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00:02<nikki_>is there any chance that there'll be any other ways to pay any time soon?
00:05<TheFirst>doubt it
00:06<nikki_>I'm getting really frustrated with it
00:06<TheFirst>though, really they accomodate most people....
00:06<TheFirst>paypal and such, obviously, have the fraud issues that i dont blame them for not wanting to deal with
00:06<nikki_>yeah, but my linode's suspended because they can't get the money for some reason
00:07<nikki_>I can use the card, it has enough left to spend...
00:07<nikki_>but when I try and pay for the linode? declined
00:08<TheFirst>maybe they just wnated the verification...i dunno, you'd have to ask caker or mikegrb about that
00:08<nikki_>verification of what?
00:10<TheFirst>sometimes they require photos and i said for specifics you need to talk to those guys
00:10<nikki_>but why would they randomly decide that and not tell me?
00:10<nikki_>it's worked in the past, but this month it didn't
00:11<TheFirst>oh yah...then i dunno
00:11<TheFirst>i'd not venture a guess when i'm sober so i'm sure not venturing one now
00:21<@caker>nikki_: what's up?
00:22<nikki_>I'm getting "The transaction failed. ErrorMessage: failure-bad-money ; ccsp ; Financial Institution Response: Declined." even though I've checked the balance on my card and I've managed to use it elsewhere to buy stuff :/
00:23<@caker>nikki_: typically, you need to call the CC company (number on the CC) and ask why it failed. Generally, they just want you to OK the transaction, then it'll work
00:24<nikki_>wonder what time they open...
00:24<@caker>should be 24/7
00:26<nikki_>even in the uk? o_O
00:26[~]caker shrugs -- try it
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01:52<fo0bar>chase has done that to me once or twice. capital one likes to call after they've approved to confirm
01:54<fo0bar>(call at 7AM on a saturday, waking me up) "wha?" "Hi, this is Jane from Capital One. Did you buy $xx.xx worth of stuff from a couple days ago?" (trying desparately to convert pounds to USD while half-asleep) "yeah, that amount sounds right" "OK, thanks!"
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02:34<TheFirst>7am on any day would work me up
02:34<TheFirst>7pm is pushing it sometimes ;P
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04:37<Spads>weird, my load seems to be just fine now
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08:02<npmr> <-- caker: too much iowait
08:13<Spads>what's a good value for wa%?
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08:21<npmr>Spads, a good value for wa% is as low as possible
08:22<Spads>yeah I know
08:22<Spads>Just wondering what averages people see
08:23<npmr>i see single digits, tops, under normal circumstances
08:23<npmr>when it starts to jump higher than that, it's due to host load
08:24<Spads>a pity munin is such a hog, or I'd run it again
08:24<npmr>and when it starts to jump above about 80, there's a noticeable degradation
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11:03<Edward>Is lack of POSIX mutex support a known issue on Linodes? Or is there a workaround?
11:04<npmr>what kernel are you using?
11:05<npmr>what kernel are you using?
11:05<Edward>CentOS 4.0
11:05<npmr>what kernel are you using?
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11:05<npmr>on the command line:
11:05<npmr>uname -r
11:06<npmr>the 2.4 series kernels lack some thread-related support
11:06<npmr>and many of the earlier 2.6 kernels do too, in UML
11:06<Edward>Ah. That's good to know.
11:07<npmr>try updating your profile so that you're using the latest 2.6 series kernel and boot into that
11:07<Edward>Ok. Thanks.
11:10<Edward>npmr, Thanks for your help.
11:11<Edward>I was going to open a support request, but then it hit me that something like that was likely a known issue.
11:11<npmr>it used to be worse
11:12<Edward>Yep. That solved my problem! Thanks very much.
11:12<npmr>2.6 mainline has always had that thread stuff but it didn't work in UML until about 2.6.16
11:12<npmr>so distros would see "2.6" and assume there was support
11:13<npmr>glad to help
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11:18<jens>Hi, I was trying to sign up for service, but there seams to be an error in the signup-script?
11:19<jens>Alse sent an e-mail yesterday. No answer.....
11:19<jens>Just tried to call the sales phone number. Just got the answer phone.
11:19<jens>Is anyone out there?
11:19<Edward>What error are you getting?
11:20<jens>no plan was found that could match your request. Please narrow your selection, and try again.
11:20<Edward>I got that message several times when attempting to purchase the cheapest plan.
11:20<Edward>I moved up to a higher plan, and had no trouble.
11:21<Edward>I suspect that it is related to the relative popularity of the various plans, and to Linode's ability to serve only certain numbers of each - but I don't know for sure.
11:21<jens>I tried the cheap plan as well. Also tried more expensive plan. Same response
11:21<jens>Tnx Edward. You have any experience with support?
11:22<Edward>Check out the very last row of the table - all of them say 'None Available'.
11:22<linbot>heidi: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
11:22<Edward>Oh neat. A linbot. :)
11:23<npmr>linode does not oversell its host systems
11:23<Edward>jens, I've just hit my first pitfall, and came here for support first.
11:23<npmr>so yes, there are a fixed number of openings
11:23<Edward>I haven't needed to use the support ticket system yet.
11:23<npmr>currently all of the plans are sold out
11:24<npmr>well, for reference, there are only two employees in here: mikegrb and caker
11:25<npmr>and heidi can be useful for getting mikegrb's attention
11:25<npmr>they're married
11:25<jens>Ok, so I guess I'll just have to go elsewhere...
11:26<npmr>jens, they ship new host systems out pretty frequently to accomodate new customers
11:26<jens>Cool. Any chance of getting access to an account?
11:26<npmr>i couldn't say
11:26<npmr>but caker could
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11:34<tizn>hello, any admins around?
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11:49<shrap>op around?
11:49<shrap>seem to be getting packetloss on my linode
11:51<npmr>in general or just between you and your linode?
11:52<shrap>between my linode and the rest of the world
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11:53<shrap>130ping and 30% packetloss
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11:53<npmr>what's the ip address?
11:54<shrap>Its on host 15
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11:55<npmr>what's the ip address of your linode?
11:55<shrap>sry, not giving that out without a @ next to yer nickname
11:55<npmr>suit yourself
11:56<shrap>This obvously doesnt seem to be a issue affecting other hosts... would see more complaining in here
11:56<shrap>Id bet its again
11:57<shrap>be nice if there was a active op to confirm this
11:57<npmr>from my linode in dallas, i'm seeing 25% packet loss to host15
11:58<npmr>from a speakeasy dsl in michigan i'm seeing 0% loss
11:58<npmr>from an sbc dsl in illinois i'm seeing 0% loss
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11:59<shrap>time to open a new ticket
11:59<npmr>looks like a saturated entry point into he's wan
12:01<shrap>Its not the 1st time this has happened
12:01<iggy>probably won't be the last
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12:01<iggy>that's what happens when you trust someone like al gore to invent the internet
12:02<shrap>*shakes his fist*
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12:25<gpd_>nvm -- local routing issues
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13:16<npmr>caker, high host load again
13:18<npmr> r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa
13:18<npmr> 3 1 2468 49592 27432 45264 0 0 0 0 116 69 0 0 0 100
13:18<npmr> 1 1 2468 49592 27432 45264 0 0 0 0 109 51 0 0 0 100
13:18<npmr> 0 1 2468 49592 27432 45264 0 0 0 0 107 54 0 0 0 100
13:18<npmr>(etc) (etc)
13:18<npmr>this is with postfix shut down
13:19[~]bendy24 turns off seti@home
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13:40<npmr> 3 6 2468 15040 29200 51440 0 0 0 0 149 130 1 1 0 98
13:42<npmr>6! 8 7 2468 13788 29200 50896 0 0 0 0 138 88 0 1 0 99
13:42<npmr>7 processes wblocking and NO I/O taking place!
13:42<npmr> 1 8 2468 14192 29208 49696 0 0 0 0 123 84 0 0 0 100
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13:46<Guest96>caker or mikegrb - can one of you look at host45? My load is 5+ and io is really slow...
13:46<npmr>Guest96, mine too, also host45
13:46<Spads>them hosts is loaded
13:46<Guest96>my io_status is: io_count=6124062 io_rate=60 io_tokens=399995 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
13:46<npmr>Guest96, i have an open ticket
13:47<Guest96>I don't know if it's me but my top show 99% idle with no swap usage...
13:47<npmr>Guest96, it's the host, not you or i
13:48<Guest96>I haven't changed my setup in about a year and it used to run great...
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14:14<npmr>caker, <-- solid hour of effective downtime
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16:32<insanum>I assume there is still no word on host45... this server needs to be dropped kicked!!!
16:32<npmr>it seems to be touch and go at the moment
16:33<npmr>i'm not comfortable with how high iowait is still spiking, but at least things are working again
16:35<Spads>same with host28
16:51<GabeW>hi folks
16:51<GabeW>i have a basic question about UML & Linode
16:53<GabeW>when the service I'm buying says I have "100Mib", is that entirely equivalent to a standalone box with 100Mib of RAM?
16:53<GabeW>I've gotten used to running on boxes with 1GB+ of ram, so 100Mib sounds incredibly tiny to me
16:54<Spads>It is.
16:55<GabeW>even the top-end 400mb (linode 400) seems awfully small
16:55<GabeW>how do folks not end up in swap-hell?
16:55<Spads>Very carefully.
16:56<Spads>I keep my system in laptop mode, for a start
16:56<GabeW>"laptop mode"?
16:56<Spads>I put wrappers on my cron jobs to delay until load and I/O tokens are acceptable
16:56<Spads>yes, it's part of the VM system
16:56<Spads>avoids talking to the disk until entirely necessary
16:56[~]GabeW has never had to worry about this
16:58<GabeW>the site says there are no new accounts available
16:59<GabeW>"estimated availability 8/15/2006"
16:59<GabeW>guess I won't be getting an account today..
17:01<linbot>Spads: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
17:01<Spads>that was it
17:01<GabeW>well, I guess my question is academic
17:02[~]GabeW needs to find another VPS provider
17:05<insanum>I have a another VPS with Quantact which I like a lot (they use xen)
17:05<insanum>I think both Linode and Quantact rock...
17:14<GabeW>insanum: besides the fact that I'm asking you here in #linode, what downsides do you see with quantact vs. linode?
17:16<efudd>insanum, so, does Quantact give you a method to connect to the console of your node?
17:17<efudd>Ah, looks like it.
17:23[~]GabeW leans towards quantact simply because its available today
17:25<efudd>I've been with linode 3 yrs. can't really complain.
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17:28<insanum>no quantact is not as diverse as linode...
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17:28<insanum>IMHO linode is much better for toying around with linux (much more control over your node)
17:28<insanum>quantact is cheaper though...
17:38<insanum>I like linode better... I use quantact for backups
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18:39<internat>u know there stuff looks awfully simular to linode
18:40<npmr>"you" "their" "awefully" "similar"
18:40<npmr>i think that might be a record
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18:50<internat>yeah i cant spell to save myself :P
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20:41<internat>has anyone here used vhcs just out of corisoty?
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22:47<npmr>!seen mikegrb
22:47<linbot>npmr: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 2 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <mikegrb> lolz
22:47<npmr>!seen caker
22:47<linbot>npmr: caker was last seen in #linode 22 hours, 20 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: * caker shrugs -- try it
22:55<npmr>i sure hope they're busy building and shipping new hosts
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