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02:18<michaelangelo>helo everyone
02:18<michaelangelo>this must have been asked a thousand times but still - does any one have an idea as to when realistically linode will have available systems&
02:19<@linbot>Spads: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
02:20<erikh>michaelangelo: watching the log here, it's probably safe to say that linode is having a bit of growing pains. be patient, these guys are top-notch and likely working very hard on it.
02:21<michaelangelo>i believe you
02:22<michaelangelo>i simply have an ongoing project that requires a system online and i need it pretty quickly. if it'd be a 5 - 7 days - i could wait but if it's longer i guess i would be looking for an alternate solution
02:23<michaelangelo>so i am hoping that some one would have a clue
02:23<michaelangelo>and why is that they have an passed date for the expected availability? that is confusing
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02:37<TheFirst>caker would have a clue...but he's not around atm
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02:38<TheFirst>typically, the start of the month there's openings, though, as people don't renew ...
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07:06<itabs3>This is regarding trouble ticket number [21545] "root" access problem...
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08:00<itabs>This is regarding the trouble ticket 21545 of "root" access problem
08:02<javafueled>linbot, roulette
08:02<@linbot>javafueled: *click*
08:21[~]linbot eyes javafueled warily.
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08:36<iggy>itabs9: you'll want to talk to mikegrb or caker
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08:53<javafueled>what are you afraid of linbot? that I might shoot myself? :)
08:53<bendy24>that you might shoot prematurely
08:58[~]javafueled laughs..."oh, my sides"
08:59<ximbiot>in russian roulette, doesn't the one holding the gun aim it at themselves?
09:00<@linbot>Spads: *click*
09:00<Spads>ximbiot: linbot *is* the revolver
09:00<@linbot>Spads: *click*
09:00|-|Spads kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
09:00[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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09:00<ximbiot>ah, i get it.
09:00<ximbiot>hehe. when did he start kicking?
09:00<bendy24>when he is op
09:01<bendy24>note the @
09:02<Spads>didn't he used to say "NO YOU CAN GO TWICE IS NOT FAIR"?
09:02<ximbiot>ah. i noticed he was op today, but I hadn't noticed he wasn't when i saw earlier *BANG*s.
09:11<npmr>Spads, that may have been the pre-supybot linbot
09:13<npmr>infobot, i think
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10:00<javafueled>OT: so if caker, linbot, and mikegrb are "ops" what are bendy24 and ElectricElf? They have Violet Clearance, outranking the aforementioned with only Red Clearance. I use that reference because my client displays them with "auras" of red and violet, everyone else is just a citizen.
10:01<bendy24>we are network ops
10:01<javafueled>clearly The Computer favors them.
10:01<bendy24>/whois me
10:01<erikh>javafueled: you do not have clearance to question such things. report for termination.
10:03<bendy24>heh, indeed
10:04<javafueled>BTW did anyone else appreciate that reference, or was it just me.
10:04[~]javafueled makes himself laugh
10:04<bendy24>bah, im too lazy to akill you
10:05[~]bendy24 goes to back to work
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10:43<IntuiWorx>My Linode refuses to boot into my Gentoo 2.6 kernel profile. Always hangs at "VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly."
10:43<IntuiWorx>Boots into Finnix fine. Any ideas where I should be looking?
10:51<npmr>try looking in /etc/inittab
10:51<npmr>make sure there's a getty starting on your console
10:52<npmr>it sounds like it's booting fine and you're just not seeing init output and the subsequent login prompt
10:53<npmr>this happens sometimes with gentoo on linode
10:58<IntuiWorx>Hmmm ... nothing starting getty anywhere in inittab.
11:01<IntuiWorx>On the other hand, same system boots fine into the 2.4 kernel ...
11:01<IntuiWorx>I'll grab one of my backup inittab files and try again w/ 2.6
11:09<npmr>the getty that's installed and in use on your system maybe not be "getty"
11:09<npmr>it may be one of the many alternatives
11:09<npmr>agetty, mingetty, (etc)
11:12<IntuiWorx>Well ... that actually doesn't appear to be the problem.
11:13<IntuiWorx>None of my backup inittab files had a line running any variety of getty ... so I tried to reboot into the 2.6 kernel profile, and it really isn't booting (or if it is, it's never starting network services, ssh, etc)
11:13<IntuiWorx>So ... I tried to reboot into Finnix again, and now it hangs at the same place ... as does the 2.4 profile.
11:16<npmr>you probably need one of the admins to take a look then
11:16<IntuiWorx>Yeah, probably so.
11:16<IntuiWorx>Thanks for the help, though!
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12:42<@caker>IntuiWorx: no getty's are uncommented in inittab?
12:49<IntuiWorx>caker: I have no lines in inittab that are running getty, mgetty, agetty, etc.
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13:25<warewolf>grep -i tty /etc/issue
13:26<warewolf>grep -i tty /etc/inittab
13:26<warewolf># Run gettys in standard runlevels
13:26<warewolf>co:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty0
13:26<warewolf>#1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty1
13:26<warewolf>#2:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty2
13:26<warewolf>#3:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty3
13:26<warewolf>#4:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty4
13:26<warewolf>#5:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty5
13:26<warewolf>#6:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty6
13:26<warewolf>that's mine
13:26<warewolf>the only important one is the one that begins with co
13:37<afv-13>why co?
13:39<afv-13>oh, is that a mingetty thing?
13:39<afv-13>cause my getty says 0
13:45<warewolf>no co: is not a mingetty thing
13:45<warewolf>co: means "console"
13:45<warewolf>0: may also mean "console"
13:45<warewolf>regardless, there are no tty{1,2,3,4,5,6} on linodes so there shouldn't be any of those lines.
13:46<afv-13>how much less ram does mingetty use?
13:46<warewolf>(or they should be commented out)
13:46<warewolf>um. lemme see.
13:46<warewolf>root 1477 0.0 0.0 1376 152 tty0 S Aug21 0:00 /sbin/mingetty tty0
13:46<warewolf>flip those and there you go
13:57<@caker>afaik, the first entry is just used as a label
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15:00<npmr>yes, the first field in an inittab line is just a label
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15:31[~]kvandivo points the Seibel Center webcam towards Edward.
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15:39<tjfontaine>npmr: you about?
15:40<tjfontaine>with your voicepulse activation, did you wait to receive confirmation after faxing in the form, or immediately call?
15:41<tjfontaine>did you have to fax a form in for voicepulse, I guess I should rephrase
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15:41<npmr>you should be able to make and receive calls without the fax activation process
15:41<npmr>but you will not have access to certain things without it
15:41<npmr>for example, tier-rates
15:41<npmr>the soap api
15:41<npmr>stuff like that
15:42<npmr>also, i was a customer for over a year before they started doing the fax activation thing
15:42<tjfontaine>ya, the email says: 3) Please contact VoicePulse Customer Service at (732) 339-5100 M-F 9am-7pm EST to activate your account and receive your password.
15:42<npmr>so maybe i got grandfathered in via some special scheme until i activated
15:43<tjfontaine>however the fax form says: VoicePulse Customer Support will call you within 2 business days to confirm receipt of your fax and to complete the verification of
15:43<tjfontaine>your account. Please email or use the Support link in the account center if you need expedited verification.
15:43[~]npmr shrugs
15:43[~]tjfontaine calls
15:43<tjfontaine>thanks though :)
15:47<tjfontaine>should have told them to fix their fax form
15:47<tjfontaine>let them know kirby
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15:48<kvandivo>that would require me to care
15:49<tjfontaine>you do, deep down past your hard exterior and sarcastic nature, you're full of empathy for those around on IRC
15:49<kvandivo>hmm.. i see you can see through my facade
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15:51<tjfontaine>it's true
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16:48<wferrel>hmmm... apparently I've been lax in paying attention to the linode forums... Time to reboot and get my happy memory upgrade.
16:48<wferrel>caker, mikegrb, thanks again for the great service.
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16:51<Battousai>wow, that was a long time ago
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16:53<WonderClown>Wish I could get some of that great service. My support ticket is feeling rather ignored.
16:53<WonderClown>2 days no update
16:55<kvandivo>what's this world coming to?
16:56<WonderClown>Well, I've been a customer for a long time, so I'm not giving up on them yet.
16:56<WonderClown>They've been good to me in the past.
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17:21<@caker>WonderClown: hello
17:21<WonderClown>Oh, hi.
17:21<@caker>WonderClown: I just bumped your token refill/max -- that's quite a long ticket you've got going
17:22[~]caker reviews
17:22<WonderClown>Yeah, sorry, I do tend to ramble.
17:22<kvandivo>is that a common trait for clowns?
17:22<WonderClown>Only the wonderful kind.
17:23<kvandivo>so wonder(ful) clowns ramble, but !wonder(ful) clowns are short and to the point
17:24<WonderClown>Hm, that is an interesting idea. I'll write up a 10k word essay on it and email it to you.
17:26<kvandivo>we'll call you Castro, The WonderClown
17:27<@caker>Anyone here use Thunderbird?
17:27[~]kvandivo raises his hand.
17:27<Battousai>my mom does
17:27<@caker>mine likes to go wonky quite frequently, so curious if it's just the windows version or what...
17:27<Battousai>hers does too, heh
17:28<kvandivo>i'd say the linux wonkiness level is well below 1%.
17:28<@caker>I have to end up deleting the index files a few times a week, and then emails get all cross-connected
17:28<kvandivo>i've never felt compelled to even think about such strangeness
17:28<@caker>Like viewing one email subject displays another
17:28<Battousai>well she doesn't use any features at that deep a level
17:29<Battousai>but it does seem to have trouble with cyrus-imap's pop3d quite often
17:29<@caker>Battousai: she's on windows, I presume?
17:29<kvandivo>of course, i'm solely on imap.. so i'm not sure how much, if anything, TB is even putting local
17:29<@caker>I really need to move away from pop3
17:29<Battousai>yeah, so does she
17:29<@caker>sucking down all my emails on various machines sucks
17:34<tierra>I like IMAP, I just don't like TB's use of IMAP
17:34<tierra>it used to have some serious problems with hitting max connections on various IMAP servers
17:34<@caker>tierra: how come?
17:35<tierra>they then added a max connections setting in the account server settings I think and defaulted it to a low number
17:35<tierra>but I think TB still has problems with leaving open connections
17:36<tierra>the status bar at the bottom never cleans itself after an action finishes (that, or the action being taken actually froze up before cleaning up after itself)
17:36[~]caker /bin/food &
17:37<tierra>I still have to occasionally close TB and restart it (which was a really serious problem back with the max connections bug)
17:38<tierra>all these problems I've noticed are about the same between the Windows version and the Linux version
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19:58<taupehat_>leave the computer for 20 minutes and find your host powered off...
19:59<taupehat_>what happened?
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20:54<Beryllium>Hi there :)
20:57<Beryllium>I've got a couple quick questions about the hosting that linode offers ... I was going to ask a user I know, but he's afk ... ah well :) Do the installable distros include things like WebHostManager, for doing reseller web hosting? Or would I have to locate and install something like that on my own?
20:58<Beryllium>ah, hmm. *reads the cpanel site* probably not. :)
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21:17<TheFirst>basically what you have is a linux with it what you will
21:18<TheFirst>cpanel and such are your responsibility to buy/install if you want them
21:36<@caker>I've got a friend flying into town tomorrow .. so I decided to check out what's allowed on planes as of late:
21:36<@caker>^-- some bizarre stuff
21:39<@caker>mikegrb: that link doesn't work, but this one did:
21:42<TheFirst>hah that reminds me of the rollover i was in...bit worse than that one though
21:47<fo0bar>mikegrb: do you get many wildfires down there?
21:50<fo0bar>it's fire season here and there have been some decent ones. I'm trying to wrap my head around how you even approach controlling a 6000-acre fire
21:50<@caker>fo0bar: there were major fires in southern florida a few years ago .. I don't recall ever hearing about any in the panhandle
21:51<@caker>actually, that might have been the year I moved away from Orlando .. it was huge -- we could see the smoke in Orlando, about 4 hours drive from where the fires were
21:52<@mikegrb>caker: not too much in our area, 80% urban or so
21:52<@caker>yeah, kinda figured
21:52<@mikegrb>further north in the county though
21:52<fo0bar>caker: we were getting smoke from the oregon fires last year, about 6 hours away
21:52<fo0bar> <-- this was a couple weeks ago
21:52<@mikegrb>they tried to talk the county into a brush truck recently
21:53<@mikegrb>were told we couldn't have one because the area was too urban
21:53<@caker>fo0bar: that was IN Reno?
21:53<fo0bar>hills + sagebrush + fire + city :)
21:53<fo0bar>caker: yeah, northwest corner
21:53<@mikegrb>wanted it for trash/debris fires, small trash fires, interstate car fires etc
21:54<fo0bar>caker: I got some neat pics from one in 2003, lemme find it
21:55<@mikegrb>there were two weeks worth of structure fires today
21:55<@mikegrb>we only got called to one :<'
21:55<@mikegrb>and got cancelled in route
21:55<fo0bar>those pics make the fire look close, but it was really about 10 miles and a couple valleys away (I lived at the top of a hill at the time)
21:55[~]mikegrb was all suited up and ready to kick fire arse
21:55[~]mikegrb looked like
21:56<@mikegrb>except with gloves on
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21:57<fo0bar> <-- today's fire
21:58<@mikegrb> <-- technically my station got dispatched to this
21:58<@mikegrb>but we were out in the engine and they called for ladder truck
21:58<@mikegrb>so some other people that were off duty at the station responded
22:01<internat>out of corisoty, does that happen often? that people that are offduty that are just hanging arround, end up responding?
22:02<@mikegrb>we were on a call and diverted to that call but had to return to the station to switch vehicles
22:02<@mikegrb>but as we were pulling out they called dispatch and said they were in route
22:02<internat>ah okies :)
22:03<@mikegrb>Construction worker from Pace killed in bulldozer accident
22:03<@mikegrb>A Pace man was killed Tuesday when he was run over by a bulldozer.
22:03<@mikegrb>^ we were dispatched to that too
22:03<@mikegrb>was yesterday
22:03<@mikegrb>but I wasn't there yesterday
22:04<internat>whats a pace man?
22:05<fo0bar>someone who drives a pace car?
22:05<internat>i dont know what pace is
22:05<@mikegrb>pace is a nearby town
22:05<fo0bar>oh :)
22:07<internat>ah that would explain it :)
22:50<warewolf>am I the only one who thinks it is amusing that when mikegrb isn't busy fighting fires for linode, he's ... off fighting fires?
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23:47[~]warewolf kicks web developer who didn't fully test his themeing of my wow guild's phpbb site
23:47[~]warewolf reverts all changes .. slowly
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23:51<TheFirst>that's what you get for being a wow addict
23:51<warewolf>reversion done
23:52<warewolf>that didn't take as long as I thought it would.
23:52<TheFirst>i swear i'm going to organize an intervention for a friend...he finally broke the cycle for 2 months and then started up again
23:53<warewolf>I need an intervention for me to not put in 10-12 hour days at work 5 days a week.
23:56<encode>thats easy to avoid
23:56<encode>just punch your boss in the face
23:56<encode>soon you will have 0 hour days
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