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01:28<Clover7>anyone around?
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06:49<square|>did 47 just go down?
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07:00<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host47 in System and Network Status <>
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07:12<square|>its back.. :)
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09:30<darkbeholder>caker or mike are you around?
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09:51<gpd>caker / mikegrb my linode on 47 is panicing :(
09:54<gpd>!seen mikegrb
09:54<@linbot>gpd: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 1 day, 9 hours, 6 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <mikegrb> lolz
09:55<gpd>!seen caker
09:55<@linbot>gpd: caker was last seen in #linode 17 hours, 25 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <caker> Spads: everything working out ok on the new host?
09:56<darkbeholder>gpd seems to be a common thing :(
10:04<gpd>common but not universal since there are a couple of 47s on RML that are up
10:04<darkbeholder>i saw on the reboot post someone had the problem but then it went away... wish mine would just go away
10:07<gpd>same as you?
10:08<darkbeholder>ive only got the last 20 lines but they match
10:09<gpd>well - i put in a ticket so i doubt there is much we can do until caker or mikegrb appear from the ether
10:10<darkbeholder>actually the first part of the last 6 lines is slightly different... i have 8ae07c54 as opposed to 80ea7c54
10:10<darkbeholder>i put one in also
10:10<darkbeholder>the waiting game sucks cause id like to fix this before i go to bed
10:11<gpd>heh -- 8am here ;)
10:11<darkbeholder>1am here
10:13<kvandivo>you in shanghai or something?
10:13<gpd> = darkbeholder
10:14<kvandivo>i guess that's one way to figure it out
10:14<gpd>I hope he lives in 'Wagga Wagga' :)
10:17<darkbeholder>why did you hope i lived in wagga?
10:17<kvandivo>cool name
10:17<gpd>just an amusing name
10:18<gpd>anyway -- time to go to work -- meh
10:18<darkbeholder>i like tuesdays, first class isnt till 3
10:18[~]npmr notes that it is 8am where gpd is and also in walla walla
10:19<darkbeholder>so i can play the waiting game for a few more hours
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10:43<@caker>darkbeholder / gpd: you guys should be all set now
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10:44<maher>is host 47 still having problems?
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10:45<@caker>maher: no, it came up into the wrong kernel -- I did a graceful shutdown on the nodes and a quick reboot
10:45<square|>just now?
10:45<maher>caker: hmm... my linode doesn't seem to be coming up....
10:45<@caker>give it a few minutes
10:45<square|>Oh ok.. mines already booting again
10:46<maher>caker: ok - you mean you rebooted this minute...
10:46<@caker>maher: maybe 4 minutes ago
10:49<maher>caker: ok - its on its way - thanks a lot!
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10:55<gpd>caker: all good now - thanks :)
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11:23<darkbeholder>hmm... yay for new errors...
11:24<bendy24>i have more for you when you fix those
11:25<darkbeholder>there is a neverending string of errors :)
11:27<darkbeholder>anyone's help would be apreciated
11:29<bendy24>hrm, this isnt the first one who has had inittab troubles
11:29<bendy24>i wonder what the cause is
11:29<darkbeholder>bad luck?
11:29<bendy24>i doubt it
11:29<gpd>it is normally the inittab editing script going wrong
11:30<darkbeholder>rebooting again hasnt changed it at all and ive got no idea what to do to fix it
11:30<gpd>you'll have to boot with an alternate partition or use the init=/bin/bash
11:31<gpd>there might be a howto in the forums
11:31<darkbeholder>yeah im just searching now
11:31<Battousai>what about finnix?
11:35<gpd>does the Finnix kernel bypass the host /etc/inittab? or do you mean setup a Finnix rescue partition?
11:40<gpd>tasty stuff -- hadn't realized it was live :)
11:43<fo0bar>gpd: finnix has been available on linode for a long time now. it was the finnix support for the xen beta that was never fully deployed
11:45<Battousai>stop bragging about your big brain
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11:48<darkbeholder>well progress in that i can boot with init=/bin/bash but i really dont know what i can do to fix the problem which doesnt help me much
11:48<gpd>look at /etc/inittab and see if it is corrupted
11:49<darkbeholder>looks like normal to me
11:50<gpd>what about the id line? that was mentioned in the paste
11:51<gpd>0:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty0
11:51<gpd>[debian|ubuntu] -- gentoo is different i think?
11:51<darkbeholder>ok maybe it is stuffed cause it doesnt look like that but it looked readable which made me not think it was corrupted
11:51<darkbeholder>im running ubuntu
11:53<darkbeholder>fixing stuff at 3am isnt always a good idea.... i just looked again and my inittab looks exactly like fstab
11:53<gpd>do you have a working copy - or do you need a paste?
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11:54<darkbeholder>i dont think ive got a working copy so a paste would be great
11:55<gpd>that is mine from Ubuntu LTS
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12:02<maher>is host 47 still unhappy?
12:02<gpd>maher: it is ok for me now -- but darkbeholder has inittab corruption issues
12:02<maher>gpd: i also seem to have a broken inittab...
12:03<darkbeholder>did you fstab overwrite your inittab?
12:03<maher>darkbeholder: i dunno
12:04<maher>i get a INIT: No inittab file found on the console
12:05<maher>darkbeholder: did you manage to fix your inittab issue?
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12:06<darkbeholder>i had to replace it
12:06<maher>darkbeholder: what did you do?
12:06|-|notwarewolf changed nick to warewolf
12:06<maher>darkbeholder: how did you do that?
12:07<darkbeholder>i booted with my config set to init=/bin/bash and then mounted the fs as rw
12:07<darkbeholder>then replaced my screwed /etc/inittab with
12:07<warewolf>uh oh
12:07<warewolf>another user who lost their inittab?
12:07<warewolf>darkbeholder: which host are you on?
12:07<bendy24>another two users!
12:08<warewolf>I thought you were on the same host as me
12:08<warewolf>which kernel are you using?
12:08<warewolf>Linux 2.4.29-linode39-1um #1 Wed Jan 19 12:22:14 EST 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
12:08<warewolf>that's mine
12:08[~]warewolf hopes it's a 2.6ism
12:09[~]warewolf backed his inittab and fstab up for good measure a few days ago
12:10<darkbeholder>damn i was out of action for ages by rml... 5hrs 25min
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12:18<warewolf>your secure console servers rock
12:18<maher>looks like i need to fsck the root fs
12:20<maher>has anyone used the finnix rescue kernel/image?
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12:21<warewolf>I understand it works quite well
12:22<maher>Spads: did it work? i set the kernel to finnix and the image to the finnix iso
12:22<fo0bar>maher: you need the initrd too. see for instructions
12:23<Spads>you may also want to include the images you're trying to rescue
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12:24<maher>fo0bar: Spads: thanks
12:29<maher>ok - fsck says udbd is clean, but when i mount it and do ls etc/inittab i get input/output error - what do i do know?
12:31<warewolf>fsck -fy
12:31<warewolf>don't just fsck
12:31<maher>warewolf: doh
12:32[~]maher hides in the corner
12:35<maher>precisely one corrupt file - inittab....
12:35<@linbot>New news from forums: Basic: Web/Email Hosting across two linodes in General Discussion <>
12:38<maher>w00t! I'm back up - thanks a lot!
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15:08<jcm>Man Xen rules.
15:09<warewolf>[root@router root]# /sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -p tcp -j DNAT --to-destination
15:09<warewolf>kittenwar for all the people riding on my wireless.
15:10<bendy24>read that on /. a week ago
15:10<warewolf>I just finally got around to doing it when I noticed two people riding my wireless
15:11<bendy24>are you riding it now?
15:11<warewolf>windows boxes named "OEMCOMPUTER" and "Andrew".
15:12<bendy24>are *they*
15:12<warewolf>mac filtering on the WAPs
15:12<bendy24>i like the upside down pics
15:12<warewolf>yeah that's slick
15:12<warewolf>too much CPU for me though
15:12[~]bendy24 nods
15:12[~]jcm allows most traffic out, except web. And there's a simplish WEP key for minimal security.
15:15<jcm>part of me always wanted to use a Linux handheld to automatically root those - especially in computer stores.
15:15<bendy24>3v1l 1
15:15<jcm>It'd just be hillarious to walk into a PC store and have all the PCs do something stupid.
15:15<warewolf>ph33r t3h cut3 1s
15:16<jcm>Like, play a media file "All hail jcm for he has entered the store!"
15:16<jcm>But there's the pesky legalities of it.
15:16<bendy24>warewolf: at least you didnt forward them to
15:17<jcm>Could they sue you if you did?
15:17[~]jcm wonders
15:17<jcm>I bet they could
15:17<bendy24>leave that to the lawyers
15:17<bendy24>they were knowingly using your ap
15:18<jcm>Wouldn't stop me from doing it :-)
15:18<jcm>Yeah, but I mean, if burglers enter your home, they can sue you for personal injury if you have particularly nasty defenses.
15:19<jcm>Certainly here in the UK, you now need to prominently display a sign if you have some hidden nasties.
15:19<bendy24>wheres the fun in that?
15:19<jcm>I know :-)
15:20<jcm>We locked a guy up for shooting two guys on his property because he shot them in the back when they were running away.
15:20<jcm>Before all guns were banned... :P
15:21<bendy24>our company lawyer isnt in atm, so i cant ask about that atm
15:21<bendy24>i would be interested to know
15:22<jcm>All I know is, I'm going to get that legal insurance package that optionally comes with my US employment when I relo.
15:22<bendy24>for sure
15:22<bendy24>you home insurance policy might cover your liabilities
15:23<jcm>Oh yeah, I'm going to need to find one of those :-)
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16:00[~]caker figures out the scrollwheel works in google maps
16:01<@caker>how come no one told me!
16:01<anderiv>I'm not sure if I like the new zoom functionality or not...
16:03<anderiv>I have a habit of running my firefox install with 15+ tabs open, so the javascript image zoom is really slow...
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16:34<npmr>i've seen firefox and my server eating up 700MB of ram each before
16:35<npmr>i have no idea what part of firefox is leaking, but whatever it is, it's retaining x object handles
16:35<npmr>and by "my server" i meant "my x server"
16:35<Spads>I see that occasionally
16:36<npmr>it's pretty brutal with only 256MB of ram
16:36<Spads>caker: I tried to scroll up and down with it once, and discovered the evil zoom behavior.
16:43<insanum>no one told your about the scrollwheel because it's beta (of course)... hahaha
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17:26<guinea-pig>npmr: is it firefox or gecko that's leaking? my galeon gets over 500MB regularly ... once it hit 1.2GB
17:27<guinea-pig>and X always seems to bloat as well, but not by as much...
17:27<TheFirst>the mem problem is well known and they say it's a 'feature' ... googling the problem should reveal the fix
17:27<TheFirst>has to do with it caching all pages you visit
17:27<guinea-pig>TheFirst: feature of which; firefox, gecko, or galeon?
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17:32<guinea-pig>that doesn't respond, i don't think, to the X issue or the galeon issue, or whether they're even related
17:32<guinea-pig>try again
17:32<TheFirst>there are several fixes...that's just one of them
17:32<TheFirst>it's solved the issues i've had
17:33<guinea-pig>i don't use firefox
17:33<TheFirst>except for the flash leak...that one is still bothersome
17:33<guinea-pig>and galeon doesn't have that config option
17:33<TheFirst>you use galeon ...same engine
17:33<guinea-pig>or not by the same name
17:33<guinea-pig>or... it's not set to anything by default
17:34<TheFirst>it's will keep growing, hence why you set it
17:37<guinea-pig>well, just restarted galeon, let's see if it fucks it up
17:38[~]guinea-pig goes out to the mall
17:39<npmr>TheFirst, i turned that "feature" off and it still happens
17:41<guinea-pig>npmr: so i expected
17:41<npmr>yeah, that was like a week and a half ago
17:41<guinea-pig>galeon's been bloating on me for years
17:42<guinea-pig>so i don't bother complaining anymore
17:42<guinea-pig>and even though there's session-saving extensions for firefox, i'm a stubborn old tool
17:42<npmr>i don't use the session-saving extensions
17:42<guinea-pig>i'm no fool, i'm just a tool
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20:39<taupehat>worth reading for the chuckles
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