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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-08-19

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06:04<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host50 in System and Network Status <>
06:34<encode>just as well thats not 49
07:39<tizn>caker or mike, one of you two here?
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10:36<tewks>a few days ago I added an extra IP to my account and I've rebooted a few times since (including right now) and I don't think my linode is recognizing it
10:36<tewks>should the second ip show up as eth1?
10:45<@mikegrb>no, you need to manually configure it as eth0:1
10:45<@mikegrb>there are instructions on the network info page of the member's site
10:48<tewks>can i use eth1?
10:49<tewks>i figured to stop using dhcp and configure myself and set up eth1
10:49<tewks>and im just about to save my config file
10:49<@mikegrb>that won't work since eth1 doesn't exist
10:49<tewks>oh yeah
10:49<tewks>good point
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14:50<lucca>efudd: hahahahah
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16:44<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host6 in System and Network Status <>
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17:21<encode>ahaha @ efudd's link
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21:01<tewks>if i have a master record set up for one domain, then do I need to create another for each extra domain I want to add?
21:01<tewks>i've got the extra domains pointed to the nameservers i created for the first
21:01<tewks>what do I need to get them working?
21:02<tewks>(does each domain need a master record?)
21:04<tewks>master zone i meen
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