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03:04<rscnet>any admins on?
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06:33<Cadet3>Hello. Is there an active administrator of around?
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08:54<Safari_Al>Hi. I have a billing issue I have been trying to follow up with the linode staff. I have written a number of emails and left some voicemails, and no response.
08:55<Safari_Al>Do any staff members reside here?
08:57<Safari_Al>kvandivo: thanks
08:57<npmr>internet relay chat chat
08:58<kvandivo>blame whoever originally made the page for offending your sensibilities
08:59[~]bendy24 points at kvandivo
08:59<kvandivo>not hardly
08:59<npmr>it does offend my sensibilities
08:59<bendy24>oh, my mistake
08:59<kvandivo>i know better than to blame npmr's sensibilities, bendy24
08:59<npmr>er, doesn't
09:00<npmr>it's just stupid is all
09:00<bendy24>kvandivo: i think he just blamed himself
09:00<kvandivo>i think acronyms are stupid. if we just got rid of them, we wouldn't have problems like this
09:02<ximbiot>you dont need to type as much.
09:02<kvandivo>oh kay
09:02<npmr>pin number, atm machine, dsl line, irc chat....
09:02<npmr>these things happen all the time
09:02<Spads>raid array
09:02<npmr>they don't offend
09:03<npmr>i just find that it's a useful gauge of the speaker's comprehension
09:03<Spads>laser light
09:03<Spads>radar detection
09:03<ximbiot>npmr: or their estimate of your comprehension.
09:03<Spads>scuba apparatus
09:03<bendy24>this is getting out of control
09:04<npmr>mikegrb greb
09:04<Safari_Al>the voice mailbox for the phone number that is on linode's web site is full :/
09:04<kvandivo>you know how wikipedia has those "this content is currently contentious or changing rapidly" ? I think we should have npmr put one of those on the irc chat page
09:05<Safari_Al>caker or mikegrb: are either of you about? I need to follow up a refund you said you would make to me but has not happened, before I talk to the credit card company to have it reversed there
09:06<kvandivo>Safari_Al: while it is certainly possible that they might be around.. you might have better luck later in the day.. stick around
09:06<bendy24>yeah, its pretty early
09:06<Safari_Al>kvandivo: unfortunately it is nearly midnight in south asutralia (gmt +9.5)
09:06<Safari_Al>I waited until business hours started in nashville
09:06<Safari_Al>when do they typically arrive?
09:07<bendy24>they usually work late into the night
09:07<npmr>you may have decent luck reaching them in your +9.5 morning
09:07<Safari_Al>OK, I will try again then. I appreciate your kind assistance!
09:07<kvandivo>it's what we do
09:07<ximbiot>i renamed the page to "Internet Relay Chat Channel". I also placed a redirect from "IRC Channel" and fixed the main page to link to that.
09:08<npmr>good lad
09:08<Spads>I think you should make it the Internet IRC Chat (relay) Channel"
09:08<Spads>also, UNIX doesn't stand for anything
09:10<ximbiot>from wikipdeia: The term "Unix" is also used, and in fact was the original capitalisation, but the name UNIX stuck because, in the words of Dennis Ritchie "when presenting the original Unix paper to the third Operating Systems Symposium of the American Association for Computing Machinery, we had just acquired a new typesetter and were intoxicated by being able to produce small caps" (quoted from the Jargon File, version 4.3.3, 20 Se
09:10<ximbiot>ptember 2002).
09:15[~]ximbiot has been intoxicated with small caps in the past.
09:16<ximbiot>it's nicely reminiscent of the old terminals that could only handle uppercase too.
09:16<ximbiot>old *NIX terminals, that is.
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10:45<liltimmer>hi, is there an archive server i can idd to my /etc/apt/sources list to find OLDER versions of mysql server.. specifical 4.0.20
10:45<liltimmer>so i can use apt-get to intsall an older version
10:47<kvandivo>apt-get install mysql = 4.0.20 or something like that won't work?
10:47<kvandivo>You can also request a specific version of a package using the following sintax:
10:47<kvandivo> # apt-get install package=version
10:47<kvandivo>For example, the line below will install version 2.2.4-1 of the nautilus package.:
10:48<kvandivo> # apt-get install nautilus=2.2.4-1
10:48<liltimmer>i did not know that
10:48<liltimmer>thanks very much thats what i wnat
10:48<kvandivo>i didn't either.. but i knew google existed. :)
10:49<liltimmer>i did look around on google
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15:13<kvandivo>efudd: that sounds about like having an httpauth request that gives you the username and password in the dialog
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15:18<Ciaran>Is there anything up with host36 right now?
15:21<Ciaran>I can't connect to it.
15:21<Ciaran>I now get "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" when connecting to
15:22<kvandivo>probably needs to have sshd restarted on it
15:23<Ciaran>Well, my Linode wasn't responding, and sshd on host36 was asking for a password, but then hanging.
15:23<Ciaran>Now it's just refusing the connection.
15:27<Ciaran>My Linode seems to be up now and I can SSH to it, but host36 itself is still not allowing SSH connections.
15:27<Ciaran>I'm going to shut it down for the moment. I need to do disk redistribution anyway.
15:31<@mikegrb>sshd fixed
15:33<Ciaran>Cool, thanks. :)
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17:31<Safari_Al>caker: about?
17:31<Safari_Al>or mikegrb?
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17:35<heidi>Safari_Al: ask your question and maybe someone around can answer
17:36<Safari_Al>heidi: it's a billing question, unfortunately
17:36<heidi>I would suggest opening a ticket then
17:36<Safari_Al>I can't
17:36<Safari_Al>I have cancelled the account
17:36<Safari_Al>it was renewed automatically for a year
17:36<heidi>then an email would be best
17:37<Safari_Al>I have emailed multiple times and also left voicemails
17:37<Safari_Al>I haven't had any response
17:37<heidi>if it was renewed then the account is still open and you can open a support ticket
17:37<Safari_Al>I am going to have to file a dispute with the credit card company.
17:38<heidi>it won't bill you unless the account is still open
17:38<Safari_Al>heidi: it was renewed, I opened a ticket saying i didn't intend to use it, and the reply was to cancel and then ask for a refund in the comments section
17:38<Safari_Al>which is what I did but I was still billed
17:38<Safari_Al>for an entire year
17:38<Safari_Al>and there doesn't seem to be any was of getting in contact in a way that they will listen unless you are a member
17:39<@mikegrb>you were billed before you cancelled
17:39<@mikegrb>that's why you had to ask for a refund
17:40<Safari_Al>mikegrb: yes, but no refund has been made it seems.
17:40<@mikegrb>caker handles that stuff so you would need to check with him
17:41<Safari_Al>I cancelled the account asking for a regund about a month ago.
17:41<@mikegrb>send him a pm, he will see it when he is next on irc, make sure you include the username
17:42<Safari_Al>the old username that was cancelled?
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20:32<The>Evening all
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21:56<JasonF>caker: I need to talk to you
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