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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-08-20

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00:06<tuppa>something wrong with host46?
00:06<tuppa>or is it just my isp?
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00:09<FyberOptic>Hiya, I was wondering if there's something up with host 44.
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00:25<fdc>Hey, does anybody know what the deal is with host50?
00:26<fdc>Seems to have gone down again, second time in two days.. =/
00:26<FyberOptic>I lost network connectivity about an hour ago with host44, though I realized I could still get into Lish
00:26<tuppa>and host46
00:26<tuppa>only that lish doesn't connect either
00:26<fdc>That's about when I lost host50 too..
00:27<tuppa>datacenter got blown up?
00:27<FyberOptic>Rebooting didn't do any good, but then all the sudden it went dead, and now I get an INIT error on boot
00:27[~]xinu can't ping any linode hosts
00:27<fdc>Great. Linode has gone under!!
00:27<xinu>something probably melted at the datacenter
00:27<FyberOptic>Hopefully it's just a little thing, cause I dont like the sound of the error I'm getting trying to boot
00:28<fdc>Yeah, I haven't backed up in a little while... =/
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00:28<fdc>So this'd be a bad time for a flash fire/terrorist attack/alien invasion on Linode's datacenter..
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00:30<fdc>Wait.. host50 seems to be back..
00:31<fdc>I just got a ticket reply email from support saying it seems to be fine. =|
00:31<fdc>Well yeah, it's fine NOW...
00:31[~]xinu hates when that happens, and it does ;)
00:32<xinu>it was only the network, nodes didn't restart, yay
00:32<@linbot>New news from forums: 'Storage' Linodes? in Feature Request/Bug Report <> || RAM, Swap, Virtual Memory in Performance and Tuning <>
00:37<@mikegrb>fdc: it was working fine for me before you even came into the channel
00:38<tuppa>ok, host46 is contactable again
00:39<fdc>Seems like a number of hosts were down for approximately an hour, and are back now with no explanation.
00:42<@mikegrb>except, none were down from here
00:42<@mikegrb>or from the monitoring site
00:42<fdc>How very odd...
00:42<@mikegrb>and nobody had a traceroute
00:43<tuppa>mikegrb: I was about to do another one when you replied my ticket
00:43<tuppa>but it worked again
00:43<fdc>I would have done one also when I got your ticket reply, but the very fact that I got the email proved that it was no longer down. =/
00:44[~]mikegrb points to the bit that says if you a reporting a network issue, please include a traceroute on the open a ticket page
00:46<FyberOptic>Say fellows, I don't have a lot of experience with fixing a linux install; how would I remount the root as rw in order to edit a file?
00:47<FyberOptic>I tried "mount / -o=remount,rw" but it's "busy"
00:48<FyberOptic>lol nevermind, didn't need the equals sign
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01:21<FyberOptic>pretty scary to lose your inittab and fstab, and then see tons of errors during an fsck
01:21<FyberOptic>but I think things are up and running okay, so far
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01:52<tewks>is 82.165.132.* a Linode IP address?
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05:24<Spads> 1263 root 15 0 8044 532 440 S 9.5 0.1 24:31.13 rngd
05:24<Spads>I really wish I knew what caused that
05:39<internat>what is it?
05:39<encode>ive no idea
05:40<internat>Description: Daemon to use a Hardware TRNG
05:40<internat> The rngd daemon acts as a bridge between a Hardware TRNG (true random number
05:40<internat> generator) such as the ones in some Intel/AMD/VIA chipsets, and the kernel's
05:40<internat> PRNG (pseudo-random number generator).
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14:42<G0000000>can anyone please tell me why i can't seem to purchase a linode 100 package via the web form?
14:43<G0000000>when i select that package, it returns: "no plan was found that could match your request. Please narrow your selection, and try again."
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14:49<guinea-pig>G0000000: possibly, none are available right now?
14:49<G0000000>i guess that it :\
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16:07<@linbot>Spads: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 1, Linode200 - 0
16:29<@caker>Spads: everything working out ok on the new host?
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16:56<Spads>caker: yeah, it's been great.
16:56<Spads>caker: the host is nice and smooth
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17:49[~]TheFirst thinks it's time to start taking bets on when host56 falls...getting that time again
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18:16<Vortex>Hey does anybody in here know about the Linode UT2K4 server?
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18:23<JasonF>TheFirst: sssh, caker might forget to hit the "crash" button
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