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00:53<fo0bar>Added NFS support, new boot options: nfsroot, nfsint, nfsip, nfsnetmask
00:53<fo0bar>^^^ caker: your Finnix wishlist is being worked on
00:54<fo0bar> <-- still lots to do though
00:56[~]mikegrb does fo0bar
00:56[~]mikegrb funs away
00:57[~]fo0bar doesn't want to know
01:50<encode>haha @ funs away
01:54[~]fo0bar now has a 100% diskless box running Finnix via PXE
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02:09<warewolf>fo0bar- were you at defcon this year?
02:09<warewolf>fo0bar: I saw someone with a finnix t-shirt
02:10<fo0bar>warewolf: that would have been me
02:10<fo0bar>was I drunk? ;)
02:10<warewolf>ah, I walked right past you then.
02:10<warewolf>it was in between the ballrooms
02:10<warewolf>you were jawjacking with someone
02:11<warewolf>I was tempted to walk over and say "Foobar! Hey, this is warewolf from #linode"
02:11<warewolf>but that would have been a little too hardcore geeky.
02:11<fo0bar>you should have!
02:11<warewolf>there was one minor problem preventing me from doing it
02:12<warewolf>I forgot your nick
02:12<warewolf>all because it isn't a simple "foobar"
02:12<warewolf>it's fo0bar.
02:12<warewolf>I couldn't remember it because of that :P
02:13<fo0bar>first year? or have you been going for awhile?
02:13<warewolf>first year.
02:13<warewolf>on the company dime.
02:13<warewolf>first _ever_ year.
02:13<warewolf>lets see.
02:13<warewolf>I saw Jason Scott, and bought the BBS documentary off him.
02:13<warewolf>I ate dinner with Mike Lynn
02:14<warewolf>I met FX (who suprisingly has some of the same issues I have)
02:14<warewolf>I ate dinner with Brian Martin (Jericho of and and met his girlfriend
02:14<fo0bar>obviously this year was the first year at the riviera... the hotel rooms were nowhere near as nice as the Alexis Park's, but there was a LOT more conference space available
02:14<warewolf>I was at ceasar's palace
02:15<warewolf>did you happen to go to the 'meet the fed' panel?
02:15<warewolf>the fed there who said he worked for the IRS is one of my coworkers.
02:18<fo0bar>no, I missed that one
02:22<warewolf>I sign up on some phpbb forums website so I can download this trance artist's mp3
02:22<warewolf>(his own site)
02:22<warewolf>then he sends mail (newsletter like) through the forums software to EVERY MEMBER.
02:23<warewolf>and ofcourse all the contact e-mail addresses on his website don't work.
02:23[~]warewolf devnulls all incoming mail to the address he signed up with.
02:23<warewolf>thank god I have a catchall and name each and every thing differently.
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04:24<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host50 in System and Network Status <>
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07:00<Simjazz>hello caker you around?
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07:44<Majbour>anyone alive
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10:14<Tango>wat is the command for adding users
10:14<Tango>is it usersadd
10:15<Tango>is it useradd
10:17<pclissold>useradd or adduser
10:18<Tango>and to remove
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11:41<taupehat>someone took down my dns provider
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11:42<Tango>i need to download unrealircd 3.2.5 using wget
11:43<afv-13>go for it
11:44<Tango>can u give me the url for downloading the unreal
11:45<afv-13>ask google
11:45<afv-13>what distro are you using? should be in the repo
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11:48<afv-13>aaah, then you google
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12:25<Quizzer>whats the easiest way to install unreal ircd in Centos is thier a rpm package
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12:28[~]taupehat wonders at all the broken English from apparent native speakers and leetisms that have popped into this channel of late...
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15:01<TheFirst>taupehat: every channel gets the infection at some point...hopefully this one isn't takenover by it :P
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17:21<Kurt2>you would all do well to familiarize yourselves with the writings of the eminent 20th-century Russian-American philosopher Ayn Rand
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18:17<erikh>Kurt2: so we can find out who John Galt is? :)
18:18<Kurt2>A is A :)
18:26<taupehat>Kurt2: ayn rand was a sort of pathetic, narrow-minded "idealist" whose ideals were more than a bit twisted. No thanks.
18:27<Kurt2>I defy you to refute a single word she ever said or wrote, commie
18:27<taupehat>ok, rightwingnutjob
18:36<taupehat>I think the simplest and most direct argument against her is this: She despises altruism, and claims that self-interest is paramount. Without altruism, we would not be here, as parents would abandon their babies. Since parenting is essentially hard-wired altruism, and serves a function vital to our ongoing existence, it's clear that altruism is useful, and therefore her attacks against it are wrong.
18:37<erikh>oh boyh
18:38<erikh>taupehat: aren't all philosophers narrow minded idealists?
18:39<taupehat>actually, the last time I discussed philosophy, I came to the conclusion that it's nothing more or less than high-falutin' gangsta rap
18:40<erikh>eh, as with all things, it depends on what you read and how well it agrees with your personal viewpoints.
18:40<erikh>philosophy is one of those things that gets dangerously close to parroting
18:40<erikh>I find utilitarianism (bentham, stuart mill) to be very enlightening.
18:42<erikh>and given that a lot of it is either the foundation or a really wordy translation of law, it does have some real-world clout.
18:42<taupehat>anyhow, now that I've given Kurt2 something to chew on for a while (the other thing about discussing philosophy is that, rather like the Bible, any fanboi of a particular philosopher will find in his or her writings some wiggle-room that can be used to argue any given point), I'm taking my daughter to the river.
18:42[~]taupehat &
18:43<erikh>taupehat: see ya.
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19:05<Kurt2>taupehat: aside from the fact that "usefulness" is not a valid criterion for determining the validity of philosophy, and leaving aside your narrow-minded focus on her ethics while ignoring the metaphysics and epistemology on which they necessarily depend, your assertion that there can be no selfish reason for raising children is blatantly false
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20:12<glen3>hi all, i'm having a quick problem with my linode. i tried creating an image of ubuntu 6.06, 250 mb's. the creation failed because the required minimum is actually 252mb, and now i'm stuck with a non-existant disk image i can't get rid of
20:13<glen3>my username is glen, and i'm on host32
20:13<glen3>as long as i'm here, who can i suck up to for a xenode? :D
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20:20<@mikegrb>glen3: fixed
20:20<glen3>thanks :D
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20:27<fo0bar>mikegrb: how dare you help people
20:53<glen3>don't worry, i'll make things right by screwing things up again
20:55<guinea-pig>as a good customer should
20:56<@caker>that sounds like a bug to me
20:58<glen3>yes sir, i would agree
20:59[~]caker makes not
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21:47<fo0bar>caker: I have a NFS/PXE-capable build of Finnix uploaded if you wanted to try it out
21:57<@caker>fo0bar: I saw you got slashdotted
21:57<@caker>hopefully you'll get some Finnix downloaders out of it
21:58<fo0bar>caker: it killed my apache, until I noticed MaxClients was only set at 20
21:58<fo0bar>raising it to 200, then 400, and it was fine
21:58<efudd>foobar, so if i download a burn finnix I could, using a computer, a hub, and my laptop (1) boot finnix onc omputer, (2) plug computer and laptop into hub and (3) pxeboot this laptop that needs pxebooting?
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21:59<fo0bar>efudd: possibly eventually, but for now you have to have an existing server, and do all the dhcp/tftp/nfs yourself
22:00[~]efudd thinks knoppix will do it
22:00<efudd>i've just been veddy lazy about recovering this lappy.
22:00<efudd>(oldish libretto l5)
22:01<fo0bar>hey, stop ruining my thunder. finnix is now capable of booting over NFS, damnit! :)
22:03<efudd>well, i don't want to kill your thunder.
22:04<efudd>(but most things should be easily bootable over nfs. where things!=wind0ze)
22:04<efudd>regardless, it's good to have it in finnix!
22:04<efudd>now just sell a Network Appliance filer with Data ONTAP(tm) for your NFS needs!
22:04<efudd>.. with each finnix download.
22:20<GetzU>i need help in installing unreal3.2.5.tar.gz
22:30<TheFirst>try reading the docs for's not difficult
22:32<GetzU>error;;;; beinstall is not a valid win32 application
22:32<GetzU>wrong page
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22:55<@caker> <-- heh
22:58<encode>finnix got slashdotted? when? i must've missed the story
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23:10<fo0bar>encode: no, it was a different site on the same box. but I got Finnix plugs in
23:10<encode>good stuff
23:11<encode>hahaha @ the header
23:12<encode>(for the images)
23:13<encode>l0l @
23:25<taupehat>eh caker or mikegrb
23:26<taupehat>there seems to be some lag on 56. Can't tell if it's latency from host or net
23:52<TheFirst>seems fine to me
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