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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-08-26

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00:40<pingu>Sorry if you've been getting this all day... but did something explode over at the linode datacenter?
00:41<Eman>australia<=>us connections are disrupted
00:41<pingu>Wow. Ok.
00:42<pingu>That should be find then, I'm sure I can find another route.
00:43<pingu>Thanks Eman.
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00:58<tuppa>pingu: it's optus/singtel
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01:04<pingu>Thanks tuppa.
01:06<tuppa>according to optus looks like they're onto it
01:06<tuppa>actually, no
01:06<darkbeholder>look at the date :)
01:06<tuppa>it was an outdated message
01:06<darkbeholder>though it says ongoing
01:06<tuppa>no wonder why optus has to hide their status page behind a login
01:07<darkbeholder>they always take forever to update that page
01:08<tuppa>looks like optus has oversubscribed themselves
01:09<darkbeholder>you almost sound surprised
01:09<tuppa>no I'm not
01:09<tuppa>optus as a company sounds real dodgy
01:09<tuppa>all their engineers/techies are contract workers
01:09<tuppa>they don't hire any permanent staff
01:09<pingu>It's a reasonable ISP.
01:09<darkbeholder>i said almost :)
01:09<pingu>I, would have preffered iinet though.
01:10<darkbeholder>we have had cable at home for years now (wish they still had netstats :D)
01:10<pingu>I've had cable up till recently.
01:10<tuppa>if we haven't changed our household's phone line to optus then I'd opt for ADSL
01:10<pingu>Then I was forced to become intimate with PPP :(
01:10<tuppa>oh well
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01:29<Eman>pppoe is evil
01:35<encode>Eman: i prefer pppoe to Ethernet vie Pigeon
01:35<encode>which is my other alternative
01:35<Eman>lol, im forced to use it too, so i can bash it all i want
01:40<internat>oh, so its just the ausies that are broken at the moment?
01:42<internat>ah bugga
01:42<internat>thats a right royal pita
01:42<internat>is it just optus or is there some bigger problem at hand
01:43<tuppa>it's the carrier that singtel uses
01:43<internat>ah, and that would be my problem :)
01:43<internat>ok as long as my node is still up, i cant be held responsible for optus/singtels problems
01:52<encode>internat: yeah, im having the same problem with my iinet connection
01:52<encode>but bigpond still works
01:55<darkbeholder>ive got no troubles here
01:55<darkbeholder>not quite sure who the uni uses though
02:03<internat>which uni?
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10:44<M-guy>hello mike
10:44<M-guy>hello caker
10:44<M-guy>are u there?
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16:41<JasonF>do you have to reboot to use new disk images?
16:42<Eman>damn j00 JasonF
16:42<JasonF>woo reboot woo
16:43<Eman>cant you wait for host51 to just crash?
16:43<JasonF>pfft, i'm fixing up my server!
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17:46<Spads> <-- "Zack: I'm not exactly sure what a Caker Girl is but I have a feeling it involves doing shots out of a bellybutton."
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21:04<internat>yah i can get to my linode again *cheers*
21:07<Kurt>WHAT THE BUTTFUCK????????
21:07<Kurt>Maynard Ferguson died
21:08<internat>err whois that?
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22:27<taupehat>I got modded up
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