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00:12[~]jcm wonders if caker would consider building GFS for the linode kernel?
00:13<jcm>I've now got a bunch of virtual machines setup with cross-mounted NFS filesystems over openvpn SSL/TLS tunnels but I'd like to unify those.
00:13<jcm>I /can/ use a horrible FUSE hack at a push...
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08:19<npmr>caker and mikegrb, so then abou that upgrade...
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12:50<Arkaos>caker around?
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13:37<npmr>linbot, roulette
13:37<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
13:37[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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13:38<timothy>hello all
13:38<timothy>is anyone here that works at Linode?
13:41<timothy>echo echo
13:44<npmr>caker and mikegrb are the linode staff
13:48<timothy>caker, mikegrb... I need to chat w/ someone about a support ticket
13:54<Guest194>Can someone give me some advice on how to tell why my linode is thrashing?
13:54<Guest194>It has been running fine for a months
13:54<Guest194>I have tried ps and top, but nothing stands out
13:54<timothy>disregard my earlier comment...
13:54<bendy24>cat /proc/io_stats
13:54<bendy24>i think
13:55<timothy>the question has been answered
13:55<bendy24>maybe io_status
13:55<Guest194>yeah, it shows low tokens, but I want to know why the tokens are low
13:55<timothy>thank you guys
13:55<Guest194>What is using them?
13:55<bendy24>what is top saying?
13:56<bendy24>try stopping the obvious services then...
13:56<bendy24>mysql... apache...
13:56<bendy24>and see if that improves
13:56<@mikegrb>check your swap usage
13:56<@mikegrb>^ first thing to do
13:56<bendy24>and that
13:56<Guest194>99% idel, 60 processes, nothing jumping to the top
13:57<npmr>mikegrb, pm?
13:57<Guest194>Yeah I stopped Apache and Email already
13:57<@mikegrb>npmr: sure
13:57<Guest194>Stupid ? but how do I check swap?
13:58<Guest194>Debian server
14:00<kvandivo>Guest194: in top, hit 'm' to sort by memory
14:01<kvandivo>and top will tell you at the top of the page how much swap you are using
14:01<Guest194>boss hover, got to go , thanks for the help
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14:01<kvandivo>i don't think he wanted our help after all, iggy
14:02<@mikegrb> Filename Type Size Used Priority
14:02<@mikegrb>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 235488 -1
14:02<iggy>good, I was going to start giving him bad advice
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14:11<npmr>linbot, roulette
14:11<linbot>npmr: *click*
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14:25<timothy>mikegrb: thanks
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15:19<timothy>I've migrated to a larger account
15:20<timothy>then removed the linux distro and disk images
15:20<timothy>then setup a new distro
15:20<timothy>changed the kernel to 2.6 and booted
15:20<iggy>mv /lib/tls out of the way
15:21<bendy24>i dont think you need to do that anymore
15:21<timothy>and now I cannot ssh into it
15:21<timothy>any ideas?
15:21<iggy>I was just taking a shot in the dark before he was even done'
15:22<bendy24>it was a good shot though
15:22<kvandivo>when in doubt, load up regedit and start wildly deleting name/value pairs
15:23<bendy24>dont listen to him
15:24<bendy24>its only the strawberry pepsi talking
15:24<kvandivo>it's creamy dreamy
15:26<timothy>ya... that name/value pair didn't work at all .... :)
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15:29<npmr>timothy, are you also on host45?
15:29<npmr>timothy, i just upgraded as well and have been having problems with ssh
15:29<timothy>negative... I'm on 60
15:29<npmr>timothy, can't get into the host at all
15:29<kvandivo>did you do what bendy suggested and use list?
15:29<kvandivo>lish, rather..
15:29<timothy>w/ lish
15:29<timothy>but I don't know the next move....
15:29<kvandivo>is sshd running?
15:30<bendy24>ps aux | rgrep ssh
15:30<kvandivo>can you ssh to localhost?
15:30<bendy24>ps aux | grep ssh
15:30<kvandivo>anything in var/logs?
15:30<npmr>i only just got into the linode itself, still can't get into the host
15:30<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ ssh
15:30<npmr>ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
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15:31<timothy>npmr... that's ssh
15:31<kvandivo>na.. host45 has ssh issues..
15:32<timothy>oh, never mind me... just a crazy guy in the corner.
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15:33<@mikegrb>npmr: oh, sshd needs restarting
15:33<timothy>bendy24: I received an error on both commands
15:34<kvandivo>what error?
15:35<timothy>Unknown command 'ps aux | grep ssh'
15:36<npmr>mikegrb, my authorized_keys didn't migrate, can you fix that?
15:36<TarballX>could I message you about something?
15:40<@mikegrb>yes and yes
15:40<@mikegrb>npmr: what's your old host
15:40<npmr>mikegrb, also, could you migrate the CNAME?
15:41<npmr>mikegrb, 30
15:41<@mikegrb>cname will have to wait on caker
15:42<npmr>well, it's just that dorothy's not in kansas anymore
15:42<npmr>not a big deal
15:43<@mikegrb>authorized keys updated
15:44<kvandivo>timothy: are you logged into your linode?
15:48<npmr>mutt's slow as hell now
15:52<timothy>sorry guys... was on the line
15:53<timothy>gotta keep the big clients happy
15:53<timothy>I'm on the Linode Shell
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15:55<cpl_rogue>Where can I find some docs on /proc/io_status?
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16:20<npmr>mikegrb, i'm having major problems with ssh since the migration
16:20<npmr>mikegrb, i finally got into my linode just now and things seem basically ok, but it took forever for ssh to connect
16:21<npmr>mikegrb, i'm seeing the exact same thing trying to connect to the host
16:21<@mikegrb>npmr: are you running an apt-get upgrade?
16:22<npmr>io_count=410538 io_rate=0 io_tokens=400000 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
16:22<timothy>I'm having the same issues
16:22<timothy>cannot ssh into my box
16:22<timothy>but I can lish
16:22<npmr>Mem: 195300 111440 83860 0 7404 36316
16:22<timothy>I just don't know what command to issue
16:22<npmr>Linux dorothy #1 Thu Jul 13 23:24:40 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
16:22<npmr>is that kernel supposed to have nptl support or not?
16:23<npmr>i thought that got fixed in 16 or something
16:23<@mikegrb>believe so
16:24<npmr>still haven't got into lish yet
16:25<npmr>i started that ssh client not long after the one into the node
16:25<npmr>still hung at the same point, too
16:25<npmr>fyi, moving /lib/tls and restarting asterisk seems to have fixed my phones
16:26<npmr>mikegrb, i'm going to reboot with /lib/tls moved and see how it oes
16:26<timothy>npmr: are you running asterisk on a linode?
16:26<@mikegrb>npmr: ok, there are a couple of nodes using excess io on your host
16:26<timothy>that's frikken cool
16:26<@mikegrb>working on that right now
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16:27<hurg><-- npmr
16:28<hurg>i'm logged into the host now, for the shutdown
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16:28<hurg>what was wrong with it?
16:31<hurg>is it normal for a boot job in the host queue to take a minute and a half?
16:34<hurg>is anyone there?
16:34<hurg>does this CGI::IRC crap even work?
16:36<Spads>22:26 <@mikegrb> npmr: ok, there are a couple of nodes using excess io on your host
16:36<Spads>22:26 <@mikegrb> working on that right now
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16:36<npmr>linbot, roulette
16:36<linbot>npmr: *click*
16:37<Spads>npmr: I am now in charge of like a hundred servers
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16:37<npmr>Spads, in londontown?
16:38<Spads>npmr: and I spend so much time with so many terminals open to different machines, and I needed a way to keep them visually distinct
16:38<Spads>my solution:
16:38<Spads>IPHASH=${goo:+$(( ${goo%% *} % 12 + 31 ))}
16:38<Spads>it works great
16:38<npmr>ha ha
16:38<Spads>in my .bashrc
16:38<npmr>i can't even tell what that does except mess with colors
16:38<Spads>and it works on the IP I ssh'd to, which means they're all ordinary white on local/chroot/etc
16:39<Spads>npmr: it hashes the last octet of the host's IP
16:39<Spads>specifically the one I ssh'd to
16:39<Spads>SSH_CONNECTION is like "fromip fromport toip toport"
16:39<Spads>so I cut out everything up to and including the final period
16:39<Spads>and then everything from the space right
16:40<Spads>and I end up with the last octet
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16:40<npmr>so is this like a datacenter gig or something?
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16:46<tempoks4>i have Linode VPS but i want Vps to down
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16:54<timothy_2>mikegrb: is host 60 running correctly?
16:55<timothy_2>mikegrb: I cannot ssh into my account
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16:56<timothy_2>I get this error: ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out
16:56<timothy_2>and I just merged to the 400
16:57<timothy_2>and installed Gentoo
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16:58<@mikegrb>timothy_2: check lish
16:58<timothy_2>I'm on lish
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16:59<timothy_2>but don't know what to do from there.
16:59<timothy_2>I'm getting: Unknown command '/etc/init.d/sshd start'
16:59<timothy_2>and tried: [timothyh46@host60 lish]# /etc/init.d/ssh start
16:59<@mikegrb>press enter
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17:00<timothy_2>I copied the wrong line: Unknown command '/etc/init.d/ssh start'
17:02<npmr>mikegrb, my node has been doing some pretty heavy i/o since boot
17:03<npmr>mikegrb, just fyi, that was all mail backlog from effectively being down for the last two hours
17:03<npmr>i think it's clear now
17:03<@mikegrb>I noticed that last time, why I asked if you were upgrading
17:03<@mikegrb>ah, makes sense
17:07<timothy_2>mike, lish shows that all is well... but I'm still getting: ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out
17:08<timothy_2>when I issue this command: ssh root@
17:08<@mikegrb>timothyh46 on host60?
17:08<timothy_2>could it have something to do w/ the 2 IPs?
17:08<timothy_2>or my reverse DNS?
17:08<@mikegrb>no, it has to do with your Linode waiting for input on the console
17:09<timothy_2>waiting for imput? so I missed something simple....
17:16<timothy_2>by console, do you mean or the terminal?
17:34<@caker>^-- looks to me like you need to do that
17:37<TarballX>caker, did mike tell you about my refund?
17:38<@caker>TarballX: no, not yet
17:39<TarballX>Ill message you
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17:52<taupehat>what happen!?
18:05<brocktice>we get signal?
18:06<brocktice>for great justice!
18:15<timothy_2>thank you caker -- I'll try it out
18:15<timothy_2>I bet that's it
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19:28<timothy_2>holy crap
19:28<timothy_2>that worked
19:29<timothy_2>thank you guys for everything
19:29<timothy_2>I'm out
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19:40<bdragon>IO seems awfully slow on host45 at the moment...
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23:00<erikh>hi folks, is caker or mikegrb around?
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23:05<irgeek>Anyone know what's up with host45? I can't seem to SSH into the host or my linode.
23:06<guinea-pig>Ć’looks fine from here... as far as i can see without having a node on that bo, that is
23:07<guinea-pig>traceroute ok, responding with SSH greeting on the right port
23:07<erikh>well, if caker or mikegrb shows up:
23:08<erikh>eh, i'll msg one of them.
23:13<irgeek>I can ssh in, but it's taking upwards of 10 minutes to connect.
23:14<irgeek> 22:10:48 up 44 days, 7:54, 1 user, load average: 14.90, 12.96, 13.00
23:14<TheFirst>what do your tokens look like?
23:14<TheFirst>and your mem usage?
23:15<irgeek>My cpu utilization is about 6% at the moment. Not sure about tokens yet, waiting for the command to respond.
23:16<TheFirst>and mem usage..
23:18<irgeek>It takes about 10 minutes for a command to execute. I thought that running out of tokens doesn't affect your ability to ssh to the console.
23:19<TheFirst>if you've run out of tokens due to swapping everything is affected
23:21<irgeek>Shouldn't I at least be able to connect to lish without tokens affecting it?
23:21<TheFirst>to a non attached lish....
23:22<TheFirst>find out what your mem usage is...i'd be willing to put money on you thrashing
23:25<irgeek>io_count=143220958 io_rate=68 io_tokens=19 token_refill=50 token_max=500
23:26<irgeek>Now I need to figure out what's thrashing.
23:28<TheFirst>top...sort by ram usage
23:29<TheFirst>if you got spamassassin running start there
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