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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-08-16

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00:03<tewks>do you have a linode account?
00:03<TheFirst>what's the question
00:15<internat>yes i do
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03:24<erikh>Bruce Schneier can straighten out an elliptic curve with nothing but his teeth
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07:54<Spads>mikegrb: caker: ping
08:02<Spads>mikegrb: caker: my tokens are at pretty much max, but I am seeing terrible performance. even running "mount" took forever. Any problems on host28?
08:05<Spads>mikegrb: caker: I'm also unable to get console
08:11<Spads>oh now I can get in
08:11<Spads>but it's dog slow
08:13<Spads>I'm not *actually* at lish yet
08:13<Spads>debug1: Entering interactive session.
08:13<Spads>the hell it is
08:14[~]Spads goes to file another ticket, which will probably end up like the last one being read only when the load is back down again
08:15<Spads>debug1: Entering interactive session.
08:15<Spads>Disconnecting: Timeout, server not responding.
08:15<npmr>Spads, that's totally high host load
08:15<npmr>it happened to me when i upgraded the other day too
08:16<npmr>ssh sessions hung at exactly that same point
08:16<Spads>it's probably having trouble forking
08:17<npmr>heh, and i'm seeing high load now on account of frotz being effectively down
08:17<Spads>how's that?
08:18<npmr> MX 50
08:18<npmr> MX 80
08:19<npmr>i think it's just that one domain, but still
08:19<Spads>ah right
08:19<npmr>he gets SOO much mail
08:19<Spads>boy howdy
08:19<Spads>and he just ignores like 99% of it
08:20<npmr>has it been all morning that it's been like this?
08:20[~]Spads comments on #21242
08:20<Spads>npmr: maybe the past hour or two at least
08:21<npmr>your rml data looks normal for the last couple of hours
08:21<Spads>yeah, that's puzzling to me
08:21<npmr>maybe *slightly* depressed i/o
08:21<npmr>but just a hair, if at all
08:21<Spads>I'm watching vmstat
08:21<Spads>and it's largely around 22 blocks out
08:22<Spads>occasionally it gets 100 or so
08:22<Spads>but it's been pretty low for frotz
08:22<npmr>is yours pretty constant or is it bursty?
08:22<Spads>it's currently somewhat bursty
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08:23<Spads>10 seconds of 0, then suddenly 22 and then 156, then zeroes again
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09:41<tewks>does anyone here work for linode?
09:42<iggy>caker and mikegrb
09:42<tewks>i want to open an account and was just wondering when they'll have more capacity
09:43<linbot>bendy24: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
09:43<iggy>man, he goes through those things like I go through condoms
09:43<bendy24>they have to build a new server and send it into the data center
09:43<iggy>I like making balloon animals
09:43<bendy24>iggy: you wish
09:44<tewks>yeah the site says estimated Aug15
09:44<iggy>or someone has to cancel
09:44<tewks>sorry for the newb question but where can i read about keeping a server secure?
09:44<iggy>just sit in here all day and say you work for linode and be rude to everyone that comes in
09:44<iggy>someone is bound to cancel
09:45<tewks>good plan
09:45<bendy24>secure server
09:45<bendy24>broad question
09:45<bendy24>just read up every single service you want to run
09:45<bendy24>and block all other ports
09:45<iggy>google can help as usual
09:45<tewks>okay good idea
09:46<iggy>yes, what bendy24 said, run as few services as you can
09:46<tewks>what do you guys use your accounts for?
09:46<iggy>planning world domination
09:46<bendy24>who doesnt?
09:51<npmr>i am the supreme autocratic ruler of my very own microcosm
09:52[~]bendy24 'sploits npmr
09:52<npmr>thanks, linode!
09:52<kvandivo>tewks: read the forums.. there's a reasonable guide on setting up your linode to run debian, and it spends some time talking about securing it. not the "be all. end all" answer, but a reasonable place to start
09:52<npmr>the best way to learn about security is to get burned
09:52<kvandivo>the most effective, perhaps.. not exactly the best
09:53<npmr>the first time you find someone else's fingerprints all over your filesystem will send chills up your spine and light a fire under your ass
09:53<kvandivo>you should have thrown a few more pieces of human anatomy into your statement
09:54<npmr>i ran out of gas
09:54<bendy24>you need more chili
09:54<tewks>i've been doing web designs for a couple clients and would like to start writing rails apps so I figured this would be a good service to use
09:54<bendy24>and beans
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09:56<Artifexxx>is host41 down?
09:58<npmr>looks like it
09:59<tewks>how reliable is linode?
10:00<bendy24>tis good
10:00<bendy24>11:00:06 up 48 days, 0 min, 1 user, load average: 0.04, 0.04, 0.04
10:00<Artifexxx>yes, this is the first time either of my nodes has been down in probably a year or so, actually
10:00<npmr>tewks, i run a phone system on it, if that's any indication
10:00<Artifexxx> 11:00:41 up 122 days, 17:05, 4 users, load average: 0.01, 0.02, 0.00
10:01<tewks>do you use asterix?
10:01<npmr>well, no
10:01<npmr>i use asterisk
10:01<tewks>what kind of phones are you using?
10:01<Artifexxx>well who do i need to pay, and how much, to get host41 back up, and NOWish?
10:01[~]Artifexxx kicks caker and mikegrb
10:01<npmr>i have a zyxel p2000w and a sipura 1001
10:02<tewks>who connects you to the phone network?
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10:02<bendy24>Artifexxx: they should get paged
10:02<npmr>junction networks for inbound on 1 local and 1 toll-free number
10:02<npmr>voicepulse connect for inbound on 1 local number and all outbound
10:03<tewks>what kind of transfer speed do you need to the linode box to get good service?
10:03<npmr>plus direct iax interconnect with the asterisk system at the office (FREE! WOO!)
10:03<npmr>tewks, the bandwidth at linode is totally not an issue
10:03<npmr>it's way more than enough
10:04<tewks>yeah but i'm thinking more if i get a wifi phone and am in a random place
10:04<npmr>like my zyxel
10:04<kvandivo>again, the bandwidth at linode won't be a limiting factor
10:04<tewks>yeah i'm just wondering what the bandwidth on my end has to be
10:04<tewks>to get voip going
10:04<kvandivo>oh.. that's a voip question, then
10:04<npmr>yeah, it's the uplink at the place where your butt is that will be the most important factor in whether it works or not
10:05<Artifexxx>ok, well, hi to caker, mikegrb, bendy, kvandivo, efudd, heidi, and anyone else i missed
10:05<Artifexxx>nice to see you all again, but i have to run
10:05<kvandivo>hola. if you create a ticket, they'll definitely get paged, Artifexxx
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10:05[~]Artifexxx nods
10:05<Artifexxx>i'm in the middle of a new product launch, and my email server is down... making my life a nightmare :-D
10:05<kvandivo>why? it means you don't have to worry about any nasty emails
10:06<npmr>tewks, so for my zyxel i have to use a g.711 codec, and that eats a lot of bandwidth
10:06<npmr>tewks, it's a 64kbps codec
10:06<Artifexxx>yes, but it also means that emails from manufacturing, distribution, etc are all bouncing
10:06<npmr>tewks, but for the spa-1001 i can use gsm, which is i think about 8.3kbps
10:06<npmr>i'd have to go look it up again
10:06<npmr>so i kind of have to pick and choose where i can use the zyxel
10:07<npmr>i basically only use it at home and at my parents' house
10:07<tewks>yeah it's gotta be a decent connection
10:07<npmr>not just that
10:07<npmr>it so has to either prioritize voip, or have low contention
10:07<Beirdo>Artifexxx, you have another server you can point the mail server's MX record at for now?
10:08<tewks>how much CPU does the asterix server use?
10:08<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host41 in System and Network Status <>
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10:08<npmr>tewks, i don't know
10:08<npmr>tewks, not really enough to notice
10:08<tewks>are you running other things on there?
10:08[~]tjfontaine eyes Artifexxx
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10:09<npmr>tewks, mail, web, ldap, uhhh... more stuff
10:09<tewks>alright sorry last question how reliable have your service providers been?
10:10<npmr>the voip termination/origination people?
10:10<npmr>Avoid NuFone
10:10<tewks>i've wanted to do this for a while now but hadn't thought of using a service like this
10:10<npmr>they are Shit Heels
10:10<npmr>junction networks and voicepulse have been great
10:11<tewks>alright thanks a lot
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10:11<tjfontaine>in voicepulse, that business unlimited plan is that $45.99 / concurrent call?
10:12<npmr>oh, uh
10:12<npmr>i don't know
10:12<npmr>i use voicepulse connect
10:12<tjfontaine>what is that?
10:13<npmr>no monthly plans
10:13<npmr>it's like prepaid voip
10:13<npmr>there's a monthly fee for each phone number you have
10:13<tjfontaine>I see
10:13<bendy24>nufone has had problems?
10:13<npmr>and then all minutes are meters
10:13<tjfontaine>half a cent, nice
10:14<tjfontaine>We're going to explore it at work and I need 5 outbound long distance lines
10:14<npmr>bendy24, they were totally cut off by their telco for about seven or eight weeks because of "a dispute"
10:14<bendy24>yeah, i remember that
10:14<bendy24>but otherwise, the little i used them i thought it was good
10:15<npmr>yeah, i used them for almost a year
10:15<npmr>during that time, they had infrastructure problems, couldn't get callerid working right, didn't respond to any questions, and dropped calls
10:16<tjfontaine>junction allows 25 simultaneous outbound calls, but 2.9 cents per min that's crazy high, higher than regular switched service
10:16<npmr>that's why all my outbound goes through voicepulse
10:17<npmr>i only use junction on inbound for two out of three numbers
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10:21<tjfontaine>npmr: so with voicepulse connect I likely can make as many outbound as my prepaid and bw will allow
10:22<npmr>i think so
10:22<npmr>i only have me using my system, so i've never really tested it
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10:22<npmr>i mean, it's possible someone's leaving voicemails or something for my brother while i'm on the phone
10:22<npmr>but even that's the just two simultaneous calls
10:23<tjfontaine>but that's inbound&outbound
10:23<tjfontaine>but my presumption is that it works
10:23<npmr>not if they're both inbound
10:24<npmr>anyway, yeah
10:24<npmr>concurrent calling works on voicepulse
10:24<npmr>i don't know what the limit is
10:25<npmr>There is currently a limit of four concurrent incoming calls and four concurrent outgoing calls per account. We do offer Wholesale account services which include increased number of concurrent channels.
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10:45<kvandivo>tjfontaine: you bare a a striking resemblance to MacGyver
10:46<tjfontaine>I know, uncanny
10:46<kvandivo>mullet and all
10:47<tjfontaine>I'm going to get my (long) hair cut and I've been considering a week as macgyver
10:47<tjfontaine>s/week/few hours/
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11:24<ppdorapa6>hello people
11:25<ppdorapa6>anyone here ?
11:26<tjfontaine>that's a relative question
11:27<ppdorapa6>well.. i mean.. caker or some admin are here ? :0
11:31<kvandivo>in other words, tjfontaine, we are nobodies.
11:32<tjfontaine>reaffirmation of my previous statement :)
11:32<ppdorapa6>no ! please dont mispell my words.. i just need support with my linode.. its not working since they restart the host
11:33<ppdorapa6>30 minutes and still down o_O
11:35<npmr>support tickets, anyone?
11:35<npmr>you do know that they get paged when you create those things, right?
11:54<npmr> 0 7 488 2552 9564 46036 0 0 0 0 156 68 0 0 0 100
11:54<bendy24>yes, those are ugly numbers!
11:54<npmr>caker, mikegrb: my host is under attack from my neighbors!
11:55<bendy24>npmr: support ticket!
11:55[~]bendy24 runs
11:55<npmr>i did
11:55<npmr>this is on host45
11:55<bendy24>which host?
12:08<npmr>man, this is ridiculous
12:08[~]caker looks
12:09<npmr>my mail server can't even send and receive mail because it isn't getting enough cpu time to keep the connections alive
12:09<npmr>it's all cpu wait
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12:39<buzzzlight>hey guys, I noticed my linode for powered down yesterday for some reason, and I haven't changed anything, but now it says port 443 is already in use, so I can't restart apache
12:42<bendy24>make sure all apache processes are stoped
12:43<bendy24>if not kill them all
12:49<buzzzlight>wow I am way too paranoid. For some reason I thought it was something else blocking me, so did "fuser -v 443/tcp" and duh it was apache. anyway, I am back up, you guys are amazing :)
12:49<kvandivo>it's all about you, b24
12:49[~]bendy24 struts around proudly
12:52<buzzzlight>well I know you guys are busy, so I am off, just out of curiosity, do you all work here, or are you just that cool?
12:52<npmr>there are only two staff
12:52<npmr>caker and mikegrb
12:52<npmr>the rest of us are all customers
12:53<bendy24>so we are just that cool
12:53<kvandivo>sometimes it's hard being so cool
12:53<bendy24>sometimes it hurts
12:53<buzzzlight>that's really awesome. good to have a following hahah, well, take it easy
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12:54<bendy24>see k, we can really make a difference in this world
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13:08<warewolf>apparently I score a 7.6 on hot|not
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13:12<afv-13>dear diary. today warewolf scored 7.6 on hot|not.
13:17<bendy24>out of 100?
13:17<kvandivo>i think it's a thousand point scale
13:18<bendy24>warewolf: they clearly didnt take into account your sendmail expertise
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13:26<ppdorapa6>anyone here with host41 ?
13:26<ppdorapa6>i cannot login since 3 hours..
13:26<cow>check the web config
13:26<ppdorapa6>its up
13:26<cow>and see if your linode is booted
13:26<ppdorapa6>yes of course its booted
13:27<cow>try ssh'ing into
13:27<cow>you'll get the console of the machine
13:27<cow>maybe there's a config error
13:27<ppdorapa6>because in support told me this: your /etc/inittab (and possibly /etc/fstab) are missing
13:27<cow>im on host 41 and my linode came back up
13:27<cow>quite some time ago
13:27<ppdorapa6>how does happend i really dont know.. they restart the server and now i cannot login
13:33<@caker>ppdorapa6: boot with init=/bin/bash and you can then remount your fs r/w and fix inittab
13:33<@caker>ppdorapa6: debian?
13:35<ppdorapa6>no.. CEntos4
13:35<@caker>if so,
13:35<@caker>ok, one sec
13:36<ppdorapa6>i do that.. boot with init=/bin/bash
13:36<ppdorapa6>i dunno how to fix that
13:36<ppdorapa6>also i did mount -o remount,rw /
13:37<ppdorapa6>it says i cannot write
13:37<warewolf>mount /proc -t proc /proc
13:37<warewolf>mount / -o remount,rw
13:37<warewolf>edit file
13:38<warewolf>mount / -o remount,ro
13:38<warewolf>umount /proc
13:38<warewolf>exec /sbin/init
13:38<warewolf>linode boots
13:38<ppdorapa6>ok, hold on i will try it
13:39<ppdorapa6>"inittab" E212: Can't open file for writing
13:40<warewolf>did you run 'mount / -o remount,rw' ?
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13:41<warewolf>I dunno.
13:41<warewolf>the filesystem may need to be fsck'd
13:41<warewolf>best way to do that is resizing +/- 1mb or something
13:41<ppdorapa6>caker ?
13:41<warewolf>anything interesting in dmesg?
13:41<ppdorapa6>wich mesg ?
13:42<warewolf>dmesg | tail -10 and nopaste please
13:43<ppdorapa6>ubda: unknown partition table
13:43<warewolf>don't paste here please
13:43<warewolf>that unknown partition table message is fine
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13:43<warewolf>paste there
13:46<warewolf>ppdorapa6: can you run 'touch /etc/junk' ?
13:46<warewolf>if that doens't complete, your / partition is still mounted read-only.
13:47<ppdorapa6>i do it.. and nothing its showed
13:47<warewolf>then 'rm /etc/junk'
13:47<warewolf>and then 'mv /etc/inittab /etc/inittab.old'
13:47<warewolf>then 'touch /etc/inittab'
13:48<ppdorapa6>mv: cannot stat `/etc/inittab': Input/output error
13:48<warewolf>your filesystem is fucked
13:48<warewolf>resize it to fsck it
13:48<warewolf>that should help
13:48<ppdorapa6>i dont have more space to resize
13:48<warewolf>resize it _down_
13:48<warewolf>then back up
13:49<ppdorapa6>but what if i resize and i lost everything :|
13:49<warewolf>a side effect of resizing is that the host runs fsck
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13:49<warewolf>ppdorapa6: you restore your backup.
13:49<warewolf>ppdorapa6: you do have backups of your critical files somewhere else right?
13:50<ppdorapa6>i dont do it every day ..
13:50<ppdorapa6>where is caker warewolf ?
13:50<ppdorapa6>when i need it..
13:51<warewolf>I'm probally telling you the things he'd tell you to do
13:51<kvandivo>because warewolf is cool
13:51<warewolf>I'm not an employee of linode, just a sysadmin for a living
13:51<ppdorapa6>im thankfully to you warewolf
13:51<warewolf>ppdorapa6: run these commands: 'mount / -o remount,ro', 'umount /proc' and then shut down your linode
13:52<ppdorapa6>but as you know.. it will be great that caker can access the host and try to fix it
13:52<warewolf>then resize your filesystem down just a tiny amount to fsck it quickly
13:52<warewolf>ppdorapa6: open a support ticket.
13:52<ppdorapa6>and then warewolf ?
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13:52<warewolf>once your filesystem has been fsck'd, the problem with /etc/inittab should go away
13:52<warewolf>but you will probally still need to replace it
13:53<warewolf>so all that 'mount /proc -t proc; mount / -o remount,rw; <edit file, save>' stuff will need to be done again
13:53<ppdorapa6>ok.. i will try to that again warewolf.. thanks
13:53<ppdorapa6>i will be back in 20 minutes :)
13:53<warewolf>wiat 1 sec
13:53<warewolf>er, wait 1 second
13:54<warewolf>I'm telling you to resize your filesysetm becuase that way the host runs the fsck -- which doesn't use you IO tokens. You *can* run a fsck if you remount / read only, but it will just take a very long time.
13:55<warewolf>running a fsck by yourself (on the linode itself) will chew up your io tokens, you'll get limited, and then you'll run into other problems.
13:55<warewolf>that's all
13:55<warewolf>just copy down that series of commands I told you to run at the start
13:55<ppdorapa6>this resize it.. i will do it with the init=/bin/bash
13:55<ppdorapa6>or the normal
13:56<warewolf>continue to use init=/bin/bash
13:56<warewolf>until you've repaired /etc/inittab
13:56<warewolf>sure, no problem.
13:56<ppdorapa6>i open a support ticket about 3 hours ago
13:57<ppdorapa6>and they answer me that the inittab has been broken
13:57<ppdorapa6>i will shutdown and resize it
13:57<ppdorapa6>and do that commands again thanks
13:59[~]warewolf -c nap &
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14:13<ppdorapa6>warewolf i can write now :)
14:13<ppdorapa6>i do exec /sbin/init
14:13<ppdorapa6>but it tell me an error that i have ext2 when i have ext3
14:14<ppdorapa6>warewolf ?
14:19|-|cow changed nick to rickl
14:19|-|rickl changed nick to rick
14:19<rick>has anyone used tripplite UPSs?
14:24<ppdorapa6>my fstab is missing .. anyone can past me their fstab ?
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14:30<ppdorapa6>i got it. warewolf tell me when you are here :)
14:35<erikh>ppdorapa6: do you have a shell on the box?
14:35<erikh>if so, type 'mount'.
14:36<ppdorapa6>yes.. im having problems with the filesystem now
14:36<ppdorapa6>i repair the inittab and now the fstab
14:36<ppdorapa6>but i have ext3 and the system reads ext2
14:36<ppdorapa6>im trying to find where i have to change that
14:37<erikh>that would be the fstab
14:37<erikh>change the ext2 line in it to read ext3. if you don't have a fstab, you're goign to have to build one from scratch.
14:37<erikh>unless linode has some magic solution that I'm not aware of.
14:38<ppdorapa6>i add this one
14:38<ppdorapa6>my fstab was empty too
14:50<ppdorapa6>well thanks too all specially to warewolf !
14:51<ppdorapa6>caker.. when i need you.. i dont find you :(
14:54<ppdorapa6>bye linode people
15:00|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
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16:05|-|spr [] has joined #linode
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16:17|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
16:20|-|fh [] has joined #linode
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16:44|-|wazhere [] has joined #linode
16:44<wazhere>What is linode based on Xen?
16:46|-|wazhere1 [] has joined #linode
16:48|-|srajan [] has joined #linode
16:48<tierra>It's based on UML, though Xen is in testing
16:48<wazhere1>what is linode based on? Xen or is it User Mode Linux. Also i would like to run a few tests locally to see if my apps will work here, as far as interface is the interface avail as open or closed source
16:49<srajan>hi I need help on getting my account setup
16:49<srajan>whom do I contact here
16:49<wazhere1>no one seems to respond
16:49<srajan>caker r u there
16:50<wazhere1>sorry I missed the ans
16:50<anderiv>wazhere1: UML currently. Xen is in beta.
16:50<anderiv>tierra: whoops...didn't see that you already responded :-)
16:51<tierra>wazhere1 missed it too ;)
16:51<anderiv>srajan: what specifically did you need help with? Are you just waiting for your acct activation?
16:51<@caker>srajan: hello
16:52<wazhere1>is the manager interface you use avail as open or closed source?
16:52<tierra>wazhere1: I think you can get most everything needed to emulate a Linode environment here:
16:52<srajan>i got an email asking to fax some info
16:52<srajan>I did
16:52<srajan>today morning
16:52<@caker>srajan: one moment
16:52<wazhere1>thanks btw-- how is the Xen testing going
16:52<tierra>wazhere1: the manager interface is not available however
16:52<@caker>srajan: all set, thank you
16:53<srajan>i see it now
16:53<tierra>I haven't kept up on Xen beta status... no idea how that's going
16:53<srajan>thx. I want to be sure that I faxed it to correct number
16:54<Spads>caker: Is someone thrashing on host28?
16:54<@caker>The Xen implmentation on our end is done, however Xen isn't all that stable yet IMO (and other's)
16:54<@caker>Spads: lemme check
16:54<AndyHat>Host28's IO has definitely seemed slow all day.
16:55<Spads>earlier I couldn't even get to lish
16:55<Spads>now I can, but it's dog slow
16:55<@caker>Spads: just you and another node are doing IO
16:55<srajan>thx caker appreciate it.. bye
16:55<Spads>caker: so why so slow, then?
16:55|-|srajan [] has quit [Quit: srajan]
16:56<AndyHat>Strangely, just as you mentioned it, it seemed to get faster.
16:56[~]Spads suspects that there is something funny about host28,
16:56<AndyHat>But before caker looked.
16:56[~]tierra sneaks some more I/O really quick
16:56<jungleg>caker has magic eyes... ooooo
16:57<@caker>Spads: I'd gladly set up a migration off to a less-busy host
16:57<@caker>for you...
16:57<@caker>that'd help the host28 folks, too, as I'd close that slot afterwords
16:58<Spads>caker: I'd appreciate that. I've been putting limits on when cron jobs run, and configuring people's mutts to not chew up disk, lately
17:00<@caker>Spads: shoot me a ticket, just so I have it in the queue, please?
17:00<warewolf>spads- one small thing I did that helped
17:00<warewolf>spads- I frobbed /etc/syslog.conf to not sync() on each write
17:00<warewolf>spads- eg, kern.* -/var/log/kernel
17:00<warewolf>if you don't have that in syslog.conf try adding the - to turn off the sync()
17:00<Spads>caker: sure
17:01<warewolf>hrm, did I make it into spads /ignore list?
17:02<wazhere1>what is your host OS
17:02<Spads>warewolf: huh
17:02<wazhere1>btw- I appreciate your answers.. thanks
17:02<warewolf>sweet, I'm not /ignored.
17:02<Spads>warewolf: I'll try that
17:02<kvandivo>Spads: he wanted you to thank him for offering a hint
17:02<Spads>warewolf: you still haven't /ignored me like you promised
17:03<Spads>kvandivo: guess so
17:05<Spads>warewolf: seems like debian does the - for most logfiles anyway. Only emergency ones are sync'd
17:05<wazhere1>Is the base OS RedHat, Gentoo or .........
17:06<warewolf>wazhere1: you can run a whole slew of linux distros in your linode
17:06<warewolf>wazhere1: and if you're asking about the linode host's particular flavor of distro I don't really see the relevance
17:07<warewolf>wazhere1: (I am not an employee of linode)
17:09<wazhere1>See I'm trying to get a better linux presence at my work, so in dev lab with no outside access, I would like to duplicate for testing (security not a concern air gapped network) then move production apps to the real linode svr
17:09<wazhere1>maintained by linode,
17:10<warewolf>yeah I think caker has the patches to uml linux up on his website
17:10<warewolf>regarding io tokens etc
17:10<wazhere1>Thanks, feel like an idiot should have looked in the FAQ
17:10|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:22<jungleg>I'm so happy, I got Apache for one full day without it crashing!!
17:23<anderiv>jungleg: quite an accomplishment
17:23<jungleg>you have no idea
17:23<jungleg>it's the power of the httpd.conf
17:26<tierra>in the FAQ: "Linodes also have dedicated resources - that 64 megs of RAM is for your Linode, and your Linode only."
17:26<@caker>our FAQ lacks
17:27<tierra>much better than some other places
17:27<tierra>it actually has commonly asked questions and useful answers
17:28|-|wazhere1 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
17:29<tierra>(I only say "commonly" because too many places think "F(requently)AQ" for some reason just means answers to a bunch of questions they think people might ask)
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18:33<GabeW>rehi everyone
18:39|-|mode/#linode [+nt] by ChanServ
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20:06|-|nikki_ [] has joined #linode
20:06<nikki_>I'm getting "The transaction failed. ErrorMessage: failure-bad-money ; ccsp ; Financial Institution Response: Declined." again, but I have enough money on my card and I just used it to buy something somewhere else fine...
20:07<nikki_>so now my linode's suspended again and I can't seem to fix it :(
20:09<nikki_>I checked my balance earlier and I have £50, $20 is roughly £10, so it shouldn't be going over the limit, so I don't know why it's still saying that.
20:10|-|Majbour [] has joined #linode
20:10<Majbour>any ops alive
20:24|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
20:24|-|spr [] has joined #linode
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21:07|-|srajan [] has joined #linode
21:08<srajan>Hello caker..
21:10<srajan>any body here
21:11<nikki_>lots of bodies. not sure how many are alive :P
21:12<Majbour>yeah its usualy a bitch
21:12|-|stylus [] has joined #linode
21:13<srajan>i am newbie to linode/linux for that matter - i have question
21:13<srajan>when I do df -a
21:13|-|srajan [] has quit [Quit: srajan]
21:14|-|srajan [] has joined #linode
21:23<erikh>srajan: what about when you do that?
21:25<srajan>when i do df -a it says I got about 80% free space
21:25<srajan>but on the web page of my account
21:25<srajan>its 100% storage used
21:25<srajan>is the status
21:26<srajan>as if the file system is full
21:26<nikki_>the disc image thing has all the space, but within the disc image thing, you have free space
21:27<srajan> so its pre allocated
21:32|-|srajan [] has quit [Quit: srajan]
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22:13|-|srajan [] has joined #linode
22:13<srajan>i need a mysql download help
22:14<srajan>where can I get one for Linode
22:15<TheFirst>uh, huh?
22:17<srajan>i am trying to install mysql in Mandrake
22:20<TheFirst>grab the rpm and install it
22:21<srajan>what i needto know is if this AMD64 or x86
22:21<srajan>they got different rpms
22:23|-|jungleg [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
22:24|-|srajan [] has quit [Quit: srajan]
22:43|-|internat [] has joined #linode
22:45<GabeW>srajan - do 'uname -a'
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23:13|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
23:18<nikki_>sigh... still not working
23:23[~]TheFirst calls the ghostbusters
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