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00:12<@mikegrb>the in truck fire/rescue software we are having installed in october has irc
00:12<@mikegrb>channel for each active incident
00:13<@mikegrb>and pm's to dispatch or other individual units
00:13<@caker>open and free fireman's network
00:13<@mikegrb>for vehicle routing, it will show your vehicle with a route on the map as well as all other units responding to the call and their route
00:13<@mikegrb>which is pretty spiffy
00:14<@caker>or Firemen's Internet Relay Exchange (FIRE)
00:14<@mikegrb>will bring a whole new level to "racing for command"
00:14<@mikegrb>can also just watch all units in the county as they drive around and such
00:15<@mikegrb>right now we just have ssh type access to the dispatch software from the station
00:15<@mikegrb>I think it's ssl wrapped telnet actually
00:16<@mikegrb>and all of the incident reports go into seperate software on the station lan
00:16<@mikegrb>with the new stuff can actually start filling out the report on the way back to the station
00:16<@mikegrb>get to the station and all that is left is for everyone to sign the paper version
00:17<@mikegrb>oh, was reading old reports today
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00:17<@mikegrb>last august there was a structure fire, started in the garage, spread into attic on the garage side of the house
00:17<@mikegrb>no injuries
00:17<@mikegrb>a cat was found unconscience and was resusciatated with oxygen by one of the firefighters at my station
00:18<@mikegrb>we got a call just after I read the narative so didn't get a chance to read the attendance roster for the incident
00:18<@mikegrb>asked a few officers andf they weren't sure who it was
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04:19<dggoldst>hangin out
04:19<dggoldst>anybody good with command line text processing?
04:20<dggoldst>how do i return the 3rd column from a tab-delimited text file?
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04:26<dggoldst>hello konoki
04:39<erikh>dggoldst: cat file | awk '{ print $3 }'
04:48<Spads>how about
04:48<Spads>awk '{ print $3}' < file
04:48<Spads>or even
04:48<erikh>awk '{ print $3 }' file
04:48<Spads>or use cut
04:48<erikh>sorry, i avoid using awk without a pipe in most scenarious
04:48<erikh>agh, cut
04:48<erikh>use a man's tool
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05:12<dggoldst>is cut the man's tool, or awk?
05:12<Spads>cut is very manly
05:12<Spads>very bare-bones
05:12<Spads>raw unix
05:13<Spads>awk is like the mountain-man pioneer version of perl
05:13<dggoldst>hmm, awk got it wrong
05:13<dggoldst>cut got it right
05:13<Spads>how so?
05:13<dggoldst>awk cut it at the spaces, not the tabs
05:14<Spads>awk cuts at "whitespace"
05:14<Spads>spaces, tabs, any non-printing
05:14<Spads>cut defaults to space, and you need to use -d to specify tabs
05:14<dggoldst>but the requirement was to return the -3rd column of a tab delimited file :)
05:14<Spads>awk has the RS and FS variables, which can be specified through command switches
05:15<Spads>cut -d "\t" -f 3
05:15<Spads>or is it 2
05:15<Spads>I forget if cut is 0-indexed
05:15<Spads>whereas with awk you'd do like RS="\t"
05:16<dggoldst>cat -f 2 file
05:16<dggoldst>is the winner. least typing
05:17<erikh>perl -ne 'print (split(/\t/))[3]."\n"' file
05:17<dggoldst>and it breaks at the tabs w/o extra specifying
05:17<erikh>err s/3/2/
05:17<dggoldst>that's a nice hunk of perl erikh
05:18<dggoldst>I think I can do it with a #lambda directive
05:18<erikh>what would a lambda have anything to do with a field split?
05:18<dggoldst>just looking to complicate things ;)
05:19<erikh>btw, I think this will also work (in both perl and awk): awk -F\t '{ print $3 }'
05:19<dggoldst>ok, i'll give it a shot on my testfile...
05:19<erikh>either way, -F is the field separator for both perl and awk
05:19<erikh>classic example is parsing a passwd file with -F:
05:22<dggoldst>perl didn't work either
05:22<dggoldst>it's kind of fun
05:23<dggoldst>1 1 2
05:23<dggoldst>1 2 2
05:23<dggoldst>1 1 2 2
05:23<dggoldst>only cut -f 2 gets it right
05:27<dggoldst>erikh, it works if you put quotes around the \t
05:27<erikh>in perl?
05:27<dggoldst>in the awk example
05:27<erikh>that doesn't seem right
05:27<dggoldst>otherwise nope
05:27<erikh>probably the index is bad in perl. change the 3 to a 1.
05:27<erikh>otherwise there shouldn't be a problem with that code
05:28<dggoldst>syntax error
05:29<erikh>heh, maybe it doesn't like my newline
05:29<erikh>oh well
05:30<erikh>I installed TVO and vim has been locking up ever since.
05:33<erikh>The VIM Outliner
05:33<erikh>very nice outlining package.
05:33<erikh>unfortunate if it keeps me from editing files, well..
05:35<erikh>it wasn't TVO
05:35<erikh>I had a FIFO named 'test' in my homedir, heh.
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07:12<dggoldst>erikh, what's a FIFO? First in first out what?
07:13<erikh>unix domain socket
07:13<dggoldst>you've motivated me to install TVO!
07:23<encode>whats TVO? TeleVision Out?
07:29<dggoldst>The Vim outliner. Supposedly a very nice package :)
07:51<dggoldst>erikh, looks like TVO is a bit to learn
07:51<erikh>eh, it's really not that bad
07:51<erikh>the syntax is very simple, it's just that there are a lot of motion keys
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07:57<dggoldst>do you find it helps erikh? have you tried simple Markdown?
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08:00<erikh>I find it very useful
08:00<erikh>not a big fan of markdown
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11:03<@linbot>New news from forums: How big is your MySQL? in Performance and Tuning <>
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13:57<fo0bar>dude, my MySQL is HUGE. the women flock to it.
13:58<TheFirst>and they say size doesn't matter...
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14:04<brocktice>my MySQL brings all the bytes to the yard
14:04<Spads>my hovercraft brings all the eels to the yard
14:04<brocktice>that's just bizarre
14:04<Spads>No, it's not
14:05<Spads>it was at one time bizarre and absurd
14:05<Spads>now it is simply a trite Monty Python reference
14:06<fo0bar>no, it's baraar
14:07<ximbiot>ah,but can MySQL remove all the eels from Spad's hovercraft?
14:07<fo0bar>why would you want to?
14:08<ximbiot>i don't like eels, but i do like hovercrafts. it would be fun to borrow the hovercraft and take it for a spin, if it wasn't full of eels.
14:09[~]ximbiot wonders if this would work as a sequel to "Snakes on a Plane".
14:12<ximbiot>Samuel Jackson would be better at emptying the hovercraft of eels than MySQL, I think.
14:17<brocktice>you could make eel sushi. I hear that's pretty good. Unagi or something like that.
14:18<Spads>unagi is the saltwater, anago freshwater
14:19<Spads>or is it the other way around
14:19<Spads>nicely barbequeued
14:19<ximbiot>yuck. eel is one of the ones i don't like. feels like it still has scales on the tounge. that and sea urchin. i can handle most of the rest, as long as it isn't sashimi.
14:19<brocktice>mmm sashimi
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14:29<rainkid>when trying to resize my swap partition i get: fs_resize: Error determining blocksize ''
14:30<rainkid>tried it multiple times with my linode powered off
14:32<rainkid>any ideas anyone?
14:33<npmr>delete your swap device and recreate it
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14:46<ximbiot>nmpr: is caker paying you yet? :)
14:46<ximbiot>er, npmr
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14:53<npmr>well, in a manner of speaking i suppose he is
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15:23<npmr>ximbiot, i have a discount
15:24<ximbiot>npmr, glad to hear you are compensated somewhat. you certainly manage to answer a lot of the questions that come across this channel. :)
15:24[~]npmr shrugs
15:25<npmr>i sometimes wonder when the linode staff will grow to 3
15:26<npmr>i've *had* a linode longer than mikegrb has
15:26<Eman>shortly after xen, vista and duke nukem forever are released :p
15:26<npmr>ha ha
15:29<JasonF>from all the talk on the forums, they might need a billing monkey :P
15:29<JasonF>"My refund was late!111!!!!! waaahhhhh!!!"
15:29<Eman>they need a dedicated person to reboot host51
15:30<npmr>put a big red button on it and hire mikegrb's kid
15:31<Eman>or one of these to reboot host51 every 24 hours...
15:32<npmr>that often?
15:33<Eman>i say it to drive JasonF crazy
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17:03<wferrel>anyone seen caker or mikegrb recently?
17:04<npmr>they've been out snipe hunting
17:04<wferrel>ahhh... those durned snipes
17:05<wferrel>they drop any recent clues as to upcoming availablility? the August 15th estimate on the site is a little out there... :)
17:07<@linbot>npmr: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
17:07[~]npmr shrugs
17:07<wferrel>heh... thanks. :)
17:07<lhunath>;x just sparse file filled my partitions
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18:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe...................150 USD in Xen Public Beta <> || Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe...................150 USD in /dev/random <>
18:47<internat>*prods the admins awake*
18:48<@linbot>New news from forums: Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe...................150 USD in Linux Networking <>
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19:40<encode>i bet those forum posts arent offering free ipods with every public xen beta
20:01<@linbot>New news from forums: 'Storage' Linodes? in Feature Request/Bug Report <> || Basic: Web/Email Hosting across two linodes in General Discussion <>
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22:26<mdh>Anyone else having a problem signing up for linode?
22:27<TheFirst>i'd gather most here already have a linode...
22:27<TheFirst>caker or mikegrb, when they're around, can help with problems, though
22:27<mdh>I thought I'd shout out just in case.
22:28<mdh>You would think that the one part of the site that accepts money would be functional.
22:29<TheFirst>things break...
22:30<TheFirst>if something gets overworked/used it's bound to break at some point ;)
22:31<mdh>I know. I'm in IT. I'm just a little miffed because I wanted to start playing with my new linode. :-(
22:32<TheFirst>wait a few...caker or mikegrb will show up...
22:32<mdh>I emailed their service address. I'm sure they'll contact me some time tomorrow.
22:32<mdh>No big whoop.
22:33<TheFirst>well caker's been idle for 22h so i guess that's 2h and he should show up? :P
22:36<taupehat>put in a support ticket
22:36<taupehat>it's like magic
22:36<TheFirst>cant do that w/o an account...can ya?
22:36[~]taupehat mutters something about "any technology sufficiently advanced" and then wanders off to read the newspaper
22:53<robertj>btw, has anyone tried running vmware server on a linode :)
22:55<TheFirst>i'd say good luck and don't kill my i/o if you're on my server :P
22:56<robertj>hehe, I was just curious :)
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22:59<@linbot>caker: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
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23:02<robertj>caker: do you think you might ever update the dapper image so that sudo will work properly out of the box? I think it just needs /etc/hosts fixed
23:02<@caker>robertj: what's missing from /etc/hosts ?
23:03<@caker>or is IT missing?
23:03<robertj>caker: the proper host name
23:03<robertj>thus it cant look it up and sudo barfs
23:03<@caker>robertj: localhost?
23:03<robertj>I don't remember what I did to fix it, but it will be obvious if you create a new instance and do sudo -s
23:06<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host47 in System and Network Status <>
23:07<@caker>^-- old news
23:08<TheFirst>isn't that the old kind?
23:09<TheFirst>pretty soon it'll be "that's so last second"
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