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01:14<linbot>New news from forums: SYN attack? in General Discussion <>
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12:00<shybutinterested>I want to know if its possible to run a asterisk pbx server off the vps? are there any port blockage etc?
12:06<jekil>rtfm on site
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12:51<shybutinterested>a simple yes or no would do
12:51<npmr>i use asterisk on mine
12:51<erikh>shybutinterested: it's probably because he doesn't know.
12:52<npmr>also, the information you are looking for about ports is on the website
12:53<shybutinterested>thank you
12:53<shybutinterested>npmr: how is the asterisk quality?
12:55<npmr>generally good
12:56<npmr>will you be using it for your own phone service or commercially?
12:57<npmr>i have sometimes had some odd playback problems
12:57<npmr>media stream timing can sometimes be pretty fickle without a hardware timer
12:58<npmr>but like i said, it's generally godd
13:01<npmr>if you'd said commercial i would have recommended dedicated hardware
13:02<shybutinterested>how fast is usual setup?
13:22<kvandivo>setup time depends on whether or not the admins are around for the most part
13:23<kvandivo>if they are around and everything looks fine, you can literally be setup in a minute or two
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15:43<linbot>New news from forums: Oh my god i am so funny! in General Discussion <>
15:44<kvandivo>yes, linny, you are
15:47[~]caker stabs spammers
15:48<Eman>laced with ads
15:48<kvandivo>you're just prejudiced against Irland
15:48<@caker>I think I'm going to htpasswd protect the user register page, with the user/pass in the realm description like on the wiki
15:49<@caker>that should atleast get rid of the auto-reg bots that stick URLs in for their profile
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16:34<fo0bar>caker: I do two things: I have a crontab line to delete all users' websites once per hour, and I went through the bb code and added rel="nofollow" to any user-generated <a> so any spam URLs that do get through don't get google juice
16:36<fo0bar>but man, I have captcha turned on and email confirmation required, and I still get the occasional spammer posting in my forums
16:36<fo0bar>I'm guessing chinese gold farmers moonlight as manual spammers
16:56<@caker>even with captcha, the ones that get through still seem botish
16:56<@caker>so I'm wondering it there's a work-around in phpbb
16:57<Eman>maybe registration is the only manual part?
16:57<@caker>I rarely get spam posts, it's 98% registrations
17:14<fo0bar>hmm. it seems to create the user even before the email is confirmed. lame.
17:15<fo0bar> <-- yep
17:16<fo0bar>for the captcha, I've heard that the default one is simple enough that spammers can run OCR on it
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17:23<cow>anyone here?
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17:24<rick>i'm trying to boot a linode that i haven't used in a while (went offline when host55 went down
17:24<rick>and now its giving me problems when trying to mount one of the file systems...
17:25<IntuiWorx>rick: what's happening when you try to mount the fs?
17:26<rick>it's telling me that the superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2 filesystem
17:29<IntuiWorx>Hmmm .... that doesn
17:29<IntuiWorx>doesn't sound good.
17:30<IntuiWorx>Is it the root fs, or another one?
17:32<IntuiWorx>If it's the root filesystem ... (and you don't have this already) ... try setting up a boot profile for the Finnix distro, and boot into that, and see if you can mount the fs that way ...
17:33<rick>it's the /home folder
17:33<rick>err fs
17:34<IntuiWorx>ok ... do you get the same message if you fsck it?
17:35<rick>argh okay i see what the problem is
17:40<@caker>rick: devfs?
17:44<rick>ehhh you don't want to know
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17:48<kvandivo>i think he might
17:57|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
17:59<kvandivo>linbot: rr
17:59<@linbot>kvandivo: *click*
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