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01:27<verc>neat. i can get on irc through the nazi firewall :)
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01:36<Spads>caker: mikegrb: host28 is mad loaded.
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01:37<Spads>Host Summary
01:37<Spads>Host Load: high
01:37<Spads>^-- understatement
01:37<TheFirst>maybe host28 needs to goto AA?
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06:07<tizn>mike or caker?
06:42<linbot>New news from forums: You search woman for friend? in General Discussion <>
06:59[~]Spads hugs linbot
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07:45<tizn>mike or caker?
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09:00<jungleg>caker, mikegrb -- I don't know what I've done with the httpd.conf -- but my site is flying for the last 3-4 days now! :)
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09:45<tizn>mike you here?
09:48<kvandivo>how can he possibly answer that any way other than "yes"?
09:50<tizn>odd, that would be the answer I'm looking for.
09:50<tizn>He also answered a ticket
09:50<tizn>so i thought he may be on irc
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10:21<Spads>lft > traceroute
10:21<Spads>it does ASNs!
10:21<Spads>sudo lft -N -S -A
10:29<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ lft -N -S -A
10:29<npmr>no suitable device found
10:29<npmr>that's lame
10:30<bendy24>got root?
10:34<npmr>yes, but it's still lame
10:34<npmr>mtr and traceroute don't need root privs to pick an output device or capture responses
10:34<bendy24>poor npmr
10:35<npmr>i stand corrected
10:35<npmr>mtr and traceroute are 1755
10:36<Spads>most of those tools are suid
10:36<Spads>for teh packet formations
10:37<npmr> <-- this is how a linode bleeds to death
10:38<bendy24>no one has fixed it yet?
10:38<npmr>bendy24, nope
10:38<npmr>!seen caker
10:38<linbot>npmr: caker was last seen in #linode 1 day, 10 hours, 11 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: * caker shrugs -- try it
10:38<npmr>!seen mikegrb
10:38<linbot>npmr: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 2 days, 14 hours, 4 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <mikegrb> lolz
10:39<npmr>and it's been since sunday night for the real mikegrb
10:39<npmr> 2 4 3364 18436 13948 58980 0 0 40 5317 10200 5607 36 39 0 25
10:39<npmr>10200 interrupts in that one second
10:39<npmr>that's damn toasty
10:40<bendy24>even mike's sshd times out on his node
10:40<bendy24>not sure what host its on
10:42<npmr>can't even start a shell right now
10:42<npmr>what's in core is all i've got
10:42<npmr>oddly, that includes irssi
10:43<tizn>he answered mine very prompty
10:44<npmr>mine's been open since wednesday
10:44<npmr>i had one response just after opening it
10:53<linbot>New news from forums: Firehol in Linux Networking <>
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10:59<npmr>hi insanum
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12:02<tubule> 17 check this
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12:06<tizn>Jeter standing in the box for 11 mins
12:06<tizn>waiting for ESPN
12:06<tizn>I have the YES feed
12:06<tizn>whoops, wrong chan
12:08<npmr>waiting for espn?
12:08<npmr>what, like during their commercial break?
12:08<tizn>for the opening pitch
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12:22<unsurnamed> 4 check this
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12:23<hurg>there's going to be a lot of mail waiting when my system comes back up
12:23<hurg>just fyi
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12:41<Alhambra> 4 check it
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12:48<hurg>somebody /ban *!*@81.25.* plz
12:49<hurg>danke schoen
12:49<bendy24>well, @81.25.3*
12:49<bendy24>and 4*
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13:03<npmr>linbot, roulette
13:03<linbot>npmr: *click*
13:04|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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13:42<tizn>hey caker you here
13:43<bendy24>we appear to be cakerless
13:43<bendy24>!seen caker
13:43<@linbot>bendy24: caker was last seen in #linode 1 day, 13 hours, 16 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: * caker shrugs -- try it
13:43<tizn>he answered a ticket a while back
13:43<tizn>so thinking..
13:46<npmr>he's in the shadows today
13:46<npmr>swooping in with cape flying on a user-by-user basis
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14:00<@caker>what's up?
14:01<kvandivo>they've been talking smack
14:07<bendy24>who has?
14:08<tizn>caker: i tried fsck'ing
14:08<tizn>but still no inittab
14:08<tizn>Would you like to try?
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14:21<@caker>tizn: it won't recover the inittab, but it'll clear up the fs enough for you to replace it
14:21<@caker>tizn: debian?
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15:10<tizn>would you suggest this as a good time to clean house?
15:10<tizn>install a new OS and all?
15:12<tizn>i just don't like the idea of some key files disapearing
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15:20<javafueled>linbot, roulette
15:20<@linbot>javafueled: *click*
15:40<warewolf>caker- I believe the last user that had issues with inittab I was able to help them fsck via resize.
15:40<warewolf>caker- if they didn't fsck, even with the root partition mounted rw, there were io errors accessing /etc/inittab.
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15:47<tizn>it just doesn't exist anymore
15:47<tizn>as do a number of files
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15:56<warewolf>check /lost+found?
15:57<@caker>warewolf: right, which is why I suggested the fsck first
15:57<@caker>tizn: based on when this has happened before, it's always been limited to inttab and occasionally fstab
15:57<@caker>tizn: what kernel were you running before this happened?
15:58<tizn>2.4. something
15:58<@caker>tizn: latest 2.4?
15:58<@caker>(in the config profile)
15:58<tizn>i don't think i had rebooted since well.. the last time host42 rebooted
15:58<@caker>still haven't pinned down what causes that
15:59<tizn>it is very odd
15:59<tizn>its something that happened before though?
15:59<@caker>Yes, last few weeks I've been seeing it at random
15:59<tizn>ok, at least i know it wasn't an intruder or something
15:59<tizn>but i hadn't logged onto the server in at least 2 weeks
16:00<tizn>i was out 70 miles offshore...
16:00<tizn>so very unable to break it...
16:00<tizn>which was odd when i came back home and it was all borked
16:01<tizn>can't find anything in lost+found
16:03<@caker> <-- /me drools
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16:17<npmr>caker, does it say anywhere what kind of data connection it's got?
16:18<npmr>ah, found it
16:26<warewolf>-bash-2.05b# cp inittab inittab.old
16:26<warewolf>-bash-2.05b# cp fstab fstab.old
16:26[~]warewolf takes precautions
16:26<TheFirst>warewolf: against?
16:27<warewolf>TheFirst: read scrollback.
16:27<TheFirst>just did...
16:27<TheFirst>isn't that fstab problem fun? :P
16:28<@caker>npmr: ya .. for TP it's dual 100MBit async
16:28<@caker>er, full duplex
16:28<npmr>i meant radio
16:29<npmr>it's EDGE
16:29<@caker>oh, the ROAD thing
16:29<npmr>also, WiFi
16:30<npmr>so how would that work, you walk into a cingular store and say "i want to connect this thing to the innerweb. it's got edge."?
16:30<@caker>I would assume
16:30<@caker>that's how it works with non-$provider branded/provided phones
16:42<warewolf>you will have to pay big $$ to get a non-$provider device connected to $provider's network, atleast in america.
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17:26<fapestniegd>how does this channel create the logs over on ? Does the bot do it? Or is there a server side setting?
17:29<efudd> <- pretty damn good r/c plane flying
17:29<npmr>fapestniegd, VS_ChanLog is another bot
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