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00:50<warewolf>irgeek- btw next time you can check your token usage through lish (no need to actually log into your linode)
00:51<warewolf>ssh io_status
00:51<warewolf>OK io_count=192911719 io_rate=0 io_tokens=399992 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
00:51<warewolf>^ that's me
01:27<irgeek>warewolf: I couldn't log into lish, but I didn't try with just running io_status. That seems to work well enough.
01:41<irgeek>Well. I've at least figured out that it's not swap causing me problems. I wonder if I got hit with an ass-load of spam or something to that effect
02:04<irgeek>caker: ping
02:05<irgeek>mikegrb: ping
02:07<irgeek>warewolf: You still around?
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02:16<warewolf>yes I'm home from a 16 hour shift at work
02:16<warewolf>btw, I don't work for Linode.
02:16<TheFirst>16?! that's it?!
02:17<Tango>me 2
02:17<TheFirst>last job i had there was a fri 7am - sunday 7pm shift...that bit
02:18<Tango>any linode team ppl out here
02:18<TheFirst>chances are slim at this time in the morning
02:19<Tango>will wait for them
02:19<warewolf>should I mention taht my shift is only supposed to be 8 hours long?
02:21<irgeek>warewolf: I know you don't work for linode, but you run RateMyLinode don't you?
02:22<warewolf>dyes I do
02:22<warewolf>why do you ask?
02:23<irgeek>Can you pull the data points for the graphs out?
02:24<warewolf>I can give you an rrdtool dump if you like
02:24<warewolf>although you should be able to see exactly what time your box got limited just by looking at your graphs
02:24<irgeek>Somehow my token_max went from 1e6 to 500 in what appears to be one cycle.
02:24<warewolf>caker or mikegrb limited you
02:25<warewolf>go log into RML and look here:
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02:26<warewolf>looking at your weekly graph you don't appear to have hit a spike
02:26<irgeek>I wasn't even close to the limit before that though. I don't know what happened and I can't tell in the graph if there was a sudden spike in io when the token_max dropped.
02:26<warewolf>infact, about the same average across a month
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02:26<irgeek>That's why I'm confused.
02:26<warewolf>there wasn't, from looking at your daily graph
02:27<warewolf>linode does io token graphs now too
02:27<warewolf>look there?
02:27<warewolf>er wait
02:27<warewolf>that's cpu not tokens
02:28<irgeek>It is. But there are holes in that graph right where the token_max dropped.
02:29<irgeek>I can only assume my linode stopped responding when they were asking about cpu utilization.
02:29<warewolf>cpu utilization isn't io token utilization
02:29<warewolf>they can be related, but they're not the same
02:29<irgeek>I know. I meant that they couldn't map the cpu usage because my io was limited and the whole system was hung.
02:31<warewolf>I dunno.
02:31<irgeek>I need someone at linode to wake up. Most of my services are shut down right now just so I can ssh in.
02:31<warewolf>there's another user on 45 who seems to have a higher io rate average than you and they seem to be doing just fine.
02:32<irgeek>I'm really hoping they didn't mean to limit someone else and missed. That would not be cool.
02:32<warewolf>I don't know what to tell you.
02:33<warewolf>you're definitly hitting the token limiter now though.
02:33<warewolf>not that you can do much about it.
02:33<warewolf>you were 20 minutes ago.
02:33<warewolf>you stopped reporting to RML
02:34<irgeek>Really? That's weird. I'll have to check it.
02:34<warewolf>if yo ulook at your graph, you were struck with the limit-wand around 17:30 on the graph
02:35<warewolf>you immediately crashed on your remaining tokens available
02:35<warewolf>then you bounced up and down like a rollercoaster after that
02:35<warewolf>at the end of the graph where you were still reporting it looks like you might have been flatening out
02:35<irgeek>Yup. Does RML pull data? I did have to shut down apache.
02:35<warewolf>not sure though.
02:35<warewolf>no, the rml client is a cron job
02:35<warewolf>it pushes to me
02:36<warewolf>if you killed crond the rml client isn't running anymore
02:36<irgeek>That's what I thought. I shut down most of my services, but no crond.
02:36<warewolf>try hand-running the rml client
02:36<warewolf>eg /usr/local/bin/
02:36<warewolf>or whereever you happen to have it placed
02:38<irgeek>Changed my passwd. Forgot I had to update it in the script.
02:39<warewolf>that'd make you stop reporting :)
02:39<warewolf>I don't keep unencrypted versions of passwords laying around
02:39<warewolf>just a hash of it
02:39<warewolf>so I couldn't tell you what your old password was even if I wanted to
02:39<irgeek>It's my very insecure, don't really care if someone knows it password.
02:39<warewolf>that's fine
02:40<warewolf>as the clock strikes an interval of 5 minutes
02:40[~]warewolf watches his access log fly by
02:40<warewolf>either a bunch of people have the rml client runing at the wrong time, or there are some linode hosts that have their clock off.
02:42<warewolf>good, you updated
02:42<irgeek>Yeah. FIxed the script.
02:43<irgeek>Now, I guess it's time to get a few hours sleep and hope that caker or mikegrb wake up soon. And check the support tickets. On a Saturday. In Summer.
02:43<irgeek>I'm doomed! ;)
02:43<warewolf>they get paged every time a host goes down, or someone opens a support ticket.
02:43<warewolf>they'll get around to it sometime.
02:43<warewolf>good luck
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02:44<warewolf>there are definitly some linode hosts that are off +/- 3minutes
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04:50<irgeek>Does anyone know if rebooting will reset IO limiting? I got throttled tonight, and I really need to bring my system back up.
04:50<irgeek>I have absolutely no idea why I got throttled.
04:50<irgeek>My IO graph looked exactly like it alwys does, right up until I got hit.
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09:16<jcm>It looks like rebooting does reset the IO limit because it's passed on the kernel command line.
09:16<jcm>caker: I've decided GFS won't do what I need. But I would like it if Intermezzo could get built into a later linode kernel.
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14:04<emcnabb>caker, mikegrb: any updated on ticket 20923?
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15:04<caffeinated>pinging caker or mikegrp
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17:47<efudd> :)
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19:05<erikh>if someone's around, I just ordered my linode
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20:20<caffeinated>ping (mikegrb||caker)
20:22<caffeinated>wanted to see if ticket 21126 could be worked. open 11 days. simple ident change on the Planet.
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