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02:14<pArA>hello, need help with my linode !
02:15<TheFirst>then ask
02:15<pArA>how i can see what ips i have?
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02:53<pArA>adminnnn !!!
02:54<internat>i think u have a few to many n
02:54<internat>allow me to steal some :P
02:55<encode>pArA: you can have 2 unless you have a very good reason why
02:56<pArA>why only 2 ?
02:56<pArA>i need more ips for personal use
02:58<TheFirst>past 2 you need to justify as per arin's rules
03:00<pArA>what justify ?
03:00<pArA>i pay for them if it`s necesary
03:00<internat>yeah u need a very very very good reason to have more then 2
03:00<internat>its not the money thats the issue
03:00<TheFirst>there are rules about delegating ip addresses, they need to be followed
03:01<TheFirst>you can't just have X because you want them
03:01<pArA>where are the rules ?
03:01<internat>might i ask what the reson u waqnt them is?
03:02<pArA>i want to make reservse dns, ns right , other things..
03:03<internat>yeah reverse dns isnt considered a valid reason to have more then 2 ips
03:04<TheFirst>ns doesn't rely on reverse ...
03:04<TheFirst>ns records work fine and all that
03:04<TheFirst>really there are only a few reasons you'd need more...ssl, bnc (not a valid reason), etc
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03:06<encode>pArA: the rules are you will have 2
03:06<internat>there seems to be a lot of people in here lately wanting more then 2 ips. its interesting none the less :)
03:06<Eman>interesting that they all seem to want to run irc rdns crap
03:07<internat>2 works fine for me at the moment.
03:07<pArA>you don`t have my needs...
03:07<internat>unless i get some clients that are desperate for ssl
03:07<internat>no, u have wants, not needs :)
03:07<pArA>i have needs
03:08<TheFirst>if you have a legitimate need for ips then justify them...
03:08<Eman>needs? orly?
03:08<pArA>that`s why i buy linode
03:08<TheFirst>if you want vanity hosts you're sol
03:08<internat>exactly if its a valid need, and not a want. you'll be allowed them. But purely for reverse dns and that isnt a valid reason
03:08<encode>pArA: your needs are probably not considered needs by others
03:09<Eman>and since when do aol users have servers? :p
03:10<encode>i cant think of any reason to have more than 2
03:10<TheFirst>ssl is the only one that comes to mind
03:10<encode>even that, why would you have 3 or more ssl sites on a linode?
03:10<encode>unless you're running a high end linode
03:11<pArA>why my linode have G-line on Undernet ?
03:11<TheFirst>encode: shared hosting?
03:11<internat>probably the person that owned ur ip previously was bad
03:11<TheFirst>all linode does...the ipblock is banned
03:12<TheFirst>yah...all the ips i've had have been banned
03:12<pArA>undernet network
03:12<TheFirst>ones from he and tp
03:12<TheFirst>nothing good on undernet anyway :P
03:12[~]encode tries undernet
03:13<encode>haha, glined
03:13<Eman>whats the message?
03:13<encode>18:13 [Undernet] -!- [128] Please use identd. Contact your shell admin for instructions.
03:13<encode>18:13 [Undernet] -!- ERROR Closing Link: encode by (G-lined)
03:13<encode>18:13 [Undernet] -!- Irssi: Connection lost to
03:14<encode>it might be because im not running identd though
03:14<TheFirst>well ya you're not running ident it seems...
03:14<internat>oh u need ineted
03:14<pArA>it works with identd installed
03:14<internat>well then its not really glined is it
03:14<TheFirst>hrm something ips arent banned anymore
03:14<TheFirst>(they were months ago)
03:15<TheFirst>eh i said, nothing worthwhile on that network
03:15<encode>oftc is where its at ;)
03:15<TheFirst>eh not much here either :P
03:16<encode>i know
03:16<internat>yeah i pretty much just use here and dalnet
03:16<encode>well, austnet is hardly likely to appeal to many here
03:16<TheFirst>annoying...decade ago one network would have all you need...after all the ddos's on various networks things have scattered so much for me
03:16<internat>heeh i used to use austnet
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03:16<Eman>i went to freenode thru my linode and it told me that oftc supporters were banned or someshit
03:16[~]TheFirst wont touch dalnet after the hell it was years back
03:16<internat>u in australia encode ?
03:16<encode>internat: are you from oz?
03:16<internat>yep in brisbane :)
03:17<encode>internat: yup sydney
03:17<TheFirst>Eman: bs...i'm on freenode now
03:17<Eman>TheFirst: it was months ago
03:17<encode>internat: what do you use instead of austnet?
03:17<internat>awsome :) its always good to see other aussies arround
03:17<internat>i dont, i use dalnet :P
03:17<TheFirst>maybe from a linode domain...if you hadn't changed the reverse?
03:17<internat>and oftc, cause my uni channels are here
03:17<encode>theres at least one other aussie in here
03:17<internat>oftc and merged
03:18<internat>we used to have just a uni network with uq, griffith, james cook and a few others, but a few admins left so we merged or some shit
03:18<TheFirst>geeze people at a uni know of and how to use irc? i'm in shock!
03:19<internat>we promote it at uq, theres a lot of us that use it
03:19<TheFirst>if it wasn't aim/yim/crap my uni had no clue what it was
03:19<TheFirst>students at my uni that is
03:20<TheFirst>or CS faculty
03:20<internat>hehe.. well i just finished my IT degree so a lot of us a longtime geeks
03:21<TheFirst>wish i had had a tape recorder for one coat the network admin had made to the effect of opensource is bad because this one time a guy tried to get a two line change into the linux kernel that would have created a remote exploit but it was stopped at the last line or some such
03:21<TheFirst>i just finished my cs degree too
03:22<TheFirst>but hell at a grad party one of the cs grads was trying to argue the diff between structs and classes in c++ is that structs can't have functions...
03:22<TheFirst>beat that level of idiocy ;P
03:22<Eman>they need more booze
03:22<internat>lol.. havnt used c++
03:22<internat>we mostly worked with java
03:22<internat>and c
03:22<TheFirst>internat: hell even with c you should realize that's false...
03:22<TheFirst>c structs can have functions in a sense...pointers to functions anyhow
03:23<Eman>computers run on magic, thats all
03:23<TheFirst>suffice to say the diff between class/struct is not (lack of) function support
03:24<internat>ah fair enuff
03:24<TheFirst>or the best project for a graduating senior that was in a group with me the last semester... i wrote the code "i++;" and he asked what that did
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04:19<encode>do i have to do anything special to postfix to be able to send to hotmail?
04:20<encode>19:17 <@encode> hmm, this is odd
04:20<encode>19:17 <@encode> i send mail from my linode
04:20<encode>19:17 <@encode> to hotmail
04:20<encode>19:17 <@encode> and it never arrives
04:20<encode>19:17 <@encode> i send mail from gmail to hotmail and it arrives almost instantly
04:20<encode>19:17 <@encode> (its not in my junk email either)
04:20<encode>19:18 < pharrell> try linode to gmail
04:20<encode>19:19 <@encode> it works
04:20<encode>19:19 <@encode> it works so fast its in the inbox before i even refresh
04:21<internat>u sure its not getting junked?
04:22<encode>i sent another
04:22<encode>and it got junked
04:25<encode>oh well
04:25<encode>unsolved mystery
04:28<Majbour>!google imdb constantine
04:28<linbot>Majbour: Search took 0.24 seconds: IMDb : Constantine: <>; Future Movies: Constantine: <>; Constantine (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Constantine - Moviefone: <>; Constantine (2-Disc Deluxe Edition with (2 more messages)
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10:52<M-guy>any admin ol?
10:55<npmr>caker and mikegrb are the admins
10:57<SeNoR_CorTeZ>im teh admin. give me ur pw....
10:59<chris_>How witty
11:01<M-guy>what is pw?
11:01<M-guy>caker and mikegrb are away??
11:02<SeNoR_CorTeZ>M-guy: ur password
11:02<kvandivo>and, in case you aren't a 12 year old, I think 'ur' means 'your'
11:03<npmr>!nickometer SeNoR_CorTeZ
11:03<linbot>npmr: The "lame nick-o-meter" reading for "SeNoR_CorTeZ" is 99.91%.
11:14<iggy>lame well beyond his nick
11:15<Spads>iggy: he is a PRC shill
11:17<M-guy>i don't have password
11:17<M-guy>i asking password :)
11:21<SeNoR_CorTeZ>your all judging by apparence....
11:43<iggy>no, we're judging based on you being an ass hat: 10:57 < SeNoR_Cor> im teh admin. give me ur pw....
11:43<iggy>as unrealistic as it was, it was still not cool
11:59<warewolf>!cyborg iggy
11:59<linbot>warewolf: I.G.G.Y.: Individual Generated for Galactic Yelling
12:01<Spads>iggy: op me cos I'm lame!
12:01<Spads>iggy: op me cos I'm lame!
12:02<iggy>I have a script that blocks the first 3 times you say the same sentence, so you have to repeat yourself at least 4 times for me to hear you
12:02<bendy24>naw, Spads is just too sexy for op
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12:24<brocktice>!cyborg brocktice
12:24<linbot>brocktice: B.R.O.C.K.T.I.C.E.: Biomechanical Robotic Organism Calibrated for Killing, Thorough Infiltration and Ceaseless Exploration
12:29<brocktice>has a nice ring to it
12:30<bendy24>!cyborg bendy
12:30<linbot>bendy24: B.E.N.D.Y.: Biomechanical Electronic Neohuman Designed for Yelling
12:32<Spads>!cyborg MODOK
12:32<linbot>Spads: M.O.D.O.K.: Mechanical Operational Device Optimized for Killing
12:32<Spads>ONLY KILLING
12:32<bendy24>!cyborg soryu
12:32<linbot>bendy24: S.O.R.Y.U.: Synthetic Operational Rational Yelling Unit
12:32<kvandivo>i love how, every time someone uses the cyborg command, it initiates an hour or so of using it on practically everything you can think of
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12:45<MrZaius>does linode suck? if not, why not?
12:45[~]MrZaius is in the market
12:45<MrZaius>if so, why?
12:45<rko_>no, it doesn't suck too bad
12:46<rko_>reasonably priced, good support (not some anon email address), community, good features
12:46<rko_>minus side is that you need to know what you're doing. Unless you'
12:47<brocktice>and the hard drive space is pretty limited
12:47<rko_>Unless you're not familiar with unix, it's not for you... but neither is any root shell based stuff
12:47<MrZaius>that's alright. I'm looking for a place to move a ~5 gig ubuntu postfix and apache2 server
12:47<MrZaius>given a working UML install, I think it could be set up in an afternoon
12:47<brocktice>you're looking at the 300 then?
12:48<kvandivo>"Unless you're not familiar with unix, it's not for you... but neither is any root shell based stuff"....... what is that? like.. a triple negative?
12:48<MrZaius>the 200 might do, but yeah. I'll be lookin at both
12:48<MrZaius>btw, do they hassle you much if you want to step up a notch?
12:48<brocktice>I guess if you pay by the year you can use the 200
12:48<brocktice>no it's easy to upgrade
12:49<brocktice>as long as there are slots available
12:49<linbot>bendy24: Linode100 - 2, Linode150 - 2, Linode200 - 3, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
12:49<brocktice>ooh that is neat
12:49<brocktice>hadn't seen that before
12:49<rko_>one negative is also that you don't want i/o heavy stuff on linodes
12:50<rko_>negative for you, positive for others sharing the same system
12:50<brocktice>running out of io_tickets is fun :)
12:51<rko_>and that you need to go extra effort trying to minimize swap usage
12:51<rko_>well, not necessarily minimize the amount on swap but minimize going in and out
12:51<brocktice>that's easy
12:52<MrZaius>my box almost never hits swap using 256mb of ram
12:52<brocktice>just don't make a swapfile :)
12:52<MrZaius>doubt 200 would be too big of a problem
12:52<brocktice>I once accidentally set up a machine with no swap running linux
12:52<brocktice>and only 128 MB of RAM
12:52<brocktice>it ran for nine months before I went to check swap usage and found that there was no swap
12:52<rko_>I have a no swap system next to me... it works if you have enough memory, which often isn't an option on linode
12:52<rko_>in fact, this system don't even have a disk
12:53<rko_>boots from USB key and runs all in memory
12:54<rko_>it's based on damn small linux... pretty nice distribution
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14:10[~]kvandivo is reminded of Billy Joel.
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14:22<brocktice>!cyborg Lena
14:22<linbot>brocktice: L.E.N.A.: Logical Exploration and Nullification Android
14:23<Lena>what's a cyberg& hahaha
14:23<brocktice>It's just a silly plugin of Linbot
14:23<brocktice>makes words into names for cyborgs
14:23<Lena>oh gosh
14:24<TheFirst>heh i wrote a script like that....cyber and monster names
14:24<Lena>then who'll make back people out of them?
14:25<Lena>can U plz quote just a little bit, TheFirst?
14:25<Lena>badly interested : )
14:27<Lena>oh my goodness, Linbot I've just now read your expla-abbreviation, hahahahahaha U're fun ^ )
14:28<TheFirst>try again, this time in english
14:28<Lena>sorry my english is...abit clumsy, cause I'm russian ^ ) I'd better listen
14:30<Lena>and the first will be thwe last, and the last will be the first : ) from the Gospel of John : )
14:31<Lena>TheFirst, I just asked U to quote a little bit of your script
14:31<TheFirst>um yah that'd require me finding it, and i'm lazy
14:31<Lena>but U 're evidently very greedy : )hahaha
14:32<TheFirst>uh ok......?
14:33<Lena>wow, lazy and greedy, all at a time ^ ) cool
14:33<Lena>no, nothing, never mind : )haha
14:33<TheFirst>where you got greedy from i dont know
14:33<Lena>uh sounds so russian!!!
14:34<Lena>greedy for the quotation
14:34<Lena>u're not offended& : )
14:35<Lena>people, noboby talks to me : )hahaha is it because of my clumsy Englishshshshshs? ^ )))
14:37<TheFirst>or maybe people are just not here
14:38<Lena> : )))))) no, they are all here : ) are U not one of the people? ^ )))
14:38<Lena>The First, cn I ask U where are U from?
14:39<TheFirst>you can, but you won't get an answer
14:40<Lena>nobody talks to me, and the one who does, keeps everything in secret...what a cool channel
14:40<Lena>: )
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14:41<bendy24>i wonder if she/he had a sales question
14:42<TheFirst>and yet i couldn't care less
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16:27<encode>s/he might have been russian, but the style of typing seems distinctly AOL-like
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16:40<hotnikks>any idea why my linode wont respond to icmp echo requests on the secondary ip? ifconfig seems to show its setup properly, its on the same subnet, and tcpdump shows it receiving the ping
16:41<hotnikks>routing table looks fine too
16:43<hotnikks>not everyone at all once please!
16:50<TheFirst>learn patience
16:53<hotnikks>hmm getting console output
16:54<hotnikks>when i ping the secondary ip
16:54<hotnikks>IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=fe:fd:40:3e:be:ad:00:b0:4a:6c:76:53:08:00 DST=my.secondary.ip LEN=60 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=117 ID=20559 PROTO=ICMP TYPE=8 CODE=0 ID=1241 SEQ=36096
16:54<hotnikks>looks like it cant figure out where to route out?
17:03<warewolf>um no
17:03<warewolf>that LOG rule was in your INPUT chain, right?
17:03<warewolf>that's why you don't see OUT=<something here>
17:04[~]warewolf -c home &
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17:58<Arkaos>Hi there, im trying to order a linode 100 but its says cannot find plan
17:59<linbot>encode: Linode100 - 2, Linode150 - 2, Linode200 - 3, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
17:59<Arkaos>give it a try
17:59<Arkaos>says plan not found but website says 2 avail
17:59<iggy>probably have to wait for caker to be around
18:00<encode>i'll have a look but im not an admin, i cant fix anything if its broken
18:00[~]Arkaos sexes caker
18:01<caker>one sec
18:01<encode>hmm, well i can at least get to the registration form for a linode100
18:02<Arkaos> The following ERRORS occured
18:02<Arkaos> no plan was found that could match your request. Please narrow your selection, and try again.
18:03<caker>should be fixed now
18:05<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:05<iggy>yay! cake
18:06<caker>hotnikks: is this a newly purchased IP? If you, you need to reboot the node for the host to route the IP
18:12<caker> <-- funny
18:13<caker>although it browses wonky
18:13<Arkaos>caker how long does it take from signup to receive vps details
18:14<caker>Arkaos: about 10 seconds, as quickly as you can check your email :)
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18:17<taupehat>hi caker
18:20<taupehat>so did my linode act up in my absense
18:20<caker>not that I'm aware of
18:20<caker>I think the host barfed while you were gone, however
18:21<taupehat>I noticed it rebooted
18:21<taupehat>then some locusts swarmed, and frogs fell from the sky. Cats and dogs were living together in peace and harmony. It was horrible =]
18:25|-|mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
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18:31<hotnikks>caker; no, old purchased
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19:11<Arkaos>hi caker me again
19:11<Arkaos>getting some random stuff on the vps on centos
19:11<Arkaos>whenever i do anything with yum it brings up loadsa errors
19:11<Arkaos>sem_post: Invalid argument
19:13<Arkaos>anyone have any ideas?
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20:01<@caker>too late, but he needed to move /lib/tls out of the way
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20:07<encode>yeah, whats with these people that ask a question and then leave before getting an answer?
20:08[~]TheFirst grumbles about idiots
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20:53<hotnikks>mind helping me for a sec on my unable-to-ping-my-second-ip-which-used-to-ping-problem ?
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20:56<iggy>taupehat: what's that dogs and cats living together thing from?
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21:19<bendy24>quit your bitchin
21:19<@caker>huh .. comcast is having issues
21:19<@caker>500ms to my first hop
21:19<@caker>worse from there
21:19<bendy24>that sounds like my connection
21:20<bendy24>i had to put up a wifi tower
21:20[~]caker reseterates the modem, but knows it won't help
21:20<bendy24>isp's tower is 15 miles away
21:21<bendy24>poor modem
21:21<bendy24>just reroute your traffic
21:23<tbt>Hey caker, you aware the irc logs for the past week only contain the line "Day changed"
21:24<@caker>tbt: I wasn't, no
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21:27<tbt>I fired off an email to you about it a couple days ago.
21:43<taupehat>iggy: ghostbusters
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21:51<TheFirst>who ya gonna call?
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