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00:00<encode>im sure we could join forces to make it laggy
00:37<TheFirst>yah and let me find my gun to shoot you...
00:45<encode>that would have to be a pretty big gun to shoot across the atlantic
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02:38<glen3>hm, i'm not sure if it's just my connection, but i think host32 is bugging out
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02:41<glen5>nm, looks like my connection
02:58<glen5>i take it back, host32 is feeling borked
03:00<glen5>lol ok nevermind, i'm dumb.
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03:57<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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05:31<encode>that looks like spam to me
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12:00<fo0bar>Virtual = old and busted, Vurtual = new hotness
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14:13<jimcooncat>I tried following forums on firehol, but I'm messing up apparently. "FireHOL cannot find you current kernel configuration." Please point me to some help?
14:20<jimcooncat>oh, I see I may have problems with my non-standard ssh port
14:24<jimcooncat>got it working, still have the error message though
14:25<npmr>your linode's kernel config is in /proc/config.gz
14:25<jimcooncat>I saw that in the forum posts, but don't know how to apply it
14:28<jimcooncat>I don't see a firehol.conf entry for this
14:31<jimcooncat>or do I just unzip the /proc/config.gz to /proc/config?
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14:55<npmr>well, you won't be able to unzip it to /proc/config, but you can take a copy of it over to where firehol is expecting to find it and unzip it there
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14:57<shawn_>is it ok to run a private irc server on a linode?
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14:58<shawn>ls -tlar
14:59<tierra>shawn: yes
15:00<npmr>ooh, lag
15:02<Battousai>its okay to run a public one too
15:03<Battousai>just don't get DDoSed
15:03<shawn>no it's for a small team etc
15:03<shawn>any recommendations on ircd? hybrid?
15:03<Battousai>not unreal, heh
15:03<bendy24>oftc is based on hybrid
15:03<shawn>A friend's company runs unreal for ssl etc
15:04<Battousai>yes, hybrid is good
15:04<shawn>although hybrid has that too now
15:04<shawn>I don't have a good feel for what the most secure ircd is
15:04<Battousai>you'll want to stay away from the ones with the insane feature sets probably
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15:28<iggy>caker: mikegrb: is there any way to view previous months bandwidth usage?
15:29<iggy>caker: mikegrb: nevermind, I found it
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15:50<kvandivo>i set a new record last month
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15:59<kvandivo>mikegrb: it would be cool, just for grins, if the bottom row the network traffic history graph was a 'totals' line.. so that we could know that info without having add it all up with a calculator
16:09<efudd>yanno, i'm getting more and more scans from TP IP space.
16:09<efudd>someone is targeting "internal" TP address space.
16:10<npmr>scanning what in particular?
16:10<npmr>general port scans?
16:11<@caker>efudd: gimmie logs
16:11<@caker>or report to abuse@theplanet
16:12<@caker>kvandivo: that info is elsewhere -- the traffic history page, or on the overview page there's a little table with total xfer
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16:22<npmr>caker, got a minute?
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16:46<kvandivo>caker: i was meaning for all time.. not just this month
16:46<kvandivo>and the traffic history page is the page where i was talking about adding the 'total's line
16:48<Battousai>you tell him
16:48<Battousai>sometimes you just gotta show these people who's boss
16:51<kvandivo>well, i don't really care all that much.. i just figured it would be amusing
16:52<kvandivo>i was wondering, in the back of my mind, what percentage of my traffic was incoming vs outgoing since i got my linode, and that's what made me think of the 'total' line in the first place
16:53<kvandivo>i was wondering what a good average to expect was.. looks like i'm at about a 5:1 ratio of outgoing to incoming.. just from eyeballing the numbers
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18:44<jimcooncat>mnpr, thanks for the firehol advice from three hours ago (sorry I had to run out)
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