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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-08-31

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05:16<rh6>got a centos setup that just got through a yum update... tls appeared and i removed the directory as usual to avoid problems; however, apache's php4 module refuses to load because apparently expects TLS support
05:16<rh6>any known hint, or should i dig for workarounds?
05:35<encode>rh6: check the linode forums, search for tls
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05:41<rh6>encode: checked, the usual "disable tls to avoid issues"
05:42<rh6>whereas the issue i'm commenting on is actually caused by disabling tls
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05:51<encode>rh6: what kernel are you running?
05:52<encode>the one specified in the linode web interface, not the kernel your distro installed
06:03<encode>well then, as far as i know 2.4 doesnt provide tls
06:03<encode>try un-disabling tls, and run the latest 2.6 kernel in the list
06:03<encode>i think one of the 2.6 kernels was supposed to work with tls
06:04<encode>but im not certain
06:04<rh6>they are marked as testing... that makes me feel a bit uneasy...
06:04<encode>other than that, get an older version of apache's php4 module which doesnt expect tls
06:13<internat>ive been using a 2.6 kernel for over a year and havnt had any problems with it
06:16<encode>internat: would you care to help out rh6? i know you know more about this than me
06:17<internat>cant say ive ever used rh6
06:20<rh6>i can back that statement :P
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06:46<internat>i just use debian or ubuntu
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13:23<bendy24>poor host46
13:24<linbot>bendy24: Linode100 - 1, Linode150 - 3, Linode200 - 0, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
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15:25<botah>how do i determine what the linode processor chip is?
15:25<botah>Ie: intel 32 or 64 or amd
15:25<botah>i have some software to install and i do not know the architecture of the chip?
15:27<Eman>afaik, you can only run i386 stuff
15:27<botah>32 bit?
15:30<fo0bar>botah: the linode environment emulates a 32-bit, generic 686-class processor
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17:46<reefbum>Question on new account - How long does the process take? Received invoice and also payment receipt 4~5 hours ago
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17:57<reefbum>any1 here
17:57<encode>no, we all left
17:57<encode>whats up
17:58<reefbum>just wanted to see if any know how long new account takes
17:59<encode>depends how long it takes for the fraud check on your credit card
17:59<encode>and when you applied relative to the admin's sleep cycle
18:00<encode>in short, the answer is, it will be ready when tis ready
18:00<reefbum>well they already charged the cc, received payment receipt 4~5 hours ago
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18:00<encode>then its likely already set up
18:01<reefbum>how do i find that out
18:01<encode>have you tried to log in?
18:01<reefbum>i tried with user and pass i put in on signup
18:01<reefbum>but says it is no good
18:04<reefbum>I think maybe i go find other provider and just get out of this deal and do charge back- took maybe 10min for them to charge card - now 5hr later still no word on what is going on
18:07<reefbum>thanks for your answers encode, have a great day
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18:30<Eman>took 10 minutes to charge, maybe because its automated?
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18:49<tierra>5199.15kB/s ... have I ever mentioned how much I love Linode?
18:50[~]tierra thinks reefbum is a little impatient... 5 hours?
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18:54<encode>haha that forum post makes no sense
18:54<encode>why would you be happy to wait 48 hoours for a refund
18:54<encode>but not happy to wait 5 or more hours for a response from someone who is asleep
18:56<tierra>reefbum: you too can have transfer speeds of 5199.15kB/s, I think that's worth waiting another full day
18:57<encode>and uptimes of 200 days
18:57<encode> 09:57:52 up 199 days, 4:05, 12 users, load average: 0.10, 0.14, 0.16
18:57<encode>well, close enough
18:58<tierra>hehe, jes
19:08<@mikegrb>it might help if he read and followed the directions in the email he was sent
19:08<Battousai>i demand a freebsdnode
19:08<Battousai>epmhasis on free, not so much bsd
19:13<Battousai>i would've said freenode, but mikegrb would've banned me
19:18[~]encode waits for Battousai to be banned
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19:40<fo0bar>mikegrb: do you run the forums?
19:40<fo0bar>(as in the software)
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20:24<fo0bar> <-- woot, it now looks like the rest of the site
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21:45<encode>nice plane
21:45<encode>is that yours?
21:53<encode>does it fly? :P
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