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08:47<liquid>hey guys
08:47<liquid>can i ask a question regarding linode vps packages in here?
08:47<ximbiot>where's linbot?
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08:49<Wellard>i was just wondering if linode permit users to run ircds?
08:51<BitterIggy>Wellard: pretty much anything legal and that doesn't screw with other users
08:51<Wellard>brilliant thank you
08:51<Wellard>whats the average setup time for an order?
08:52<BitterIggy>5mins - 24hrs
08:52<Wellard>hey sweet
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08:58<Wellard>it says my login info is incorrect
08:58<Wellard>how long after payment does it take beforei can login?
08:59<internat>u get an email
09:01<Wellard>yeah i got the email, went to login and it says the login info is incorrect
09:02<bendy24>BitterIggy: can you verify that?
09:03<internat>does the email say u can login, or that they recieved ur order
09:04<Wellard>For account information and current balance, please visit the
09:04<Wellard>Linode Platform Manager at
09:04<Wellard>its reciept of payment
09:05<internat>no not that one
09:05<internat>one that says linode account activation
09:05<internat>Welcome to!
09:05<internat>Your Linode account has been activated. Please log into the Member's
09:05<internat>area to get started:
09:05<Wellard>no not yet
09:05<internat>like that
09:06<internat>mikegrb/caker have to check ur application then it goes thru. im not sure if they are awake yet, or what the time zone differences are, but when i signed up about 2 yhears ago it went through about 30minutes later
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09:31<Wellard>damn that was quick
09:38<kvandivo>linny has been absent the past few days
09:39<npmr>so the web site says 3 100s and 3 200s left
09:39<npmr>does that mean two hosts have been installed and almost completely sold out over the weekend?
09:40<kvandivo>it most likely means that 5 accounts canceled
09:42<ximbiot>morningn caker.
09:42<Wellard>i somehow maxed out my disk quota by running the 'distro wizard'
09:43<kvandivo>surely there's a wiki page for steps to do first
09:43<ximbiot>how many times? you can throw away distros/volumes you have created using the web interface too.
09:44<Wellard>i think i have it fixed :P
09:44<Wellard>need to get used to the cp
09:45<ximbiot>Wellard, cp?
09:45<BitterIggy>control panel
09:46<BitterIggy>so you realized it's not maxed out, it's just allotted?
09:46<Wellard>i chose fedore core 2 in the wizard, where it says select disk image size, what should it be?
09:46<Wellard>it currently says 4352mb
09:46<ximbiot>depends. do you need to switch between distros?
09:47<Wellard>just want the one
09:47<ximbiot>if you only plan on running one distro on the machine, max it out minus the swap you need.
09:47<ximbiot>if you want to be able to try other distros, even once in awhile, leave enough disk space to install those. they can share the same swap partition since you can only run one at a time.
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10:10<Wellard>is it possible to reset my account and start from scratch?
10:10<npmr>delete your boot profile(s)
10:11<npmr>delete your disk image(s)
10:11<npmr>deploy distro
10:11<Wellard>brilliant thank you
10:22<Wellard>im sorry to bug you again, but i cant see how to delete my disk images
10:23<IntuiWorx>If you click on the disk image name, there is a 'Delete Image' button on the details page ...
10:23<Wellard>no there isnt
10:23<Wellard>it just has 'No' in the top left corner of the browser
10:23<IntuiWorx>That's weird ... there is for me ...
10:24<JasonF>Wellard: if it says no, it means the image is already deleted or doesn't exist
10:24<JasonF>Wellard: it's just a really, really bad error
10:25<JasonF>and when you delete image, it takes about 1-5 mins to show up in the page
10:25<JasonF>i bet if you refresh, it's gone now
10:25<Wellard>it says the image is using all my space
10:25<Wellard>no its still there
10:25<Wellard>lemme switch browsers
10:26<Wellard>yeah was an opera thing
10:26<Wellard>ie7 works fine with it
10:26<bendy24>probably just your cache
10:33<JasonF>opera agressively caches , it's crazy
10:42<Wellard>lol yeah :P
10:42<Wellard>thanks for all the help guys, ive come right now
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12:02<yrunner>Hi... Im trying to understand how much diskspace I stil have left on one of my linode partitions
12:03<yrunner>from what I understand df just tells me about the entire machine not my logical instance
12:03<TheFirst>no, df lists usage by partitions
12:04<yrunner>for my logical linode partion not the entire physical machine im sharing?
12:04<bendy24>you want du
12:04<TheFirst>yrunner: y'know, you could run it and see
12:05<yrunner>yes but i thought i was seeing whats availabel on the entire machine not just avaailable to me
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12:11<TheFirst>the entire machine, conveniently has only enough hd space for your plan?
12:16<warewolf>yrunner: you are confused
12:16<warewolf>yrunner: 'df' reports available disk space for the entire machine
12:17<warewolf>yrunner: if you want to see how much disk space is free on the *host* (eg, not your linode) you have to look on your linode account page.
12:17<bendy24>if i run df on myself, it reports that i am huge!
12:17<warewolf>$ dfft
12:17<warewolf>Total disk space: 823893664
12:17<warewolf>Total disk space used: 589200333
12:17<warewolf>Total disk space free: 229273051
12:19<warewolf>that's cool. I have nearly a terabyte across two machines.
12:20<TheFirst>i've got .95 across 3...
12:21<ximbiot>those would be expensive linodes.
12:21<warewolf>er those two machines are at home.
12:21<warewolf>my fileserver and my desktop
12:21<warewolf>oh, and now that I think about it, that list of disk space is only counting e3fs partitions
12:22<warewolf>not counting swap on either, or the windows partition on the desktop
12:22<ximbiot>are you dual-booting for the windows partition or running it virtually?
12:23<warewolf>dual booting.
12:23<warewolf>for windows games.
12:23<ximbiot>heh. the important stuff. :)
12:23<warewolf>pretty much nothing else gets done in windows
12:32<ximbiot>does anything else important get done in windows? :)
12:33<ximbiot>sorry, couldn't resist.
12:33<ximbiot>that was too easy.
12:33[~]ximbiot thinks his vicotry feels a little hollow.
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12:45<yrunner>back to my disk issue... but in my linode console it says that I am using all of my 3Gig of space... but I think that means ive partitioned it... but not that that space is used
12:45<yrunner>it cant be used yet ive just started my linode account and have only installed a few things
12:45<yrunner>so im confused as to tell how much space is really available to me still
12:45<jlinos>df -h
12:46<warewolf>yrunner: just run df
12:46<anderiv>yrunner: you can't tell how much you've actually used from LPM...log in and do a `df -m`
12:47<yrunner>thats what i was doing but TheFirst said its for the entire machine not my linode
12:47<warewolf>yrunner: rewind.
12:47<anderiv>yrunner: that was inaccurate.
12:48<warewolf>yrunner: foreget everything you were previously told.
12:48<warewolf>when you log into the linode website and look at your account there, it shows how much disk space has been given to your linode
12:48<warewolf>that's the disk space you can use.
12:48<yrunner>like 3G
12:48<warewolf>I have the same.
12:48<warewolf>You partition that, make it into filesystems, and swap partitions.
12:49<warewolf>from then on, the linode website says that you've used 3g.
12:49<yrunner>all used
12:49<warewolf>now you go SSH into your linode
12:49<yrunner>right and run df
12:49<yrunner>it says i have lots left
12:49<yrunner>whichis what i thought was correct
12:49<warewolf>when you run 'df -h' (-h for human readable) it shows how much disk space you have used up, and how much you have free OUT OF THOSE 3GB the linode website says.
12:50<warewolf>df does not show swap space
12:50<warewolf>for swap space you need to look at 'free'
12:50<warewolf>look at the 'Swap: ' line.
12:50<anderiv>warewolf: good explanation...
12:51<warewolf>in 'df', it shows you how big the partition is (something like 2.5gb for you probally) and how much space you have used, and how much you have free.
12:51<bendy24>he deserves a cookie
12:51[~]anderiv beats TheFirst for giving out misinformation.
12:51<yrunner>right... thanks
12:52<anderiv>yrunner: as a general rule, there is no command you can run within the private environment of your linode that will give you information about the host server.
12:52<warewolf>if you want any of that info you have to go looking on the linode account page
12:52<yrunner>thats what i figgured!!!! Thanks for totally clarifying
12:52<warewolf>it'll say how much RAM and disk space is available for you to PURCHASE to add to your linode.
12:54<anderiv>that *would* be nice at times to be able to run a shell command and have it return general stats about the current cpu/io of the host.
12:55<warewolf>I think lish has that
12:55<warewolf>lemme chekc
12:55<warewolf>maybe not
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12:55<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:55<warewolf>the 'cake' command still works though
12:57<anderiv>did they use rssh to develop lish or is it custom?
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13:00<warewolf>I think tiI thdunno.
13:00<warewolf>you'd have to ask mikegrb
13:00<warewolf>sorry fo rthe ^U
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13:52<botah>Hi, i am trying to evaluate linode for hosting my java web application. But with the Linode 100 plan its seeems very very very slow when compiling my files
13:53<botah>So I am looking for more info on how to understand the cpu metrix that are available in a linode vps and what I can expect from a vps env in terms of performance
13:54<botah>is there a way to see what Megahertz Rate I am currently getting committed from my server?
13:58<kvandivo>i'd check io tokens first
13:59<bendy24>nice one, k
13:59<kvandivo>java compilation could very easily be going into swap on a 100
13:59<botah>kv... i think thats the case
13:59<kvandivo>but, the answer to your question is no.. but you can most likely rest assured that it is much higher than the minimum you are guaranteed
14:03<botah>how do i upgrade my linode? Just buy a new one via the standard checkout.. and then is there an option to transfer mine over? Or is there an official upgrade to a higher Linode process?
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14:06<dkreaver>Hello, any linode emloyees here?
14:07<anderiv>dkreaver: haven't seen 'em in a while.
14:07<anderiv>!seen caker
14:07<kvandivo>no linny
14:07<anderiv>where did he go?
14:07<dkreaver>I have a billing dispute and they are not returning my e-mail messages...
14:08<kvandivo>13:30:22 -!- linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:08<kvandivo>dkreaver: filed a support ticket?
14:08<dkreaver>Yep, multiple
14:08<kvandivo>well, stick around.. one of them will be around, i'm sure
14:09<dkreaver>gotcha, what nick's do they use?
14:09<anderiv>caker & mikegrb
14:09<dkreaver>bingo. Thanks
14:09[~]kvandivo has a wiki thought.
14:13<kvandivo> there.. we can point people there now if they ask who the ops are
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14:15<ximbiot>caker said `hello' early this morning. haven't seen him since.
14:15<dkreaver>That is helpful, now they only need show.
14:16<ximbiot>kvandivo, unless linbot is gone permanently, you might want to make a note that the bot is sometimes op'ed but not human. :)
14:19<anderiv>kvandivo: I made a few fixes to that page for you...
14:19<kvandivo>feel free.. that's what a wiki is for
14:19<anderiv>I know :-)
14:20<kvandivo>ximbiot: i'm sure linbot isn't gone permanently.. and feel free to tweak that
14:23<ximbiot>kvandivo, I can't. the login page is asking me to login with an account before it will let me create a new account.
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14:25<anderiv>ximbiot: read the gives you the username/password to use.
14:26<anderiv>I'm guessing caker turned on the http auth to prevent some mediawiki spambots from wreaking havoc.
14:27<ximbiot>anderiv, i tried my linode login, like i think it was directing me to, but http auth isn't validating it.
14:27<anderiv>you're thinking too hard.
14:27<kvandivo>"read the text"
14:27<anderiv>it gives you the user/pass right on the http auth dialogue.
14:28<anderiv>it's a generic login...not user-specific.
14:28<ximbiot>ah. thought those were abstract references. let me try that again.
14:28[~]kvandivo thinks up another wiki page.
14:28[~]kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
14:32[~]bendy24 sticks something in kvandivo's mouth
14:35<ximbiot>How's this: "''Linbot'', which will sometimes also appear as a channel op, is an [[Wikipedia:IRC bot|IRC bot]] that provides some additional services on the channel (for example, try saying "linbot, roulette" on the channel)."?
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14:39<ximbiot>I added a few other tweaks too.
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15:01<fo0bar>somebody needs to make a Linode page on Teh Wikipedia too :P
15:01<warewolf>"A linode is an ode to lins."
15:46<spr>anyone here on host15?
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19:17<somazx>seems my linode went down on the 16th
19:17<somazx>anything big happen that day? =)
19:20<somazx>or some help figuring out why/how
19:20<somazx>Aug 16 06:25:04 wrap-it-up-online exiting on signal 15
19:20<somazx>Aug 16 06:25:05 wrap-it-up-online syslogd 1.4.1#17ubuntu7: restart.
19:20<TheFirst>the 16th and you just noticed?
19:21<somazx>ya sad huh
19:22<somazx>it appears to restart every day ... just that day it never came back
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19:32<somazx>oh well, I turned on a site monitor for it =)
19:35<guinea-pig>uhh... did your node restart, or just syslog?
19:36<guinea-pig>it makes sense if syslog restarted everyday... to rotate logs and whatnot
19:39<somazx>there didn't seem to be anything in the job que about in shutting down
19:39<somazx>and now after a few reboots the job que has lost the info
19:39<somazx>is there a log for it?
19:40<guinea-pig>i'm saying, just because syslog says it restarted, doesn't mean your linode restarted
19:41<guinea-pig>especially, given that only a second passed between when it was killed and when it restarted.
19:41<somazx>after that there are no log entries until today
19:41<guinea-pig>it would appear to be daily cron stuff
19:41<guinea-pig>log entries where?
19:42<somazx>syslog and message
19:42<guinea-pig>if your /var/log/messages is empty, you should be happy
19:43<guinea-pig>depending on syslog settings, that is... heh
19:43<somazx>a lot of: Aug 13 13:27:07 wrap-it-up-online -- MARK --
19:43<somazx>and a restart once a day
19:43<guinea-pig>meh, it's bedtime for me
19:43<guinea-pig>sounds normal
19:43<somazx>k thanks tho
19:43<somazx>no linode log some place I Can look at?
19:44<somazx>like the job que, but going back more than 5 events
19:44<guinea-pig>they post in the forums if the host is rebooted
19:45<guinea-pig>but you really should be paying attention to your own logs
19:45<somazx>ya I just want to make sure I didn't shut it down and not start it up
19:45<somazx>or anything of that nature
19:45<guinea-pig>you'd see a reboot in the logs.
19:45<guinea-pig>any boot would be in the logs
19:46<guinea-pig>heck. running uptime might just answer that question
19:46<guinea-pig>a system boot wouldn't be just one line that says "syslog: restart" though.
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