every 3 years like Debian
06:18<distrquery>what's the package manager in ubuntu? not the rpm i would imagine
06:20<distrquery>ok, thanks for your help
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07:19<nick>ar u online
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08:35<Spads>npmr: so how do I see all the rml data you've collected?
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08:55<npmr>well, i could make the frotz profile non-private, but i think that only makes it show up in the rankings
08:56<npmr>i don't think rml grants access to the detailed graphs to anyone but the owner
08:56<npmr>i might be able to wget them onto frotz via cron or something
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09:01<npmr>i can't really work on this right now
09:02<npmr>but i'll see about it
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09:08<Spads>I'd be happy to just see it in the rankings
09:09<npmr>ok, it's there now
09:10<npmr>also, upside-down-ternet hasn't knocked dorothy down several spots
09:10<npmr>er, has
09:10<npmr>probably related to the reboot, too
09:10<npmr>caker, mikegrb: what happened to host30 the other night?
09:12<kvandivo>it felt neglected
09:16<iggy>I took it out for some drinks and got it drunk
09:39<Spads>mikegrb: caker: Okay, so my I/O tokens are up near max, io_rate not popping over 50, and yet there seems to be some bad contention
09:39<Spads>io_count=4556089 io_rate=40 io_tokens=399940 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
09:39<Spads>doing barely nothing, yet my load's pushing 10
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10:35<Spads>mikegrb: caker: is someone thrashing on host28?
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10:43<I-m-Weasel-1>hello caker
10:43<I-m-Weasel-1>r u there
10:45<Spads>good to see that Carnegie-Mellon is continuing its tradition of enrolling only the best and the brightest
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11:09<timothy>question for the gurus
11:10<anderiv>I'm here...
11:10<bendy24>ther are gurus here?!
11:10<timothy>well, I hope
11:10<bendy24>anderiv: windows xp doesnt count :P
11:10<timothy>I'm trying to change my hostname for reverse DNS....
11:11<timothy>I've submitted in the control panel
11:11<timothy>did that yesterday
11:11<timothy>but it doesn't appear to have switched
11:11<bendy24>it does take time
11:11<timothy>I purchased the URL from and setup the DNS in easydns
11:12<bendy24>give it a few more hours
11:12<bendy24>im not sure what the ttl is
11:12<timothy>It's been about 18 hrs
11:12<bendy24>it might be set to 24 or 36 hours
11:12[~]bendy24 shrugs
11:12<timothy>that's fine
11:13<anderiv>bendy24: you better watch it, WinXP will run circles around your stinking Leenux.
11:14<Spads>17:13 <timothy> *drooling noise*
11:14<bendy24>8.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 8.7.0: Fri May 26 15:20:53 PDT 2006; root:xnu-792.6.76.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc
11:14<bendy24>whats Leenux?
11:14<Spads>ha ha powerpc
11:14<Spads>you totally got suckered
11:14<bendy24>i pwn you
11:14<anderiv>oh you're one of *those*
11:14<timothy>what???? Are you seriously giving me crap about my Mac?
11:15<bendy24>they just dont "get it"
11:15<timothy>what are you all on?
11:16[~]bendy24 goes for lunch
11:16<Spads> <-- it is the ultimate
11:17<timothy>or are you giving me crap because I don't have an intel based Mac?
11:18<Spads>I'm sorry. Who are you again?
11:18<Spads>what's with the drooling noise?
11:19<timothy>you're the one who typed it Spads
11:19<Spads>no, you were
11:19<Spads>17:18 <timothy> LOL
11:28[~]anderiv doesn't see this conversation going anywhere...
11:31<timothy>anyway... I'm out. Thanks Bendy for the info.
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14:19<Lambha>i need to upgrade my linode100 to linode 200
14:20<Lambha>is it possible
14:20<Battousai>file a ticket
14:20<Lambha>can i talk to mr caker
14:20<Battousai>there are 4 available according to the website, so it shouldnt be a problem
14:21<Battousai>the only caveat is that you might need to change datacenters, depending on where you are now
14:21<linbot>afv-13: Linode100 - 1, Linode150 - 4, Linode200 - 4, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
14:21<Lambha>my problem is i just purchased a linode 100
14:22<Lambha>it has just been acrivated
14:22<Lambha>but i would like to cancel this
14:22<afv-13>why is that a problem?
14:22<Lambha>and instead go for a linode 200
14:22<afv-13>100 to 200 upgrade is done often
14:23<afv-13>just pop off a support ticket
14:23<Lambha>will do that
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14:29<F|3RyBallS>hi Hello
14:29<Spads>20:29 <F|3RyBallS> *drooling noise*
14:29<Spads>such a drooly channel
14:29<F|3RyBallS>lov dis nick
14:30<F|3RyBallS>spads yr wads dude
14:30<Spads>Ah yes this old troll
14:30<Spads>a classic.
14:30<F|3RyBallS>like wine
14:30<Hello>why did i get banned
14:31<Hello>from entering this channel
14:31<Hello>i am a customer
14:31<Hello>using the nick i-am-weassel
14:31<Hello>using the nick i-am-weasel
14:31<F|3RyBallS>wats in a nick 2 b banned
14:32<Hello>i did no wrong
14:32<npmr>what makes you think that you were banned?
14:32<Hello>just wanted to talk to the owner of
14:32<npmr>what makes you think that you were banned?
14:32<Hello>i tried entering using that nick
14:33<Hello>but got the message
14:33<F|3RyBallS>wen d poor guy coudnt enter d channel..he's probly banned
14:33<F|3RyBallS>simple as dat
14:33<Hello>IP IS BANNED
14:33<Battousai>words are amazing
14:33<Battousai>try using them?
14:33[~]npmr touches his nose and points to Battousai
14:34<npmr>Hello, and what ip were you connecting from?
14:34<Hello>just check the ban list
14:35<F|3RyBallS> Hello@ * Hello
14:35<Hello>not this ip
14:35<Spads>20:35 -!- 1 - #linode: ban *!*kmw@* [by, 319278 secs ago]
14:35<npmr>the reason i ask is that no bans were added in this channel
14:35<Spads>20:35 -!- 2 - #linode: ban *!* [by, 319278 secs ago]
14:35<Spads>^-- the only two bans
14:35<Spads>and they're ancient
14:35<npmr>i can't see the list, but i can see the changes as they're made
14:35<npmr>and none were added while you were gone
14:35<weasel>npmr: /mode #linode b
14:36<Spads>or in irssi, just do /bans
14:36|-|Hello changed nick to I-m-weasel
14:36<Spads>you get index numbers too
14:36|-|Cu55 [~ChicBange@] has joined #linode
14:36<Spads>so you can do like /unban 2
14:36|-|SeNoR_CorTeZ [] has joined #linode
14:36<npmr>so then, at what point did you see the error message?
14:36<I-m-weasel>when i tried loggin in
14:37<npmr>while attempting to connect to the server or while attempting to join the channel *after* connecting to the server?
14:37<weasel>.oO( serves you right for abusing that nickname )
14:37<I-m-weasel>i connected to the server
14:37<I-m-weasel>but when i tried entering #linode
14:37|-|Cu55 changed nick to F|RyBallS
14:38<I-m-weasel>what do u mean abusing that nick Mr weasel
14:38<npmr>he jests
14:38<I-m-weasel>i have been using this nick in other servers
14:38<F|RyBallS>cmon lets not run this 2 a weasel fight
14:38<Battousai>we didn't start the fire, no we didn't light it but we tried to fight it
14:38<F|RyBallS>lets enjoy bullfight instead
14:39<I-m-weasel>mr weasel
14:39<I-m-weasel>u r nick is different from mine
14:39<I-m-weasel>so lets not get so upset
14:39|-|weasel [] has left #linode [and it is you and are, and not u r.]
14:39<SeNoR_CorTeZ>lmao that guy got pissed off ;pp
14:40<F|RyBallS>petty fella
14:40<Spads>so what size linode do you folks have again?
14:40<F|RyBallS>who wann us emy nick am outa here
14:40[~]Battousai 150
14:40<bendy24>come on, does size matter?
14:40<Battousai>yes it does
14:40<F|RyBallS>sure does..ask me
14:40|-|I-m-weasel changed nick to LinodeUser
14:40<npmr>Spads, you mean 400
14:40<Spads>oh yes 400!
14:41<LinodeUser>if its all about the nick
14:41<Spads>npmr: I forgot to account for the MAX GIRTH
14:41<LinodeUser>good night guys
14:41<LinodeUser>sry for the nick infringement
14:42<npmr>i have successfully identified a trespassing neighbor using upside-down-ternet
14:43<Spads>did he come to you?
14:43<Spads>or she
14:43<npmr>she was reading her livejournal
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14:43<npmr>i redirected it to a short note and a phone number
14:43|-|F|RyBallS changed nick to F|3RyBallS
14:43<npmr>but i think she stepped out for the afternoon already
14:45<Spads>I want to make the TheyLiveTerNet
14:45<SeNoR_CorTeZ>i'ms ofukked up right now.... i hoep i dont screw upm ylinode rofl
14:46<Spads>where all the images are oversaturated white with "OBEY" and "CONFORM" written over in black
14:46[~]Spads punches SeNoR_CorTeZ in the face
14:46<SeNoR_CorTeZ>drunkt wo FORTIEZ
14:46<SeNoR_CorTeZ>sttelr eserv 4 lyfE
14:46<Spads>you linode broken by ramon
14:48<npmr>ha ha
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18:10<wirehead>question about a server migration...
18:11<wirehead>there are no jobs in the queue, but now it isn't booting.
18:13<internat>it takes a few minutes for the host to wake up and process it
18:14<wirehead>no, not that.
18:15<wirehead>I get a message " helper_main(wirehead, /linodes/wirehead/9599.fs, 1, , 1): mount failed: File exists" when I try to boot
18:16<internat>ikky. that im afraid ull have to speak to mikegrb or caker about
18:21|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
18:28<internat>probably worth logging a ticket
18:29<wirehead>yeah. logged a ticket
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19:18<wirehead>okay, crisis over.
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19:24<Eman>anyone around that can help me test an smtp config? (eg to see if it correctly ignores spammers)
19:28|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:33<otherbbs>Eman, What did you have in mind?
19:34<Eman>check to see if it will relay (hopefully it wont)
19:36<otherbbs> will do a relay test for you, among other sites.
19:38<otherbbs>That is assuming you have an MX record published for the box you want to test.
20:10<TheFirst>a google for relay tests will pop up a quite a few test sites...
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20:53<spindown>need some advice about doing forensic analysis after an outbound DDoS from my linode host... anyone helpful around?
20:58<otherbbs>Still occurring?
21:01<spindown>has happened twice, both times ops caught it quickly and shut my node down
21:04<spindown>ahh... i think i found how they got in
21:07|-|spr [] has joined #linode
21:10<otherbbs>spindown, lsof might give you some insight
21:11<spindown>well, unfortunately as i said the node has been rebooted since
21:11<TheFirst>time to start anew
21:11<spindown>but i found the DDoS software -- just have to figure out how they got in
21:11<spindown>yeah... that's probably good advice :-(
21:12<spindown>i don't suppose there's some magic script i can run on my apache logs that will look for known exploits?
21:12<otherbbs>If you are running any php scripts, good chance they might be vulnerable.
21:13<TheFirst>yah...what he said
21:13<TheFirst>doesn't hurt to run a chkrootkit scan either
21:20<spindown>chkrootkit looks clean
21:21<spindown>ah ha.
21:22<spindown> [client] client sent HTTP/1.1 request without hostname (see RFC2616 section 14.23): /
21:23<TheFirst>teach you not to keep you software updated
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22:29[~]warewolf looks at bolo.tar
22:29<warewolf>stupid mech bot
22:29<warewolf>nothing interesting
22:47|-|otherbbs [] has left #linode []
23:09<TheFirst>naw...joins a public channel no less...
23:09<TheFirst>and easy to find out the responsible parties
23:16<warewolf>I hope you didn't execute any of the files in that tarball.
23:16<TheFirst>uh why would i do that?
23:16<encode> that is soooo funny
23:17<Eman>explore the .tar on windows where it cant possibly run :p
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