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06:41[~]NeonNero pokes at caker and mikegrb
06:41<NeonNero>anyone there?
06:43<NeonNero>forums seem to have a slight spam problem....
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10:43<npmr>linbot, roulette
10:43<@linbot>npmr: *click*
10:44<npmr>not cool
10:45<npmr>mikegrb, caker: my linode mysteriously shut down this morning
10:47<NeonNero>linbot, roulette
10:47<@linbot>NeonNero: *click*
11:56<taupehat>Beth i mewn 'r annwfn jyst damweiniedig 'ma?
11:56<Kurt>quit speaking Welsh
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14:03<BrianHV>I'm considering moving from johncompanes and I'm trying to compare feature sets. does linode provide backups or DNS?
14:04<Eman>afaik, all servers have mirrored drives and dns is not ready
14:07<BrianHV>any ETA on DNS?
14:08<Eman>not that i know of
14:08<BrianHV>hmmm. ok, thanks
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15:27<rko>check out
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16:35<guinea-pig>you're responsible for your own backups
17:16<encode>linode is not a managed solution
17:17<encode>they dont provide managed services, and backups fall into this category
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18:12<Lone_Wanderer>Is there any place I can get a comparison of the pros/cons/personalities of the different distros available?
18:12<encode>Lone_Wanderer: google?
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18:54<Lone_Wanderer>Okay, I've decided I want to nuke my Debian install and put Slackware on there instead. How do I go about doing that?
18:55<Lone_Wanderer>Oh. That was easy.
18:57<Lone_Wanderer>Is the 2.6 kernel stable yet or should I be using 2.4 still?
18:59[~]Lone_Wanderer sighs. Maybe I'll eat dinner before I set everything up...
19:00<IntuiWorx>I've been running the 2.6 kernel for a bit now and haven't had any trouble with it.
19:00<Lone_Wanderer>I think I'll stick with 2.4 unless I run into problems. For now at least.
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19:08<adkkda>configure: error: cannot find setupterm or tgetent
19:08<adkkda>any ideas?
19:08<adkkda>redhat 9.0
19:08<adkkda>trying to install bitchx
19:08<adkkda>its the small install
19:08<adkkda>ive been googling
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20:33<fo0bar>adkkda: dunno, but you really shouldn't use RH9
20:37<encode>use finnix instead
20:37<encode>its like rh9, only better
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23:56<taupehat>which one's caker and which one's mikegrb
23:56<Eman>omgwtfbbq is right
23:57<taupehat>it's the hobbit feet
23:57<taupehat>that's worse than latex klingon foreheads
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23:58<Eman>you know, i think thats almost as scary as furries
23:58<taupehat>it's that whole thing where they're serious about it
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