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01:47<encode>umm, yeah
01:47<encode>that was funny
02:31<internat>awww i dont know, it could be.. if the word hi itself was funny
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02:37<encode>internat: do you find the word hi to be humourous?
02:37<encode>humerous even
02:37<encode>(one of the two)
02:38<internat>cant actually say that i do
02:40<encode>me neither
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05:43<linbot>New news from forums: Firehol in Linux Networking <>
05:49<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel .config in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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08:31<Lone_Wanderer>Does anyone know which distro linode offers is going to be easiest to set up a Lisp implementation on?
08:31<npmr>i don't know which is easiest
08:31<npmr>but i do know that it is easy on debian
08:31<Lone_Wanderer>Please don't say that.
08:31<npmr>it's true
08:32<Lone_Wanderer>I'm running debian and just spent the last three days trying to get the damn thing to work.
08:32<npmr>what packages did you install?
08:32<Lone_Wanderer>I *tried* to install emacs21, slime, and sbcl.
08:33<Lone_Wanderer>emacs21 seemed to work fine
08:33<Lone_Wanderer>sbcl was horribly out of date, and slime didn't even seem to exist
08:33<Lone_Wanderer>and by now I've mucked about so much I have no idea what's even on there any more
08:35<npmr>i haven't really ever done much lisp programming or used many things written in lisp
08:35<npmr>but it was very easy for me to install any of about three common lisp implementations and start running code
08:36<npmr>i don't know what slime or sbcl are
08:36<Lone_Wanderer>is it possible to just update my kernel?
08:36<Lone_Wanderer>sbcl is an implementation and slime is a nifty emacs development environment
08:37<npmr>how would updating your kernel help (not that you really have an option)?
08:37<Lone_Wanderer>I'd c&p the error I was getting but basically it said that my kernel was out of date when I tried to install a certain package
08:37<Lone_Wanderer>something about requiring thread support
08:38<Lone_Wanderer>which I thought was an odd thing not to support
08:39<npmr>what kernel are you running?
08:39<Lone_Wanderer>that's on the configurations tab?
08:39<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ uname -a
08:39<npmr>Linux dorothy #1 Thu Jul 13 23:24:40 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
08:39<npmr>it's on the command line
08:40<npmr>yeah, switch to one of the later 2.6 series kernels
08:40<npmr>i think it's in the post-2.6.16 kernels that threading got fixed
08:40<npmr>log into the web site
08:40<Lone_Wanderer>I'm in
08:41<npmr>on the configurations tab, choose the configuration profile that you're running now
08:41<Lone_Wanderer>got it
08:41<npmr>and then on that page there's a drop down box with kernels to choose from
08:42<npmr>i have mine set to "Latest 2.6 series"
08:42<Lone_Wanderer>okay I changed it
08:42<npmr>basically i don't have to mess with it that way
08:42<npmr>just reboot and i'm in the newest one
08:43<Lone_Wanderer>so I just reboot and it'll update the kernel?
08:43<npmr>don't forget to save the profile
08:43<Lone_Wanderer>I did
08:43<npmr>but otherwise, yes
08:44<npmr>i'd put good odds on that fixing your threading support warning
08:44<Lone_Wanderer>it probably will
08:47<Lone_Wanderer>btw this is how I've been installing things, I'm not sure if it's kosher or not
08:47<Lone_Wanderer>I go to a page like this:
08:48<npmr>anything that involves "going to a page" isn't
08:48<Lone_Wanderer>click the link under the architecture that I want, then c&p the link to the .deb file I want into putty and wget it
08:48<Lone_Wanderer>then dpkg -i the file
08:48<npmr>dpkg does not handle dependencies
08:48<Lone_Wanderer>I know
08:48<Lone_Wanderer>I've been doing it manually
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08:49<npmr>why not just add the unstable deb lines to your sources.list
08:49<Lone_Wanderer>it's in there
08:49<npmr>you should be able to just apt-get install then
08:50<npmr>but you'll probably end up with a system running debian unstable that way
08:50<npmr>if you want it to be stable, but with just a few packages from unstable or testing, you can do that
08:50<Lone_Wanderer>yeah, I've got a ton of unstable stuff in there already
08:52<Lone_Wanderer>omg it seems to be working
08:53[~]Lone_Wanderer watches to see if it does the neato flying text thing...
08:54[~]Lone_Wanderer cries a silent tear.
08:54<Lone_Wanderer>No, apt is still reet borked.
08:54<Lone_Wanderer>I'm guessing.
08:54<Lone_Wanderer>But slime is working!
08:55<npmr>borked how?
08:55<Lone_Wanderer>I dunno, I just didn't use it.
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08:58<Lone_Wanderer>thank you so much for the help
08:59<Lone_Wanderer>I <3 you forever!
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09:15<jungleg>is there an httpd.conf sample file for high traffic sites posted somewhere in the forums?
09:16<iggy>the forums have an excellent search feature
09:16<Lone_Wanderer>jungleg: You should be able to find one on innit?
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11:08<npmr>does anyone know of any particular daemon that would write a few blocks (about 4-20 blocks) of data every five seconds?
11:08<brocktice>npmr, yeah that's the keylogger I installed
11:09<brocktice>all your password are belong to me
11:09<npmr>it's logging to disk?
11:09<npmr>that's pretty lame
11:09<brocktice>yeah I didn't say it was a good one
11:09<brocktice>but really
11:09<brocktice>I have no idea
11:10<brocktice>how do you know it's doing this?
11:10<linbot>brocktice: Your current monologue is at least 5 lines long.
11:10<npmr>vmstat 1
11:11<kvandivo>i must not be running whatever daemon it is that you are running
11:11<npmr>does munin collect data that frequently?
11:13<npmr>hmmm, doesn't seem to be munin-node
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13:30<jungleg>I found a good http.conf on the forums, and the server hasn't stalled so far, looks like I could use extra RAM (but alas there's no more on my linode)
13:30<bendy24>good thing you have swap!
13:30<jungleg>swap no good
13:30<jungleg>I reduced the number of Maxclients
13:31<jungleg>caker, can I move to another Linode if I purchased more RAM?
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14:10<^GaveUp^>if you dont need apache look at lighttpd
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14:12<anderiv>TheFirst: I've been evaluating lighttpd, and was disappointed to discover its mod_rewrite support is not compatible w/ apache's mod_rewrite...
14:13<TheFirst>oh well
14:13<anderiv>other than that, I've been very impressed with it...
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14:38<jungleg>andreiv: it's not compatible?
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16:20<TheFirst>lighttpd rewrite rules are different....but oh well it works beautifully
16:21<kvandivo>not just good..... but "beautifully"!
16:41<jungleg>I've been reading nothing but good things about it
16:59<TheFirst>there's a post on the forums comparing the performance of it compared to apache on a 'node
17:01<TheFirst>somethings i think are even building a web interface for managing vhosts seeing as it supports reading that info from a mysql db
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18:45[~]warewolf does something thrilling
18:45[~]warewolf uploads a photo of himself to hotornot
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20:00<jimcooncat>from the forum posts, can I assume I can run nessus against my linode without anyone getting upset?
20:05<jimcooncat>should I make a support request and ask permission?
20:06<@caker>jimcooncat: go for it
20:06<jimcooncat>thanks, caker
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20:14<taupehat>OMG LAG!
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20:32<erikh>heh, I got throttled so many times today trying to transfer my www tree over it wasn't funny
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20:41<internat>hmms i dont like it wheni accidently shut that lid
21:01<taupehat>poor erikh
21:02<erikh>it does kind of sound like yorick, though.
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23:55<tewks>does anyone here work for linode?
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23:58<internat>the only pp here that work for linode are caker and mikegrb
23:59<tewks>are they around or probably asleep?
23:59<internat>couldnt tell you to be honest
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